Status Info + vlog#13 – 18w20-21

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Well the question now is, as I already put up a vote about it, should I release now, or not.
The next update will include SSB evolution and an SSRosé evolution too.
I’ve made a vlog about this!
So please for more information for the time being, please watch it.
I hope it’s not that bad XD

Let me try to summaries roughly the content of the video:

  • There is a new ANT(AboveNameTag) text, which shows your transformation’s name.
  • SSB Shinka
  • SSRosé Shinka
  • Minor SSB aura change?
  • New skill
  • New configs
  • And some minor visual changes.

Hmm well there might be something i forgot, but nothing special.
More specific things will only be released in the actual update post, or in a later status info post/vlog for next time.

Anyway here is the vlog, hope you like it.


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31 Responses to Status Info + vlog#13 – 18w20-21

  1. Yoesph says:

    Great video! I really enjoy being able to see what’s new rather than reading it from the change log.

  2. Oscurum says:

    Half year for Trading Card mod?
    I’m very hyped 😀

  3. CryoTheMayo says:

    I am pleased with how you have been progressing recently with the mod. Although as an Arcosian player I am a bit salty that we don’t have a True Golden upgrade for our Ultimate form or the ability to adjust the power multiplier of PP but I am sure the Saiyan players are pleased and I am interested in the new requirements for Blue and Rose.

    It would also be nice if the divine status worked similar to Legendary but for God Form.

  4. Dragonmatic says:

    Great progress so far, really excited for the next update and fusion but I do think it will be nice if other races get something simular to ssb/ssb shinka, even if it’s just aura and eye color at least they wont be far behind saiyans.just cause of them.not having a form with a high enough multiplier

    • Jojy says:

      Agreed. I don’t really care what they look like visually, but with Saiyans having so many forms at so many different tiers, other races are left in the dust. Not just in endgame, but they also get less “middle” transformations, so Saiyans are almost always at an advantage. I’d greatly appreciate a couple generic transformations along the way for Human, Namekian, and Arcosian, at least as placeholders until custom transformations become a thing.

  5. dude says:

    why just not add saiyans weakness then more players wouuld be happy right ? saiyans need a nerf and thats words from a saiyan player.

  6. KoolaidMan says:

    Maybe not add an Evolution variant for other races but, add a form for all races for the Divine effect. Arcosian’s still have True Golden to look forward to though. And in the near future after Fusion is worked on more and ki and whatnot maybe it’d be cool to develop a Destruction Energy status effect? I don’t know, just thought I’d say it.

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      “Arcosian’s still have True Golden to look forward to though. ”
      If Jin REALLY wanted to, he could add Cooler’s Golden form as another form as an equivalent to Blue/Rose Evolution. But yeah, True Golden should be added when he gets the chance, a simple drain reduction + power boost goes a long way.

      I mean imagine if Jin added PP Configs for the drain and the power? Then stack True Golden and maybe Cooler Golden. Now that I think about it, Golden actually has four possible variants rn which would be Frieza’s Golden, Cooler’s Golden, White Golden (An evolved Golden form that Heroes added in for Frieza race avatars) and True Golden.

      So we could follow something like Golden > True Golden > Super Golden and then alter the Arco God form to resemble the ‘White Golden’ form from Heroes.

    • Jojy says:

      Agreed, something for other races would be nice. I don’t really care if they have pretty visual effects or not, but one or two extra forms for humans, namekians, and Arcosians to “bridge the gaps” in power scaling would be huge; one somewhere in the middle to make up for lack of forms, and one on-par with “shinka.”

  7. IAmRaptor says:

    Still I don’t get it with the new Divine effect. Basically once you have it your SSB turns into SSR, but what if you’re an evil player ? You can’t go any further than SSG unless you have the Divine effect ?

  8. Divinz says:

    Jin look
    Just put divine effect out of it and put ssj rose shinka into ssj rose SO that we can go ssj rose and without effect we go to ssj rose shinka
    But please jin just dont forget Ssj Rage and ssj berserker yes its same legendary but just put effect for ssj berserker Like ssj legendary effect and differend Green Color

  9. PyroXK10 says:

    Jin can you consider adding Super Saiyan Rage too please.

  10. I was wondering maybe we can get a Arcosian Ultimate Shinka perhaps. If anything just fix the aura for that so it is proper golden and perhaps so you can change the color for it. considering the fact that the forms color is changeable it would be amazing if the aura could get fixed or the likes of that.

  11. Ren11 says:

    Jin please add SsjB Full Power, to complete the sayan forms, add
    Fake Ssj too and Trunks´s form Ssj Rage.

  12. Ren11 says:

    Jin you could be based on dragon ball xenoverse to create a new update and maybe a new mod of dragon ball heroes, that will launch in July, so I ask you to do an update or a mod based on one of two (anime or game )

  13. Ugh it appears that people only care for transformations and not ki attack revamping…

  14. Divinz says:

    UGH!! those ninges cant even decide for polls
    well better be next week that is this week which is gonna come let it be update please
    but with SSj rage update it would be great idea for next-after this update

  15. Divinz says:

    please let the update be this goddam week
    or those ningens will never decide for polls

  16. Divinz says:

    please let the update be this goddamn week
    or those ningens will never decide for polls

  17. Mitohan says:

    Looks like half of the community has Alzheimer’s and forgot what happens when you beg for 10% of an update I think i’m done here forever

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