Status Info – 18w31b

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Hey guys!

Sadly I wont be able to create some features I wanted to for the next release.
Atm the UI is really simplified, and to access this state several conditions must be met.
Server’s will be able to set the damage multiplier for the UI.

Well I would explain more, but I think I will go back working on it so I can publish it asap when its done.
For now this is probably how the Ultra Instinct experimental v1 will look like and v2 should have the slightly standing hair hopefully.

There is a video how it looks for Patrons 😛

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41 Responses to Status Info – 18w31b

  1. dude says:

    good work jin looking good there =)

  2. Brandon E says:

    So when’s the update coming out?

  3. FlamesWrath says:

    I’m unsure on if UI actually changed the look of the player, but if it only changed the aura, the aura looks awful. I’m aware that it’s only a V1, but I’d rather get a good version of UI compared to a shit one even if it takes longer.

  4. Kasai says:

    Good work Jin! Looking forward to it.

  5. 凌小汐 says:

    This looks great. Looking forward to the next update

  6. Marcus says:

    How strong is this new form? I think it should be a 15x multiplier and mastered ultra instinct should be a 20x multiplier

  7. Divinz says:

    …………What the……… what kind of human is that in glass?
    how ever! i have idea for evil saiyans for UI and MUI first UI for evil saiyans to have white hair and MUI to have golden hair opposite of Black hair Ultra Instinct and silver hair MUI and for aura evil UI IS Black aura with white eyes and for MUI is red aura and golden eyes

    • Mitohan says:

      That’s like saying make evil saiyans have purple hair because opposite is evil, it’s best to save it for the transformation creator

    • Sam Noé says:

      First stop talking about Saiyans, for once that’s not exclusive to them.
      Second, UI is not affected by his user karma as far as we know. Why would we make different for that then ?

      • Divinz says:

        Because it would be perfect for Evil alignment, to have alternate forms color of good saiyans and other Races… Like i Said ssj Blue for Evil its ssj red and ssj god for Evil its ssj devil… Yeah than it would be dbc with fan forms… But how ever it would be perfect for namekian god form turn in blue and Evil namekians turn into ssj devil red skin of namekians
        Thats all what i have to say

  8. Brandon E says:

    Please release the new update soon. ><

  9. Masquerade says:

    The UI looks badass !
    Keep up good working Jin ! ^_^
    Also please if you can to release this update before the holiday’s end ! Thanks 😀

  10. Marcus says:

    You said that it’s just a two days delay why is it taking more than two days? I thought the new update was supposed to come on Thursday or Friday

  11. Bsharprules says:

    Anyone else notice the person in the glass cage on the bottom left?

  12. dylan_27 says:

    Also i have a idea for the auras to be changed. so like in fighterz you kno whow that charging aura animation looks in storymode? why not try to use that as the charging animation but still being able to change color

  13. Marcus says:

    The update is taking forever

  14. Mitohan says:

    Also if anyone is wondering who that is in the corner I’m pretty sure it’s launch

  15. Dragonmatic says:

    The ‘person’ at the bottom left seems to just a family c npc that is equiped with armor and a sword

  16. Brandon E says:

    Am I the only one here that prefers the old ki attack system from back in 1.6.4?

  17. Tyler Smith says:

    I’m so hyped for UI, I’m glad ur alive Jin I was really <3

  18. Bills_012gr says:

    where is the update?? I am so MUCH hyped for Ultra Instinct plz release the update soon! <3

  19. frankmax12 says:

    It come soon out today (I think)

  20. Mitohan says:

    I hope Jin takes a few more days just to piss off the bootleg fans of the mod

  21. frankmax12 says:

    Tbh it has been a while since we got an update

  22. frankmax12 says:

    Their was no update 4 days ago? The last update was the ssb Shinka update

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