Status Info – 17w16

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Update is still coming and will be sometime this week (in week 17).
I still don’t know when I can release it but about it I can tell that there will be only fixes, some tweaking, so mostly minor stuff again.

For DBC the kiSense lag fix that made an increased ram requirement for minecraft, will receive a “builtin activator” for this lag fix for clients.
That means the previous update’s lag fix will ONLY work if the client has atleast 2 GB ram allocated to minecraft after this update.

Further more in May there is a long awaited update planned for DBC!
This update might be the only update in May, except for a fix update.
About the progress I will still post status infos every week as I can.

So the schedule as of now looks like this:
week 17 – a fix and minor update (probably mainly DBC)
week 18 – another fix and minor update (mainly NC)
week 22 – somewhat big update with new stuffs, more on this in a later post

See ya soon

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78 Responses to Status Info – 17w16

  1. I haven’t been able to use any of these mods on minecraft since the launcher update… I haven’t played in months.

  2. you do kami’s work jin!
    we still got a long way to go, but we’re gettin’ there!

  3. Nu'Dist says:

    Sounds awesome I’m hyped! I remember when you first introduced us to snake way, my god that was good. The mod is really coming on well so far. Keep up the kick ass work Jin!

  4. shea_senpai says:

    its the ssj4 update isnt it jin i can read your mind XD jk its just the rumor going around

  5. CryoTheMayo says:

    I am predicting Instant Transmission personally, (Or Ultimate gets updated with customisation options and a custom aura but that will never happen).

  6. CryoTheMayo says:

    That or the long awaited Majin and Mystic update…I am seriously excited for when those two get released personally.

  7. elliotbarlby says:

    naruto C!!! fix shadow clone and add substitution jutsu

  8. TheLeinhart says:

    It would be great if the BP scale was worked on for this next update. Accurate representation of the power level system. Of course that depends on which BP scale people would want, the one where Goku’s first super saiyan was maxed at 15,000,000 during the frieza fight or the 1.5 mil version. Personally I like the smaller number like 1.5 mil. Be nifty is SS was locked until you reached a min of 300k BP and so forth with the other transformations

  9. Avatar__Eddy says:

    I really hope it’s the Super Saiyan 4 update. =3

  10. Freeza_Cold says:

    the update should be getting rid of namekians, saiyans, humans, and halfs.
    And only Arcosians stay.

  11. No, no! I want At least one update for people Who has weak pc!

  12. Avatar__Eddy says:

    Anyone prepared for the incredible power of super saiyan 4?

  13. mintrer says:

    Actually i believe this will be the training update. We were all so hyped for it and the only thing we got was a shitty weight system, so i’m guessing it’s finally here… Or will be here in the start of june

  14. CryoTheMayo says:

    Nah you guys are all wrong, Jin is going to make it so Arcosians get 100x gains along with making Ultimate by default a 4x boost, he is also going to make it so we can master our 4th form so we always have the PP Boost along with making it so Arcosians start at level 200 with Dash, Jump, Fly, Potential Unlock, Endurance and Meditation unlocked and maxed out automatically, we will also get our stats buffed so we have the most health, defense, ki, power, ki power and stamina out of all races.

  15. Zero says:

    “somewhat big update with new stuffs, more on this in a later post” New stuff….is it arcos can change the color of there ultimate evolution o.o I hope so it will be a happy day 🙂

  16. Skeptical says:

    Jin said that this is an update with new stuffS, meaning that it’s not something like a transformation, just more clothes, nothing much, but since there are a lot of them, then that is considered big. Don’t expect so much you morons.

  17. simpleton, really? no need to be a dick man.
    I personally don’t care what is added, new content is new content, right?

    • I mean, i do think people are asking a BIT too much for an update jin was vague about, and trust me, i understand you, as i have to deal with this shit on the forums and on the facebook page. but, i was never hostile when i said “look, we all want this, but it will come when jin says he wants to add it stop asking for the same thing over and over.”
      I was never calling people morons or idiots. i also did say while i didnt like broly, his transformation is what people want so jin will have to cave.
      no need to be a dickweasel to the community. even though, yeah, they really need to read jins words more closely.

  18. Zero says:

    Andrew if your 22 I am older then you by 6 years lol.

  19. CryoTheMayo says:

    So what update have you guys been waiting for, for a while now? I personally have a bit of a list here.

    Super Saiyan 4
    God Ki Revamp
    New Races
    Arcosian Customization (Including Ultimate revamp)
    Training Update
    Skills Update (i.e Instant Transmission)

    I personally think that SSJ4, Majin/Mystic, Training Update and Skills Update are all likely, I could also picture movie sagas being added in.

    • Zero says:

      Tell you the truth all I been waiting for is the arcosian customization of there golden form (ultimate evolution). I don’t like the golden form look because I look like frieza and I am not frieza nor am I evil like him.

      But if I can make myself look different from other arcosisans (make each form look different then everyone else) that would be awesome to.

    • Zero says:

      But the thing is why do people want ssj4? Its not canon so jin wont add it. I mean when jin has everything added from the canon then by all means he can add a noncanon forms.

      • jplion123 says:

        I think people want SSJ4 so that they can have a powerful form besides SSJB and Rose in servers, since the God Forms are catered torwards strong people all the time.

        • Zero says:

          Yeah but if they add ssj4 that means all the other race’s need a form to combat ssj4 lol. If saiyans keep getting forms then jin will have to add more buffs/forms to combat ssj4. Its never going to end lol.

          But again ssj4 is not cannon so he wont add it until everything cannon is added.

          • CryoTheMayo says:

            Jin has already said in the past that GT content including Super Saiyan 4 will be added as a toggle in the config, in fact a little while back I believe he or Crimson said that Super Saiyan 4 while not high on the priority list, would be added sometime in the near future.

            On the whole balancing issue thing, Well we do have the config thankfully and the races can always use things like Kaio-Ken or Majin and Mystic to get an edge over Super Saiyan 3 and 4 eventually, but you are right that Saiyans are a little unbalanced in terms of power scaling, seriously Super Saiyan 3 is balanced because it drains so much, same deal for Ultimate but Super Saiyan 4 is a form noted as being stronger than Super Saiyan 3 and having little drain so its kinda hard to picture how Jin could balance that properly.

            Honestly though, Jin could still make things balanced, Arcosians have Ultimate evolution and Power Points but Jin could also give them higher gains than all the other races like how Frieza got so strong in 4 months (Yeah he is a mutant but Frost is also very powerful and so is King Cold and Cooler so every Arcosian in the series has been a mutant of some sort)

            Namekians could get Namek Fusion which in my mind would make it so their base form has a higher multiplier per fusion capping at two fusions, so for example a Namekian who has fused twice has a Base form multiplier of 1.5x, combined with Power Boost that would make a Namekian as powerful as Super Saiyan 3 with very little drain, putting them on the same level as a Super Saiyan 4.

            Half-Saiyans I feel should not have Super Saiyan 4, instead they have a stronger Mystic form and maybe Trunks’ Mastered Super Saiyan 2 form, their God form could also be Super Saiyan Rage instead of Blue or Rose.

            Humans I have a hard time with, I think it could be a good idea to make it so Humans are better at Kaio-Ken or make it so Humans have the strongest boost from using Mystic out of all races.

            Overall, I feel Jin could balance it so the other races can keep up with Super Saiyan 4.

      • regardless of it being canon or not, ssj4 is a very popular form. in many dragon ball games of recent years, ssj4 has been a thing included. my absolute limit is that whatever is in the mod has to have at LEAST been in some form of officially licensed dragon ball media (by toei, or bandai namco)

        gt, while controversial is still a part of dragon ball history. granted, there are a number of other things that should be in this mod over it (we need arcs for dragon ball classic, after all! 🙂
        and ssj4 just looks cool.

    • Zero says:

      Yeah but at the same time ultimate evolution is stronger then super saiyan blue. I think even goku was saying if frieza mastered the form he would be in trouble. If so ultimate evolution would be stronger then super saiyan 4 if we are going by dragon ball super. Sooo how does that work out o.o

      • CryoTheMayo says:

        Well personally I would make it so Ultimate evolution is stronger than SSGSS and so it doesn’t drain much ki (Probably around the drain of ASSJ) but I would make it so Ultimate strains you a lot. but the more you use Ultimate the more used to it your characters gets, so it strains less and less the more it is used.

        So Strain would like have horrible negative effects like defense is much lower, everything using ki uses way more ki, punches use a ridiculous amount of stamina, with Kaio-Ken it would even make it so Health drains a lot more. Entering forms that cause strain would also outright cause negative effects straight up, like going x10 Kaio-Ken when you haven’t even used x2 beforehand you will straight up die,

        However things that cause Strain can be trained, simply strain your body by using Ultimate for example, exit the form after using it for a while and wait for the Strain status effect to wear off, then when you enter the form again it will strain less. You would continue doing this until the form no longer strains or has very little strain.

        Kaio-Ken would also be changed so that you need to master the strain of a prior level before moving to next (e.g you need to master the strain of x2 before you can use x3 safely, this continues up to x100 with each level being harder and longer than the last to master the strain of)

        • Zero says:

          Eh I like it if the forms would drain more until you master it. There is another dbz online game I played and how it worked was ssj drains but once you master it there is no drain. ssj2 drains a lot but once you master it it drains less but still drains. ssj3 cant be mastered but you can transform faster by staying in ssj3 so your body gets used to the form to trans faster.

          As for strain kaioken is a must to have that de-buff. But if jin add’s a knock out system I would say add strain because you were koed and even when you wake up your still weaken from the battle so a strain would be on you. To cure it just need a senzu bean

      • rodrigo2202 says:

        # make the ultimate form less drainer if the skill lvl is maxed

    • i personally want new races.
      majin or better yet, bio-android.
      i want to turn my minecraft world into the cell games… where every mob, peaceful or hostile, are all competitors.

    • Crumpets says:

      I want ssj4, majin RACE, bio android (i have a good idea of how it might work aswell) android, and a few skills, the skills could be more customizable like make it controllable, fire multiple blasts ect. android might work where there is removable (like getting cut off limbs) limbs and parts that need upgraded. like if i get my arm cut off from a sowrd or some shit i can make it an android part and be able to upgrade it with damage and maybe ki stuffs idk. Namekians cannot be android however they can regen their parts. Saiyans cant be android however they might get a zenkai boost (for a limited time like arcos PP) and arcos can be android like mecha frieza it makes em more powerful but cant be upgraded. Bio androids would be lit. They start out imperfect form. They could either have to upgrade super form or (this sounds better IMO) they have to kill a certain number of players in servers or if its offline mode kill a certain number of saga missions or a third thing have to use a special skill “puncture” or “absorb” to absorb enough ki to go semi perfect. Semi perfect would be simular but they cant go back to imperfect form. Perfect form isnt max form however. They could go super perfect like cell did (basically just lightning go around them to show they powered up) and no more absorb. They can go back through their forms but the imperf and semi perf forms cant go super perfect form like perfect form can. But if they absorb someone they can learn their ki attacks at a small price (i.e 100 tp). if any of you agree with this upvote the hell outta it.

  20. Mitohan says:

    Laptop update: my laptop was broken because i punched it right where the hard drive was located corrupting all the data and damaging the drive, should be back on DBC in a month

  21. I am actually hoping for the introduction of a new race… like bio-androids.
    i want to be perfect~ (i say this while i have my profile pic set to perfect cell getting nutted)

  22. rodrigo2202 says:

    theese guys ideas for a new way to train the skills and the KO´s mechanic is a great idea, we just need the time limmit of the KO, the “strain after the KO” time and the total attention of Jin to make a complete diferent mechanic to the DBC, by that he woud need 1.more time, 2.more ppl 3.Probally 2 PC´s to LOAD ALL THIS INFO TILL IT GETS POSSIBLE TO PROCCES NORMALLY IN A NORMIE PC LIKE OUR´S but after that the mod woud be almost perfect as you get Andrew XD

  23. Lord Frieza says:

    And here I come again… Simpleton still being simpleton, people saying ssj4 is stronger then ssb and talking about strains with drains.
    Yup… I love this community!

    P.S. Arcosian PP is still not customisable? I’ll wait.
    P.P.S It’s not a hate speech God damnit!!!

  24. CryoTheMayo says:

    So just for the sake of making my view on how progression works more readable.

    Saiyans: FPSSJ > SSJ2 > SSJ3 > SSJ4/SSJG > SSGSS

    Half-Saiyans: FPSSJ > SSJ2 > FPSSJ2 (Trunks form) > Mystic > SSJ Rage

    Humans: MAX/Buff > Potential Unleashed > Mystic > God

    Namekians: Great Namek > Power Boost > Namek Fusion > God

    Arcosians: 100% Boost > 5th Form > Ultimate > 4th Form Mastery (4th 5th Ultimate and God are now all 1.15x stronger) > Ultimate mastery (Ultimate has little to no strain after training it)


    Mystic: 2x Boost to all stats for all races but Half-Saiyan and Human, Half-Saiyans get a 2.5x boost to all stats, Humans get a 3x boost to all stats.

    Namek Fusion: Namek Fusion can be done at any time with a NPC or Player, First Fusion makes base form a multiplier of 1.25x, 2nd Fusion makes it a multiplier of 1.5x.

  25. An idea suggestion
    power levels should be where they are now a lot of random letters like 8,000 or 45,000
    And multipliers
    saiyan and 1/2 saiyan forms
    great ape: x10
    super saiyan: x50
    ascended slots
    super saiyan 2nd grade: x1.5
    super saiyan 3rd grade: x1.2
    normal slots
    super saiyan 2: x2
    super saiyan 3: x4
    God forms
    super saiyan god: x80,000 (time limit 10 minutes)
    SSG powers obsorbed: ÷40 (keep current time limit)
    super saiyan blue/rosé: x120,000
    Earthling forms
    buff form: x1.6
    Namekian forms
    great namekian: x10
    super namekian: x30
    Arcosian forms
    first form few inches before 2nd form: x1.2
    2nd form: x2
    3rd form: x2
    4th (final form): x50
    5th form: x1.5
    golden form (transform from 4th form): 25,000
    Other power up usable for all race characters
    full release: x1.3
    kaioken: x1.5 – x2 – x3 – x4 – x10 – x20 – x50 – x100
    unlock potential (ultimate gohan form): x700
    god power (usable for all race characters): x10,000
    fusion dance: add 2 power levels and multiply to x10 (10 minutes)
    fusion potara: add 2 power levels and multiply to x50 (20 minutes)

  26. At the beginning of the comment, I meant “not” alot of random letters

  27. And p.s the limit to the power level to where we can’t go no future should be up to 100,000,000,000,000

    • I think the part of my idea about the god power multiplier of x10,000 seems too much, so I think x2,400 should do because if you put god power x10,000 × super said an x50 it makes super saiyan blue x120,000 and mixed custom made forms like super namekian god to be x72,000 total and buff human god to be x3,840 total.

  28. no no says:

    The big update is going to add Super Yamcha, destroyer of universes, along with Ultimate Puar, with the power that rivals the Omni-King.

  29. Mitohan says:

    Looks like we’re getting “mystic” ultimate power form now

  30. TravelerSoul says:

    I think everyone knows what I’m hoping the big update adds…..

  31. davidmolo3 says:

    Will The Update Ever Out???

  32. Fallout2552 says:

    I just want a fighting and training revamp at this point

  33. mreman says:

    I’m pretty sure Jin is done with the modding for good and done with the website in general. So there will be no update ever again.

  34. think people should know deadlines rarely are ever on time.

  35. Jason Pooler says:

    Really wish Jin would add SSJ4, but, oh well.

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