Status Info – 17w11

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Nope, I can’t make it in time yet again. I will be late a few days.
But fear not! Progress is always there. More on it further below.
Damn life… if only I could sit all day and just do modding… (I’m not allowed to say more)

The website host had again some issues, we try to fix it a few days now but… yea issues still happen. Any website issue you find please use the contact page to let us know.
About the contact page, I know you might not get a reply or just late. That’s because I either forget to reply or simply I didn’t receive it. There are also times when the given email is not correct to reply to. But just try using it, we are watching.

Anyway about the mods.
Next update will have:

  • JRMC – changed speed code, hopefully it will be a lot better, but don’t expect to get faster, only relatively based on your attributes and skills.
  • NarutoC – fixing issues for ranged weapon and any crashes still present.
  • DBC – fixing some Fusion bugs, and adding a new outfit


Well there might be some more but these are for sure to be included (hopefully).
Just give me a few more days if you want at least the above stuff.

Be cool guys
and please don’t get upset

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43 Responses to Status Info – 17w11

  1. Jess says:

    yay first
    you aresome jin

  2. Jess says:

    haha meant to at awesome* xD

  3. Jojy says:

    Glad to see some backend things like speed code getting reworked, even if we won’t see an immediate change. I’m assuming this is to make hooking new features onto the speed code easier for you, which always a positive.

  4. Aron Roa says:

    I might have found some bugs?

    -When charging up a Spirit Bomb, The animations is n ordinary blast. The character does not raise both of his hands up but instead, he raises one arm halfway.

    – About the lighting of the player. I don’t know if this was here a long time ago but it kinda bugs me xD. this only happend once but When you look up, The lighting gets darker but when you look down it gets brighter. was it supposed to be like this? XD

    I don’t know if these are bugs but hope this helps!

    BTW ur super cool Jin, Big fan ever since i played this mod xDD

  5. Zero says:

    Jin I was wondering when will the golden form for arco’s be able to change there color?

  6. Dragonmatic says:

    “DBC – fixing some Fusion bugs, and adding a new outfit” this is all I need to know that Gogeta’s clothes are coming

  7. Dragonmatic says:

    Just read chaper 22 of the manga and I kinda have an idea:
    As long as you have the God Power attribute/effect you can transform into SSG (the main reason I want it cause as it is now if you accidentaly pressed “H” you gathered 5 other saiayans for nothing) and if you have a higher form then SSG (SSR or SSB) you can go into it from SSG and when you revert if you still have God Power you go back to SSG.
    Another thing is maybe adding levels to God Power so at Level 1 it takes a lot of KI and Stamina (might be a bad idea what I just said) and as you level it up it takes less.

    Most likely a bad idea and really hard to code in the mod but I just wanted to suggest it.

    *SPOILER REGARDING THE DBS MANGA* This whole suggestion was basicly how I think Vegeta’s technique could be possible in this mod

  8. dude says:

    make ssjg like in the dragon ball super manga you can turn ssjg once you done the ritual plz

  9. dude says:

    btw take your time on your modding your still better then all of us non modder guys XD

  10. Just for this speech, it makes me very happy !!!

    (JRMC – changed speed code, hopefully it will be a lot better, but don’t expect to get faster, only relatively based on your attributes and skills.
    NarutoC – fixing issues for ranged weapon and any crashes still present.
    DBC – fixing some Fusion bugs, and adding a new outfit)

  11. kev_spyro says:

    can you maybe add the crafting reciepes for every armor? because i want to craft them and don’t want to cheat them in single player ;-;

  12. Adding the metamol outfit is a good idea !

  13. rodrigo2202 says:

    Jin after you fix those issues can you try fix the kagebunshin mechanic and the non loaded hair when you die on NarutoC?
    (when you die in a server you respawn without hair)
    PS: my clone´s skin dont load when sommon them
    and when i summon more than one they fight with eachother

  14. rodrigo2202 says:

    and i woud like if the Kagebunshin do more than one clone, like depending the spirit and mind you have the more you can summon with the max of 12? like the skill stuff

  15. Mitohan says:

    Also they should have 20 health so people with damage indicators won’t be able to tell the difference

  16. TravelerSoul says:

    I’m curious, what costume? Also, don’t get worried about not making the due date, modding takes time, we get it.

  17. probably something relating to fusion. maybe.

  18. jplion123 says:

    I love how Nox randomly goes after people then never replies because he got his a** whooped by that same person and a few other people.

  19. mintrer says:

    I love how some people just talk about ones the dislike even when they’re out of topic.
    Dude, nox hasn’t commented about like 2 weeks now.

  20. mintrer says:

    actually that does happen a lot…

  21. If you cave into the demands for arcosian GOLDEN FORM color change, please make an option to keep the default colors of what it is supposed to be. Not everyone wants the colors changed.

  22. TravelerSoul says:

    Well, unless it’s changed, the plan is to have arcosions be completely customizable in every form.

  23. The plan is fine, but as with many other changes, such as god aura, there are some that wish to keep the Golden Form, so I simply requested there to be an option to keep that.

  24. TravelerSoul says:

    ah, I see. My bad, I got confused.

  25. Night Fox says:

    nox only posts once. he said so in a dev blog. just posts his shit and doesnt have a come back

  26. TravelerSoul says:

    I’d just ignore him. He doesn’t have anything valid to say anyways.

  27. TravelerSoul says:

    Also, Jin, I’ve tried contacting you on the contact page to inform you that once again I can’t comment on the forums, but it says I’m not allowed to.

  28. is there going to be ssj time breaker x?

  29. Mitohan says:

    I wish we could get the time breaker mask that instantly makes you evil

  30. rodrigo2202 says:

    i woud want Jin to finish the space update cause the lil that he already done looked interesting to me but only if he got time for this tho…..

  31. JinRyuu says:

    Expect a release around Monday early morning

  32. These People Giving Away Dislike is think I care Hahahahahahahahaha.

  33. Hirolka says:

    I don’t know, you responding makes it sound like you do.

    Anyway, Jin, you mentioned in past update posts about new skills that would power up and add new function to melee.
    Since you’re directing your attention towards Fusion for the time being, is there any chance we can hear more about those features?
    Like in, say, a Developer Blog?

  34. And Crimson I Speak That Jin Is He Would Put The Legendary Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 4 …
    I also think you can see something more in this update

  35. FranticEcho says:

    Excited for the update!!

  36. Happy Fappy says:

    I am still waiting on barrage ki attack 🙁
    Not sure if that it was given up on?

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