Status Info – 17w14

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Update will be delayed a bit more, till then here is the status info for week 14. First some site news then about the upcoming update.

Site news:
The JinGames DBC Server has a new site that is still in development.
Known issue is mainly the user data that is not shared correctly with the main site.

For those who own a server and have an approved server in the serverlist site.
On the serverlist site servers can now buy featuring time! That is if you want to. Visit the “Server Management” page, and next to your server status “Buy Featuring” should appear. Follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

Now about the upcoming update:

  • JRMC – trying to fix some client-server issues
  • DBC – New outfits!
  • DBC – New damaged outfit look
  • DBC – ki sense lag fixes
  • Crash fixes for NC as well
  • and some more fixes

It might seem not much but mainly those outfits take time.


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25 Responses to Status Info – 17w14

  1. Oscurum says:

    I always wait with great expectation at least for a Status Info, no matter the delay, thanks for everything Jin.

  2. mintrer says:

    Kind of dissapointed since this is basically a bug fix with some random armor added, but whatever. Some people like the armor some don’t.

    Still waiting for the more technical features to get re-made so the mod is actually playable without having to be in a server to do so.

  3. not really a complaint; just something i would want, but i feel like arcosian pp is kind of useless. Takes 30min – 1 hour to fully charge then 2-5 mins of use. -_- would be nice if charge speed scaled with racial skill, not just capacity.

  4. also would be nice to be able to charge without raising your release % (e.g.) C= charge+release, would also have Lshift+C just to charge ki without raising/lowering release.

  5. Argon says:

    Hey Jin, as you are working on inside systems more, could you add a few easy yet useful things, like possibility to repair armors with warenai crystals at the anvil, “fortune” enchant to work on warenai ore, merging items to repair them, etc? And one crucial for me thing: please, make the gravity generator output a redstone signal when working!

  6. 6 Star Ball says:

    Fix the problem where DBC mobs do damage to theselves anytime they fire a ki blast…

  7. rodrigo2202 says:

    i just want to jin finish the fusion dance animation or just add the potara fusion whoose different the metamoro only can be undone if the one who´s controlling the fusion unequip the potara acessory and the changing of stats shoud be a plus on both players stats, that woud be great!

  8. Dragonmatic says:

    It be nice to be able to edit the time when you are fused instead of 5 by default

  9. Dunkaccino says:

    To be honest, all I really think Jin should do right now is to perfect Fusion. After we have the dance animation and Potara working similarly or exactly like what Crim said on his Fusion post, then I think it’ll be a good time to work on other things. Besides from that, a few new pieces of clothes are something I don’t mind, as that let’s us possibly get the Metamoran gear, so the fusion looks authentic and like how it does in the anime.

  10. Halokiller38 says:

    Still waiting to be approved for past 3 months on serverlist. Would purchase featuring time but can’t since Jin won’t approve my server with no reason.

  11. angelito88 says:

    I understand you have a lot on your plate atm but if we can get a family c update that’d be amazing! i know you’re focused on getting all the more big mods so no rush but the little mods matter too. anyways as always i love your mods and appreciate all the effort and time you put into making these mods for the people

  12. DEEZNUTZ says:

    OMG for the love of god please add lssj already. That form is just pure badass.

  13. Hirolka says:

    So hey, any chance these new outfits will be, you know, obtainable?

    Because we’ve still got an amazing assortment of clothes that you can’t just legitimately get, and it’s a shame that some of your work on items goes unseen because of it.

  14. Bsharprules says:

    When you mentioned a new damaged outfit look, does that mean, for instance, the orange gi shirt will now have tears and holes like in the Black Goku Arc of Dragon Ball Super?

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