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Teaser #1 – Eternal Dragon animation

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Experiment with a Shenlong animation.

The Model in the video was created by: Dragonmatic

The final dragon model will be probably different.
But because of the java limits the body animation can’t be recreated as I wanted to.


Please note that teaser videos aren’t meant to be present in the product as shown.
Teaser videos are only for showing off raw work process that can be shown.


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3 Responses to Teaser #1 – Eternal Dragon animation

  1. Mitohan says:

    Odd trick I was just thinking about, is it possible to create an entity that makes all entities behind it invisible? So you could make this ‘invisible entity’ go upward giving the illusion of the dragon coming out?

  2. Super says:

    It looks cool, you just have to make it way bigger…


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