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Status Info – week 52

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I’m sorry guys bad news, I don’t know why but my windows broke again…
So there wont be a week 52 release. I’m sorry but I’m still fixing stuff in the mods source that has been damaged and reinstalling apps.

More about this unfortunate event below

My windows broke on Thursday and of course a percent of my files got corrupted again.

Luckily this time my skype was intact and I had a backup of the mod source from last month but some other important files didn’t make it. For example my main plan file is gone so I need to rewrite that. And as for the mod, most of the stuff that was added the past month, well I’m workin on getting back what I can from where I can.

I honestly don’t get this. Even last time the reason is unclear why this happened. I was hoping that this time there was no corruption so I was not sure if I should post about this or not and hoped I could fix it without Windows reinstall, but I was wrong. Many random files got corrupt again, that’s why I do this post now to tell you that there wont be a week 52 release because of fall back in development again.

And for last at least you guys have a Happy New Year

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88 Responses to Status Info – week 52

  1. well crap dude. sucks to hear that. take your time, your fans can wait.

  2. Jin, please just disable the comments. These comments have gone far too out of hand. And yes, I am referring to you @TheRevealerOfTruth. If there are going to be abysmal comments on displays such as this I don’t think there is a point of leaving it open anymore.

  3. Hirolka says:

    Have a happy new year, everyone.

  4. Ryal says:

    @TheRevealerOfTruth You’re so unbelievably whiny to the core to the point of insanity. It’s hilarious.

    Your logic is fascinating. Someone creates and develops a mod under no obligation, and your exact reason for hating Jin is because you’re dissatisfied with him not doing enough of this thing that he doesn’t even have to do. Fucking priceless.

    I agree, though. This community is pretty toxic. We have to look no further than the kind of shit you post here.

  5. Mitohan says:

    @ryal is revealer some sort of fusion between all of our complaints?

  6. Mitohan says:

    wondering if I should start on some 5 year old just before new year *cough* revealer *cough*

  7. lol i’m pretty sure revealer is messing with you guys but i know half of the community here won’t ever realize that

    ill just grab me ol’ bag of popcorn and silently observe…

  8. and jin you should backup your files a lot more really, just the important ones that would set you back a while if you lost them

  9. Ryal says:

    @piratefoodog1 Really? I’m right up there with you munching down on popcorn LUL

    Now all we have to do is wait for Brony to type an essay and see how deep this shitstain comment section becomes.

  10. Ryal says:

    @Moku Probably. It’s why I have other hobbies than relying on Jin’s word.

    I think someone is too dependent on Jin to release his updates.

  11. Jess says:

    Jin there are a few ways to get windows up and running without reinstalling, you just have to use the CMD, so you won’t be loosing anything

  12. Jess says:

    That was just me giving my opinion, but I would love to see the main plan file. So we can see what will come next or what is getting fixed, since I see many are waiting for something and then something else comes out. It will also be interesting to not wait in the dark wondering what will be next, I am just saying it will be lovely to see or be informed. Not sure if I left something out or didn’t state something right.

  13. FlamesWrath says:

    “Well of FUCKING COURSE. I KNEW THAT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. FUCK YOU JIN, ANOTHER STUPID EXCUSE WITH NO EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP. you fucking bastard, out of the blue you think files corrupt!? well your wrong if you think that we are this FUCKING STUPID to believe that. fucking kill yourself you fucking idiot and your retarded excuses, fucking kys you cunt i hate you to the very bits you son of a bitch. I am through with this shitty mod and shitty community, I will go and spread every single fucking secret about how retarded, rude and lying you are and that this mod fucking sucks and it’s broken, fuck you fucking cunt i despise you.”

    That is essentially what your saying. Dumbarse.
    And if you dont mind lying to people due to not being able to try and make a adult your slave then go back to crying to your family.
    They need their special snowflake back.

    “Jin, please just disable the comments. These comments have gone far too out of hand. And yes, I am referring to you @TheRevealerOfTruth. If there are going to be abysmal comments on displays such as this I don’t think there is a point of leaving it open anymore.”
    No. If we just disable the comments then we just ruin it for all the people who aren’t abusing it.
    It’s nuking a anthill because the ants are in the middle of a school field and are harming the pupils.

  14. FlamesWrath says:

    “@ryal is revealer some sort of fusion between all of our complaints?”
    Only if we’re all 6.

  15. FlamesWrath says:

    “out of the blue you think files corrupt!?”
    Yes. If you talk to any I.T Technician they’ll tell you that files can randomly be corrupted. This can happen due to almost anything. Conflicting data, Time passage, Too much on the computer and so many various options.

    So yes it can happen. You dont seem to understand anything about modding or computers do you?

  16. mintrer says:

    Well, maybe. Depends on the way he’ll respond to all of this mess. Although the comment he posted was too simmilar to a “fake rage” one, you can never be sure.

    Anyway, seems like the funnest option here is to silently observe as you said. So ima just do that (Shoulda done it from way back when he first came but whatever)

  17. methinks revealer is just a sad, sad troll.

    anyway. these things happen, and can happen without warning. just take a break to get your life in order jin, and come back to updating when you are ready.

  18. blueknightc says:

    I can relate to this, it can happen and is horrible to the person who owns the computer. Also to the people who are going on about how jin is “lazy”, you must realise how rare it is for a mod to be under continuous development with regular releases often with content, new mechanics and/or bug fixes

  19. Hirolka says:

    Well it’s nice to hear that you have a friend, Truth.

  20. It’s sad how much he’s raging at this…

  21. mintrer says:

    It’s sad that some people still think therevealeroftruth is legit raging…

  22. matuteharcos says:

    Revealer you are out of your mind

  23. Whether he’s being real or not, which I doubt he is, it’s still pretty gross to see have to constantly bare witness to these obscene comments. Reason why I say disable the comments is because there are barely any useful ones. Any useful comments are found in the forums.

    Forums stay, comments under these updates go. They rarely help nor do they add much of anything significant to the production of this mod. I have avoided talking in them for the past 3 months or so but this time I felt like saying something because I have been one of these people silently watching and not saying a word to avoid being called “whiny” or “not being able to handle criticism” if I were to complain about these problematic individuals. I am a strong supporter of constructive criticism, I just don’t see a point in enabling people to continue trolling and throwing a quasi-hissy fit anytime they feel depressed, lack self esteem, or if their Asperger Syndrome acts up . At this point we’re just helping these weirdos get their rocks off whenever they want which is just plain unacceptable in my opinion

    So I’ll say it again without a single hint of remorse.


    Thank You.

  24. Ryal says:

    Well at the very least comments really don’t harm anyone, and the decision to make comments is up to the posters themselves. I can’t see a logical reason to remove them either.

    It’s also fun reading some of the stuff here.

    >Hates Jin and his mod.

    >Spends big portions of his time screaming at Jin to stop being lazy and update the mod already.

  25. OMGisGreen says:

    Just don’t answer TheRevealerOfTruth, that’s what he wants, just let him speak alone. Ignore his comments.

  26. XoninX says:

    I know I don’t know you personally so I don’t have much validity in saying this, but take a break Jin. That’s what I do when my files get corrupted, anyway. You deserve a break, especially on the New Year.

  27. XoninX says:

    Revealer knows everything about corrupted files by the way. He’s made several successful mods and knows for a FACT that files NEVER corrupt. NEVER in the history of man kind has a file just corrupted on its own. Windows has NEVER corrupted for ANYONE. Revealer knows EVERYTHING there is to know about files since he works with them ALL THE TIME.

    Get off your damn high horse and put some diapers on if you’re going to cry and act the intellectual in front of everyone.

    (I love how ironic his username is)

  28. Ryal says:

    @Fors Kin I just read your username and read out “Foreskin” LUL

    Show us your mod.

  29. hahaha
    these comments are killing me these are too good

    happy new year

  30. “so all i can suggest to fucking jin is less horse porn and fucking porn sites!”

    i love these comments jin never remove them please

  31. such a loving community ;w;
    guys. chill. youd just have to wait a bit for a new proper update. go outside. play in the snow. do SOMETHING other than rag at jin over shit he has no control of. youll get your updates.
    revealer. take some anger management classes or some shit. for someone that claims to hate jin and his mod, you sure are concerned about jin and his mod :/

  32. matuteharcos says:

    Well from now on I think there will be less trash talk probably

  33. Hirolka says:

    Well it seems like the year really started off with a bang.
    …Man, this means I’m the next to go, probably.

  34. Epsolon says:

    Well I hope you have a good new years Jin

  35. Plagearon says:

    Sorry to hear your files got corrupt Jin, you should take your time and make sure all your files are okay before you worry about continuing with the mod. There is no reason you should put this mod before other things in your life, not at all. Take your time, take it easy and try to restore your files first, before you try and continue with this mod.

    As for the new drama that has started, wow, just wow… It’s sad to see that while I’ve been gone there are still people hating on Jin, it’s disappointing to say the least. Please, cut the man some slack and just put some faith in him, he’s trying his very damn best to work on this mod and live his life at the same time. If anything, he should be putting less time into this mod and spend more time enjoying life. You only live so long, and then you die, you should spend what time you have enjoying the little things in life, and not worrying about what other people want you to do all the time. Everyone else should do the same, enjoy the little things. And for the people complaining about Jin, just try and find something else to do with your time, be constructive with your time and try to help out Jin with positive feedback, he needs it.

    At the moment I think we all need to just let Jin have some time to himself. As stated, Jin does not have to develop this mod, he doesn’t get much out of doing it at all. If anything, he is only getting practice at coding from developing mods, which he barely needs, as he is pretty damn amazing. Think about it like this, most mod devs release one update per month, and they usually have 4-5 people working on their mod, as well as the fact that the amount of content they release is pretty minimal. Jin is one person, who releases an update every week, and the amount of content in each update is the equivalent of about 2 or 3 times the amount that other devs produce. Jin is working bloody hard to bring us new and interesting content all the time, while he barely gets any praise for doing it. And I know that there are a fair amount of people who do enjoy and support Jin’s work, but are drowned out by the bickering and fighting of others.

    So I urge those who support Jin, stand together and continue to help him, no matter what happens. Jin needs all the support he can get. Don’t argue with the people who hate on Jin, because most of the time, they are just trolls who want attention. And even when they aren’t trolls, they still thrive from the attention we give them and will continue and get worse the more they are interacted with. We should all be kind to one another, no matter what the situation might be and continue to band together and form a strong and caring community.

    We all have a role in life, and together we can overcome obstacles in our way. We just need to push on and keep our hopes high and our hearts will lead us in the right direction. We can all contribute to make this community a better place, and Jingames can still be a great community. It all comes down to the people in this community and how willing we are to make a change.

    Stay strong everyone, continue doing what is right and together we can achieve great things.

  36. Tyler Smith says:

    i would really like to see the zenkai added for saiyans 🙂

  37. FlamesWrath says:

    That’d be either broken or useless. There can be no in between with something like a Zenkai

  38. Ryal says:

    I still don’t understand the big issue of how Jin spends his time. Some people insist that he should just stop coding and take a break. Really? Like Jin couldn’t figure that out on his own? He’ll take breaks when he wants to. I doubt the comments here have any real effect on his work ethic LUL.

    …And yet this seems to be one of the most common thing spoken about in this toxic community. The virtue signaling here couldn’t be worse.

  39. mintrer says:

    exactly, ryal. The comments truly have little to no effect on jin but some just don’t get that.

  40. Fors Kin says:

    Deleteing the truth is the same as deleteing your memory.

  41. matuteharcos says:

    Or maybe don’t be a douchebag about it and they won’t be either?

  42. matuteharcos says:

    Also what kind of truth you talk about mister? All you and MrRevealer said were insults towards Jin and other users here.

  43. Fors Kin says:

    ^ So what deal with them you weak people

  44. FlamesWrath says:

    The moment when you reveal any truth is the day when the world has forgotten all reason.

    Also what deleting the truth? You aren’t spreading any truth. Just a bunch of bullshit that you think is the truth.

  45. dude says:

    wow the hate i wonder what all hates comes from its only a game and the creator of a beautefull mod gets hate for nothing T_T thats low

  46. dude says:

    and when im here i can also say jin keep it p this mod is worth useing so dont give up we love it

  47. matuteharcos says:

    You talk about how toxic the community is but you just spread toxic too, you don’t have the right to say that the community is toxic if you are toxic yourself, that’s not how it works.

  48. Tyler Smith says:

    what i would like from the zenkai is just like when a saiyan is weakened they get like plus 2 to like 3 random stats and when they are weakened and recover plus 5 to 3 random stats it’s not much but it’s an idea

  49. Ryal says:

    @matuteharcos I’m toxic? I’m just being honest with people who think they have a say in how Jin spends his time.

    And yeah, I have a right to say this community is toxic. You’re confusing your view on “hypocrisy” and how rights work. It’s fairly illogical to assert that notion when there is no rule on Jin’s site that prevents me from saying this community is toxic. I suggest you think a little harder before you go dictating “how it works”.

  50. mintrer says:

    @matureharcos LMAO

    it’s exactly like saying someone obese can’t call someone else who’s fat as all shit “fat”, just because he’s overweight himself.

    “you don’t have the right to say that the community is toxic if you are toxic yourself”
    I’m still crying to this xD

  51. Plagearon says:

    mintrer and Ryal, I stated that Jin should try and restore his files first before trying to continue modding, that isn’t really me saying he should go on holiday or anything, it’s just something that should be done first. If he just continues modding or puts minimal time into his files, he could lose quite a bit of his personal stuff. Plus, I am not forcing Jin to do anything, in the end its his choice what he does and doesn’t do and whether he takes a break or not.

    Also as stated, you guys should just ignore trolls and try and spread positivity. If you keep replying, they will just keep getting worse. Its a vicious cycle at the moment, and by trying to point out logic, you are only giving him more of a reason to continue. Lets be the better people and not reply, he’ll get bored eventually.

  52. Mitohan says:

    Could jin ever add a way to just mute people so you will never see their comments? it will stop a lot of arguing

  53. Ryal says:


    ” If anything, he should be putting less time into this mod and spend more time enjoying life. You only live so long, and then you die, you should spend what time you have enjoying the little things in life, and not worrying about what other people want you to do all the time.”

    That was stated directly from you. My point is that Jin can figure that out himself. You guys worrying so much over this isn’t your responsibility, and it’s just kinda pointless. I see one side that treats Jin like a supreme being that requires his fans to suck every ounce of his meat and the other that hates him for the silliest of reasons. I’m just saying the whole deal is toxic and utterly pointless.

    You can spread positivity on your own accord. I’ll stick to bringing honesty to the table.

  54. Plagearon says:

    You do know that that phrase wasn’t even directed at Jin right? I was trying to get “a certain person” to feel sympathy for Jin and not be so angry at him. But you know what, me being grateful for Jin’s work shouldn’t get people to dislike me anyway. I’m not blindly saying hurtful things and am kinda entitled to my own opinion. Please, if someone says something you don’t like, whether it be positive or negative, just ignore it. It’s just kinda annoying that I’m being criticised for being nice and for making posts in general. Anyways, I don’t want to get into an argument about this, so I’m going to stop there.

  55. Ryal says:


    The phrase was related to Jin.

    I’m also not critiquing you for being nice. I’m bringing light to the one thing that perpetuates arguments here time and time again, and that’s the concern of what Jin does with his free time. You’re kind of one to talk about “spreading positivity” when you literally just added fuel to the fire by creating this pointless speech about “Wow people still hate Jin?”

    Anyway, I’m just trying to refresh my point so that you’re not misinterpreting it. Otherwise, there’s really no need for an argument here.

    On the other hand, I’m going to have fun with shit posters. I don’t mind giving them attention so as long everyone else gets a laugh out of it.

  56. Fors Kin says:

    my entire entire existance is basically my friend’s hatred and some of my tiny agreement with him. I was literally copy and pasting what my friend said xD I did it cuz’ it was fun, and some people even got the joke. I mean look at my account, a weird shady dumb dude that thinks he’s the most righteous and truthful god of the world xD Lmfao, even look at my profile pic, it’s ridiculous. I wanted to make my profile as retarded and as suspicious as possible, and a bit disappointed you guys literally took it all serious. Well, that being said, time to make the donuts (weird retarded hit phrase that literally makes no sense to his character =I

  57. Fors Kin says:

    I had to even change my name to make it more obvious that I am literally a joke, but you still didn’t get it so I decided to just give up and basically explain everything. HPY

  58. Ryal says:

    Alrighty Mr. Foreskin. Circumcision awaits you.

  59. Ryal says:

    You did a mighty good job at trolling Brony. Nice job.

  60. Jess says:

    You know foreskin watched too much south Park

  61. Hirolka says:

    Don’t quit your day job.

  62. mintrer says:

    After renaming yourself to “Fors kin” it was too obvious man, lol

  63. FlamesWrath says:

    Damn best troll I’ve seen.

    Reason why I kept believing you is for one thing I haven’t watch south park. So I don’t know what/who this person is (Just assuming Foreskin is from south park due to Jess’s comment).

    Also because I’ve seen people make this argument before.

  64. Mitohan says:

    holy shit, you haven’t watched south park, it’s hilarious

  65. Mitohan says:

    It would be better if the blast attacks drained ki while charging instead of going off in one big chunk so we could save energy when fighting (also because ssj doesn’t give correct ki usage like it says)

  66. Say My Name says:

    Jin, start a new mod about flying dicks

  67. ahahah you’ve done good fors kin

    really though i like this community but 60% of the comments are people getting triggered because 5% of the comments are about being upset that jin had to set back his update a week because he has to do something else in his life

    but just watching as you trigger like half the people who typically get triggered here was pretty great
    Happy new year to you m’sir *tips fedora*

  68. Mitohan says:

    Wait was his comments deleted?

  69. Skeptical says:

    Lmao xD, the funny thing is that I literally argued against myself. In reality it’s a bit weird, replying to myself in a different tone, but it turned out to be pretty good :>

  70. Skeptical says:

    Btw, I myself didn’t watch south park and came up with “Fors Kin” name xD

  71. Skeptical says:

    In o\/erall, I think this mod is beginning to finish, seeing as all there’s left is fusion, a bit more races, re\/amping and some more stuff.

    Although I ha\/e few questions left… For example, are there still gonna be a male model? Will there be limb parts and damages? Will there be faster melee and stuff? Those are the details I am unsure about.

  72. doldol04 says:

    Is There a Ki Technique Cheat Command?

  73. mintrer says:

    Yeah cause foreskin is the skin and some of the muscle from your dick right? kek

  74. doldol04 says:

    Big Bang Attack Is Broken In a Good Way 5% Release Big Bang Attack Is HUGE and 100% Release is Tiny

  75. Every time I charge chakra the game stops working

  76. Skeptical says:

    Mint, the foreskin is basically a skin flap that co\/ers your entire dick head.

  77. mintrer says:

    Yeah. Basically everything but the meat inside.

  78. Aesliip says:

    well that sucks I totally feel you Jin, I basically wipe my PC’s about twice a year to keep em clean and when I’m not wiping it I’m usually sticking to the rule of three, backup, backup again on external drive and backup once more and keep that in my safe. If shit hits the roof I know i got 3 backups to fix it. Hope you get up and running again dude, best of luck and happy new year to you too.

  79. Why do i keep crashing every time i charge?

  80. i did everything right 1.7.10 forge, and all. But kept crashing every time i charge my Ki and the game saves i charge my ki on crashes me when i play it.

  81. @LightningDark verify that you have JRBA, JRMC, and DBC as all three are necessary to run the game, also try uninstalling other mods and just leave the three mentioned here.

  82. @Arcosian’s-Favour Does it work for you though?
    I have it all installed properly but my minecraft kept crashing.

  83. i mean the offline server not minecraft

  84. Nvm thanks its working now thanks 🙂

  85. Mitohan says:

    what colours haven’t been used for ssj yet? Including (non-canon colours such as ssj4, Lssj Etc..)

  86. Tyler Smith says:

    jin if you read this can you add bardocks headband please?

  87. ^^. Yes, bardocks bandana would be cool to have

  88. Ili Megh says:

    golden friza and ssj 4
    new story mode
    bulmas home
    pls add this on mineblock
    and german game


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