Status Info – 18w04

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There are tons of things to do and as expected progress is slow. No release this weekend but I’m positive that for next weekend there will be one.

So I have been working on a few things.
First the transformation creator needs a lot of work and there are some issues with it as well. But regardless it is something that many will like. It still wont make the few next updates, but when I can tell more I will tell.

Then there is a mod that was started by Aegous that might be temporary solution for the modpack issue. Atm it is named ModpackUtil and I have to still finish some functions before it can be used.
After that any modpack that uses it (how it is meant to be used) technically wont need any permission because with this my mods don’t need to be in the modpack.
With the ModpackUtil mod the players will have to download my mods from a website specifically made for this mod, and following the steps shown by the site and mod the players will be able to add the mods using the the ModpackUtil.
I will try to make the site and that mod translatable. I’m not sure when this will work completely so let me just say, that I try to finish it soon.

For DBC I know many wait the Ultra Instinct and SSB2 (let’s call Vegeta’s new form like this for now)
While SSB2 might be a thing soon, the UI will be still later. I want to work on the auras a bit more because they are still very unique and I’m planing a new look for the auras overall. I want the auras to have either more customization or at least more variations then now, mainly for the transformation creator.
So DBC wont have any new forms  for now.

Naruto C will get a fix update and some content too but not for the next update. There is a lot of things that Naruto C is missing and if the DBS series will really end for now I might be able to concentrate more on Naruto again as well.

Also there are still a lot of site projects I want to finish, but damn so many things to do. XD
I like how it feels that I can still do a lot of things.

For next release tooltips for skills will probably work. With this a lot of new translatable lines will be added.
I want to mention that there is an official translate site, but only a few languages are supported and even fewer are translated regularly.
Our Spanish translator Abelatox does a great job translating before release 😀
So I was wondering if anyone want to be a translator for a specific language that is not yet supported or is neglected get in contact with me.

I know I have been receiving a lot of mails as well and there are some mails that are waiting for quite some time now, I’m really sorry about it.
It is really really hard to find the time to reply peacefully.

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I still could write a few things but I will leave those for the next post.

Anyway be Cool you guys!

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39 Responses to Status Info – 18w04

  1. Hey Jin, Good job as always, thanks for all! 😀
    Also (idk where to post that) i’d like to help with italian translations if possible, thanks 🙂

  2. Gabriel says:

    Jin great job !!, I do not mind if it takes too long.

  3. StarXuno says:

    “Naruto C will get a fix update and some content too but not for the next update.” I’m going to be a happy men there isn’t to much on Naruto c and more content helps us enjoy it more thank you!

  4. Zero says:

    “I want the auras to have either more customization or at least more variations then now, mainly for the transformation creator.” But…will there be a customization for the UE aura for arco’s?

    Dare I say….UE aura’s can be recolored? Wink wink

  5. TheLeinhart says:

    Like the others say as well, we love your work and can always wait for quality updates. Keep up the good work Jin!

  6. mreman says:

    Great job. Keep up the good work

  7. Luki says:

    *Roleplay Hype intensifies*

  8. Can I translate mod for italian languace?

  9. Nico says:

    Someone can explain me what is exactly the transformation creator ??? And When it will be added to the mod ? i can’t understand the news because i’m french, it’s difficult for me :/

  10. Hey, I’ve offered myself to translate to Portuguese a long time ago in this same galaxy but we got troubles on communication methods. I’m msging you back right now on hotmail dude

  11. Seirth says:

    As a player of your mod and someone who downloads the mod from your site directly I can say for those who use Modpacks. Use them for convenience of players who don’t know how to navigate your site very well.
    Could you take this into consideration while making this new ModpackUtil mod?

    Other than that, keep up the good work!

  12. Daelector says:

    I can do mistake,but as i know vegets “SSB2” named perfect SSB

  13. Me: Shenlong, please fulfill my wish!

    Shenlong: What do you want?

    Me: Get the Jin post DBC update this Sunday ?!

    Shenlong: Not even I have the power to do this, that depends only on what the future awaits us!

  14. Jin I got a suggestion for the Ultra Instinct aura appearance:

    Why not make the Ultra Instinct ki similar to the Super Saiyan Rose? Only tint the aura bright blue and make the flow a little slower?

  15. Aboodxnauthy says:

    I have a Cool idea but probably will take a long time and also hard to make.

    A character switching machine to cast characters like Goku Vegeta

    The switching machine is a block when you right click on it it has
    GUI roster, you select the character and you will have his power level and his skill set.

  16. Zero says:

    Well no one is bring it up so I shall bring it up. #updateFamilyC lol

  17. Add ultra instinct
    Add ssj2Blue
    Add a way to grow senzu beans
    Add the world of the kais
    Add the world of the gods
    Add sepream kais
    Add false super sayian
    Add zamasu
    Add all 12 universes
    Add grand zeno
    Add zeni
    AND FINALLY ADD ChiChi and Bulma

  18. forgot to mention add capule corp

  19. Zorasu says:

    Can i be a second spanish translator?? Maybe you are wondering why?, Its because your actual traslator only traslate the spanish from spain and not the Latin America version… so, I realy want yo traslate it to Latin America Spanish

  20. solarium says:

    Hey Jin have you ever thought of making an Attack on Titan mod?

  21. sans390 says:

    plz jin can you update the SAO C mod

  22. Also forgot to mention add a way to fuise with npcs

  23. sans390 says:

    jin I don’t know speak english very well but. can you fix the group? I can’t create a group in dbc

  24. sans390 says:

    jin I don’t know speak english very well but. can you fix the group? I can’t create a group in dbc.

  25. Update it on the 7th, my Birthday! Jk you dont gotta, cant wait!

  26. All of u haters out there stop targeting me

  27. the only reason ur being haters is because u didnt think of it first

  28. the only reason your being haters is because u didn’t think of it first

  29. and don’t tell me it wouldn’t be cool to have capsule corp with a real gravity or something else like that

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