Status Info – 17w38

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Edited Sept 30
So the update is close, but it might not be released today, at least not in CET time zone.
Also it will probably have a lot of issues, so testing beforehand will be suggested.
JRMC will increase a minor version from 1.2 to 1.3
The new Mind requirement will be configurable to an extend, so fun servers that have stupidly high stats and attributes can still change it.


Well I’m doing my best but I’m held up with other matters a lot.
I’m not sure if I should talk about those matters, but in short they mainly revolve around servers.


The update should be done still in this month, at least I hope.
Progress is good thou and the new skill list seems to work too.
Yea I know, there will be configs for the Mind requirement, it just might not be available for this update.

Now more about servers.

I’m willing to give server to those who are at least 16 years old, have ambitions and plans to create or run one, but either don’t have the money to or simply just want a server.
Based on the plans there are a few agreement options which one can choose from, but we can discuss everything.

If you are interested, go to the contact page, select the “other” category and send us a message.
I need you to tell us a short summary of your plans and goals, and based on that we will decide who gets a chance to try luck with a server.



Hyuuga clan – Hakkeshou Kaiten

Friendly NPC: Vegeta

Friendly NPC: Piccolo

Enemy NPC: Zarbon’s 2nd form (the model is not done)

Enemy NPC: Golden Freeza

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40 Responses to Status Info – 17w38

  1. sans390 says:

    Nice thx for status indo I was waiting

  2. kev_spyro says:

    thanks Jin for the infos and that you made so great NPC’s ;D

  3. kev_spyro says:

    Oh and i really like the kaiten xD (but maybe make it a bit more see througable? xD

  4. You can do so we can fight vegito and after defeating him he becomes super Sanam. Or we could choose the level of difficulty of the battle depended on his form

  5. Mint says:

    Great info update, Jin.

    But, I’m kind of concerned for golden freeza. Like, will he get his own saga or…?
    Cause beerus wasn’t added yet, so uh. It’ll be kind of weird.
    (Guess there is a possibility you just made the RoF saga mobs first or something)

  6. FlamesWrath says:

    Did Jin give Freeza the female breasts model?

  7. I just want to know for sure If you are gonna add SSJ4 in the future after you can do the G3 thing?

    • Also just saying I am player trueshadowyLinc the one that got banned because of “starting too many fights” I just want to know is Frostvey and his friends banned because they are not good people once they spent a few hours just calling me retarded.I’m not asking if you’ll unbanned me but I’m asking is Frostvey and his friends banned because they basically just cyber bullied me over stats like honestly If they hated me for being “weak” because that server is not easy to level up stats on then why didn’t they help me get stronger? Also have you just destroyed my old base or have you given it to someone I hope you given it to someone because I worked hard on that base like half my time there was building that base east from Warp Goku made of stone brick

  8. we didnt need fucking npc this mod is dying and the servers are all dying its all jins fault because he wont accept help from other coders. ive seen plug ins that are better what jin has made so far ive seen someone make ssjb 2 TWO! and it worked on a server. jin wants to do it all by himself so fuck it.

    • Oscurum says:

      If those coders are as good as you say, why do not you better ask them to make addons with the content you want ?, is that neither Jin nor those coders have to obey your wishes, this is the hobby of Jin and decided share it, you have no right to say what you say.

    • FlamesWrath says:

      The fact that you put some shitty not official transformation that nobody actually needs or cares about over more NPCs (Which can help servers make better sagas without requiring CNPC) speaks volumes about how little you actually understand how important one thing is to another.

      Also, Jin made this project specially to make his coding skills better. He owes nothing to you and yet you expect more.

  9. kev_spyro says:

    dude chill respect his way and don’t complain about his way ;-;

    • kev_spyro says:

      also he doesn’t only work on 1 mod but multiple ones and he wants to do it by himself which he can when he finished them say of: “hey i did it on my own i can be proud of my self”

      if it’s even gonna get to an end xD

  10. Mitohan says:

    This is why Jin doesn’t like to update anymore, just crying children complaining about him having his own life and pressuring him to take other coders in.

  11. Aleem says:

    While his approach was needlessly aggressive, Christian1320 is quite right. A lot more work can be done if Jin were to allow other people to help him. I have never seen a mod completed by a single person; they all have been discontinued as a result of personal troubles and time management issues. Essentially, what I mean to say is: working on a mod solo is less productive and less efficient, in addition to being more time-consuming. Jin will most probably remain the sole developer of this mod, and, while I respect his decision, a workforce to divide the tasks amongst would be the most productive way to go about actually completing this mod.

  12. Teza says:

    Awesome Jin! Thanks for giving naruto c some love.

    now to write a wall of text about improvements that could be made on them.

    1) NPC Relations.
    You can currently walk up to anyone you want, and they’ll teach you any move/skill you ask them to. (In the case of Korin, he’ll give you a Senzu even if you just met him)

    There would be three NPC Relation types.

    1: Relation goes up when you defeat them in a Side-Quest, of which you prove yourself to them you’re capable enough for them to let you be their disciple.
    NPCs under category: Cell, Frieza, Vegeta, Babidi.

    2: Relation goes up when you supply them with an item.
    NPCs in category: Korin (Fish), Roshi (Magazine), Old Kai (if ever added) (Magazine)
    You could get Magazine from either Dragonballs, Villagers, and if ever implemented, the City biome (Which would have traders.)

    3: Eager to help
    These NPCs will gladly help anybody in need, but are exclusive to the Neutral or Good alignments.
    Under Category: Goku, Piccolo, Kami, Kingkai

    As relations go up with an NPC, new sidequests and attacks will be available for you.
    If relations are high enough, the NPC will give you a set of their clothing, and perhaps even some other items. (Limited by a configurable cooldown, defaulted at once per minecraft day.)

    NPC Sidequests would give TP, and could be repeated 3 times per MC day (Before they get tired of training you.)

    Race would effect your relations with certain NPCs, and change TP and Items gained by sidequests.

    For example, Piccolo and Vegeta would despise Arcosians, negatively impacting their relation gains.
    Vegeta would love Saiyans and Half saiyans, due to them being part of his race of Warriors.
    Frieza would all around despise everyone except Arcosians, which he would be indifferent to.
    Babidi wouldn’t care much about race, but would be hasty to befriend Saiyans and Half Saiyans due to their high amounts of potential power.

    • kev_spyro says:

      nice ideas piratefoodog i really like them but let’s not push it too far for now xD

    • Not a bad idea, you can do combat training with teachers, to select the level of difficulty. The level of difficulty depends on what amount of TP you get. Entrance exam, automatic attitude strength, depending on your (sensitive stronger than you). combat training with teachers once a day. In the single player game is very difficult to move, so combat training with certain teachers would be good, after winning receive a certain amount of TP.

  14. Nox says:

    Jin is fucking making this mod so he can fucking practice his code, not so others can fucking practice their code. We get his work, or more byproduct, for free of charge and you little shits still want to complain that he isn’t doing it YOUR way? Go fuck yourselves you ungrateful little ignorant pricks. No one wants your squeaky asses in this community and I say thanks to everyone who is down voting this mindless trash. Fuck.

    -Nox out.

  15. if jin doesnt update the mod cause he doesnt like what people say he is a pussy. ive talked to jin on discord a couple times i was an admin on a successful server on a dying mod i see the potential in the mod and jin but what i see is someone who wants to do it all on there own just fucking accept help from other coders and get the shit done quicker and how you want it.

    • Mitohan says:

      Aww boo hoo, grow up its his mod, why don’t you not be a pussy and make your own mod so your and your coders can jerk eachother off while making shit content too

    • and what i see, is an edgy 13-year-old screaming at jin to work faster.
      i too would like jin get help, but as said…. jin is doing this to practice code. and as is, it’s a pretty decent mod for one man.

      if you feel you can do better, make your own mod and shut the hell up!

  16. Ken says:

    Christian, First of all your vulgar language is not accepted here so if you have to be an idiot please do it somewhere else. Second of all it is not YOUR mod so can you please stop trying to tell Jin what to do. Third of all you haven’t even been on the website long enough to start complaining about Jin’s way of modding. And if you still haven’t gotten the message, “Fuck” off and let Jin do his own thing

    • First off, the “Vulgar” language thing you said completely blows its own head off because almost everyone on this site cuss, insult, and pretty much act childish or at least have their moments :/

      To the real thing…Chris isnt wrong about jin not having other coders and it WILL take long for him to update because of 1 man work but at the same time its jin mod and no one can just tell him to get coders to work with him. Overall we shouldnt punish him for not working hard enough/not producing on time since its his mod.

      This is just my 2 cents in this conversation.

    • frankly it isnt that he swears is the problem. i couldn’t care less. the problem is he is rushing jin. yeah, he is working a little slow. he isnt WRONG about that. but what chris is wrong about, is forcing jin to accept help he doesnt feel like he needs. because jin is doing this to better his own skills as a programmer. and i can’t help but respect him as a person for taking such a big workload by himself.
      screaming at him to go faster though, even when a lot of people are getting sick of it is not something that i will tolerate.
      chris just calm the hell down and take anger management classes.

  17. Lord Frieza says:

    Oh hi I’m bac—
    Wtf? I didn’t know that shit can talk.
    Anyways, Chris, just STFU. If you want to say how bad the mod is then cry to your mom about that.

  18. Davi Centeno says:

    How to get this new actualizacion

  19. Mitohan says:

    when I want to find new comments I do ctrl + f and type october 1 or whatever the new day is – not important but I just wanted to say it lol

  20. Kyran Taylor says:

    JIN how long till I can come back on the server cause of the update

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