Status Info – 17w33-35

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Yet again betraying the expectations, still no release…

Please don’t expect too much, the past weeks weren’t solely mod development!

The past weeks most time went on website backend development, sorry.
There were G3 hair experiments, but its still just experiment and wont be released anytime soon.

Website News!

We now use buddypress and JinGames can be tried to be used as a social site!
Well most of the features doesn’t matter much like private messaging and such but who knows.
So the new site features include:
Extended Profiles
– Notifications

– Account Settings (Users can modify their account and notification settings directly from within their profiles)
– Friend Connections (Users can make connections so they can track the activity of others and focus on the people they care about the most)
Private Messaging
– Activity Streams (Global, personal, and group activity streams with threaded commenting, direct posting, favoriting, and @mentions, with email notification support)
User Groups (Like Forums but groups allow users to organize themselves into specific public, private or hidden sections with separate activity streams and member listings)

Naruto C

Hyuugas will receive a new jutsu, Hakkeshō Kaiten.

And the uchihas will get a ribcage for start.
It will work similarly as skill ki protection.
Its still work in progress thou.

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I might edit this post to write a few lines about DBC too.
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62 Responses to Status Info – 17w33-35

  1. Hey Jin, can you make so we can choose the color Susano, And you forgot the spine.)

  2. Sumi Elias says:

    Personally I’m very excited to see when we’ll get the G3 hair. Animated SS3 hair will be awesome. ^~^

  3. Mint says:

    G3 hair would be something that blows my mind. Seeing things like that on a minecraft mod is pretty insane tbh

  4. Gummin says:

    Thank you for all your hard work Jin.

  5. Hirolka says:

    I’m glad the Uchiha are finally getting ribcages, I always thought it was weird that out of all the clans in the mod, Uchiha were the only one without a proper skeletal structure.

    Although it sure gave the Hyuga a freight whenever they use their Byakugan, and notice just how messed up an Uchiha’s interiors are.

  6. Garie says:

    Jin, I’m glad that you are paying attention to other mods, but cmon man, 3 weeks with no info or updates, you used to post an update every week, at this point I think you are being lazy, now some people will say “Why don’t you make like 5 different mods” or “if you want an update then code it yourself” I’m not saying that your mods are bad, they are the best, but cmon man, 3 weeks for a rib cage and a web update? I’m sorry if your some reason I offended you, but this is what I think

  7. one of the things that a really want to see in the mod this year is a way to give your energy to another player like in the anime ,so they can have a temporary buff to fight,

    the buff can stack plz thank you

  8. fuck jin fuck this mod fuck minecraft and fuck the update we all could give a shit for.

  9. Mitohan says:

    Ok about the ribcages, maybe it could work how you colour your ki, so you can colour your susanoo?

  10. Ken says:

    Wow great job Jin, Now I know that you will have the best Naruto and DBZ mods out there, Jin you are a legend to us fellow mod creators.

  11. GodzillaJedi says:

    Me: Who’s This Sassy Lost Child Here.
    christian1320: A GUY WHO HATES NARUTO C!!!
    Me: *saitama face* Ok.
    Also Good Work This Will Become Something Of Sage Of Six Paths And Omni King Proportions KEEP IT UP JIN!!! 🙂

  12. Skeptical says:

    Oh, nice. A new post in three weeks, I feel refreshed. There is some ribcage I see, not a fan of Naruto but yeah. I see that he will write about DBC later. Cool. Cool cool. Can understand why you didn’t do anything much for past three weeks, can’t bother my ass either with the same thing over and over and over for 3 weeks. I see got some screenshots.

  13. How about, what would make a “JinGames Launcher”. It would be great if the launcher with server Dragon block C and other mods. I hope you will hear me. Do launcher servers. PLEASE!

  14. Stop complaining. We have seen nothing but most DBC Content this year. When originally it was suppose to be mostly Naruto C. If you havent noticed Jinryuu seems to now be focusing on Naruto C a mod when compared to DBC isnt even finished. So dont expect to much for DBC. Also Jinryuu seems to be doing the Madara Uchiha Sharingan line for Uchihas. Which is basically just Susanoo. Im complete ok with this as long as Half, full, and Perfect Susanoo have an option to do explosive damage when they hit with the sword. Because honestly thats the closes we can get to actually getting something similar to when Madara cut mountains in half. For the Kaiten if jin wanted he could put it in for Ki Shield in DBC we seen plenty of fighters create like a bubble shield around them to protect them from Ki Blasts. As of late we seen Android 17 using his alot in the Tournament Of Power.

  15. Lord Frieza says:

    eh I’m bored

    time to dislike everything

  16. deaddraggz says:

    What about making an app for the website so people can keep up on the updates easily?

  17. kev_spyro says:

    Hey Jin i don’t really want to get you into more mod trouble but there is something that bothers me when i add the mod to a modpack.

    Because with some mods (i don’t know which exactly but i think maybe orespawn) which i don’t want to remove the hair isn’t moving and i really like this animation and i would like it if you could maybe fix that ^^

  18. theinas1 says:

    Naruto C really needed a new feature <3

  19. Ken says:

    I agree with theinas1, So is y’all tryna dislike now kik.

  20. to everyone upset about g3/ssj4s delays:
    remember, god forms were ALSO delayed. we didn’t get them til a couple months after they were promised.
    my guess is: we will probably get them by the end of the year, there’s still plenty of time left for jin to get them working.

    • Not to sound rude but seems to me all you guys or at least a huge amount of you only want him to focus on DBC. Yes he promised that stuff but he also made other promises to. Then there’s the main equation. If he doesn’t want to do it he don’t have to. Mod creators should only work when he/she wants and what he/she wants to work on. Especially since he/she doesn’t have to work on the mod at all. So keep all this in mind before you start making more demands. You try to say it in a way that it makes you seem like your asking but this doesn’t change the fact that its a demand. We should just wait patiently and be happy for what content we DO get. Not be like “Hey Jin you should make this or add that!” We should only say “Hey Jin great update” or “Nice update Jin!” I’m sure when he read comments like that it will make him feel like his work is being Appreciated. The main point. Don’t make Jin feel like he’s on a deadline and lets be happy with what we have.

  21. Naruto To Boruto Server is up and working now. The mods are obviously Naruto C The core Jinryuu mods and Family C. So if you looking for Naruto Server there you go.

  22. People want DBZ content go play Xenoverse 2. Jk but for real dont pressure him to much :3

  23. samuelDT says:

    christian1320 you’re a fucking idiot do not like the content of jin fuck you most like (I’m brazilian sorry if you’re spelled wrong)

  24. I… Wouldn’t say those exact words out loud.

  25. Xuno says:

    Uh so could you possibly nerf the hyuuga because they’re like one punch man with that stupid shit. Lose your chakra and you’re fucked.

  26. Mitohan says:

    I have a fantastic combat idea for dbc, but i’ll wait till jin leaves an update because it probably won’t get read

  27. Mitohan says:

    Can everyone just drop a dislike, I need the bad luck for today

  28. DEEZNUTZ says:

    Would actually be mad dope if Jin adds to ability to have custom scars, like for example something like bardock, future gohan, and Yamaha. Pretty badass look for a saiyan.

  29. Mitohan says:

    Imagine this comment in a dystopian atmosphere with a hillbilly voice

    *campfire lights room dimly* Been 27 years since the last DBC update… killed some cows today *spits tobacco into jar*

    Almost nothing remains of the servers now. A month ago, the donator rank group obliterated the poor lvl 10’s houses in the plains, the shops in the town, even the rocky biome training building. The only area that escaped incineration was the saiyan race. I don’t know why exactly. Perhaps they were overpowered they say a small cave would be decent to stay. The odd noob or 2…assessing the condition of the level 10’s. A squad of moderators checking for returning refugees.

    But no one is returning except me. And that’s only for a brief visit. The moderators were against my coming back. They viewed it as a costly and pointless venture, given that at least a dozen donators are circling overhead for my extinction and there’s no intelligence to be gained. I had to see it, though… ‘Kami tower’ is near, I can smell the senzu already

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