Status Info – 17w22

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There were too many experimenting without success relative to time, so I had to reorganize some stuff. Thou actually my experiments were successful but only partly and needs more time.

The changes to the hair system needs more serious recoding. That means it wont be available for now thus SS4 is still waiting for its appearance, but there has been progress with it without doubt, just needs more time.
Reason: I first wanted to make a simple change to add the SS4 but It was not working how I imagined, neither for SS3.
So then I looked into making the G3 version, but it is not even close to testing phase.
There are polls at the bottom of the post and please vote.

Anyway the next update will be on around a week later, because many new features are not in playable state.
What will be working probably for DBC:

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  • Majin seal from Babidi, all race will be supported.
  • Potential Unleashed state aka Mystic form. Every race will be supported but the the power of this state will be heavily depending on the player’s race, stats and skills.
  • Skill God form will receive an upgrade making saiyans able to have access to SSG first then SSB. but this SSG will be not the same as the ritual SSG in function.
  • Changes to Action menu
  • At least 5 New skills
  • and more?

See ya next time!


G3 hair system, should it have more hair blocks?

  • yes (80%, 2,695 Votes)
  • no, the current amount is enough. (20%, 692 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,387

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138 Responses to Status Info – 17w22

  1. Numcai says:

    Awesome Jin! I must atmit, I was a little bit worried about you, but you were working hard as always!

  2. it may take a little bit longer. but it’s fine as long as it will be very cool

  3. MArroch says:

    hype hype hype hype hype

  4. Mitohan says:

    Really? people want a re skin grade 3 ssj the most

  5. CryoTheMayo says:

    Personally I am hoping for Golden Customization and Mystic the most.

  6. Franklyn Jay says:

    So I’d prefer if we get a more in depth look on ssj3, maybe have it as different lengths of hair, or signature looks. I know ssj4 is gonna look cool though haha.

  7. lickutung34 says:

    update info looks good, but would of loved if bio-androids and majins races were brought up again though, or were talked about at all

  8. Ohhh yess
    Majin and Mystic? Nice
    5 New Skills? NICE (Though a bit odd being forced into upgrading mind, oh well, skills are skills right?)
    Action menu changes? well i dunno what that means but NICE
    MORE? nice thats pretty nice actually yeah nice

    One of the best posts in a while.

  9. Nox says:

    This community. Years of seeing negatives. Years of reading walls of toxicity. “Jin, I want this!” Jin! I want that!” “Jin, you didn’t do this!” Jin, you done fucked up!” “Jin, your lazy!” JINCANIGETSSJGOD?!?!!?!?!/!?AFKONAGEKNQG?!”. All these fucking little cunts. These kids, that don’t even know how to wipe there own asses, pressure Jin to code MOR, to add everything. These inconsiderate fucks don’t consider family, friends, education, work, life. From Foxofshadows to Nox, I have seen all these ungrateful kids have to spat. The donors are few and the whiners are plentiful.
    So… Where are these little fucks?

    -Nox out

    • MArroch says:

      i feel like nox liked his own comment

    • well, i’m not part of the problem. if and when i have money i have plans to donate to jin to help him out.
      and i’ve been telling people over and over to be patient with jin, he is the only guy working on the mod directly, refusing any sort of help. the fact that he is (mostly) consistant in releasing updates is something to be admired. but, brats seem to want their instant gratification, quality be damned.

    • Skeptical says:

      You know, Nox. It almost seems to me as if you’re reading our really old posts and commenting about it on the new posts. As far as here I haven’t seen a single comment that was inconsiderate or particularly rude to Jin. Maybe you also considered the bad times, since you said “years”… But what is weird to me is that rather than giving anything meaningful to the community or Jin, or even share your humble opinion about the post, rather you just ranted. I know you might me unpleasant with this community, but try holding it in, okay? It doesn’t look pretty.

      • Nox says:

        Encore Time

        Because many (100%?) of you kids cannot articulate (google it), I shale restate my point: Usually, when someone asks where someone or something is, it is because they can’t fucking find it.

        This was a test of sorts, aimed at the community. I can now conclude that only the most intelligent of the community are capable of noticing my satire.

        It seems I had forgotten that this community boasts some of the most childish and ignorant humans I have been able to identify. It seems I had forgotten why I speak up. It seems I had forgotten that the stupid are always the loudest.

        -Nox Out

        • Mitohan says:

          It’s always the idiot that calls himself more intelligent than everyone else, also articulate? It’s not a hard word and it also was a half assed sentence too what can’t we articulate? A response, a poorly done joke like you do? Im confused when you get cornered you use the excuse of ‘its satire’ and it’s kind of funny that you call us ignorant

          -Mitohan out (because people give a shit)

          • Mitohan says:

            On top of that it’s ironic how out of everyone here you say the stupid are the loudest

            -Its satire

          • Skeptical says:

            Mitohan, With all due respect and no disrespect, but he did not call himself the smartest.. and I don’t even think he tried to deliver that kind of message to us.

            At the start he seems to link us with children and just rambles about how children don’t look up stuff on google.

            He tries to circle us around his finger and make himself less of an antagonist in our eyes, which is vastly different from apologizing. The guy may think he’s smart, but the fact is, he is average if not below.

          • Skeptical says:

            I don’t know why but for some reason someone dislikes my comments… at least give a reason?

        • Skeptical says:

          You know Nox, you are not exactly what’s considered “stupid”, but you are not smart either. It might not be right,but I think you are trying to cover up your past with this excuse that you call a test. There is no actual purpose behind what you’re doing or any benefits.

          Knowing that there are smart and not so smart people in this community doesn’t give you anything benifitial.

          • Mitohan says:

            None taken, I know he didn’t directly state it but he clearly has his head lodged into is small intestine and he says that were all childish and dumb and nobody got triggered by his comment it was all just calm down nox but he didn’t get the response he wanted so he went on a none of you understand me spree, I was mainly referring to “I can conclude… intelligence…ignorant, SATIRE” stuff and how he always sees himself as above everyone else when he’s just a prideful keyboard warrior. Also he never talks about anything useful even when other retards argue *COUGH* MOKU *COUGH* they’ll still at the end of the day have something to do with he mod

            -Hypocrite out

          • Skeptical says:

            You aren’t really a hypocrite, but I guess that was a joke or something. Mitohan, small intestine is the intestine that takes all digested food from the stomach and sends the nutrients to the blood stream through little holes, but I think you meant big intestine, which is where most insults are associated (No disrespect, just letting you know.).

            I know this is kinda out of topic, but please check out my new drawings in my deviantart (ClearlyAnArtist. I know it’s a weird name…)

          • Mitohan says:

            Welp I failed biology XD

          • Mitohan says:

            Ok, I’ll see he drawings since I literally have nothing to do right now

            Side note, I said small intestine because there are still kids that read this I was gonna say a lot more stuff but I’ll save it for when he makes another essay talking down to everyone

          • Mitohan says:

            I really like the god Goku in water scene you did, once I got passed all the god damn hentai ads, the gogeta pic was really good as well. How long did it take you to draw them?

          • Skeptical says:

            Gogeta and goku falling were both a bit under an hour

    • Skeptical says:

      Can’t believe the amount of likes though..

  10. Yoesph says:

    Hey just a suggestion it would be nice, since you’re adding new skills, if there was a config option to lower the mind requirement for new skills.

  11. lickutung34 says:

    Nox calm your tits man, I made a broad statement not really directed to just jin, I am just sad that the idea seems to have died, both here and in suggestions

  12. dude says:


    you’re doing a great job we love it =)

  13. mreman says:


  14. CryoTheMayo says:

    What could the five new skills be? I am sure that three will be Afterimage, Instant Transmission and Magic Materialization but I am unsure on the last two, maybe the Namek Regeneration skill that was in the configuration file all the way back in 2015? Could be a Warrior counterpart to Materialization or maybe they are Mystic and Majin?

    I predict:

    Instant Transmission
    Afterimage/Namek Regeneration
    Magic Materialization

  15. CryoTheMayo says:

    ‘Anyway the next update will be on around a week later, because many new features are not in playable state.
    What will be working probably for DBC:’

    Wait does that mean the next update will have Mystic, Majin, Five new skills, larger action menu AND Level 2 God Form skill? And does Jin mean the update will be next week or three weeks since he changed his posts to being every fortnight?

    Because if he made no grammatical mistake…this next update might be one of if not THE largest updates since…geez I don’t know, maybe back from the early days when attributes were introduced? or all of the races? and it might only be another week away…Christ.

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      You forget that Jin has changed his schedule to every two weeks, meaning that his updates are Fortnightly-Monthly now, which means he now makes double if not quadruple the progress in updates before he makes a post.

      Hell the last time he updated was Two weeks ago and now it sounds like the next update is next Saturday meaning three weeks and it’s likely that Jin is the kind of guy who does multiple things at once while focusing on getting one thing ready for release.

      Here let me do a quick autistic formula for how much of a difference it is.

      Jin announced the current upcoming updates 5 weeks ago, which will be 6 weeks by the time he makes another post this weekend meaning he has likely worked on all of those aspects of the future updates during these six weeks e.g Majin, Mystic, SSJ4, G3 Hair System you get the deal.

      Let’s say Jin focuses around 10% of his effort on each thing so:

      10% God Form
      10% Mystic
      10% Majin
      10% Skills
      10% Action Menu

      And the other 50% is on the update he wanted to do which was SSJ4 and G3 Hair System per week, that would already put each of the above things at 60% completion by this weekend but Jin just said in the current status post that he had problems with developing SSJ4 and G3 Hair to the point G3 isn’t even close to a testing phase yet with him posting various polls on what we currently want.

      So say all of those things barring SSJ4 and G3 Hair system are 50% done currently, he could stop doing G3 for this week and SSJ4 to focus on the other things he mentioned meaning he could raise all of them to 60% completion split evenly or focus on one thing at 100% for release.

      Bare in mind that the Skills System already exists so he just has to focus on the mechanic of the skills themselves and that a Level 2 God Form would be extremely easy to do since the form already exists and adding a single level to a skill should not be that hard to do, so putting it lowest work to highest it goes:

      LVL 2 God Form
      Action Menu Extension
      Five New Skills

      So taking all of that into consideration he should be capable of doing Level 2 God Form easily enough and the Action Menu extension if it goes without a hitch should be easy enough to do as well.

      Mystic & Majin are closely related enough in functionality that he could feasibly complete both around the same time with only the new skills being particularly complex to do and even that depends on what the skills themselves are, Instant transmission for example has been in the works for at least a year now.

      tl:dr All of the things Jin has mentioned barring SSJ4 and G3 Hair System should all be around 50-90% completed meaning that if he has played his cards right he could in actual fact combine Quality AND Quantity for the next update.

  16. Mitohan says:

    God form (red) better have some sort of healing factor like the manga and the series did

  17. MArroch says:

    I personaly want a half saiyan to be able to recolor ss4 completly
    soo that ss5 is do able

  18. Winter says:

    Size really needs to be customizable… I mean, maybe make limits on how big (And definitely how small) they can be, but it always feels weird seeing Vegeta running around as a giant, or Frieza, for example

  19. ABANDONED. says:

    please add stats up too a maxium of infinite.

  20. I think Ki attacks Should be Fixed a Little more, too get rid of Some of the lag on servers.

  21. Skeptical says:

    It is a pretty great post, Jin! Thanks for informing us about your latest achievements. They surely satisfied my curiosity and interest in your work. I also hope you will keep that up.

    In my humble opinion, I would love seeing Mystic Form configurable in the config as Mystic Form is a pretty strange Form seen only once from one person. Thanks!

    • Epsolon says:

      On one the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Elder Kai offered to unleash ppls potential but Goku responded with them not having enough time to do the whole process so I’m sure Mystic isn’t exclusive just to Gohan

  22. Nu'Dist says:

    Sounds sick as fuck Jin, always impressing as usual. Hope you’re balancing work/fun/modding well. Keep up the great work!

    Waiting for my new credit card from the bank so I can donate.

  23. Jojy says:

    I’m very curious what the new skills are. Obviously two of them are Majin and Mystic, but that leaves 3 unknowns. Looking forward to the update.

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      Thinking about it, Jin mentions Mystic and Majin separately from the Five new skills so maybe they aren’t included in that count? which makes me really curious about what the five new skills are, Instant Transmission has been in the works for years now and Jin has mentioned Magic Materialization as being something coming up but otherwise I am pretty lost if Mystic and Majin aren’t included.

      I guess Engineering? but he said that might not even come out this year so I doubt it.

  24. mors_mortis says:

    Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see the end result!

  25. Franklyn Jay says:

    Personally​, I could see the two possibly new transformation mystic and majin working like this.

    Majin and mystic should be the same , carbon copy of each other. The only difference is majin is for evil and neutral, evil benefiting the best from the form. And mystic is for good and neutral, good benefiting the best from that form.
    They both should raise ones Powers passed their current limit, releasing a “Rage boost” for every race other than Saiyan half-breed, who should benefit the best from mystic due to a built in rage boost. Just my thoughts…

  26. Avatar__Eddy says:

    So close to the update!!

  27. MArroch says:

    Dont get over hyped guys

    thats my job

  28. Mitohan says:

    Whoever writes DBM needs to hurry up or this update needs to come out, or all 3 with dbs

  29. CryoTheMayo says:

    A has yes my favourite day, DB Sunday or rather for those in the Western Hemisphere, DB Saturday.

  30. mintrer says:

    Ah man i hope the way your maximum skill cap increases changes aswell, because if we have 5 new skills and still this system, aint nobody gonna get mind to 570-600 or whatever for just 1 more skill.

  31. rodrigo2202 says:

    i agree mintrer and i hope Jin dont forget to make the fusion more dynamic like having a low chance of during more time than usual if maxed

  32. Khalil says:

    so y’all waitin for the update roight?

  33. Skeptical says:

    Lol guys, you really do care for this update huh? try doing something or sleeping so the time would pass quicker! Then it will come sooner. For me it is bad news that new transformations/HIGHER attribute limit update comes, because in servers the power difference will be greater and so rkers will have their way, but oh well.. If only there was a server with linear training and at least somewhat of a protection system where RKING is fully prohibited. My thoughts anyways! I am hyped too for the update!

    • Jojy says:

      I feel very similarly about power gaps and random killers. Having been an admin on one of the larger DBC servers for some time now, I know how bad it can get. Actually working on a server of my own at the moment; it’s nowhere near ready to open to the public, and certainly not ready to be advertised, but I’ve plans for a heavy emphasis on co-op play and enforced rules regarding random killing.

  34. CryoTheMayo says:

    Seems that Jin will be slightly delayed this time, usually his posts at most get delayed until Monday or Tuesday unless of course he is intending to keep to his ‘One Post every Two Weeks’ rigidly.

  35. rodrigo2202 says:

    how much time left for the Nuclear bomb hyper update that jin just said he will throw at us?

  36. Jojy says:

    I don’t want to work before playing the update 🙁

    • Skeptical says:

      I feel you man.. Many times before I was spending my night awake (which is a big handicap for my performance at school) waiting for the update, but then finding myself seeing the screen with nothing new on it and 8:21 AM on it.

  37. rodrigo2202 says:

    i dont want to study before the update ;-;

  38. no no says:

    I don’t want to die before the update.

    • Skeptical says:

      Lol same.. What do you expect from this update in particular, Khalil? I personally think that there will be no transformations, not sure why, just don’t have a feeling in my gut telling me there will… But that’s what I think anyways..

  39. Skeptical says:

    So uh, hey guys! While you are waiting, I would really appreciate if you took glimpse at my DeviantArt called ClearlyAnArtist (ClearlyAnIdiot lol). The art there hasn’t been too good (expecting from my age it’s not really that great anyway) but recently I have had an evolution where my shading and muscle drawing spiked up, so I felt like telling you to check it out would be a good idea, you know, keep track on my new posts and all. Thanks gang!

  40. Khalil says:

    Actuallly I feel that mystic and majin mark are coming but not the 5 new skills since not sure what the will bring

  41. Skeptical says:

    God… for me it’s 1:37 AM… I wonder if he’s gonna release it .-.

  42. Khalil says:

    4 am. GET on my level xD

  43. no no says:

    Ok guys, see you next week.

  44. Khalil says:

    5 am and theres no sign of ma nigga Jin why JIN WHY

  45. Epsolon says:

    I have a feeling we are in for a surprise

  46. Khalil says:

    or a boomer (extra words for the comment count)

  47. Khalil says:

    8 am jin where are you

  48. TheMoonkey says:

    Hey so im from australia so im used to updates coming out on modays for me but its the afternoon now and im just wondering whether the update had been pushed back again or not. No big deal if it has, just wonderin

  49. Skeptical says:

    Well he DID say that this update WILL be delayed due to his personal life stuff….

  50. Abry says:

    WHERES DA UPDATE It’s week 24 already man!
    xD jk take your time. You do great work and I love it!!

  51. leon says:

    He is To hyped about Dragonball FighterZ and forgot about dbc xD

  52. Vixey says:

    monday 9am still nothing 🙁

  53. kev_spyro says:

    it’s 6 pm now at my time but lets let Jin have his time and wait because he didn’t exactly say next weekend, he said around a week later and so it may can come tomorrow soonest xD

    Jin take all the time u need :3

  54. kev_spyro says:

    it’s just a specultation with tomorrow so if jin is awesomely fast he has it today ready maybe but let’s see how it will work out 😀

  55. Can someone help me im not able to chat im able oto direct message but not chat normally with t it just says cannot send that message someone PLEASE HELP???

  56. rodrigo2202 says:

    i want MAH SSJ4!!!! ;-;, 18pm… 12/06/2017 and Jin is probally finishing to code while i type this coment…

  57. no no says:

    I like how a lot of people get dislikes on their comments even though they didn’t say anything bad.

  58. Epsolon says:

    This is the End of the line

  59. William Bell says:

    I love this update. But my question is…. where is DBS storyline? Hopefully you already started making it. But. you have been known to pull random awesome updates out of nowhere. So maybe it will come in the near future.

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