Status Info – 18w14

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Okay so it seems the update might be ready for Wednesday night!
or not… we will see…

There are still a few things I will need fix up before release, but if everything works out, the promised points should be added and probably work.

So lets see what the update will probably have

  • DBC new Item – Power pole
  • DBC 2 new dinos (models by Dragonmatic)- basically the same as the first dino, just with other model for now
  • fixes
    • Family C – Female models not working without one of 3 mods (DBC, NC, SAOC)
    • probably a group system fixtry
  • 2 new melee weapons – just some simple ones like the z sword, nothing extra.
  • new shenron model, as seen in the Teaser #2
  • Group system compatibility with the current mission system – with a mission share feature similar to how it was in the previous mission system, but a bit different. Also since this made some changes in the mission system, new errors and glitches might appear as usual.

What else?

well since there was not enough time, I was not able to work on the new ki attack stuff, so more on that one in a later post.


Do you guys still want more customization possibilities?

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To be honest I never liked the idea of giving more configs to change the default values, and I still don’t like it, but yet I still try to add more and more when I get to a point because people ask for it.

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Really now, should the latest missing transformations be added with the current aura system? Or would you try to wait for the new aura system?

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btw Waiting could still take weeks or even months to get to it? Unless I show Teaser vids about new aura possibilites, they are still in the ‘soon’ list. 🙁


Are ya in for Character slots? (Just 2 or 3 slots actually not limitless)

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10 Responses to Status Info – 18w14

  1. Mitohan says:

    Why can’t people use their brain and wait for the new forms, imagine G3 hairs flowing in the UI state

    Eh, I don’t even care anymore. When does complaining change anything

    No We NeEd ThE sPaRkLy NeW fOrMs AnD iM gOiNg To KeEp AsKiNg BeCaUsE iM sPeCiAl AnD I dOnT eVeN kNoW wHaTs BeSt FoR mE

    I’d rather the update come with the new ki look and possibly a ki point revamp? Because ki is kind of useless as mind was before you changed it (btw it’s great now, although some skills shouldn’t really have a mind cost but eh it’s not a big deal…) If there’s a ki revamp that makes it necessary then everything would be needed to create a full fledged warrior rather than con, dex and str. Other than that I’m pretty happy

  2. Dick Buttle says:

    I love the mod however you make it but take your time and make sure you are adding what you think the mod can expand on and have a bigger player base for.

  3. Kreeds says:

    Can you make Fusion time configurable plos? :0

  4. I wonder how you would incorporate different forms for other races because saiyans cant have everything.

  5. *Sees that “I want the new forms! (SSB evo and UI forms)” option won*

    *Dies a little inside*

  6. I want the Majin breed come

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