Status Info – 17w23

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The Update will still come a bit late.

It seems that I will have a little coding help for the summer.
I‘m not sure just yet how much the mods will benefit the help, but I believe in the progress I can reach till the end of the summer. 

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Also here is an insider before the update:



Furthermore I couldn’t spend enough time to work on the Resource pack update and since I delayed it for a long time now…
Please make a choice about it. Thou I know the answer, I just ask cause why not 😛 (stupid reason I know)

So for my resource pack addon I worked on the HD “custom skins” (as you might have seen in quite a few times in my videos and screenshots), but I didn’t finish the arcosians ones (only 1 body type has HD from the 3) AND neither the female skins… (female ones use the male skins for now)
Anyway let me know if you want it like that or will wait for the rest of the arcosian skins.
(The Arcosians skin is the hardest to make actually, but those who tried to make HD textures for them they already should know)
Also I dont know when I will have time to work on these again not to mention everything could have been done a lot better I know.
So if I get to it again I will update most of the current stuff too, like mouth and nose, even eyes and body.

Do you want my Resource Pack addon?

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78 Responses to Status Info – 17w23

  1. yes thank god. jin updated the mod.

  2. Epsolon says:

    Ok thanks for the update

  3. Oscurum says:

    Thanks for informing us Jin, I’m too hyped to your next update, great work as always.

  4. Xolor says:

    Superb! Keep us informed!

  5. Numcai says:

    Awesome! At least we know there’s progress!

  6. Reaally hoping one of those skiills will be magic materialization. Wiill really make namekians more interesting, dispite they are my favorite race already. I like them for how good they are with ki. so this will make them even cooler

  7. Lord Frieza says:

    lol I just disliked everyone’s comments xD

  8. Wolfin Dark says:

    love your work Jin, keep it up :), by the way i would love even more hair cubes, dont know if you noticed but i can already do so much with the current system i have 3 new hairs im going to be uploading that i made from references to the hairs in dragon ball online, they are all male but ive already started on 2 female hairs, ill give someone the hair code first here on the forum if they can guess who the hairs are copying XD

  9. no no says:

    I guess Jin is best friends with Babidi now.

  10. Khalil says:

    Jin and Babidi having a selfie together

  11. divin4000 says:

    So is babidi really tall now? or is jin just short?

  12. Zero says:

    So arco’s might get a recolor for golden form? Woot o.o

  13. mreman says:



  14. no no says:

    Oh no, someone made a text barrier! How will i ever get through?

  15. hey jin , if you are planning to add magic materialization in this update. you can make it avaliable for all races? if it works like i think it will be incredible,

    ps:i think that magic materialization will made possible to create npcs like saibamans and clones of mobs using ki .-.

  16. mreman says:

    Dragon block c is done! There are no updates left!

  17. mreman says:

    Grabbem by the pussy!

  18. Khalil says:

    No update in over a month im dying.

  19. MArroch says:

    the update will come sooner or later and its not like you guys are 80+ years old so that u cant wait

    • Mitohan says:

      They want rushed updates with no good content then complain about no good content

      • yah this community is impatient.
        you’ll get your updates. usually with big delays like this come bigger updates.

        • Skeptical says:

          I just live on as this whole mod stuff is put to side-stuff.

        • Trainer Red says:

          This community? Bro, any minecraft modding community is impatient. Its minecraft, it’s dominated by 9 year olds, of course they’re going to be impatient.

          • Numcai says:

            I dunno if those kind of players even know the meaning of file, there’s just some inpatient people in general, some mods take like 2-3 months just for a bug update let a lone big feature updates, if Jin was one of those modders then we wouldn’t even have half the things we have now, ssj3 hair wouldn’t even be out

          • Skeptical says:

            Yea but those modders don’t care about updating their mods. Because if just “bug fixes” are updated in that many months, then it doesn’t mean that they are big or difficult.

          • Jojy says:

            Not necessarily. While some mod devs definitely are just lazy, others actually need that much time. Take a large, complex mod with lots of interconnected features like Thaumcraft for example. If there was a serious bug very close to the base of the mod, such as the code for completion of research, a very large portion of the entire mod may need to be rewritten to correct said bug. (Yes, I know, Thaumcraft is discontinued now. But this HAS happened to it in the past, and the dev was most certainly not being lazy when attempting to fix it.)

          • Mitohan says:

            Let’s be realistic, Jin is definitely an active developer and puts so much into his mods with progress updates which a lot of modders don’t usually do

          • Mitohan says:

            Lol 9 dislikes, did I trigger the snowflake community again 🙁

          • Mitohan says:

            Ok 100% sure people are disliking the comment for no reason whatsoever apart from, either they’re autistic (if you can’t handle the word good for you) or they’re trying to top friezas score

  20. Mitohan says:

    Am i not normie enough for this comment section ‘MEGAWD JIN WHERE ME SSJ 5.3 bekuz canun AND BROLY SSJ8 TWANSFAWMATON’, there at least half of the children are calm now, do I fit in yet?

  21. men… i need this update…”come a bit later” is 2-3 days of delay in the max…already passed 4 days… release it please jin.

  22. mreman says:

    Mitohan, Simpleton/BronyGamer snowchimps, niggers, crackers, and anchor babies are not allowed to cross this border!!!

    see look this is not racist, it has all of the colors of the racist rainbow on the list


  23. Mitohan says:

    Wait im confused do I not count as black, white or (idfk) ‘anchor babies?’ so am I immune to everyone

  24. Khalil says:

    You spin me right round baby like a record baby right round right round

  25. mathias31 says:

    So boys wanna play some “fun games”?

  26. Khalil says:

    Jins hair goes red when hes evil (majin) and blue when normal did anyone notice

  27. Mitohan says:

    Anyone else find it cool that were getting Majin around the same time as Xenoverse

  28. Thrasher says:

    anyone know whats up with crimson the dev blog seems dead i think i can even see vultures circling it

  29. I’m very anxious for the next actualization, I can not wait

  30. Purple says:

    I really just want a better aura for the arcosian Ultimate form. That golden aura is needed bad. I wanna strike fear into my opponents, not show em the same ki i always had! My point being i want the Golden aura for the Golden form.

  31. Mitohan says:

    I think Jin should re visit custom ssj and allow custom forms for all races that have unlocked ‘godform’ that is equal to the strongest current form like Ssb or just flaming aura and have a customisation menu like when designing your character so you can make your eyes go black or something​ like that, change it so your hair stays base, have free colouring the aura and even allow colouring the ssg or ssr aura.

    There should be another tab that you should be able to select where you can edit your power output for drain so you can actually suppress your character through transforming into a weaker state which would give better control for customisation

    Give feedback I wanna know if this is shit or not

    • Mitohan says:

      Sparring* not customisation

    • Mitohan says:

      Also allow teaching a transformation like learning a move from another player so clans actually feel unique on servers

    • Lord Frieza says:

      not bad… but I think Jin should make a downloadable add-on for custom transformations

      • Mitohan says:

        Yeah that would make sense since it’s not really dragon ball to create a power up.

        Imagine some guy making a clan with a legendary kaioken transformation where the body turns tinted red but drains that arcosian 1st form to final form temporal boost (is that pp?), that’s true customisation which will definitely bring hours of constant fun and it will give players a fun way of being OP (also suppression will give 30k max players a way of shrinking themselves while still being the same strength)

  32. Khalil says:

    Yoooo its been a week :3

  33. Khalil says:

    WEEELP see ya next week :3

  34. wardust123 says:

    yeah hi, just wanted to let you guys know, i’ve been looking through the comments section of this post for the past week or so, and i’ve gotta say, i’ve witnessed some neat friendships forming

  35. Nu'Dist says:

    I’m just going to say this now..

    You guys expect Jin to make something bad ass and content packed every week, I was on this train since the very first public release. I remember back in the day when we only held items in our hands, before fancy menus or cool animations or a story line. Now it’s amazing to see how far it has come and it’s just awesome coming on and checking it out. I don’t give a shit if I have to wait 2 months for a good update and more content. Not unless you’re giving money for the project then no one cares.

    I don’t really play Minecraft that often unless a few good modders update their mods, then I play it like crazy. Jin happens to be one of those modders who makes something that makes me go ‘Fuck yeah’.

    Awesome stuff Jin.

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