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Status Info – 17w10

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Unfortunately there has been not enough time to work on the mods, so no updates this weekend.
Thus I can’t really list atm what will be in the next update, but I can tell for sure that definitely some more stuff for fusion.

I also want to work on recoding finally the speed stuff, since awhile now there has been a new formula for that but I couldn’t get to it since. That will also benefit Naruto C.

I’m not sure on what more will there be for DBC for now, but I want to start on fixing up Naruto C a little and giving it a few new features.
Also there are plans for an official Naruto C server as well.

So I’m not sure what will make it to the next update. But website updates are needed as well not to mentions some other stuff that I already should have published.

Anyway about this website.
The post comments have now a like, dislike system and we have a new moderator.
There will be soon some small changes in the serverlist page as well.

Be cool guys!

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56 Responses to Status Info – 17w10

  1. Mitohan says:

    Oh well, I wasn’t expecting anything huge this week anyway.

    I also really like the new system with replying and like/dislike system as well

  2. OMGisGreen says:

    God dislikes the new dislike/like system xdd

  3. I have a suggestion for what leveling up the fusion skill could do
    it could make the fusion stronger as well increase the fusion time and decrease the cool down time between fusions

  4. MysticRamen says:

    Jin i have a suggestion could every 1000 mind could give 1% less ki drain and instead of 10 max skill slots could we have 12. Other then that great job on everything and have a great weekend.

  5. dude says:

    good luck jin with whatever that was didnt realy understand since i wasnt focosing on reading and wont reread it but as finnaly 1 thing i say just for funzies.


    • Alan997 says:

      They will not put the ssj4, because it is not from akira

      • with SSB being the new ‘OMG SO POWERFUL LOL’ transformation, adding SS4 is pointless, it would be weaker, then people would complain it’s inferior to SSB.

        • CryoTheMayo says:

          I don’t think so Reign seeing as most people consider SSB to be way stronger than SSJ4 and could just configure it to be stronger or weaker.

          My suggestion for SSJ4 would be that it is as powerful as Super Saiyan 3 but has around the drain of a Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan 2 then revamp the God system so that you actually need to unlock God Ki via a questline or something and you need to train a God Ki stat of sorts to unlock SSB which is more powerful than SSJ4. This way, SSJ4 would be the best form for most players with a select few managing to access God Ki and unlocking Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan Rose, another idea would be that unlocking God Ki and training with it would give your stats a massive increase when using God Ki (So it could for example double all of your stats like Fusion when you are in the ‘Beyond God’ state that Goku and Vegeta use) and then make Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan Rose the only form (for now) that Saiyans could access which would have a multiplier of something like 1.5x stacked on top of God Ki.

          Then to add further to that, increasing this God Ki stat or your God stats (Like you turn on God Ki so instead of having the same stats as you do now you would get a number next to your stats that indicates your God Ki mastery in that stat) would further increase the power of God Ki when you use it, I would say other races would have something akin to SSB like Arcosians Ultimate Form would change from having the design of your base aura (With a Gold/Purple colouring) to being shaped like the SSB aura, same deal with Super Human/Super Namek changing to having the same aura shape as SSB.

          Eventually over time as you master your God Ki your God transformations will eventually become useless to use since God Ki would have a capped multiplier (unlike how you can set it so Transformations go over the server stat maximum in the config) so that eventually you would get so powerful that you no longer need to transform to hit the level of a God of Destruction.

          This system would make it so SSJ4 would be an extremely useful transformation for the majority of Saiyan players with God Ki being made into a difficult to obtain mechanic where even once you have it you would need to train it in order to unlock your God Transformation, this means SSJ4 is the most powerful level for the majority of the game (Except maybe for Mystic) so that only the best or most hard-working players who learn God Ki and raise their mastery of God Ki could surpass the power of a Super Saiyan 4, to add to that other races have Ultimate (for Arcosians) or x100 Kaio-Ken to match if not surpass the power of a Super Saiyan 4 at the risk of a much larger drain.

  6. Hirolka says:

    Whoa, we didn’t have an official Naruto C server already?
    I never knew that… But then again, it’s Naruto C.
    I’d be surprised to hear that people even play it considering how far behind in development it is.

    • My honest opinion is that he should either get a team to work on all his mods, or just focus on updating/bug fixing one.

      Remember the SAO mod he made that basically was never heard from again? He has too many mods he’s developing and not enough time to work on them all, he’s a good coder, BUT he’s not Notch (and even he needed a team :/)

      Again, just my opinion, it’s up to him as to what he decides is in his best interest.

  7. khoury113 says:

    Jin I love DB/DBZ/DBS it was my first ever anime and has and always be my favorite. However the other mods like Naruto C gets no love and there are alot of naruto fans out there that would like there to be some updates. There is alot more you can do with chakra which you cannot do with Ki in the DB Macroverse which will make Naruto C really awesome

  8. Avatar__Eddy says:

    Wait… you’re gonna start focusing on Naruto C more? …Excuse me while I squee. EEEEEEE!! Finally! =D

  9. Harambe says:

    I gave a good Naruto C idea about tailed beasts, better work on quests 2. Look in suggestions forum.

  10. Harambe says:

    someone disliked Eddys comment and I feel offended.

  11. Mitohan says:

    Either some people still hate me or people tried to unlike my comment and just stuck to disliking it lol

  12. TheLeinhart says:

    Well that’s alright I suppose. I was somewhat hoping for a UI work up from what we have. All those bp numbers are bunched up together. Hopefully you’ll be able to work on that when you have the time. I’d like to be able to see it saying something like 1.5 mil instead 1567890…which isn’t to bad if there were commas but after 10000000 i think it should just be 10 mil, 10.1 mil and so on…same when you’re on a server or something where levels go in the billions

    Anyways great work Jin.

  13. davidmolo3 says:

    Jin Pls add Mystic Form And Lssj
    And SSJ4 Thank you A Lot Of Your Work
    I Really Love Your Work
    I Wish You Have A Nice Day And A Nice Week☺?

  14. frankmax12 says:

    good jin i think naruto c deserves some attention more features like sealing jutsu and tailed beasts susanoo etc…

  15. Harambe says:

    Leon stop trying to force that suggestion down peoples throats. I’ve already seen it like 6 times. And everyone has already pointed out the flaws. o-o”

  16. jplion123 says:

    No, shut up about it, there are so many flaws in this that it is not worth pointing them out, and the mod can remove God’s praise comment but not this Spam one?

  17. First, this should be on the forums. Second, it’s already been planned. I still like how you described it, though.

  18. TravelerSoul says:

    Thanks for the update about the lack of an update Jin (that sentance was confusing). Take your time Jin, and thanks for the hard work! (P.S. YEAH!!! FUSION!!!!)

  19. hopefully you don’t stop working on dbc. even if updates for that mod are still infrequent, a little splash of new content for dbc now and then wouldnt hurt, theres still LOTS to add and fix

  20. Skeptical says:

    This is not my opinion; My friend wanted me to post it here, but he can’t make an account since he doesn’t have a PC anymore (it’s broken) and he never had a phone, so here’s his opinion;

    “Fusion Update doesn’t feature fusion at all, it’s just a shitty common power boost, I won’t consider this fusion unless he adds proper things that recognize as fusion. You could literally do this in the older versions by killing another player and giving yourself a power boost, do not dare saying that he worked hard, because what he did was copy and paste some commands, and make it look like he did something. You added a whole pack of outfits in a week, ssb in a week but couldn’t bother his ass to make one fusion outfit in three weeks. The least you could have done is an animation, even if it’s two players sliding into each other.”

    That is it, do not attack me because it’s not my opinion, it was the request of my friend to write his opinion.

    ~Mod: It is the same thing what you are saying for months now, so I doubt that it’s your friend’s idea and not yours. You don’t even know modding, you don’t know what Jin does besides modding, he mods all alone without any help, and you say he doesn’t do aynthing. Well then, where is your perfect mod which has an update almost weekly, with all your irl stuff going on? Oh you don’t have one, but as I remember you voiced so much that you could make something better, well where is it? I might go a little far, but someone has to tell you, that by complaining and lashing out on Jin won’t achieve you anything, your ideas won’t be in the mod, Jin won’t be able to work faster, so with these you actually don’t achieve anything. And I didn’t even take into account your personality. If someone dislikes you or say something what you don’t agree with, you go 100% offensive mode, which I need to tell you, won’t get anything for you in your life. That’s what I wanted to say, Mod out.

  21. Hey Jinryuu, your minecraft DBC mod is awesome, I don’t really have the mod , or a PC, but I do have a dragon block c idea suggestion, but it’s too much to comment it, so I like to send a letter, I don’t know your address, so is it okay if you can help me

  22. The like and like/dislike system.

    Wouldn’t mind Naruto C getting some more attention, DBC has come so far since when I first played where you had to hold the ‘Kamehameha’ item in your hand. Awesome job JinRyuu, you continue to impress me.

  23. Mitohan says:

    it’d be cool if in the future you can pick a starter planet with different starting quests, like if you’re a saiyan and want to start on planet vegeta, the first quests would be some basic saibaman training then you are sent to earth on a “kakarot return mission” or something instead of raditz and you end up staying on earth.

    later vegeta blows up and prince vegeta is pissed that you didn’t help in the rebellion and attacks earth or some shit… I don’t know really but what ifs sound fun but cba to create the quests myself so…this was a huge waste of time

  24. Skeptical says:

    I personally think-

    I don’t know what to say. I don’t know these standards of this community, I don’t freaking know what to say or to write to not offend this below low community. I have been on dozens of communities, this is the most toxic so far. I like the mod, I like the idea, I even like the owner, regardless of what I’ve said. I am Schizotypatic and Borderlinic (two personality disorders), I find it hard as utter hell to understand how the hell should I speak to you or what should I say to clear up this stupid hatred. Whenever I am angry, or at least tiny bit offended I forget everything. I don’t even know how you are going to interpret this comment, whether with hate or whatever the hell you think my intention is with this comment. I have grown tired of this.

  25. I only wish for more staff working on the mod, but thats more out of concern for jins well-being and personal life. he does a pretty good job with weekly updates i just hope he doesn’t get too overwhelmed by peoples constant asking for the same suggestions, or a community that expects too much from one guy. and if he REALLY needs to, he should by all means take a break from modding. but, he’s a trooper. just be sure he knows his limits.

  26. Nox says:

    Dear the person who calls himself “God”,

    Please stop. Your the one making this community toxic trash, by floundering your insecurities on these comments reserved for players that have constructive feedback. No one likes you. Your an insecure little kid that is less important then the keys I just used to type the word “Important” on the keyboard.

    Please stop. Your a fat repulsive that spits on Jin’s hard work by criticizing his progress and staining his comment sections. Jin provides these updates for free, to practice his coding. Not to draw out the toxic sludge that slithers in the toilet pipes leading to the ocean.

    Sincerly, The DBC community as a whole

    *Also, bonus round*

    @davidmolo3: Please leave.
    @Jude Bergeron: Thats creepy.
    @reignofhellxxiv (and any other that comments on Jin needing more staff): Jin is only working on this mod to help him learn programming. The success of this mod is not his main concern. You are just lucky he is sharing his projects with us. Again, HE IS JUST LEARNING TO PROGRAM (and if I am wrong then I apologize for speaking for you, Jin).

    -Nox out

    ~Edited by Mod~
    ~Censored alot of things~

    • Skeptical says:

      You ignorant fool, I praised his work at first, and continued to do so, so you shouldn’t speak.

    • Skeptical says:

      By the way, Jin is doing this mod for like what, 4 years? Including his work on Naruto C(not much but considerable). You are by far the rudest and meanest one of all in here, you even outjump me in this category. Here is a formula of all this;

      I write something good that of course someone will misunderstand = Mod triggered for some reason and deleting it = Me, as every human being, upset about my honest comment deleted = Me arguing = You guys bringing up weird points that I am apparently an asshole. Explain.

  27. Skeptical says:

    Here is the collection of all my comments for the past month or so;

    Starting with the argument;
    1. ~Removed by Mod
    Reason: Implied hate speech. (0 hidden or intentional hate) (people who seen it WILL know)
    2. Mod. What is wrong with you? Ok, what the actual hell is wrong with you? I did not write any hate speech at all. Jin, you should change your mod.
    3. I SPECIFICALLY praised Jin for his good work. What is wrong with this Moderator?

    ~Edited By Mod
    Removed Trashtalk.
    4. ~Edited By God

    Even the mod is a**hole enough to troll a troll.

    ~Mod: Nice try
    5. I am pretty sure “trashtalk” is allowed here.

    ~Mod: I can confidently say that it isn’t, especially that much. But let’s just calm down okay?
    Well if he wants me to become an a**hole again, sure. (Implying that I feel violated and that all of this is unfair, although not directly shown in the comment, I was highly upset)
    7. Thank you for your kind words, good stranger. You showed those simpletons what I had on mind!

    (Keep in mind that probably all of community disliked my comments, how worse can you feel?)
    8. Oh ffs.. I used the same tone that other people use when i.e

    *A dude punched something really hard*

    person commenting: Woah! I can see you did more than one pushup huh!

    Ffs, what’s your problem. Even if it was sarcasm (which it wasn’t nor intended) then deleting the whole post is just an asshole move of provocation.
    9. Are you serious now? Every single kid curses the hell out of everything, so this “no trash talk” rule is just bs. (This rule was sudden, because it was applied or taken serious at least before, nor there is any warning about talking, but only when I(AYE) commented with bad words, I was the bad dude
    10. Wtf what group if ignorant scrubs dislike everything that goes for me?! I didn’t do shit wtf! God I hate this shitty community (again, I felt sad and violated, ESPECIALLY when I went angel mode on my praise comment, which DID have exaggerations to make Jin feel good)
    Now onto older comments

    1.Thanks for the post info, Jin. I do not like the stat decrease however. I like to have an immeasurable room for improvement.
    I am not sure about fusion, I can’t expect much though, right now my expectations are at their lowest.

    Funny how Nox unintentionally was an asshole without any reason behind it, he just was, but then as people started talking about him as if he’s a troll, he just became that. Hm.
    2. Guys read my Post about How to make the stats bigger and smaller at the same time, some of you might find it helpful.
    3. TOO BAD? It’s great! Usually updates take those atrocious and frustrating changes and more waiting time added, so it’s good.(someone complained about update releasing on SUNDAY)
    4. Don’t hype yourselves you fools. Don’t expect too much from just a Beginner coder. FUSION is nearly an impossible thing to implement into a minecraft mod and satisfy everyone.

    I highly doubt it’ll be something interesting, even though he said he’d update PLAYER fusion only which saddens me, since servers are full of assholes and I usually play Singleplayer.

    Besides, rodrigo, you want fusion, you don’t need it.
    5. Merroch, you must be really mentally disabled to not see that Jin most of the time calls himself a learner and a beginner. What “great” models are you on about? Female model and that’s it I presume? Everything else is decent. I am calling him a beginner simply because he prefers to be called a beginner.

    Multiple races huh, I must say you’re right. A namekian SKIN, saiyan/half saiyan/human all the same but each has less/more customization. I still don’t understand why he doesn’t add squares and triangles as muscles and types of body, and when you go ssj/ssj grade1/2 and other transformations they could increase in size. If you look at my broly model, you would see what I mean. I am not intentionally criticizing Jin, he’s done not bad, but some people just don’t see the obvious flaws and over-praise them. Did I mention that Custom Hair ssj is highly flawed and barely anything changes when one is transformed?

    Honestly I am still wondering where ssj3 g2 animation hair is, more parts to ki update, proper god ki system, lssj and male body type (remodeled) and body parts system? (again with a bit of my friend’s opinion in here, hope that excuses the harshness)
    6.For me it’s 3 A.M (I had/have insomnia)
    7. What I honestly think what’s gonna happen , which kinda saddens me, is that he worked so long just to make inaccessible fusion clothes, then when players basically agree on fusing, they just disappear and one of them takes control and keeps the clothes when the other dies or just nothing happens to him.

    I can’t expect a complicated working system, idk.
    8. Probably not. I want the update as much as the others if not more. God damn.(on “Jin are you there?”)
    9. God damn. Always doing that sht. (on: damn it’s 2 am.) (Again, instead of giving paragraphs of how delaying jin is, I just lightly showed my disappointment until jin gave us the update)
    10. What do you mean, NinjaSamurai.
    11. Thanks for featuring this I guess, although my friend said that you featured me to just roast me.. Well whatever. (the same friend that gave me ideas for the especial harsh comments/we’re sometimes on a skype call
    12. Matu makes me wanna throw up. Which I did.. but that’s not the point. Matu himself is a despicable little human disappointment that cowardly enjoys mocking, making fun of and just torturing beings those who have less authority than that sorry bastard.

    I simply cannot express my anger severely enough to describe my madness. Matu is basically a coward that has no remorse. I DESPISE him. Crimson, idgaf what you’re doing right now, go and ban him for 9999 years 9999 minutes 9999 seconds 9999 miliseconds 9999 nanoseconds. Just motherfucking do it. *DO IT* (from all the stories I’ve heard, but then I realized my ignorance)
    13. Shiro, I think you got lots of stuff wrong. The “little to no effort” thing was probably wrote by my alt account, which was basically another troll of mine, but as for Matu, ALL of the answers are from Nope2. He went through shit, and saying it out loud on the forums can only support that. Every single person I have seen that has been talking about the server always mention him, and I seen screenshots. The illusion of “truth” and “proof” fooled me into thinking that Matu was the bad guy, but now you say otherwise, now tell me, what should I believe? He has got proof, all you got is words.

  28. Skeptical says:

    14.Try and not to confuse my serious side with my trolling side. “Fors Kin” is a random character I created, so quoting him wouldn’t be smart, especially when I revealed that he was a made up character right after I ended my trolling.

    “my entire entire existance is basically my friend’s hatred and some of my tiny agreement with him. I was literally copy and pasting what my friend said xD I did it cuz’ it was fun, and some people even got the joke. I mean look at my account, a weird shady dumb dude that thinks he’s the most righteous and truthful god of the world xD Lmfao, even look at my profile pic, it’s ridiculous. I wanted to make my profile as retarded and as suspicious as possible, and a bit disappointed you guys literally took it all serious. Well, that being said, time to make the donuts (weird retarded hit phrase that literally makes no sense to his character =I”

    “I had to even change my name to make it more obvious that I am literally a joke, but you still didn’t get it so I decided to just give up and basically explain everything. HPY”
    15. (the moment of truth where I try my best to repent for my sin) I just done a crap lots of research, and I am pretty safe to say that this is probably the awkwardest thing I’ve done. I acted like an ignorant fool that literally doesn’t know what’s going on, and irrationally just go on based on unverified statements rage on Matu. I have done quite a research, and it really shows that you are right, Shiro. Dear god, Shiro and Matu if you can find a place in your heart to forgive me, I’d do anything to take it.

    I looked like a fool by just blindly accusing poor admin that has quit a server off of the accusations of others. I saw everything, the post, the petiton, even my friends from the server told me about him. The dude didn’t do anything bad in the first place, ffs. GOD. You can go ahead and do whatever you want with me from this site as for I have insulted the innocent. God I am so fucking sorry. Not because I am a fool but because I have dared to horribly, HORRIBLY disrespect an admin that basically suicided (to put it that way). From at least what I’ve seen from the post, Matu is innocent and seems to be a nice person.
    16. TreesmasherFTW, we aren’t communicating with A.I or NPC’s, we are communicating with human beings, ultimately resulting in arguments. Some of us here argue because what we enjoy has flaws, and what we would do to fix those flaws, by both giving ideas and sharing our discontent about a certain flaw. I can’t believe I have to put it so straight forward to you so you’d understand.

    Some of us argue about other things. This comment section is about what we like and we discuss it, or discuss anything related to it, if you are discontent about us discussing, then instead of rudely insulting ALL of us, go and join our discussion about a certain topic, or at least put your discontent in a nicer way so ALL of us wouldn’t be insulted.
    17. TreesmasherFTW, I have done lots of wrong, but I am not a maggot. Also what do I have to beat? Hm?
    18. TreesmasherFTW, you must be the owner of DBH, I noticed that by your way of speaking. Like server like owner.
    19. I don’t think so, CryoTheMayo. This site is not really cancerous, it’s just full of hate around people, which is normal. There are people here who trigger hate for no reason in servers and in this site.
    20. TreesmasherFTW, the irony.
    21. Art and writing, I couldn’t enter last time for some reason.
    22. I don’t care about your reasons, do what you will. (Meaning that he has full freedom from the burden of giving excuses, that he is fully free to do what he wants with the mod and the updates)
    23. change in transformation multiplier configs to include more details on which line is what transformation for should have been added earlier
    24. None. Nothing. (space space space space space SPAACCEEE) (portal 2 reference)
    25. This “Races should be equal and fk saiyans” reminds me of feminism.
    26. Oh for the love of god, stop exaggerating the power of the saiyans so much. SSJBlue is not so horribly unfair as it is described as, if you have enough power, you can easily counter a ssjb, not to mention that getting SSJB is near impossible, so arcosians, get a grip on. (Got tired of constant insult towards saiyans, like srsly, let them be)
    27. Removed by Mod.
    Reason: inappropriate language

    Ps.: What is wrong with you? (Some stupid creepy and disgusting mixture of 80% my friend and 20% myself. It wasn’t intended to be taken seriously and so it was deleted. Triggered 0 people, it was just
    pretty weird, I understand the delete)
    28. Actually I would pick both
    29. By the way, I am not negative, I am just opposing what I don’t like, but when I see constant hate against saiyans, that don’t even use ssjb most of the time on the servers, since it’s so horribly expensive TP-wise. In singleplayer it wouldn’t matter, you don’t have anyone to fight either that has ssjb. I agree that arcosians needed Golden form and whatever that “Ultimate” form of theirs is as of to represent a counter part ssjb on the arcosian race. Without SSJB ( which I am Dead sure, is impossible to get unless you’re an end-game tier on the servers) Saiyans are basically inferior to Arcosians. Arcosians got freaking racial skill, that I personally never seen in the series, Namekians got Healing (and now a god form on top of that), Humans got basically ssj2 that does’t drain ki, which is a HHUUGEEE advantage, if used with Kaioken, and now this “god” form. Humans even got better stats from the start (from what I remember, I might be wrong.) Not to mention that while at max stats, they can give a lot more punches than other races, and with good damage. Saiyans while maxed are very unbalanced, ki blasts take away too much ki and stamina is DECENT, for a maxed god damn character. (Decent comment oncce again)
    30. -expensive TP-wise, I cannot hold sustain myself* (a correction)
    31. WH- What is wrong with YOU mod? That was a what you rather question, inappropriate language my ass, we all curse here!

    Edit by Mod: But you take it to a new level, which is uncalled for, that’s why it needs to be moderated. (I was joking, the entire comment was a joke. idk if you got it. You know? Some dude posting a horrible disgusting post, then going on like “wats wrong with U man? dis is perfectly fine!”
    32. MAN I don’t like this Mod (Climax of the joke)
    33. My experience is somewhat different to Crimson’s, yet still similar. I was back at the first version playing, mostly fighting with two friends, competing, then uniting and making random houses to live in, and as the versions went up we played more, until we stopped.

    Enderwolf, don’t get ridiculous, we obviously wanna know of his progress.

    Jin, it would be good if you just mentioned the progress instead of saying that you didn’t finish it. (i.e: Re-doing the broken swoop: 32%)
    35. ^ He didn’t specify what he was adding, so what are you on about?
    36. For the love of god crimson, try to at least record your streams so we could see what was in it, I didn’t make it to the stream! (I was upset that I didn’t get to see the stream/different time lines etc
    37. Not to offend, but is this it? A little plant and swoop being worse now that it takes ki away TOO? I mean, what about ki update phase 3 and 4? Transformations can be put aside in my opinion, as for human buff, you can just make it higher in the config, as for namekian buff transformation, can’t you just copy and paste the ape transformation but change some codes? Honestly a bit disappointed that it’s all we’ve got (Again, as nice as I could)
    38. Fixing the mastery system would have been a better option than adding this useless item that probably absolutely no one will ever use.
    39. By the way, in my opinion Naruto (anime) and the mod would be boring. As of what I’ve seen, it’s all about physical skill system that minecraft will never have. Naruto itself is more of a skill PVP, but since you barely move in minecraft, and considering its heavy limitations, Naruto C would fail in popularity. Of course it’s your mod, jin, do whatever you feel. Just saying that I know it already, so I won’t have people covering me up in rambling about how it’s all Jin’s work and he does what he does.
    40. I have watched the anime as a child, I don’t have clear memory of it, and I will not bother watching it again, although I believe I can and will speak without the clear knowledge of the naruto series, because of the parts I remember. Dragon Block C is years away from completion, with no exaggeration. It is buggy, unbalanced, incomplete, raw and basically a mess as of now. If you go back and see “plans and ideas to this mod” you can see that the male figure was not added, as we still look like ugly square fat bastards, when having actual body types would be great. We don’t have muscles, and the ability to train each by doing different exercises, we don’t have android race, cell race, majin buu race, all other races. We do not have fusion, which is a big and ignored aspect of dragon ball. We do not have proper wish system, proper PVP and PVE system (which would be the best update in my opinion, to cut the fun of random killers by turning off PVP). No ssj3 G2, all hairs are still G1. I can go on and on and on, but I think you understood what I am implying to you. DBC is nowhere near finished, and in my opinion should be the top priority. (Look at what I put at the end or start of my comments (IN MY OPINION)

  29. Skeptical says:

    41. List of other stuff we do not have
    -No other minigames
    -No other essential ki attack types
    -No voice creator for them
    -No LSSj
    -No SSJ4 (transformations like lssj and ssj4 are still needed not because of their power, but because of their design and how people like each of the transformations)
    -No SSJ5 (Hear me out on this one, having ssj5,6 and even ssjg1,2,3 and ssjb1,2,3 would be optional and recolored forms. In config you could choose which one to keep, people such as myself love lots of transformations)
    -No Custom ssj creator (which would be pretty great. Recoloring ssj4 and adding some personal stuff. It is not expected officially from jin, but would be a great feature)
    -No fixed proper flying (the 360 flying animation should be a god dammit default, not only swoop, which should consume no stamina or ki in my opinion)
    -Ki is still broken as hell. Moves can’t be shot more than 4-5 times if ki strength is a bit lower than the ki pool, which isn’t accurate to the series. Fly mastery should make it consume less and less ki until none is consumed(same applies to swooping) as in the series, flying literally takes no ki at all, because fighters aren’t just letting all ki flowing out into the air, but in fact using and circulating it around their bodies. Even if they did waste energy while flying, it would be literally nothing, a 0.0000000000001 difference in their ki)
    -Flying is still broken af too, I won’t say anything for this one
    -Physical moves don’t even exist in this mod. What a shame.
    That’s all I could THINK of, but there’s a lot more out there.
    42. Tcat72, with your logic There would be Bleach C, which would work great with the current system, I am a big fan of Bleach, a lot bigger than that dbz,db and dbsuper. I am a CRAP ton bigger fan of bleach than DBZ. I would die to see a proper Bleach mod (not the dead one out there), but it appears that there is no Bleach C in plans, so the same thing should be with Naruto C in my opinion, it should be put back as it’s not as good as DBZ, surprisingly enough it’s just my opinion.
    43. Can you please tell me with what you code, Jin? I wanna code the mod for myself so I won’t have to wait for your content. Give me details of the program you’re using and what kind of Java language you’re using. (I already have Eclipse though, so if you’re using that, you can skip explaining it, so you can just tell me the language). Note that I won’t put up a download button so you will feel secure.
    44. I am expecting a single answer though.

    Edit by Mod: Don’t except much with that attitude of yours. Also I answer for him, and the answer is no. Don’t even try because that will violate the terms of use. (IMPLYING that I expect whether just “No” or “Yes”, I had no knowledge of what I was doing( i.e the terms of use e.t.c ).)
    45. That ATTITUDE of mine? What attitude? Also, violate the terms of use? That is basically modding your mod, which is what Jin did to minecraft, he modded minecraft. Now, I said that I wanted to configure the mod for my OWN use, no one else’s. The mod is free to download, so I am pretty sure I can edit it myself however I want without giving the download for it, and all I’ve asked for was the language of the code.
    Try and tell me what “attitude” I’ve got, I would enjoy reading it. (again felt infuriated that he called me out for my attitude, which I didn’t even think of putting)
    46. I didn’t get mad, I got slightly angered that I was accused of acting disrespectful/showing the “attitude”, when I even said “please. If I were to get mad, I’d do something to suppress that mad-tier anger, or express my dissatisfaction and offence in more harsh way, which has become very rare these days.
    If I had the proper language of the code, I would edit or even continue the mod myself so I wouldn’t have to wait for jin to move 0.1 step every week, and I see nothing wrong with that, and as I mentioned above two times, I will not/would not give the download to public so it wouldn’t violate Jin’s only dignity. (By “only dignity” I meant his pride and joy
    47.Needless to say, I wouldn’t dare to spread his codes anywhere. I went out there and bothered to learn code up until now I am asking about its language, and what decompiler I would use, basically his set up to then continue his work and gain no profit from it.

    Dear Mod, instead of editing my messages, comment humane way like everybody else. (This is where the Bs starts. People are starting to say that I have attitude, but the fact is, I have it AFTER I was called out for having it.)
    48. Alright alright, I admit I’d break some rules, but it is not rude to say that he is clearly slow, not at all. He knows it himself, and as a mod creator, he is smart enough to realize that too. SSJ4,5,6 are for RP purposes and it adds more points to strive to after you’ve became a ssj3.
    49. I never said I’d do better, so stop bringing that up without me even mentioning it. As of creating a mod, I would gladly do it, yet don’t know where to start with my C++, Python and Java knowledge.
    50. Anyways I appreciate honesty.
    51. GodMog, He Is slow at working, and realizing that fact is not disrespecting jin, it’s just clearly realizing the fact. (By “working” I meant publishing, my bad, I couldn’t edit the comment however.)
    52. Shinji Hiraku?… Is that you? (30% joke) “No this is patrick” -Moku (Sorry I had to bring this up, it’s too amusing)
    53. Kasumi, have you ever seen a narcissist? I didn’t “badmouth” jin, go and re-read my comments before puking out that diarrhea. All I said is that he is Slow at delivering content, it doesn’t automatically mean I disrespected or offended him, he is just slow, that’s the fact. You on the other hand are too stupid to comprehend it, so you decide to mindlessly spit out some bullshit. (I was called a narcissist.) (some people think that I have put my name to “god” because I am a narcissistic scum, well guess what, it’s a joke, this name was a sarcastic joke.
    53. What ’bout Fors Kin? Is he a proper rival to Nox? I tried my best to be as disgusting and heartless as possibru.
    54. And the prize is….. NOTHING! 😀
    55. Lmao xD, the funny thing is that I literally argued against myself. In reality it’s a bit weird, replying to myself in a different tone, but it turned out to be pretty good :> (When I was “defending” this community, I was a bit serious about it.) (When I renamed my character to something more stupid, people started to realize the joke, which they didn’t before, that saddens me)
    56. Btw, I myself didn’t watch south park and came up with “Fors Kin” name xD(I never knew Fors Kin existed in south park)
    57. In o\/erall, I think this mod is beginning to finish, seeing as all there’s left is fusion, a bit more races, re\/amping and some more stuff.

    Although I ha\/e few questions left… For example, are there still gonna be a male model? Will there be limb parts and damages? Will there be faster melee and stuff? Those are the details I am unsure about.
    58. Mint, the foreskin is basically a skin flap that co\/ers your entire d*** head
    59. I have been out for quite a while now, and I am pleasantly surprised that what was considered a theory is now becoming an update. I love the upgrading stats, ESPECIALLY the big blast as it also adds Roleplay possibilities. Jin, you’ve done some nice job here, don’t worry my friend, I will take care of that Revealer of “Truth”
    60. Alright. Check out my page 1 if you didn’t, I am now working on page 3, since page 2 is already done but I want to do some stuff on it. Just saying because it seems that my comic is forgotten, it’s still on development for a really long time, you can count on it!(I believe it’s chapter 2 of my manga, maybe chapter 1)
    That is the note I’ll end it at.
    In the conclusion: I agree that sometimes, occasionally I have been using words like “bastard” or “idiot”, Whenever I used them, I was either sad, angry or upset in real life and that reflected in my comments, but since you guys don’t give a crap about my personal life, I won’t tell what happened in it. I didn’t feature the forskin/god argument because it was a joke and it’s REALLY long, I really put my heart into arguing with myself. There is a lot of misunderstanding either because I am not even English and I’ve been speaking another language since my birth for 10 years or because I don’t communicate much with other human beings. Of course I apologize for all these small bits, but seriously look at the comments, I never from the start meant any harm or hatred, but I easily get offended, so it results in argument. No one is perfect, I understand that, but PLEASE don’t go all cursing out on me, I try my best and you most likely not. I don’t know how you guys live in America, but I sure don’t live pleasantly here, so the last thing I would want to worry about is whether you understood my comments right. That is all, I believe I have already spend an hour to two hours explaining this.

  30. Skeptical says:

    It’s a REALLY long read, I have put my heart into it, so please, understand it.

  31. mathias31 says:

    Good evening Satan this is your slave speaking

  32. God's Flame says:

    add ssj4 if you have nothing to do.just give ssj4 a 2.5 multiplier and ssjb to 4 multiplier

  33. Ichiyo says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase tell me that the Bleach C mod wasn’t just an april fools joke and that you might actually work on it T-T
    Bleach is my favorite anime and you’re like the most epic mod creator in the world in my book


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