Status Info – 17w28-29

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Sadly no update this week either, but around next weekend there will be.
(Next post about it will be around 31th of July on Monday, with either the update or another status info)

The G3 custom hair system will be harder to add then I thought.
If I have some images that I can show off, I will put up some polls about it to know if you like it or not.

Roughly what to expect for the next update:
– few fixes overall
– some minor stuff
– increase in attribute limit to 50.000
– LSS form that will be for now a temporary form that you can loose if you die and only a limited number of players may have it at a time.
– new experimental feature to make mod outfits
– BP calculations getting a new formula. The current one was based on TP. The amount on how much was spent on skills and attribute upgrades resulted in the BP. Since the demand for higher Attributes has risen the BP will change to a more practical one? oh well you’ll see… (but the BP probably never will be accurate to the series)

– new items

– a new skill


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90 Responses to Status Info – 17w28-29

  1. Hirolka says:

    I don’t believe that you’re working on SAOC, we all know that mod was just a myth!

    One of those bedtime stories parents tell their kids, about the hidden third anime mod that Jin made!

  2. NOW will broly fanboys shut up now that lssj is coming next update?!

  3. DarkThinker says:

    yesss atribute increasing

    cool.the limit of the LSSJ will be seteable ?
    and it will have all the other transformations that are LSSJ 2,3,4 and god (etc just asking becouse they apper in games.)

    • Monkeybandit says:

      i think there should be a command to give someone LSSJ because if not i will litterally create so many other worlds just to get it xD i don’t like how if you die you lose it because broly died twice and didn’t lose it xD

  4. Three weeks for a small update ….. bue

  5. Zero says:

    Thanks jin. Like to see how the lssj looks/ how strong it is and also see the new BP calculation.

  6. DEEZNUTZ says:

    Here’s a few things I’d like lssj to have. 1: more buff and taller than grade 3 ssj, which obviously broly was bigger but not by a whole lot. 2: sphere energy shield thingy, like he did when he was a baby and liberated himself and His father from Friezas blast, and like how he did against ssj 2 gohan, when gohan tricked Broly in lava. 3: the ability to release like 30 energy beems from the body after you get overflown with too much energy. And 4: of course, when you transform in lssj you gotta lose you’re pupils

  7. mintrer says:

    I’m actually more excited for the BP Calculation formula and the “some minor stuff” features than anything else.

  8. KoolaidMan says:

    The mod outfits thing sounds pretty interestin’ as well

  9. Jojy says:

    Looking forward to the new BP calculations. As for LSSJ, this absolutely needs proper config options for servers. Drain, multiplier, cost, number of players who can have it, and the ability to disable it by setting the number to 0 would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I just want the one by one again. Don’t care much for transformation (since I don’t play saiyan often). But he has been talking about lssj so I hope fans get there treat

  11. BTW a force field like blast (explosive wave) would be nice.

  12. new Naruto c skill yes 🙂
    maybe he saw a post of mine?………hopefully…

  13. wait are you suggesting we will have a system for creating custom outfits?!?! that sounds like an amazing idea if you can find a way for it to be done. Even though I would like a higher focus on Naruto c and possibly more unique features to the mods, your doing a good job keep it up man :).

  14. XoninX says:

    I’m excited for the attribute increase, but at the same time I know servers are just going to make a way for people to get TP ludicrously fast.

  15. Nu'Dist says:

    Awesome stuff Jin! Love it every time you update your mods.

  16. Would you do super kaioken?

  17. Mitohan says:

    if were getting custom outfits, hopefully custom headgear will be a thing so I can add a time breaker mask in

  18. if custom outfits will be a thing, maybe i can make saiyan saga vegeta armor (basically just adding white gloves and the upper jumpsuit to the white padded upper armor.)

    maybe i can add goku’s purple gi (as seen at the start of dragon ball) and gt outfit

  19. also. while i myself don’t care really, it would be nice to have legendary saiyans have legendary super saiyan 1, 2, 3, golden great ape, 4, and god.

    they were all in expanded media. only real thing that’d need changing is give the hair/fur of each form a greenish tinge.
    and yeah. golden great ape, because broly can ONLY be a golden great ape.

  20. Mitohan says:

    If minecraft console mods was a thing, i’d play dbc 23 hours and 56 minutes and 4 seconds a day

  21. Mitohan says:

    I know this is a bit of a stretch this late in but I would like to see the thickened black area of the eyes for the hd skins when in majin state

  22. Ryal says:

    50k max is insane 0_o

  23. Halokiller38 says:

    Will you add a function to change mystic’s calculations?

  24. You guys/gals do realize how this is going to play out in servers right? Either people who get it, will either become OP to the point where there’s nobody besides JRMCA users can fight them, or the multiplier will be set to around SS3.5 (Don’t get me wrong, I know servers can modify the multiplier.. but if you’re just gonna make it a step up from SS3, like a filler form til SSG/SSB there’s no real point to add it.)

    Not trying to shit disturb, just stating my opinion. Also, 50,000 stat limit sounds nice in THEORY, but on an average multi-player server, you’ll spend 60% of your time grinding to even get close to 30,000.. so good luck reaching it besides single-player.

    Personally, IMO, the Stat cap should be unlimited. Let it be a setting you can modify either via config file in Single-player, or that Server Admins/Owners can modify to whatever # they like. It would save Jin a lot of time having to re-add a new cap every few months.

    Ah, one last thing. I’ve noticed that ever since Weapons were modified in an update like a year or so ago, so that your DBC damage stacks with them, that Weapons have become the new ‘In’ thing with DBC.

    Which feels kind of ridiculous IMO.. How many people in DBZ used a Weapon besides Trunks/Tapion? It gets even more annoying when some servers are set up around needing a weapon to get to better training areas :/ Whatever happened to Fists/Ki in DBC? (to be fair, the weapons really only help when you’re weak/semi-strong.. but requiring you to get a broken OP weapon just to fight stuff is bad design, just saying)

  25. Mihai says:

    Make Super Saiyan False, please!

    • yah no.
      the form only came about due to a lack of communication between toei and toriyama.
      it was intended to be the super saiyan form, but when the actual form came out in the anime, fans have since called it “false super saiyan.”
      in truth, just like how vegetas armor and hair were miscolored in his first appearence (the filler of arlia), so was the “false super saiyan.”

  26. though, i am going to say, the weirdly colored armor from vegeta’s first appearence CAN actually be a color of battle armor…. just we never seen anyone with that color….
    i’d actually like the miscolored armor to be in the mod.

  27. in my opinion: the next big update (after the g3 hairs/ssj4) should be focused on improving ki attacks. ie, the ones pre-made for the mod.
    an update kinda broke supernova/spirit bomb to where they are the size of a regular ki blast with no explosion.
    and perhaps more masters and techniques (like trunks teaching the burning attack, piccolo teaching the special beam cannon, explosive wave, hellzone grenade, and light grenade; or broly teaching eraser cannon, or frieza teaching the death beam)

    the current pool of vanilla pre-made moves is really small, and can be greatly expanded upon.

    and maybe also a way to configure cooldown times of techniques, and adjusting how high the level cap are for custom techniques.

  28. Mitohan says:

    Ok Jin better add a creative only weapon called “the shotgun” and it needs to do 500k DMG per slug shot

  29. NegativeBoom says:

    Honestly while the update will be nice, I’m just hoping for fixes to the current system, hopefully jin will maybe go into a Quality > Quantity state for a while and begin fixing major flaws before adding new content to have issues with. I would totally do it myself but I’m a novice at programming, compared to jin who has done some amazing work. Maybe when I get better I could give some input to the content of the mod, but I doubt I’ll reach that level anytime soon.

    Anyways, cheers for the new update coming soon!

    • mintrer says:

      Yes! There are major flaws. The mod is almost unplayable at this state. Thank god for configurations, it makes it much better. But still, it’s bad.

      I’m bumped down every time i hear jin’s gonna work on a transformation or some new cool feature that is probably gonna be worked on for a few weaks and then be left to rot unfinished and bugged out with the rest of the new features.

      • Mitohan says:

        G3 needs to be added,
        Falling when flying needs to be fixed,
        Removed hair when dying in the afterlife needs to be fixed,
        White/plain armour with texture pack crashes game (maybe just me)
        A lot of costumes need recipies,
        Fusion doesn’t add outfit (maybe just me)
        Sometimes concentration doesn’t reset for multiple irl hours
        I have other things but i’m basically nitpicking and I don’t really like pestering for fixes and updates like the lssj scum

  30. Tyler Smith says:

    lol i definitely enjoy that we are getting lssj but the people have a point there are so many bugs XD

  31. MArroch says:

    False Super saiyan , super saiyan rage ,super saiyan 4 is my wishlist for the saiyans

    arocosians custom forms

    and ill be happy

    • mintrer says:

      Ew, super saiyan rage

    • ssj4 was already promised, rage seems likely…
      false, doesnt exist, and will never happen.

      • KoolaidMan says:

        I wouldn’t mind seeing Trunks’ new form in the mod maybe make it replace super saiyan blue for Half-Saiyans?

        Also, let people hope, yes false will never make it in, but it is still pretty badass looking. And just to give Arcosians some love, I don’t see this happening but in the Dragon Ball Multiverse comic, King Cold has a form that goes above Coolers final form, and that would be cool to see, its something different than continuosly making saiyans get all the love and continously giving them more shit

        • Trunks form is just ssj rage, just another form to make toys. I believe there should be some updates for the other races but he promised so much for saiyans already that it will send all the fanboys (and respectable members) into a rage so much that they might leave. I honestly believe saiyans had enough, give them their 101 forms and move on…Note that i dont hate saiyan/saiyan players its just that its becoming overrated and more of a joke with the several forms they have while other races don’t see much light or get enough updates. Overall i just want Onebyone attribute cost 😛

      • dude says:

        rage and fssj is what i would like to call states and not forms so would that happen probs not unless jin addds the rage bar ppl have been talking about

      • Monkeybandit says:

        i think they should add a form thats as strong as blue but you pick the colour that would be so cool it’s good for people who like custom ssj like me also jin needs to add the white aura that comes on when you use mystic

  32. Mitohan says:

    I would like to see a physical based system (run or take damage to increase Dex) in the future because pushups and gyms would be way better than hitting a dummy constantly, (again just nitpicking) maybe onebyone because I didn’t know I could edit the files to do that before

  33. ABANDONED. says:

    oooh so cool updates
    waiting this :9

  34. dude says:

    will we get a pic on the improvements or the update today plz update you rule jin keep it up =)

  35. Tyler Smith says:

    I hope this gets updated today 😀

  36. I hope this is an update, i never waited for anything with so much excitement before! ;-;

  37. Roka says:

    Personally, Whatever Jin adds in, I don’t really mind. I like the mod as is, and I’m not super interested in Lssj or ssj4. the only thing I would like to see is maybe some better enemy power scaling? I get that I’m supposed to grind before the Frieza saga, Android Saga, etc. I know this is a mod full of grinding, and I enjoy it. my problem is that Ki blasts from enemies do so much damage, it’s absurd. I recently started a new world, and when I was fighting Ginyu, I was taking 10-15 damage from punches, but almost half of my health was gone from one Ki attack. Maybe im the only one having this problem, but I really don’t get it.

    • Roka says:

      and just to clarify, I have maxed out my endurance and Ki protection. My in-game level is around 22-24, with a dexterity of 35 or so. If I am supposed to be way higher level, then I think that the level scaling from fight to fight is a little ridiculous, because I easily trounced Zarbon with lower stats then that. I would understand if there was a massive spike for Frieza, since he is the “Final Boss,” but I just don’t get it for the Ginyu Force.

      • oh no, i understand completely. The enemies in this mod ki attacks can be damn Op. Honestly im just hoping for OnebyOne attribute cost most of all! I just dont feel too well knowing that i spent 100s just to raise my low mind or spirit. Everything else with the fancy saiyans and junk i dont care much about. Once i see “ssj” i start to feel like the whole mod development is on saiyans transformations.

      • Roka says:

        The OneByOne would be wonderful, since it would provide a good way to change your character build once you have the ability to actually build and buy Ki attacks, since its very difficult to do that Early on, but at the same time I can see why Jin might not do that, since you could abuse that system if you really wanted to. What I’d like to see is maybe increasing the overall UC for every level, instead of every upgrade. So, for example, at Level 1, it costs 16 points to upgrade a stat, but at level 2 (5 upgrades later) it bumps up to around 30 or so to upgrade. That, in my opinion, would just feel more balanced and fair, and it would actually give a reason to have the “level” in the first place.

      • Monkeybandit says:

        the ginyu force are actually harder to beat than frieza because of numbers and i get it you fight them one by one until jeice and burter but if you accidentally hit someone your dead

  38. The update is today, correct?? Or different time zone?

  39. shea_senpai says:

    why are like 99% of servers that have jins mods down??

  40. Monkeybandit says:

    personally wanting a command to give legendary form and also just wanting ssj4 it’s my favorite form even tho its from gt but o well just waiting on it….

  41. Monkeybandit says:

    come on jin its the 1st of august you promised us 31st of july your a day late…
    but i guess rushing turns to unfinished work and bugs
    maybe if i go to sleep and check tomorrow the update will be out?
    don’t screw us over jin please!
    waiting for ssj4 just want you to release it now and work on it later so get us the images and put up a poll for us to decide to use it also why not just use the ssj4 hair thats on your site lssj is just a pass time for me…

  42. Guess hes not posting today… Kinda annoying to be given a date on something then it never comes on that date. Well for the site its august 1st for me its still the 31

  43. mintrer says:

    Well i normally would be a bit dissapointed with the delay of the release….

    But i started coding some more today. And i can fully understand why jin’s late and stuff.
    Java’s a bitch

    • I realize. But its better to say the update will come “sometime soon” instead of an exact date. People want their stuff on time and its annoying no matter how you put it. I just hope its worth the wait though.

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