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Status Info – week 48

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This weeks there was not much of a progress on mods, but that doesn’t mean that there were no progress at all.

I mainly had to work on the host change of the sites which was successful in the end.
But there were a lot of errors so there still might be some left, so if some features of some sites are not functioning as they should, just let me know. I hope it was worth, for me atleast the sites seem a little faster.

About the next update I will write in the next post which will also include the Tutorial for the mission system which might come in more parts to separate some of its points. (Mainly the already functional part from the not shown in example parts, but are included and hopefully working)


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25 Responses to Status Info – week 48

  1. Nico Lfr says:

    Fix the attack size/destruction power… please

  2. Skeptical says:

    ^ Indeed. I absolutely despise even looking at that dispicible nerf to the Ki attacks for no reason.

    Ki attaks should have an insane amount of destrutive power and sizes just like the first time 10k stats were introduced. Making the Ki power so low and dispicible that max stats CAN’T EVEN DESTROY A BLOCK, is just shameful to me, making it a configurable option in the config would have been a lot smarter thing to do, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Skeptical says:

    Now for the Status Info. It’s alright, from the information I’ve seen in the info I presume that there was no progress done at all, since the last Mission System seems to be finished, and since there is no mentioning here of anything else, can only mean that there was no progress, and yes, of course, I know he said that progress is still made, but I don’t see it, only from this Info.

    So until then, I will be able to properly criticise the info when it is uploaded, but for now, there is nothing for this week.

  4. I agree, the ki attacks need to be fixed! It was really fun when u could blow up mountains and stuff. They are not useful at all right now.
    Thanks for the saga update, good luck!

  5. I remember when a SSJ3 Spirit Bomb left a crater in the world the size of a mountain. We need to bring that back.


  6. Nico Lfr says:


  7. tengo una pregunta arreglaron lo de que no se puede ocupar el scouter

  8. Skeptical says:

    I presume this “tutorial” and “what’s to come” sheets are not going to be uploaded this week? Oh well.

  9. tengo un problema: es que no puedo entrar en el servidor de dragon block c me dice : error de sesión: la sesión no es valida (reiniciar juego) y lo reinicio y luego me vuelve a pasar lo mismo

  10. I’ve been wondering, when do you plan to start working on golden form for arcosians?

  11. Nico Lfr says:

    I think the better to do is fix the bug of ki attack size and destruction power , add the ssj rose (maybe with a choosable color) , the golden arcosians form (choosable color) and add the possibility to retranform in ssj god after unlocked it

  12. TravelerSoul says:

    Hey JIn, There’s a bug where I can comment on this and the devblog, but I can’t comment in the forums. I’ve only been able to comment on this and the devblog starting today (since just before the host change).

  13. TravelerSoul says:

    @Daniel Castillo
    Lo siento, mi espanol es no bueno, porida por favor traducir lo que esta tratadno de decir con google translate para que sea mas facil?

  14. Skeptical says:

    Jin, can you be more active?

  15. Juubi says:

    Am I the only one who still wants SSJ4…?

  16. Skeptical says:

    ^ I don’t know, guess.

  17. Mitohan says:

    ^^ there’s a whole hive of you people on facebook actually

  18. BearWolf14 says:

    Jin can you add locations for the masters… I wanna try ssjg and comeplete the saga but I cant find babidi

  19. BearWolf14 says:

    Oh and when will the HD texture pack be done? and pls add New clothes (Beerus.. Whis etc)

  20. Mitohan says:

    ^ and black goku, maybe black zamasu’s clothes too

  21. Mitohan says:

    I was wondering, when the spirit bomb is maxed out (fully charged) could it somehow start taking energy from any animal within 50 blocks, the animal should take 1 damage every 10 seconds and it will stop taking energy when at 50% health. there should also be a way to send energy to a player which converts into a small amount of health for them which could also be a way of giving someone energy for the spirit bomb. it should also hover above their head when in overcharge mode for realism affects (2 hands as well UPWARDS) this is only an idea which should be tweaked if/will be necessary.

  22. Yago Batista says:

    How do you use kaioken with super saiyajin blue ??

  23. Mitohan says:

    turn super saiyan blue then activate kaioken

  24. Mitohan says:

    If you can’t stay like that, go into the config and put sustainable kaioken on


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