Status Info – 17w36-37

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Since it came to this, I think the next update might be a bigger one in a way.

I might make updates monthly now rather then every 1 or 2 weeks.
But I still want to do minor updates for fixes and such when necessary.
This being said because of the things that happened the past weeks and the current plan, the next update will still be a bit later.
But I will post Status Info weekly again, even if I cant write much.

Next update still don’t know when will be released but I can tell some more info about the content now.

The Mind attribute will have now a new role! The change will effects my RPG system as a whole.
The skill slot system will change so the Mind will be a requirement to have more skills and skill upgrades, but the TP costs will stay!
This change is a very complex one and time consuming, but seeing the Mind has atm zero use, this should be a major change for the Mind and skill slots.
The racial skills will have Mind requirement too, so it will be more expensive to upgrade skills then it is now.
This change in JRMCore might increase the minor version from 1.2 to 1.3 because it might cause issues for the skills the players already have.

for JRMC:
– revamping Mind atr role and skill slot system
– a few fixes
– new configs to customize Naruto C too like DBC
– for mission system new objective type

for DBC:
– new friendly npc’s to spilt the learnable techs and skills among
– new opponent npcs for using with the mission system, also adding a few good characters as opponents as well.
– at least 1 new skill

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for NC:
– uchiha’s will get susanoo but for now only the ribcage. Yes a random color will be asigned for players and it will be only changeable by a command.
– hyuuga will get a kaiten technique (not skill)
– hyuuga clan might get the biggest change because of their nature i guess, so they might loose the ability to use jutsus that require seals (123 key combinations) and receive exclusive jutsus in exchange. the Kaiten is one of them. But since there is not much they can use yet this change might not be present in the next update.

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54 Responses to Status Info – 17w36-37

  1. Oscurum says:

    Thanks for the great work Jin! nwn

  2. Tinix says:

    You are incredible, Jin!

  3. Xymgar says:

    Thanks for the info Jin!

  4. mreman says:

    Mind= Character’s IQ level?

  5. Mitohan says:

    About my new ‘combat’ idea I don’t know how this could be done / if it could be done so, eh

    In dragon ball z when someone is much stronger than someone they will have trouble seeing them right? but you can’t just infinitely make someone faster than the next guy because then you loose out on control.

    Which is why I’ve come up with a ‘flicker’ technique, the flicker technique will compensate toward a characters level overall, so when someone strong fights someone weak they will just smack each other until the weak gets killed, well with the body flicker (which should consume small amounts of stamina constantly when activated) when someone weak starts fighting a strong guy and the strong person activates body flicker he will look to be invisible to the weak person because he’s “moving too quickly to follow” but the body flicker only makes the person invisible if they are running as well.

    this mechanic would give ki sense an actual use so if a weaker person initiates a fight and has lvl 1 ki sense, he can track someone 10 more levels ahead of him, and at level 10 he can track someone 100 levels ahead of him so he doesn’t get shitmixed (should be configurable depending on the difficulty of the server)

    The flicker should be able to be combined with turbo or something to go at double speed and making yourself look invisible to someone even at the same level as you but as a negative it will act like you are swooping and drain your stamina like mad.


    Another idea: This idea will stop the stupid smack each other until someone dies bullshit

    If someone is being too predictable aka just swarm punching, there should be a button you can press at the perfect time allowing you to catch a players hand and stunning them for 1.5 seconds, if you press the button and miss you will be stunned for 1.5 seconds this mechanic will give fights more meaning and last longer and will feel more anime like because you can port this into Naruto C and Sword Art Online C

    Give feedback plz I want to know things that can be improved on my idea, thanks for reading.

    • Mitohan says:

      Once again another idea, I’m going to try and not overwhelm but this will be my last idea and i’ll save my further DBC wet dream ideas for the next post.

      This idea should be completely optional and customisable depending on the difficulty of the server etc etc etc…

      instead of skill slots being unlocked through mind only (I think you can unlock 6 more slots maybe, don’t quote me lol) so if you don’t want to put anything into mind you can unlock more slots with a level requirement as well so 3 slots from leveling and 3 slots through mind? The downside is that it will make mind even more useless but this next idea will save mind,

      The instant transmission skill should work with mind so when you activate the instant transmission skill each point in mind will allow you to teleport one further block, so at 150 mind you can tp to a player 150 blocks away and depending on your class you can go even further, so a warrior will go 10% less distance, a martial artist will go the amount shown, and a spiritualist can go 10% further? I guess we need a reason to become a spiritualist

      once again, Give feedback and thanks for reading.

    • Trainer Red says:

      Stole that name straight out of Naruto.

  6. Hirolka says:

    Whoa, new NPCs?!

    Jesus the last time I heard about that was like, two years ago when you said Popo and Gohan would be coming out soon…

    But hey I’m all for adding a bit more world to our Worlds, and with the new Mind update, well, seems like we’ll be seeing a lot less day one Super Saiyan running around.

  7. NegativeBoom says:

    Can’t wait to see larger public servers selling Mind boosts to people who want Super Saiyan! I assume of course, the requirements can be configured, so hopefully you’ll make sure Servers don’t abuse this too much.

  8. sans390 says:

    jin. adds animations for when charge the ki, or transforming etc … to give more excitement

    I like so much of dbc thx jin

  9. Hi jin, I have little idea.
    1. Release updates once a month, but try to fix the error. You’ll have time to work on all mods.
    2. Add have the ability mangekyo Uchiha Sharingan eye. that would be when you turn you new equipment. Add a new NPC with whom you can befriend and take it with you to perform the mission. If you kill him you’ll get mangekyo Sharingan.
    3.In dragon ball add new NPCs of each race, such as cyan, if cyan will remain little lives he transformirovalsya in SS. Or Namekians which is when the rest of the small number of lives was huge. Still not bad would be to have a companion with which to use fusion.
    Try to release the mod on October 1, and then release the mod every new month. You’ll have time to work on all mods, and to have time to fix them. You are a great moder and I appreciate it.!!!

  10. Mint says:

    Complete mind revamp?
    Sign me up.

    Now only dex is left…

  11. Purebeast says:

    Meh i don’t mind waiting a month. Just means the content will be more polished. Am I Right or Am I right lads?

  12. Nikito says:

    “Mind will be a requirement to have more skills and skill upgrades”
    Nooo, please noooooooooooo

    • Mitohan says:

      Well, it makes more sense because frieza was unable to maintain his power but in hell he meditated with his ‘mind’ which allowed him to use the transformation to its fullest potential

      or tingly back training for saiyans lol

  13. Sam Noé says:

    Damn finally a reason to up Mind. That is good news ! The more skill there will be, and the more important it will be. Maybe it’d become worth not spending time to have all 10 slots.

  14. God Slayer says:

    i dont get it is there new npc now or is it in the future

  15. David says:

    SSJ4 please… I’m so dying to see it xD

  16. dude says:

    soon m8 really soon youll get your ssj 4

  17. Joe Yostah says:

    Hey!! Jin
    It would be great if there was a HD mod skin update that allowed skins for each transformation (eyes and eyebrows for each transformation)

    Amazing news and good job !!!

    My English is not that good

  18. Hey Jin, the dragon block c mod is very good (my favorite mod of anime), and what if you could create another race, in this case the majin race, creating a monster similar to the fat boo, with transformations like super, ultra boo or kid boo / pure boo and maybe a boo with unleashed potential.

  19. hey jinryuu, I have a few idea suggestions

    1. the golden frieza form aura and sound effect
    2. two new transformations for all races, beyond god, ( like saiyan beyond god, but for all race characters) a weaker version of ssg, but stronger than ssj3. And super namekian for the namekians.
    3. while in beyond god for saiyan, turn off beyond god slot while in the beyond god mode, then try going ssj, but you go SSblue, or go SSJ, then turn on beyond god and go SSBlue, the SSGod slot stays as is when going from SSGod, to SSBlue, tranformations in three different ways.
    4. exclusive forms for namekian, and earthling, while namekian and earthling in beyond god mode, namekian uses super namekian in beyond god and makes super namekian god, and buffed human with beyond god makes buff human god, arcosian’s don’t need beyond god since their golden form rivals the level of a god.
    5. two new planets: world of the kais, beerus planet.
    6. i noticed thepower levels on the villians are in accurate, the power levels should be where they are not a lot of random numbers with npc’s and characters
    Dinosaurs: 180 – 240
    raditz: 1,500
    saibamen: 1,200
    nappa: 4,000
    vegeta: 18,000
    kiwi: 18,000
    dodoria: 22,000
    zarbon: 23,000
    zarbon(monster form): 30,000
    guldo: 3,500
    recoome: 40,000
    jeice: 42,000
    burta: 43,000
    captain ginyu: 120,000
    1st form frieza: 530,000
    1st form frieza ( few inches transformed): 600,000
    2nd form frieza: 1,200,000
    3rd form frieza: 2,400,000
    final form frieza ( 5% of power): 6,000,000
    final form frieza ( 50% of power): 60,000,000
    full power frieza: 120,000,000
    dr.gero: 60,000,000 (noted not strong as piccolo, who was comparable to SSJ)
    android 19: 55,000,000 (not as strong as dr,gero or SSJ goku, if weren’t for theheart virus, or energy grabbers
    android 18: 300,000,000
    android 17: 310,000,000
    imperfect cell: 250,000,000
    android 16: 400,000,000
    imperfect cell (post humans absorbed): 400,000,000( stated by 16 to equel in power)
    semiperfect cell: 680,000,000
    perfect cell: 900,000,000
    super perfect cell: 1,300,000,000
    pui pui: 2,750,000 (seen as base form vegeta dominated pui pui, possibly not using full power)
    yankon: 18,000,000 ( base form goku was able to fend off against yankon before going SSJ)
    dabura: 890,000,000 (stated by goku that dabura and perfect cell were about the same)
    majin SSJ2 vegeta: 2,300,000,000
    fat buu: 3,500,000,000 (was stated to be stronger than a ssj2, but now ssj3, though he was able to land a couple hit on ssj3 goku because goku wasn’t using full power, possibly 50%)
    super buu: 12,000,000,000 ( had gotton a lot stronger after absorbing fat buu, and was noted the same power level as ssj3 gotenks by goten)
    super buu (gotenks and piccolo absorbed): 24,600,000,000
    super buu (fusion ran out, mostly piccolo): 12,600,000,000
    super buu (mystic gohan absorbed): 27,600,000,000
    kid buu : 9,200,000,000 (shown to be the same as SSJ3 goku)

    thats all the ideas I have.
    jinryuu, please reply back and see what you think
    and your mods are awesome.

    • Mint says:

      Those power levels are pretty legit, but uh, you’re completely missing the point.
      DBC BP is supposed to be nothing like the power levels on DBZ.
      If that was the BP for the DBC mobs, it would be completely stupid, as you can increase the stats of DBC mobs, and your BP, as i said, does not scale similarly to DBZ’s power levels.

      (Btw, everything after Dr. Gero and Android 19 are a bit too weak, especially cell.)

      • Mint says:

        Also, pui pui and yakon are much stronger.
        Supreme kai knew goku was able to beat freeza, but he was still like “Oh, damn, vegeta don’t mess with this pui pui guy! You and goku better team up on him”.

        So uh i’m pretty sure all the buu saga characters are a bit too weak on your list.

  20. a good skill to have would be. Aura burst. explodes the aura of the player using like 10 or 15% ki dealing damage and knocking back mobs around the player in maybe a 5X5 area?

    another good skill is ki shield. the player is able to create a ki shield in an area around him to protect himself or another players the ki shield consumes ki as he takes damage and can receive anset amount of damage depeding on the will damage , so basicly will damage turns into defence with the shield and consumes ki deppending on the damage the shield receives.

    multi body skill. the players is able to create a maximun of 4 clones if the skill is at level 10 but every clone half the player’s power , you can command the clones to attack any agressive mobs or attack a specific player or just attack anyone that attacks you

    afterimage skill . the player can teleport to a close distance of maybe 50 blocks and leave a clone of him behind that can attack but dont give damage and has a duration of 3-5 seconds

    ki share skill. the player can give 80 of his energy to another player and the players that gets it have a 20% stats boost for like 5 minutes like fusion and the time reduces when you transform

    ki deflect. with the skill is active , defending an energy attack will reflect it back at cost of 50% stamina , if the attack is too powerfull like 3X more damage than you have of defense you cant reflect it

    ki sword . give the player a 30% str boost if the skill is active, at cost of constant ki drain

    ki heal. like healing jutso in nc its the ki attack that can heal the player or other players

    saiyans zenkai. it can work like that if you die you gain tp deppending on mind level like 2 tp for mind lv. but when you die you gain an effeck called zenkai charge or something that the zenkai will only active after the set amount of time
    also saiyans gain a little power increase when near death like 5% or 10% stat increase when health is lower than 30% that should have a delay too like 2 or 3 minutes to reactive again

  21. Mitohan says:

    *Cocks shotgun*

    There can only be one idea

  22. can someone ask jin to focus on dbc ….He left fusion look like just a stupid additional feature….Jin u should plz focus on fusion with npcs…u said u will do that

  23. for the combat revamp. I’d like one thing the most:
    cooldowns. they are far too slow. I mean, sure, they can be in the mod still. but, i am thinking they should all be shortened, gutted, or configurable (let us decide by server how much cooldown for each attack will have, and the multiplier)

    I hope g3 hairs weren’t forgotten. eh. nice to see you are doing other things to keep your (moody) fanbase at ease.

  24. mreman says:

    Hey guy’s where are y’all at?

  25. YiayiasBoy says:

    I know this has already been discussed, but I would really like a stamina revamp. I think punches should go back to being ki or something else, because only getting 4 punches in and having to wait 30 seconds isn’t a great combat interface. I also believe stamina should not be used for ki charge, because it doesn’t give enough energy to charge at all.

  26. and if you add a ” concentration points ”, which can work as much as normal tp as for mind points. it’s just a ideia jin

  27. please,add one option to enable/desable the sistem from the mind points

  28. hey jin i need help i have selected custome skin and it is just my normal skin plz help

  29. Arthur says:

    Jin, i have some ideas for Naruto C:
    1- Do a better editable config, to have a way to make sharingan and byakugan stronger
    2- make bijuu transformations
    3- make a sennin form(Like god form of DBC)
    4- make invocation jutsus
    5- make a better kage bushin jutsu, to have a way to summon more than one clone
    6- make new forms of kekei genkais(in example of sharingan, when you get more lvls for it you earn mangekyou sharingan, rinnegan…)
    7- make a visual for chakra and eight gates
    8- make a “senzu” for the mod, like a curative that puts your life and chakra on max(just for servers because this is good for pvp)
    9- make sannin mode and sannin invocation
    10- try to do more ninjutsu styles, like wood and that things
    11- do a better map (do a complete map like dbc, with other villages, a school for konoha,etc)
    12- do a better rank up Project to do like: you do some missions on school, you get rank-f gennin, you do more hokage missions you get higher ranks, you do the chuunin part of saga you get chuunin (with the rank you was in gennin)
    13- do an arena on konoha
    14- expand the jutsu limit(specially for sharingan so he can copy the other’s jutsus withouth preocupation)
    Naruto C have much potential, plz work in it Jin, i love this mod!!

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