Status Info & Update – 17w20

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Status Info and a Minor Update!

Well I didn’t plan to do updates this month, but because the explosions are not working correctly on servers that increase the transformation multipliers above the defaults this release is needed and hopefully fixes the issues.

For those servers that experience issues with explosions try changing the new config “Energy Attack Density Modifier” and set it to “0” from the default “5”. If its not enough then try to change the other new config too.
If the problem still stays then I will try to make further changes and then please wait for the next update.

Since I made more work for myself then I can handle, and having some real life issues, I must delay the “Planned Stuffs” that I have written in 17w17 post.

Not to mention that Naruto C is still lacking the update I wanted, so for Naruto C users, please be patient and bear with that little visual eye coloring feature that was added.

Also something I need to write about is that I had to add a few sentence to the Terms of use for my works (mods, sites, softs etc) to make things more evident, and sadly many don’t even know about that a license even exists. I just want to mention if it was not clear to begin with that the terms of use applies to everything I have created.
Anyway it should be obvious that using my content/assets that I created (textures, codes, sounds etc) without asking me for permission is stealing and its against the law.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.40
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Density Modifier” – Explosions size with increased density stat will be affected by this modifier, Lower reduces, Higher increases explosions area of effect
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Large Blast Size Modifier” – Change this modifier to change the Large Blasts Size

DBC release version 1.4.35
+ FIXED – senzu visual glitch – when there is still a senzu in inventory but it does nothing when used
+ FIXED – fusion bug – If someone Fuses near You even if You have fusion turned off You get no fuse timer
+ FIXED – medical moss was not growing on its own

Naruto C release version 0.6.2
+ ADDED – bloodline limits now support their own eye colors, for now just some basic coloring, but resource packs can change that.

JBRA release version 1.6.21
+ Compatibility for new changes

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48 Responses to Status Info & Update – 17w20

  1. Oscurum says:

    I hope the delay of new content is not too big, and as always, great work Jin. nwn

  2. Jess says:

    Sometimes this why I do not want a status update, I rather wait for the content, then read that it will be delayed 🙁
    I am bummed, but I will still patiently wait 🙂
    Appreciate the fixes! Thanks Jin

  3. Well, this is disappointing. Though i can’t say i wasn’t expecting it, there’s usually a delay or two before the big updates.

  4. Cool I hope the next update will come something much cooler!

  5. Lord Frieza says:

    Let’s hope that PP will be useful on the big update!!!
    Much hype!!!

  6. Khalil says:

    I dont think it fixed it Jin

  7. mreman says:

    So I guesss that means we gotta wait another year or two for the so called “planned stuff”.

  8. TheLeinhart says:

    Well, the temp config settings actually help out a lot by all means. Though I suspect the bigger attacks you can learn, i.e. big bang attack, spirit bomb, and super nova, all have been tweaked down aside from the added configs of the recent update. Before the update they quite often crashed my world if i charged any of them into over charge and sometimes not even that high. With the update I can charge the spirit bomb all the way up and it does very little in comparison to my own large blast which makes a hole 3 to 4x as big.

  9. Mitohan says:

    Would be cool if you added the masks that limited time breaker Bardock and time breaker vegeta as weights

  10. 6 Star Ball says:

    I really hope new training methods are in this big update

  11. Mitohan says:

    Don’t put a % in your attack name it won’t let you ever see the menu again without crashing

    • Mitohan says:

      The game crashed whilst rendering screen
      Error: net.minecraft.util.ChatComponentTranslationFormatException: Error while parsing: TranslatableComponent{key=’�0Name: �81% blast

  12. dude says:

    is it possible 2 make your kids go ssj with the familly c mod ?

  13. MArroch says:

    dude thats not a thing maybe just maybe it will be one day but now its not

  14. dude says:

    well you see i heard on a server from a guy that one had succede with it i was just curious if it really was true =)

  15. i kinda think the golden form for friezas race needs some work. i mean, it needs to better hide the players skin (like, when i move as a golden frieza clansman i can see my skin underneath) and also, a golden aura similar to a super saiyans. and perhaps the sparks could stay. though eh?

  16. lickutung34 says:

    Hey jin I thought you could add fighting styles when you add the Schools. and heres an idea how about some of the styles have different affects, like a style that is slow but does more damage or one that is super fast but does less damage, and maybe add some styles the rely on your ki strength like a goku black ki blade type of style, or the ki blade would just be a ki attack that can be toggled on or off

  17. Juubi says:

    Am I the only one who’s worried about where Jin is.
    It’s nearly been two weeks since the last update, and idc as much about the mod updating as I do that he’s doing fine.

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      The update Jin has been teasing was originally due by this Sunday I believe, so if he hasn’t updated a few days after that it will be a concern, right now there is no cause for concern however, Ryuu or Crimson would have made a post by now about Jin being missing or injured if that were the case, so it is likely that Jin is just busy with stuff in his life currently and that he should post a status post by this Sunday or so.

  18. Thefoxblue says:

    i hope the update comes out this sunday

  19. Mitohan says:

    Its going to be anticlimactic if we get ssj4 because we already have godform which is incomparable to super saiyan god or super saiyan blue, I guess it gives weaklings a little boost and shuts the fanboys up but meh?

    • Mitohan says:

      betting on 3+ dislikes

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      Jin has mentioned in the past that God Ki will be changed in the future and many servers make God Form damn near impossible to get so the addition of a form like SSJ4 where you can transform into a form better than SSJ3 without a special skill would be welcome on such servers and once God Ki gets an update SSJ4 would likely become even more used than beforehand.

      Also some people are fans of GT and SSJ4, utterly ridiculous thought I know but they exist.

  20. BlueNexus says:

    Yeah! Supers got none of that! It’s got a transformation with red aura that’s achieved via a ritual giving power to goku, it introduced a new type of dragon balls, reintroduced the pilaf gang, brought back Freeza and brought back Android 17 for… reasons? I’m a little iffy on that part. But GT is for scrubs! It’s got inconsistencies and plot holes caused by trying to fix older plot holes, like using a railroad spike as a threading needle! Plus in GT they got Vegeta possessed for an entire arc and he didn’t get to fight! Besides Supers got Kale! And i could go on but I think I’ve proven my point.

  21. Thefoxblue says:

    If the update dosent come today it will be like 2 or 3 days delay

  22. let’s just hope that jin will update the mod as early as possible

  23. CryoTheMayo says:

    Every day I feel worse for Humans and Namekians, Saiyans are likely getting a new transformation in the Anime with Goku’s new form and Frieza might even achieve something beyond Golden this arc.

    Jin either needs to pull some BS like Red-Eye Namek or Human and Namekian players are going to have to pray to Jin that Mystic is really good, especially for them or that Kaio-Ken gets a new buff.

  24. Mitohan says:

    Nameks should start at a base of 120 rather than 100 since it will let them get stronger much faster than other races, servers can do this if they really wanted to

  25. DuCkKiNg_ says:

    Add something for other rases when get god form lv2

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