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It costs me many time to bring you cool mods. If you want to help me, motivate me or support me then please consider donating, so i can continue making awesome mods.

Thank you! ^^



Yaseen – making me a dinosaur model
OxeeMoron – making a few banners
masterlipi – making constructions for the mod
Angusari – Karin’s tower
LoroyCF & Abelatox – Spanish translation
O Nerd – Portuguese translation
Ultrastar14 – the German translation
Matuteharcos – Hungarian translation
Samyten – Franch translation

Everyone can add their own contribution in the Contributions forum!

DBC Kingdoms
GuruBlock C
Christopher Gallimore
Shane De Souza
Nick Weber
Harun Misir
Dylan Kelly
Derek Adreani
Elias Worthy
Robin Clark
Obi Smith
Bjørn Roar Hansen
Dale Hurtt
Michael Allen
Lawrence Shultz
Matthew Ingram
Leon Jeppesen
Jonathan Rice
Patrik Hanti
Lorrain Melo
Philip Nuffer
Peter Fynne


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