Status Info – 18w12

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Damn Days just fly like crazy -.-
Where should I begin.

About DBC Update

  • new mobs, various dinos (models by Dragonmatic)
  • new item, Power pole
  • a try to make group system compatible with the mission system
  • and some minor fixes

hmm more will be revealed on release, since I dont know if anything more will make it just yet.
Just experimenting with some new ways for mechanics for ki attacks, and probably even revamping them completely.
*barrage ki attack here i come*
I was really inspired by the fights again, and with my current knowledge I just might be able to create a lot better ki attack system.
After all the current one is more then 2 years old or so XD
It is really time to change that since its very useless for pvp at its current state
Thou if anything succeeds, and I really could make it better, then I will make a post before the update to ask in a poll what should happen next.

About NC

Well the Naruto C mods future doesnt seem so bright. I’m not sure if I add any great stuff would make it more used. So for now, Let me just ask you to tell me what you think in the polls about this too.


About everything else

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Also Im trying to actively check the Bug reports forum more frequently. So be sure to write your issues down with all the details you can share.

Well I’m not sure but it seems many didn’t understand why there is the supporters site, it should be looked at basically as a Patreon site or should I call it patron site instead of supporters?

Ah anyway, There are still a lot of website development needed and there are several website projects like the mission system, resource pack sites that i would liked to work on, and there is also the redesigning of the download site as well and for several other ones.
And since site development also takes tons of time, it will be still hard to optimize the work schedule on what is more important to work on.
Since the websites need the ads to work and since modpacks and servers take most of the traffic, I do have to consider to work more on website projects that could potentially benefit somewhat to the JinGames Network.

And some more blabla

So some things might change soon. I have some help and I try to depend on others more now, but I dont want to go overboard.
Also I was thinking on making some mini mods. Any suggestion for mini mods are welcome!
This decision is because I make too much complex stuff that requires more time, thus actually if i would take like DBC apart, many features could also stand alone as their own mini mods.
Like the Scouter for example. There is a whole new revamp plan for it, and the scouter could get better then ever before with a lot of visual changes.

And actually this way some mods could be more versatile and mobile through mc versions and maybe even appointing specific persons to work on some of them.
So I have a plan to make an easier way for me to create/update mods for the most used mc versions.

Anyway for the next few months things wont change much, because the new mods probably wont be released as soon as something is made, like how Naruto C and SAOC ended up, but I will try to make teaser videos about them and only release after certain milestones have been reached.

And finally to the polls.




What would you prefer more?

  • More new content (72%, 2,474 Votes)
  • More of Finishing the already added content (22%, 741 Votes)
  • More Fixing (7%, 229 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,444

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Which Mods do you prefer (which ones you use regularly)

  • DBC (53%, 4,150 Votes)
  • Years C (10%, 763 Votes)
  • NC (10%, 751 Votes)
  • Family C (9%, 696 Votes)
  • HairC (8%, 638 Votes)
  • HDSkins (7%, 512 Votes)
  • SAOC (4%, 310 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,390

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Which Mods would you like to see to be worked on more?

  • Naruto C (29%, 1,598 Votes)
  • Bleach C (16%, 898 Votes)
  • Weapons & armors mod (11%, 586 Votes)
  • SAOC (11%, 583 Votes)
  • Family C (10%, 544 Votes)
  • Trading Card C (9%, 487 Votes)
  • Overlord mod (closely the same as the Overlord series) (8%, 419 Votes)
  • Kingdom Management mod (5%, 273 Votes)
  • Creeper Evolution (3%, 153 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,406

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Which MC versions would you like to use my mods in more?

  • 1.7.10 (51%, 3,073 Votes)
  • 1.12 (15%, 910 Votes)
  • 1.8 (8%, 464 Votes)
  • 1.10.2 (6%, 338 Votes)
  • 1.11.2 (5%, 290 Votes)
  • 1.8.9 (5%, 277 Votes)
  • 1.10 (3%, 169 Votes)
  • 1.9 (2%, 145 Votes)
  • 1.8.8 (2%, 137 Votes)
  • 1.11 (2%, 130 Votes)
  • 1.9.4 (2%, 105 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,296

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Future of Naruto C

  • Please continue, I still like it then any other choice. (47%, 1,522 Votes)
  • Well I'm not sure, do what you feel is right. (22%, 693 Votes)
  • Meh, I don't care (19%, 615 Votes)
  • I'm not into this now, since there are better choices now. (12%, 377 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,207

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Would you enjoy a weapon mod? Maybe even with a priority feature request option specifically?

  • Yes (52%, 1,477 Votes)
  • Maybe (30%, 871 Votes)
  • No (10%, 274 Votes)
  • Meh (8%, 242 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,864

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Do you like the idea of mini mods?

  • Yea, if it benefits JinGames future then I dont mind! (58%, 1,669 Votes)
  • Only if the current mods wont suffer from it! (17%, 488 Votes)
  • Maybe, I'm not sure what you mean... (11%, 312 Votes)
  • Hell no! Work on the current ones! (7%, 206 Votes)
  • Meh (5%, 141 Votes)
  • Eh, wtf are you talking about? (2%, 59 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,875

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33 Responses to Status Info – 18w12

  1. Ryal says:

    I’m already liking where this is going.

    +1 for refining DBC! Quality > Quantity

  2. I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU for getting some help from other people. I know it must’ve been hard for you and a very anxious decision due to the possible repercussions, but you did it for us and I really respect you for doing that.

    P.S. I love Hair C, can’t wait for an update so I can make some dope hairs for the hair salon.

  3. I think “mini mods” (like Hairs C) would be great! Then you can make mods that work by themselves and can also be used with things like DBC! I made a forum post a few weeks ago proposing an idea expanding on the proposed fighting system which could be a really neat “mini mod”!

    I look forward to seeing what you have in the future! But don’t overwork yourself; remember that there are plenty of people who can help you out!

  4. Poke says:

    Great! I’m sure revamping all the content we’ve got that could be called bare bones would just make all of the mods’ experiences even better, and ki revamp? Sign me up!

  5. XoninX says:

    And of course; most of the votes are going to new content. Give the kids their colorful new forms and they’ll be happy even if it breaks the game. 1000 thrift store phones over an I-Phone X right? (Though personally, I’d buy anything over an Apple product, but I digress.)

  6. Wilthos says:

    The fact that more new content has almost double the votes that finishing already added content has makes me die inside~

    • Ryal says:

      Welcome to a world of people who literally have no understanding of quality. Because y’know, Ultra Instinct is CLEARLY more important than making the fucking ki attack system good and refined.

      I am genuinely sad to see that there is a very sizeable fraction of the community that would rather see a stupid form from a god awful show take priority over making a fundamental game mechanic functional and viable. It sickens me to my stomach. It’s like these kids have IQs lower than my shoe size.

  7. Ryal says:

    Let’s not get started on the people voting 1.7.10 either. Like seriously, do you REALLY want the game to run horribly? DBC is one of those mods could REALLY use that optimization. But noooo, we need crappy primitive 1.7.10!

    Why no 1.10.2? I honestly can’t say lol.

  8. Gohamit says:

    i dont know if you read this jin but i have an idea to what do to with the naruto c mod.
    currently there is a much better option in the anime naruto mod.
    so i was thinking instead of developing your own mod which is about 2-3 years behind the other mod, you should finish the DBC and after that join the anime naruto mod owner and work on it together.
    thanks for reading
    p.s plz dont get mad fans it just an idea

    • Ruan Aiub says:

      man i thought the same ideia the creator of naruto anime mod spend allmost 1 years and half working on his mod and it is great at the same time im thought JIN PLEASE GIVE THE NARUTO MOD WITH THIS GUY Matthios is the name of creator i guess

    • Ken says:

      Believe it or not before math came out with the huge Naruto update.
      Jin’s NC mod was on top. and I agree with him finishing DBC first but to you Naruto fans don’t ever! forget that while math and sekwah were working on their Naruto mods for years! Jin kept us temporarily entertained with his Naruto C mod during that time and Jin’s and Math’s mods are COMPLETELY different the only thing they have in common is naruto

  9. Dragonmatic says:

    Feel like the current project should be finished for 1.7.10, have all the bugs fixed and then maybe re-make the mod/core for 1.10/1.12+, starting from scratch just to have a mod in a newer version may seem discouraging but it will give an opportunity to make the mod better then what it is now, for example transformations could be made into “packs” that can be created by fans and the default/base DBC comes with SS1-3 and other non-god forms for other races with the Super and GT forms being “official” expansions/packs, this expansion idea could also be applied to some of your mini mods, like a custom armors expansion that allows you to make a custom skin template for an armor and have it recolorable.
    If you do go with that idea after fixing the bugs for the 1.7.10 versions just posting weekly progress on updating/remaking it may be good enough to keep us hyped till the first alpha

  10. Meliodas says:

    Focus on finishing old added content like potara and metamoran fusion!

  11. Dragonmatic says:

    Editing your own coments would be a useful site feature

  12. finally! the power pole!
    wondered what kept such an iconic dragon ball item from the mod for so long.
    I mean, most of you prolly don’t know but, the power pole was gokus signature weapon up til about the saiyan arc.

  13. How to get the Power Pole?

  14. Be really neat if you made a majin race with transforming into a super form, absorption, where you can absorb actual players and or npc, and purification(for the kid form)

  15. I just want to see Ultra Instinct….that’s the ONLY thing I want to see in the next update. Well that and the barrage ki attack ive been waiting for that too

  16. i think with this next update i’m going to make a hybrid of goku from across dragon ball.
    he will have the nimbus and power pole from when he was a kid.
    he will be an adult.
    he will have all the forms he had from across the franchise (yes, including ssj4)
    he WILL have a tail.
    my only needs for this now is UI. but, i’m a patient man. that, and maybe the ability to turn ssj4 from the base form.

  17. Prim says:

    A couple ideas I’d personally love to see (As I use HD Skins mod and love it, although not many others know how to use it) to help make HD Skins relevant again, is the ability to upload 2 HD Skins, one as your “Base” HD skin that will just show on a server or single player as your default skin, and the other as your “Transformed” HD Skin , which it’ll switch out with to replace your “base form” skin as soon as you transform for any race, heck they don’t even have to be HD, but it would let for SOOO much custom variety in this mod, people could be almost any character with any transformation of any show they like, as long as they upload the right skins. Not what I have in mind, but it would even let someone be something like Sonic the hedgehog with super sonic or make custom “Kyuubi mode” transformations for naruto, or curse mark transformations for Sasuke, the possibilities with an update to the mod like this would absolutely change the necessity of it on servers for sure I’d feel like, even if the skins used for it aren’t even HD but normal skins changed to a “transformed” look of the users desire. Hopefully you get what I mean by all this, not sure if this sounds like a bunch of nonsense or not

  18. Ren11 says:

    I’m using google translator because I’m Brazilian. So my ideas are so I always asked for things that seem absurd as a breeder of transformation or different types of ki, but these ideas are past for me the same ideas I wanted for DBC are animations for ki attacks, new styles and presets for ki attacks and even ways to put on different clothes. For example, putting weights on the clothes that already exist (would be good for training) and more weight slots (to put more than a single weight) and also other things like gloves slots so we can wear the clothing of vegeta for example without gloves, or put gloves on the great sayaman’s clothes without the pectoral (as the gohan got in the fight against dabura) and an important thing that would color the clothes and weights of our way I think that would be cool. Well sorry for the text size, but these are my ideas okay? One more thing, I think it would be nice to add an animation for hair that is not customized. Thank you for your attention and sorry if it got too big.

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