Status Info – 17w08

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About the global stat decrease.
There are at least 2 reasons why it would be good.
The further attribute limit increase that is planned.
And stats will be lower to start with, since there are complains about starting too strong.
But I’m still considering this till the attribute limit gets further increased.
With that update I will try to format the numbers to be prettier, with spaces, commas or other indicators.

Anyway about current status.
Fusion might make it in next update on 5th of March.
But it will be very simple as I might have stated in earlier posts? I’m not sure if I did or not.
So I have tested many variations how this feature could work for the first release, and I finally came to a result and its is more disappointing then I first thout, but for a start its something.
I know I am just beating around the bush, but I try to refrain form telling anything that I might not include.
I will post around the weeks end about specific details on this, but don’t expect much, having high hopes wont do any good.
Also I didn’t share anything yet about this cause as I said above I have tested many variations and I have dumped most of it. And there was no new textures either at the time.

I can tell one for sure about this matter, I’m working on making players fuse with each other first, then later npc options will be available too.

Be cool guys!

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84 Responses to Status Info – 17w08

  1. Darune says:

    Hey Jin can you make a video about fusion?

  2. mintrer says:

    I wouldn’t mind a global stat decrease as long as the TP cost was greatly tweaked.

  3. TheLeinhart says:

    Nice! Yeah the numbers do need a tweak. I also think they should actually represent how strong you really are. Example…..Bp 1 through say 10 mil could be simple with commas. Anything after 10 mil could be represented as 10.1,10.2,10.3 with mil after then to reduce number sizes. Same with the hp from ki sense. Nothing like seeing something with a health of 300 mil all in numbers and not shorted. Also an eye sore once you have a bp as high as 300 bil.

  4. TheLeinhart says:

    Also, maybe try and make a bp requirement for each transformation, if something can be implemented in that way. Kinda silly to be able to turn super saiyan with a bp of 3 or 5k. Needs to be more like 300k minimum. So like 300k base bp for SS, maybe 1.5 mil base bp for SS 2 and 3 mil base for SS 3. For god forms maybe a base of 10 mil for SSR and a base of 15 mil for SSB. Just a thought to restrict forms instead of everyone being able to become gods within the first few days of playing on servers or whatever.

  5. jplion123 says:

    Still get “Shuting Down Internal Server” when joining a singeplayer world :/

  6. Nox says:

    @jplion123, No one gives a flying fuck. You don’t need to spam this in every single fucking post. No one that matters plays single player, and if they did then they would most likely be smart enough to revert to a version that didn’t get that error.

    So, you done spamming this shit? that was rhetorical, of course you are, little sheepy piece of shit.

    Lets keep the comments reserved for people with good ideas or support for Jin, such as “Thank you Jin for everything you do for us” or “Lets balance ki and try to find a way to balance the races” instead of “*whine* This isn’t working *cry* I’m a little bitch. *squeak* Could we pwezzz have Super Saiyan Purple?!”

    -Nox Out

  7. if you can make it work with other players, go for it. but i prolly wont even use it as i dont go on servers.

    am more excited about the stat increase.

  8. Merroch says:

    Pls delay fusion by 1 day i want it to land on my b-day

  9. jplion123 says:

    I’m not the only one who gets it and i get it on servers to, and really? I’ve asked for a fix twice, if that’s “Spamming this shit on every single thread”, then is “Asking less” not asking at all? All i’m asking for is a god damn fix becacuse i’m not finding anything, not on Google, not on Youtube, and with a shitstain of a human being like you, i’m not finding one Here either.

  10. jplion123 says:

    Also, i’m using 1403 version of forge and putting all the mods in the mods folder, if you don’t have a fix for it then fuck off.

  11. TheLeinhart says:


    Not sure why you’d be getting that error. I run the mod on the latest 1.7.10 forge and have no problem with the 90+ mods on my single player or any problems joining a server with extra mods. It could be your general settings for the forge you are using. Trying tweaking the jvm arguments in launch settings. Mine looks like this,

    -Xmx4G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M

  12. jplion123 says:

    That’s the thing, everything went fine before the new Minecraft Launcer and i knew my way around the normal launcher, but after the new launcher, it all went to shit, but i’ll try.

  13. jplion123 says:

    @TheLeinHart That didn’t work either, but i’ve heard about a 1.7.10 folder in my mods folder, could it be that i don’t have that?

  14. TheLeinhart says:


    It would help if you had a 1.7.10 folder in your mods folder that contained all the mods for that version. It’s how I’m setup at least. If that’s not the issue then the only thing I know to do is to check your crash lag and see what mods might be conflicting with one another. I remember having a similar issue you are going through and it wasn’t until I went through each and every single mod I had one by one until I found the issue. Does the game work fine without mods? If so try putting one mod in at time ( obviously dbc requires 3 ). Other than updating your java or anything that can be updated to help 1.7.10 out, I’m not sure what else to do to help.

  15. Skeptical says:

    Thanks for the post info, Jin. I do not like the stat decrease however. I like to have an immeasurable room for improvement.
    I am not sure about fusion, I can’t expect much though, right now my expectations are at their lowest.

    Funny how Nox unintentionally was an asshole without any reason behind it, he just was, but then as people started talking about him as if he’s a troll, he just became that. Hm.

  16. Hirolka says:

    I think you aren’t getting across what you’re trying to say Jin.
    If it’s important that you do this, then I’m sure it will work out.

  17. Winter says:

    Half Saiyans eyes are always black for me now, nomatter if we change the eye color or not, it works for humans, but not for half saiyans, is anyone else getting this problem?

  18. Bra says:

    @Winter Yeah I’m getting this problem too

  19. Cant even Begin to say how stupid most of these comments are Jin if your smart you will ignore them as for the fusion do what you can but hopefully after this you focus on Naruto C the test saga you added in was good though plus the crash fixes god knows alot of people are happy to be able to use Naruto C weapons again when you can though try to look into the clones they don’t show sometimes on Servers other than that looking forward to the stuff you have planned

  20. jplion123 says:

    @TheLeinHart No mods work, i can’t even run normal 1.7.10, and since that 1.7.10 folder is gone, is there anyway to get it back?

  21. FranticEcho says:

    I would still like to see high numbers but if the stat decrease means we’ll start off weaker I’m all for it 🙂

  22. mreman says:

    Can you fix the eye color glitch for half saiyans?

  23. mreman says:

    Also Could you re-add the config that allows you to keep your hair when you wear a hat?

  24. TheLeinhart says:


    why don’t you try re-downloading a fresh 1.7.10 forge. Delete the one you have. Be sure to start the new 1.7.10 forge version with a fresh new world with no mods. After that go to your mods folder, if no 1.7.10 mod folder is there ( which there won’t be unless you make one. ) make one to put your 1.7.10 mods in. If that doesn’t work ask around on the forums as this is not the place to do it. Sorry but that’s all the help I know to give.

  25. Skeptical says:

    Guys read my Post about How to make the stats bigger and smaller at the same time, some of you might find it helpful.

  26. I’m excited for fusion; too bad it comes out on sunday though

  27. Skeptical says:

    TOO BAD? It’s great! Usually updates take those atrocious and frustrating changes and more waiting time added, so it’s good.

  28. mintrer says:

    Oh, yeah, fusion will get added on sunday…
    Shit. New features are coming too quickly.

    Maybe it’s time to focus on the core mechanics of the mod before we move on to more complex things? Cause the mechanics are just shitty, that’s the painful truth.

  29. GodMog says:

    jplion, use forge 1558

  30. Link1larc says:

    There is a bug if you die and someone revives you and brings you to their location they lose all their stuff.

  31. Jin can you make a video about the fusion

  32. hey jin, could you add a ki charge shortcut seperate from the release shortcut? I would like to be able to charge without raising my release %

  33. mreman says:

    I just found a bug that crashes my game whenever I try to generate a world

  34. Leo says:

    Can you release Dragon Block C in 1.8 version and can you release SSJ4. Thanks

  35. Merroch says:


  36. Merroch says:

    SSJ4 should come out cause golden great ape is a thing

  37. rodrigo2202 says:

    My hype lvl is over welming… WHERES THE UPDATE, I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Skeptical says:

    Don’t hype yourselves you fools. Don’t expect too much from just a Beginner coder. FUSION is nearly an impossible thing to implement into a minecraft mod and satisfy everyone.

    I highly doubt it’ll be something interesting, even though he said he’d update PLAYER fusion only which saddens me, since servers are full of assholes and I usually play Singleplayer.

    Besides, rodrigo, you want fusion, you don’t need it.

  39. Merroch says:

    did u just call jin a beginner
    ye your right there are way too many mods that do mutiple races with transformations and stats that can be leveled up with great models
    ye its nooby

  40. Merroch says:

    i also forgot about the custom hairs soo nooby

  41. MrCinekPl says:

    make video about fusion :3

  42. WHERES THE UPDATE! it’s 3/5/17 And It’s almost noon (for me at least) where is it!… No rush 🙂

  43. kev_spyro says:

    i believe that it’s coming out arround midnight xD

  44. Tyler Smith says:

    its 1:50 here update hype is real

  45. kev_spyro says:

    ok it’s 8 pm at my time xD

  46. 9:30 Where is the update?

  47. rodrigo2202 says:

    for me its 16:45 i cant w8 anymore!!!!

  48. kev_spyro says:

    i want the update too ;-;

  49. TheScrubNub says:

    Don’t expect the update to come out right now, maybe in like 5 hours or more. He usually tries to get as much as he can on it so just be patient!

  50. Skeptical says:

    Merroch, you must be really mentally disabled to not see that Jin most of the time calls himself a learner and a beginner. What “great” models are you on about? Female model and that’s it I presume? Everything else is decent. I am calling him a beginner simply because he prefers to be called a beginner.

    Multiple races huh, I must say you’re right. A namekian SKIN, saiyan/half saiyan/human all the same but each has less/more customization. I still don’t understand why he doesn’t add squares and triangles as muscles and types of body, and when you go ssj/ssj grade1/2 and other transformations they could increase in size. If you look at my broly model, you would see what I mean. I am not intentionally criticizing Jin, he’s done not bad, but some people just don’t see the obvious flaws and over-praise them. Did I mention that Custom Hair ssj is highly flawed and barely anything changes when one is transformed?

    Honestly I am still wondering where ssj3 g2 animation hair is, more parts to ki update, proper god ki system, lssj and male body type (remodeled) and body parts system?

  51. will soon
    Let’s launch the update

  52. Skeptical says:

    What I honestly think what’s gonna happen , which kinda saddens me, is that he worked so long just to make inaccessible fusion clothes, then when players basically agree on fusing, they just disappear and one of them takes control and keeps the clothes when the other dies or just nothing happens to him.

    I can’t expect a complicated working system, idk.

  53. TheScrubNub says:

    @God yah he said it was gonna be basic so i’m expecting as much as you. Hopefully its going to be better than what you say it is but im fine with fusion just being in for now.

  54. ….. this is so dam boring plz update!!!!

  55. rodrigo2202 says:

    Jin? are you there?

  56. Skeptical says:

    Probably not. I want the update as much as the others if not more. God damn.

  57. just realized its like 2am where he is :'( probs wont get the update un till like 5hrs from now :”””'(

  58. Skeptical says:

    God damn. Always doing that sht.

  59. mreman says:

    Jin is never coming back guys. He’s dead. Forever

  60. rodrigo2202 says:

    welp tomorrow is another day!…. my hopes and dreams still up and nothing will bring it down so ez! maybe tomorrow at 12pm the mod will be update?

  61. jmhbhbbh b fhmbnv hgv Fuk FUZkzzzzzinvvhgnb. ffs kill zKILL KILL KLL!! KIL!!!!!!!!!

  62. #RELEASE Update!!!!! start the #

  63. Just got the update notification for the fusion update! It’s out now, so quit crying and wait lmao.

  64. Skeptical says:

    What do you mean, NinjaSamurai.

  65. TheScrubNub says:

    he probably signed up for the newsletter

  66. Look on Jin’s YouTube channel if you wanna see the mechanics early, God.

  67. TheScrubNub says:

    oh ok so its pretty basic, u fuse by getting the skill from goku then both enable it in bottom left of the action menu. You then have one person hold C to charge and then the other tries to transform using G. Whoever is holding G will be the one in control and the other person will be put in a spectator type point of view. It multiplies ur stats by 2 and lasts 5 minutes unless if u transform it gets shortened

  68. Alan997 says:

    At what time will you release the new update jinryuu?

  69. TheScrubNub says:

    I like it but it doesn’t change any appearances so that will come in the future

  70. Leo Chen says:

    can u make it as one player control the key board and the other player control the trackpad/mouse

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