Status Info – 18w17

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Please check out my patreon page and please consider a pledge.

Well It took sometime but it seems I managed to make my Patreon page!

Now I wont be told “why i didn’t make a patreon yet…”

I will also share this link on most of my website, and consider trying including it in my mods?

It seems this patreon page was inevitable as things are now.
Its not just that the traffic is decreasing now, but the ads themselves are not appearing because of google and I can’t do much about it.
So since this whole year, ads don’t work as they worked before.

Basically everything is against us. And patreon will be yet another desperate try to see if things could change to the better.
Well I don’t want to tell anything what I already talked about since things just go worse by time even since last time.

I will believe in Patreon’s potential for now and we will see what we can make of this.
Basically the past weeks were me going around and making sure how patreon could possibly work in my country.

Also I’ve started to get into discord at last, well at least I try to.
Its not easy because I never was the person that likes to talk to people and I don’t really want to spend more time on conversations then necessary :/
Every minute, hour I spend on talking, even posting like this could be spent on coding and since that would be my goal, it is really frustrating when i check back what I have done the recent year 🙁

But now to the Topic you are here for XD

About the next update

  • obviously fixing the last stupid crash issue
  • changing how swoop works -> no more double tap -> bout time ay? sorry…
  • ki fist and protection switchable
  • projectile ki infuse skill? maybe?
  • fall damage turn back on when on 0%?
    • might cause an uproar again? hmm I will listen to the arguments regarding this as well before the update.
  • and hopefully some action menu changes

Update will be release on Monday late night? like somewhat more then 24 hours counting from this post. (On April 30)

Well if patreon will be successful, then finally things could go a lot faster.
Or else i will have to consider switching my current position from modder to server network owner and developer Oo
And JinGames shell go towards a new future where JinGames server network will born, where i develop server sided mods exclusively for our server network :/

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Well that wont mean the end of the mods since they will still get updates!
But there will be addon mods to the current ones and only available for our server network. Well basically what other servers do that are not really affiliated with JinGames directly.
Basically I will have to do the same.



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14 Responses to Status Info – 18w17

  1. Lord Frieza says:

    The 0% power fall damage seems like a horrible idea.
    Other than that can’t wait for the update. Keep up the good work!

  2. Mitohan says:

    I dislike the fall damage thing, and by infuse ki do you mean giving ki to players / genkidama? Because that would be amazing

  3. TheMGamer says:

    Idk about y’all but I love the fall damage idea it makes a lot of sense

  4. Really liking the idea of taking fall damage at 0%. It also makes actual sense as you be using your ki at 0%

  5. Kreeds says:

    Subarashii as always, Jin. But can you make Fusion time configurable? Pleeeeeaase? :з

  6. dude says:

    ye the fall damage is a good idea i mean you must take some damage will not using your ki

  7. dude says:

    btw what is the plan on the ki drain for the forms i dont really think they are stable at all

  8. IAmRaptor says:

    I don’t see in which way a 0% release fall damage feature would be a bad thing.
    Sincerely, if falling damage is a problem to you when you have access to virtually infinite fly, over 2 million HP, and instant heath items, I seriousely wonder how your vanilla survival games are going.

  9. FranticEcho says:

    I personally love the idea of taking fall damage at 0%. Sure it can take getting used to but it makes the mod a lot for realistic. When the z fighters in dbz had to be stealthy and go to 0% power, the couldn’t jump or fly or anything and i’m assuming that meant that they also would probably take fall damage

  10. hey guys, update is closing it. sorry for the delay, but I also had a lot of conversations today that took some time away :/

  11. CurtisSeaf says:

    I like the idea of taking fall damage at 0%. There should still be normal realistic survival gameplay when you are literally not using any chi.

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