Status Info – 17w46-50

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Hello Everyone!

I’m really sorry for the lack of info.
Life is not easy around this time of the year.
I might talk about this somewhere else on what exactly happened in the past weeks with me, but I doubt any would want to know that XD
I will do my best to finish the next update and it will be released hopefully before December 24th.

Things to Expect! (EDITED on Dec. 23)

  • fixes
  • Arcosians get a few new visuals
  • a few new outfits
  • otherworld receives some new stuff
  • dragon radar tweak
  • Legendary has now a major change
  • And a few more 😀


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75 Responses to Status Info – 17w46-50

  1. Tinix says:

    This will be the best christmas gift 😀

  2. Oscurum says:

    It’s geat give news about you.

  3. nice to hear from you. and don’t say that. i mean, your fans (the ones who are actually fans) will listen if ya need to tell us something.

  4. Skeptical says:

    Guys. I’ve got the best-.. no wait.. let me rephrase myself..



  5. Gabriel says:

    Thankfully, you’re back! I was worried

  6. TheLeinhart says:

    Remember Jin, the real fans of your mod will always wait for the updates no matter how long they take. We prefer quality updates over rushed ones. Take your time. We’re not going anywhere lol

  7. Kyle Andujar says:

    Please release Trading Card C if you can. I have been hype for that mod since you announced it. I know people have been negative about it, but I think it’s gonna be amazing.

  8. KoolaidMan says:

    Please don’t rush it Jin, it’s nearly Christmas, we don’t deserve wasting your Christmas time on, We will support you through anything, All I ask is that you at least leave a weekly post instead of leaving us in the Dark for a month D:.

    A rushed update is bad update, a update with time put into it is what counts, take your time please :D.

    Merry Christmas, Jin, I hope you enjoy yours!

  9. Divinz says:

    Please add Ssj Rage like Kaioken
    and add Kaioshin race like Zamasu plus so zhe race can transform when they are evil to turn in merged like zamasu

  10. Divinz says:

    Please add Ssj Rage like Kaioken
    and add Kaioshin race like Zamasu plus so the’ race can transform when they are evil to turn in merged like zamasu

  11. Andy says:

    Please Add A Potara Earring
    Merged To Fusion Much Better Than Fusion The Potara Fusion Is Unlimited Time Unlike Fusion Have A Time
    Please Add It

  12. Skeptical says:

    Alright. After that fangasm I received after finding out the release date of literally The best Dragon Ball mod there is out there, time to write a proper comment, or at least a comment that meets my standards.

    Hey Jin. Great to hear of you, it definitely concerned me that suddenly out of the blue you just disappeared. It’s a shame that seemingly you’ve been having some issues or troubles in real life, fix them, don’t compromise your own health over this mod.
    I am fairly excited about the update that’s gonna take place, as presumably you have made it top-standard after so much time, even with the recent troubles that you’ve informed us about briefly.

    I have gone through some comments, and I will politely ask of those people who are rioting or hashtagging whatever they desire to be in the mod. Obviously Jin will be overwhelmed by so much requests. Stop with this #customfriezaauras, #androidification etc. You guys must really think that Jin is stupid… he knows exactly what to add and code in the mod without your unnecessary help.
    Thanks for the post jin. Looking forward seeing more of the progress update.

  13. The hype before and this composed message now reminds me of roger from american dad.

  14. Divinz says:

    Damn you…anyone who dislike do i do it no…Cursed who do not want My idea

  15. Jin i dont care if take a year to update the mod, because i know that you will be making the best for us man,


  16. mreman says:

    What is with all these dumb troll accounts asking jin for random crap!?

  17. KoolaidMan says:

    I wouldn’t say troll accounts, I’d say legitimate Tards who are either 2 years old or spoiled brats who can’t speak right and only ask ask and ask.

  18. FlamesWrath says:

    Jin, it’s fine for you to take a break. It’s bloody Christmas. Focus on you and your family.

  19. alphaOrio says:

    I’d rather have no info on this update let this update be a surprise no matter how little or small it’s almost like a Christmas update

  20. #KeepChristmasUpdateASurprise

  21. Mitohan says:

    Fuck you fuck ur mod ur mod is trash u suck cunt shit fuck you

    Ok now I have your attention,
    My shit idea v2.9:

    I’m really gonna skim this, basically when gohan and krillin go to namek they were able to train together in their own mind and not damage the surrounding area, so mental group training would be

  22. Jin could you plz raise the transformations max multiplier to 300000 ?

    Also keep the good work jin

  23. CryoTheMayo says:

    I don’t consider it stupid for fans of the mod to comment on what they want added to the mod. It shows to Jin what we value currently and wish for him to focus the most upon.

    Hey Jin, I would have to lie to say that I am not disappointed in the delay since I have lost interest in the mod and was hoping for a good update to get me invested again but I am certainly not upset that you are busy with your life. The better your life is, the better the mod development will be. You just focus on enjoying the holidays with friends and family and release an update when you feel it is ready! (I hope it’s something really good though)

    Happy Holidays to all!

    • that in and of itself isn’t the problem.
      it’s the fact that they have been asking for the same things that jin has already stated he would add.

      • or things that are far too new in the manga/anime for jin to possibly add without knowing all there is to know about it.
        ui is a cool ability. but, we dont know much about it other than its really, really strong. i’d wait a few more months before suggesting it. heck, with super saiyan rage we might need more time.

        • CryoTheMayo says:

          Personally, all I asked for was a Golden aura (Which is what jumpstarted this hashtag meme and what most people have requested) due to the Golden form being released about 9-10 months ago and Jin promising to give it an aura, when LSSJ, Rose and SSJ4 have all been released and have received fixes within a week of their release or provided updated auras while Golden still uses a base aura.

  24. Skeptical says:

    Guys. Quick public announcement. My DB manga shall be returning very soon. After taking a hiatus to gain more skill and experience on drawing, I decided to finally go back to it.

  25. JackFrost213 says:

    Jin, could you maybe add a fusion timer config or increase the time a little? I fuse with my friend and then I only have about 1 minute of fusion if I transform.

  26. JackFrost213 says:

    Just a suggestion, but it’s not really that important because I know you are busy with other stuff.

  27. Lord Frieza says:

    Jin can you add a bigger ass for females ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. Liking the planned updates 🙂 A lesser-known suggestion I have is whether or not the /jrmctech command can be expanded. Would give more room for people to make custom mentors that can teach custom ki techniques.

  29. JackFrost213 says:

    I feel like the kaioken strain should be able to be changed separately for super forms and god forms. I also think that instead of a true of false the strain could be a percentage with 100% being the normal strain for example.

  30. JackFrost213 says:

    I meant true or false not true of false.

  31. new frieza race visuals?
    hoping it is golden auras

  32. frankmax12 says:

    Is the update out tonight?

  33. frankmax12 says:

    Well I guess I knew their would be no update sigh this mod is dead r.i.p jingames

  34. CryoTheMayo says:

    “Arcosians get a few new visuals”
    D-Did we do it bros? Is Golden getting an aura?

  35. just please still give me an hour or so 🙂
    The update seems to be finished.
    I Just need to write a post and prepare the downloads

  36. son guko san says:

    hi jinRyuu .when is ultra instinct going to be added to dbc. in naruto c many update are still needed like from boruto episodes transformation like the sage of snakes,tailed beast mode ,sage of six path,susanoo and also the new eyes boruto got jougan ,and sasuke eyes sharigan etc. i am okay with the new update for dbc mod.

  37. hey jin,i am one idea.If u not make all the codes and publish the up,but you make one to one update.Ex:if you want place the androitification and the custom forms in the dragon block c 1.4.50,u first make the androitification/custom forms(the most hard)and publish,when u make the other u uptade the download,like betas of the new version.

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