The Future of DBC

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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23 Responses to The Future of DBC

  1. Crystalgamer says:

    Nope Sorry!
    I supported you with everything i was one of them who said ”
    leave jin alone he also has a private life” But this is way TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Far now you and Jin fcked up i mean What the fuck? In the last 6 Month there wasnt a
    considerable feature and now you want Support? I mean OKAY Jin hasnt got enough time i completly understand that but why the fck he dont ask anyone for help? He isn´t the onliest developer in this universe he can ask some one who could make some stuff while jin is busy but No.
    Sorry guys but now u rly fcked up.

  2. Dragonmatic says:

    I still belive that Jin should at least be more open on whats going on, why some features wont happen or why it takes a long time to do updates, instead of not posting anything till an update is ready he can show how far he’s gone with the development and get feedback from that so there wont be as many dissapointed players when the update drops

    • Dragonmatic says:

      “Jin soon realizes that coding such things is a tremendous effort, and would take a lot of time away from developing anything else for the mod”
      Jin could aks if people would prefer him to work on that or something else and show a weekly progress of it, being more active with the community would make us feel like we contribute more for the mod then just clicking a download button

  3. Hirolka says:

    I’m getting a lot of Destiny 2 vibes here…

  4. Nox says:

    Oh great, Crimson is back. However this time I must agree with this self righteous exemplar.

    This mod is fucking FREE. And Jin has pretty much given up on trying to police all the mod packs used by you lazy 12 year old. However, now he asks for a sum from donations (*cough* donations) for the server to receive some form of payment from his hard worked mods. Now the problem is that everyone thinks of Jin as some money hungry, cash grabbing cunt. Yet these stupid kids fail to mention the time and effort Jin has put into his mods. However, I went over that in yesterdays post.

    Jin isn’t making much progress on the mods. It is obvious that he is allocating a very small portion of his time to work on his mods. However, I’m sure it is hard for you kids and no life grown ups to wrap your head around, but Jin has a life. He has a family, friends, school (did he graduate?), and a real job to keep him busy. Every bit of time he puts into his mod is his own time, and he already doesn’t have much of that.

    All you brats want to say “Jin should just focus on giving us what we want!” but you fail to realize that these mods are not about what we, as a community, want. It never had been. Jin’s mods are simply a byproduct of his efforts to better his own coding skills. A byproduct that we use to entertain ourselves, but a byproduct all the same. Jin didn’t make these mods for us. He made these mods for him, to try and get better at coding.

    Even Crimson fails to understand. This is why Jin doesn’t want others helping him code. This is why Jin goes all over the place with multiple projects at the same time. This is why Jin released different mods when his others are unfinished. And this is why it takes Jin so long to code. Jin isn’t a master coder, and that is the only reason these mods exist. So be grateful, you little ungrateful shits. Be grateful that Jin takes his time coding, because he is still learning. Because otherwise, their would not be a community to talk shit to him. Their would be no free mods for you kids.

    -Nox Out.

    • Crimson says:

      Actually everything about the ‘why he doesn’t want help to code’ was 100% his own words. I just wrote it down in the FAQ for him.

      And while you could have worded it nicely, a lot of people do share your sentiment. The mods free, Jin does it for free, and due to the legality of his country half of the donations sent to him are taken by the government, so the support site is pretty much the only way he can get any support off the mod.

      Good 2 see you again Nox.

    • Skeptical says:

      Too much words for this one.

  5. I can accept all the arguments here except for the Jin not asking for help one.

    I do see his concern about the possibility of another dev corrupting his mod, but this has honestly gone on long enough. Jin NEEDS another developer to help him. He absolutely cannot continue going on alone with this mod because he will pretty much never get anything done and the fanbase will only get angrier.

    In life, sometimes you gotta take risks and this is one of those times. He won’t get far if he doesn’t trust people.

    • Crimson says:

      Now this isn’t really something I should confirm (And Jin may edit this comment if he sees it as he did my devblog post), but Jin may be getting help this summer from a family member on the mod.

    • cave story. nuff said. look it up, it is considered a pinnacle indie game. and it was made. over the span of five years. by one man. as in, one man did EVERYTHING. art assets, music, programming code, level design… yah. and guess how much it cost? the original release is absolutely free.

      this might not be a game, but a mod. giant projects take a long time, but there is a lot of time and passion that goes into them.
      jin already did a ton of impressive things using minecrafts code.

  6. Khalil says:

    Potato Jammmm yeahhhh

  7. Skeptical says:

    I’d say try to ignore what people say and do on your own. Not sure why or how it happened, and also I am annoyed that children are most attracted to this. If I was Jin, I would try to work on a higher plain, I would try to go up from MC and do some proper games on bigger engines. But I can also see that it might be fun to mod all the stuff in the minecraft.

  8. Yo can everyone like calm the fricc down? We get it, this is one of the best MC mods out there, and you guys want more. But Jin is only a human, and until he figures out how to mod reality, we’re only gonna get what we have right now. I personally don’t care one bit about the support site seeing as it’s an optional spend, and as soon as I have a bit of money spare, I might buy a couple of titles or something like that.

    I do really love Jin’s mod and respect the fricc out of Jin, and the fact that he doesn’t want any help because he wants to learn things himself, so that’s why I propose that we start a category in the forums called ‘advice’ where people who are good at coding in java or something can give jin some helpful tips. Also this would help me because I wanna learn java too.

    • it really is. people like to forget, this isn’t just adding in new items here or new mobs there.
      it is an entire rpg system being made. like, from the ground up. still in progress.
      and it is a dragon ball mod. let the latter fact sink in. we literally just GOT another series. out of the blue (heh, pun). who is to say there wont be more series? and, lets not forget the tons and tons of expanded media that builds upon and adds new lore? (official video games, movies, specials….. theme park rides…) jin has his work cut out for him.

  9. lickutung34 says:

    not sure why everyone is upset with this, its just cosmetics, the pixlemon devs did something like this, with pokeball sashes for the donators as well as hats and such, if its cosmetics I am fine with it.

  10. Harpor(Hp) says:

    Honestly, with enough hard work and dedication anything is possible. I think Jin just needs to push himself even further beyond, thats just my opiniom tho

  11. Hey crimson,i am a idea for the Dev Blog.U can make this:When the jin know WHAT will place at new update,and be sure then will place it,u can post any ”what will happen now?” to we not be:”URRRRRRGH,WHAT WILL BE AT THIS UPDATE MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN”

  12. rafael says:

    I really like the mod … but there are certain things that I do not like but they can improve as the combat dynamics, ki techniques and that the characters of the sagas do not seem to say so “of the mod” as for me it seems a very strong zombie with a suit …. but the rest I love and I would argue that at the time of the fight we can use our hands and feet to fight, as well as in the series

  13. S.T.O.N.E.M says:

    EI Jin, I would like to give you a suggestion .. since it will add new models of ki, why not add ki donation to players? would be cool because it is something that is being used a lot in the anime or even giving of energy to the Genki Dama, now I would also like to see a burst of ki spheres but not very strong, maybe you should add hakai and transformation of the toppo in hakaishin with the ki of a god of destruction
    I also want to take the opportunity to ask if the barrier of 17 is a force field of it or a skill of ki because if it is of ki you could try to add it, however if it is of androids, you could add future along with androidification

  14. ya know i think the fear of someone stealing jins work and using it for ill would have probably been more acceptable to the community than jin just wanting to gain more experience.
    but, i agree. jin has every right to keep doing what hes doing, even if i might say it might become a health hazard and should probably take regular breaks now and then.

    i never doubted this mod. not for a moment. and in the years jin has been working on this mod, he has already done a lot. plus, it’s dragon ball. the guy has his work cut out for him. i mean, super came out of the blue…what’s to say super is the LAST iteration of the manga/anime? the idea of making a mod based around an ongoing manga/anime means no shortage of work to do. things to add, mechanics to freshen up… that isnt even going into the nigh-infinite content added from expanded official media (video games, card games….theme park rides…..).
    i think the community should lighten up on jin, and be glad he isnt ragequitting out of frustration. the amount of passion from the guy for his mod is kind of inspiring. besides, solo efforts in big projects arent unheard of… just look at cave story. one guy did the programming, level design, art, music, sound… damn near everything from that game from the ground up. probably took a great many years, too.

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