Tiny Status Info P – 18w28a

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Okay it seems that I disappeared for quite some time. Sorry…
In a few days I’m going to publish a larger post about whats going on :/

I will try to explain a few things and the main topic will be of course about the future of mod development.
And since there are a lot to cover in this, I will also try to announce a milestone list on around when and what should be done.

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Well not just for modding but for everything. But what most of you are interested in I shell try to highlight it more. Also I will try to make for this an actual vlog.

Basically a schedule plan in long run again. Of course it wont be fixed but only a rough plan, since as experience tells that things mostly never turn out as initially planned XD
This will be closely the same as I used to make the “term plans” but this time it should be more consistent? Or I don’t know how to say this 😛

And again sorry to all who also wait for a reply from me. I will contact everyone who waits for a reply as soon as I can.

(This is a Public Tiny Status Info that appeared at https://www.patreon.com/JinRyuu/posts as well)

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16 Responses to Tiny Status Info P – 18w28a

  1. Mr_SwagEnder says:

    1 month and 1 week dude, damn :´(

  2. Mitohan says:

    Eh I can wait another 2 months before I get restless

  3. Mr_SwagEnder says:

    Dude, I mean, it’s been a month, and it did not even have a bug fix or something. Jin could at least have said something.

  4. Tabeh says:

    i was hoping you were working on a big update. at least tell us something before you leave for a month next time.

  5. dude says:

    anyone els who see it easy how you can even out all races if zenkai boost is added ?

  6. Link1larc says:

    how would that even out races? It would just make sayians more OP because they’re the only one who can use it. zenkai boost is a busted ability to start with. It was just a plot device to make goku and vegeta some how strong enough to fight freiza at base level.

  7. “In a few days I’m going to publish a larger post about whats going on :/” -9 Days ago

    Honestly not really complaining too much but it looks like Jin is quite busy in life lol. I’m glad that even considering what might be happening with him right now, he’s still dedicated to the development in this mod. And THAT’S what I love to see in mod developers. Even if the going gets tough, they get tougher and keep chuggin along and push out updates when they can.

    Thank you for all the hard work you do Jin, I enjoy every update you release and will always support this mod.

  8. Divinz says:

    or maybe he was just miscalculated with days cause it really might be a problems or just fixing some bugs or maybe just maybe he is just out of ideas how to make something for next update cause he is got lots stuff to do for DBC you know…Space, Forms, And other stuff for DBC…maybe that is why he is not posting some info
    however keep up the good work Jin

    • “Okay it seems that I disappeared for quite some time. Sorry…
      In a few days I’m going to publish a larger post about whats going on :/”

      That’s not a content post lol. I mean it will probably have some new content info such as updates and fixes, but that quote gives me the vibe of “I’m having things going on in life right now and I’ll post about some of what it is later”

  9. Screw ui we need the ki update

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