Status Info – 18w13

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So the update is still not ready and I want to ask a question in a poll before I release the update.
Basically is enough for the next update this few additions or do you want to wait more for some more.

Currently the next update will have:

  • DBC new Item – Power pole
  • DBC 2 new dinos (models by Dragonmatic)- basically the same as the first dino, just with other model for now
  • fixes
    • Family C – Female models not working without one of 3 mods (DBC, NC, SAOC)
    • probably a group system fixtry

What might you get if you wait more?

  • some new weapons
  • making sure the group system works
  • new model for Shenron
  • I can work more on the new ki attack animation and other stuff and so give more teases later?
  • there are some other things I could add but I’m not sure if they are ready thou. Need more experimenting.

It seems like something is missing?
Hmm well I wont make an april joke this year, because everything I had in mind was a bit harsh, I guess.


Should I release the update now or wait a week more?

  • I can wait (more info in a next post) (59%, 1,628 Votes)
  • I need it, even if its little (Update on late night Monday in that case) (35%, 957 Votes)
  • Meh, I don't care (6%, 177 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,762

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26 Responses to Status Info – 18w13

  1. Xen says:

    definitely willing to wait. Really excited for ki revamp and space update (whenever that is lol)

  2. Tinix says:

    It better not be an April Fools 😛

  3. Xen says:

    Id love to see a sheath addon for those new weapons you are hinting and the swords we have in dbc now just an idea

  4. Tiago Xavier says:

    Maybe you can add that thing from absorbing a SSG power and go to the stage of a Saiyan Beyond God

  5. Ren11 says:

    the name of vegeta´s new form is SSGSS Evolution. This is oficial.

  6. Sam Noé says:

    Will power pole be craftable ? Though my first guess is that you’ll get it from Roshi or Korin. That’d make the most sense I think, Goku as his pole since the very first page of DB so…

  7. Divinz says:

    Im back from the dead tonight!
    ooh! Man! new update news but what about Ssj Rage? dont forget about that too Jin ok?

  8. Just a few suggestion for the next update Jin..
    (If it can’t be done, It’s understandable since coding is difficult)

    -Skin of Kaioken users redden slightly for every multiplier increase
    -Make the Kaioken aura of SSBK (Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken) larger

    -Players can craft their custom gi’s (for example, a green gi vest with brown undershirt)
    -Physical training with NPC fighters (Like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, etc)

    Now for the future Ultimate Power Update:
    -Ultra Instinct -Omen- should be a status effect, since it isn’t an actual form, but a state of mind and power.

    *The hair color of the user will get a slightly lighter shade (ex. blue will get just a LITTLE BIT whiter)

    *When the Ultra Instinct status effect wears off, the user should get at least 5 minutes of fatigue and strain (This could be turned off, increase, or decrease duration in config)

    -Mastered Ultra Instinct will be a separate form and will not be a god form (Since it’s battle power is in the level of angels)

    *You could put in a possibility that the user will get severe strain or fatigue after they powered down from the form (Again, this can be changed in the config)

    -Kaioken could be used in Super Saiyan Blue Evolution

    *Since it’s a highly mastered blue form, It can be accessed if you power up from regular SSB (obviously)

    *Super Saiyan Blue Evolution is a highly ki-efficient transformation. –Less ki points will be used when powering up to this form. It leaves no strain or any negative effect on the user whatsoever, and can be used even at low amount ki power/points.

    *Just buff up the body a little when in this form

    Welp, that’s all the suggestions I wanted to post. Like I said, if it can’t be done, It’s understandable.

    Keep up the subarashi work, JinRyuu! xD xD

    • Whoa, why all the hate? these are merely SUGGESTIONS and NOT. FUCKING. DEMANDS.

      As I said, If it can’t be done, it’s okay. I understand completely and I will not whine about it as if I was a damn 4 year old that can’t get his favorite model train set in a toy store.

      If any of you have suggestions that would clearly be better than mine, feel free to comment below!

      • Mitohan says:

        Well I didn’t dislike it because I don’t dislike comments but if I was to, it would be because you’re spreading misinformation about blue evolution, it’s not stated to be a ki efficient form anywhere in the anime, vegeta uses it as abusively as kaioken goku does.

        Other than that I don’t care

      • in your case, you don’t deserve the hate.
        i mean, so long as you are giving us reasonable ideas.

  9. Hey jin,u whant a idea for ultra instinct?

  10. Please add ultra instinct alread weve been waiting for a while and i cant do it any more

  11. Mitohan says:

    Here’s an idea for people:

    Make your character have white hair,
    Have a white aura,

    Voila, you can stop jacking anything new and enjoy the resources that currently exist

    • KoolaidMan says:

      Or they could install Kasai’s Ultra Instinct texture pack addon and have black or white hair, white aura, and silver eyes.

      It looks like the real thing.

      • Mitohan says:

        Wow didn’t realize there was a pack for it.

        Imo I don’t see why they even want ultra Instinct when Jin is literally showing off what he can do with existing things already, it’s slightly frustrating when people don’t even know what they want half the time

  12. S.T.O.N.E.M says:

    EI Jin, I would like to give you a suggestion .. since it will add new models of ki, why not add ki donation to players? would be cool because it is something that is being used a lot in the anime or even giving of energy to the Genki Dama, now I would also like to see a burst of ki spheres but not very strong, maybe you should add hakai and transformation of the toppo in hakaishin with the ki of a god of destruction
    I also want to take the opportunity to ask if the barrier of 17 is a force field of it or a skill of ki because if it is of ki you could try to add it, however if it is of androids, you could add future along with androidification

    • Mitohan says:

      Its weird how actual cool mechanics have a 50% dislike ratio (before I liked it)

      Although this belongs in the suggestions area, it’s one which would actually improve the mod

  13. Kreeds says:

    Jin. Can you make Fusion time configurable? Cuz if you turn SSBlue you have like some seconds in Fusion -_-

  14. I will post a status info tomorrow (around on Tuesday night)
    And probably add a few polls as well again. ^_^
    And then probably Update on Wednesday.

    Either merged with the Status info as ‘edited’ or a separate post, i don’t know what would be better way to go yet.

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