SSB Shinka Update – 18w22

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I know that this update took quite some while, and probably the next one will too.

I will now change how I do the update review videos.
I made a new series for the mod update reviews, and I will use the vlogs to just everything else I guess.

Sadly I was not home the past few days, if I would have been home then I would have released the update on Friday :/
I’m sorry about it. I wanted to release it.

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About the updates. I basically try to explain everything in the video.
But a short written version of it might help to those who can’t understand me 😛

I will call the expression Stamina now ActionTime to represent what i think fits it more but Im not sure yet about this.
I need more time to think about it but i will try to use this for the time being.
Attribute upgrades got now the long awaited attribute upgrade multipliers +10 +100 +1000 in the char sheet.

And there is a nice little visual, made with a number transition system. Basically when the BP changes, it looks awesome! XD
At least that’s how I feel about it 😛

The main feature of the update is the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.
I will call it SSB Shinka because its shorter and I like the Japanese version more.
I managed to tweak the aura, and it looks now a lot better I think 😀
Thou no particles yet, but those will come eventually.
Since the Ultra instinct will need it anyway.

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Now to the actual way how you can get the SSB shinka.
In the end I didn’t add the GodKi skill, but with reason.
Since i was not home the past few days, and because I was not sure on some details, I couldn’t talk about it much 🙁
So no new skill called GodKi and GodForm skill stays as well. Sorry bout it.

There is Super Saiyan Rosé Shinka, but the Rosé form is acquired differently from now on.
The SSRosé for saiyans in evil alignment got removed. You will need the divine status effect to transform in to SSRosé

If you have it, it means you are divine beings or from divine origin for the time being.
This status effect as of now wont be acquirable in single player through normal means, one have to use the status effect command jrmcse to get it.
Similarly how legendary status effect is given.
It doesn’t have time limit, but might get one later.

Also Status Effect Divine allows one to sense “divine ki” basically you will be able to sense others true Battle power while they are in a god form. Because as you know, if you are not in god form or if you don’t have GodForm skill at least, you can’t sense others true Battle power while they are in a god form.

About the next update I shell post about it hopefully within a week.


Update needs public testing!
As long as the update is shown unconfirmed, I advise not to use em!
Write in comment if there are any issues.

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JRMCore release version 1.3.15

  • ADDED – new “Above Name Tag” text, called -POWER- which if uses it will change the text to the transformation’s name the player is in
  • Updated – Translation – portuguese language for all mods – made by Grypper, contacts= Skype: Leh Grypper™  and discord: ?????#9531
  • ADDED – Translation – italian language for all mods – made by
  • ADDED – new DBC Config – “Fusion – Dance fusion – NoFuse Time” -> Time in minutes can be from 1 to 1000 (default: 10)
  • ADDED – new DBC Config – “Fusion – Dance fusion – Fuse Time” -> Time in minutes can be from 1 to 30 (default: 5)
  • Changed – YearsC mod – Age selection starts from Adult, not child
  • Changed – Stamina word is now called ActionTime to represent what actually is used for?
  • ADDED – Attribute upgrade +10 +100 +1000 to char sheet
  • ADDED – visual – a number transition system – when the BP changes now it looks awesome! XD

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.55

  • FIXED – Skill upgrade – if clicking too fast it could take more TP then needed.
  • FIXED – Dimension OtherWorld – the blackish background/blocks finally removed
  • FIXED – Dimension TimeChamber – the blackish background/blocks finally removed
  • FIXED – old issue, when in Single Player while aura anim, pressing ESC to access the in game main menu, caused problems
  • ADDED – Godform lvl 3 for Saiyans
  • Changed – Godform for races other than Saiyans, can’t be upgraded to lvl 2 and above
  • ADDED – SSB Shinka (unlocked with Godform lvl:3 and Racial skill Super Form lvl:5)
  • ADDED – new Status Effect – Divine – those who have it means they are divine beings or from divine origin. (Only command)
  • Removed – Saiyan transformation Super Saiyan Rosé for evil alignment Saiyans
  • Changed – Super Saiyan Rosé is now a visual change for the Super Saiyan Blue form that is only received if the ‘Status Effect Divine’ is active
  • ADDED – Super Saiyan Rosé Shinka
  • ADDED – new DBC Config – “Skill Kaioken – Name Changer” – it does basically what it says. You can change the kaioken forms name.
  • ADDED – Dinosaur Names were added

JBRA release version 1.6.33

  • ADDED – compatibility with the new updates

Family C release version 1.2.16

  • ADDED – compatibility with the new updates

Naruto C release version 0.7.8

  • ADDED – compatibility with the new updates
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69 Responses to SSB Shinka Update – 18w22

  1. IAmRaptor says:

    Jin, you probably have no idea of how much all of our fingerss are thanking you for the attribute upgrade xD

  2. KoolaidMan says:

    My review:
    I don’t really care for the God forms honestly.
    I was anticipating the Divine effect because it sounded neat.
    I thoroughly enjoy the visual change for BP now, it’s pretty pleasing to the eye.
    I’ve been waiting forever for something to be done with Fusion and I hope you continue working on Fusion next update.
    I’m glad we don’t need to break our fingers on stats now.

    P.S: Will other races benefit from the Divine effect in the future?

    • IAmRaptor says:

      I agree, Divine feels a bit empty and lackluster right now, it would nice to see it do more than a visual change. Dunno what but I feel a lot could be done with this effect.

      • KoolaidMan says:

        I was thinking that it could be what gives other races an extra edge, it might sound stupid to lock every races edge against behind a command but you could expand on it and even give other races access to a G.o.D form honestly, of course it wont allow hakai’ing people but it’d kind of look similar to Toppo’s form I’d imagine. Saiyans get their fancy blues and reds, Arcosians get their fancy Golden and eventually True Golden, I’m sure races like Buu and eventually Bio Android would have their own fancy canon forms. But Humans and Namekians it’d be cool if they could get a G.o.D like form when having the Divine effect.

  3. how to activate the bar that names the shapes?

  4. Great update 🙂 You should allow us in the next coming updates to expand the jrmctech command with our own ki blasts (for making customnpcs mentors).

  5. Voxelity says:

    there is a huge bug i think it’s the mod’s fault but i’ll get to the point
    i am a admin on a new server that will get released either today or tmr but we have to postpone it to a crashing bug everytime anyone goes in the Dimension when you die the server closed or crashes

  6. Prim says:

    Yes this update is most definitely broken on servers

  7. Do you plan on adding any forms for other races besides Saiyan?

  8. Duarte Silva says:

    Pls add ui mastered ui and ssjrage

  9. crashes when i use it lol XD still love dbc tho 🙂

  10. Prim says:

    A well done update, we’re all excited to use it once a fix update is released! But also, Jin PLEASE make your size editable, I’m getting tired of being a giant just because I’m a little stronger than some of the others, size shouldn’t be affiliated with constitution

    • KoolaidMan says:

      That’s a little more of an interesting request but I see where you’re coming from, but that could easily be fixed with years C for now but in the future I’d like to see a scalar for height, weight, and etc as well.

  11. Bsharprules says:

    Is anyone else experiencing a problem? When I go to the menu for character creation, I only can press one button then it won’t work until I exit and re-open the menu.

  12. PyroXK10 says:

    Hey Jin, are you still going to implement the GodKi skill in the future? I would like to see it in the game, I think is a great idea.

  13. Divinz says:

    Guys You wont believe what just happend i Change Color of saiyan and even Change stats of kaioKen and ssb shinka and fusion time
    But when i greate New player i somehow made a hint i go to Base form and i get Really super Ultimate speed and o jump higher enough than before
    I believe i have unlocked UN controlled ultra instinct
    Or its just My mistake please help me

  14. Divinz says:

    *I jump higher than before

  15. Zero says:

    I like the update but there is something that I have to put out there. Have the saiyans have enough update’s? I know this ssjb shinka is a thing in dbs but it’s getting a bit to much. The other race’s need more love. Saiyans get the most love and arco’s are 2ed in the line but humans and namekian are left in the dust.

    I play as a saiyan atm because i’m waiting for the make your own form update so I can make 100% full power form for arco’s. I was this close to remake as an arco but them BAM saiyan’s get a new form. What’s the point now? I mean might as well be saiyan as I can go ssjbs or as I call it ssjb2 lol.

    It’s getting a bit annoying that once the races (mostly arco’s) Get a form to combat a ssj form and then BAM saiyans get a new form. I mean that can be fixed if the server admin tweaks all the forms so the other races have a chance but still it’s getting a bit to much I think.

    • IAmRaptor says:

      Well Jin wants to focus on left forms, and those are mostly Saiyans’ soooo….be postive, at least that’s one outta the way.

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      Let’s see here…

      *Super Saiyan (FP, Grade 2, Grade 3)
      *Super Saiyan 2
      *Super Saiyan 3
      *Super Saiyan 4

      *Super Saiyan God
      *Super Saiyan Blue
      *Super Saiyan Blue Shinka
      *Super Saiyan Rose

      *Super Saiyan Berserker/Legendary Super Saiyan

      What else could there possibly be? I could only imagine upgrades such as FPSS4 and FPSS2 but those are barely even present in the series. Doing forms from Heroes would just be stupid when the other races could use some love. The only other forms I could think of are UIO and UI but I’m pretty sure those aren’t unique to Saiyans.

      Just tossing out what I want in terms of races rn.

      *Big Arcosian update
      PP Multiplier config
      PP Cap config (Maybe toss in a bulky model when using 100%)
      True Golden
      Maybe consider tossing in Cooler’s Golden as a Shinka equivalent
      Arcosians can add and remove forms at will and customize the
      appearances of the forms

      *Big Human/Namekian update
      Remove Super Human and Super Namek
      Split MAX into two stages (Semi and MAX)
      Maybe make it so Namekians can upgrade their Great Namek
      racial skill, the higher it is, the more they grow by holding G.
      Humans get a higher Mystic cap than other races (1.5x their MAX
      mult for example)
      Namek Fusion is added and it increases base multiplier.

      *More diverse differences
      Saiyans stay the same for the most part but a proper strain system
      should be incorporated into their forms that they must master.
      Arcosians do not gain power-ups with God Ki, instead their forms
      are generally far more powerful than other races and their
      increases in power accelerate the stronger they are.
      Humans have half the mind and tp costs for skills and techniques
      and can learn unique racial skills (Such as Four-Witches).
      Namekians can be Dragon Clan (Magic Materialisation, Healing
      and Dragon Ball creation) or Warrior Clan (Namek Fusion, Great
      Name and greater base power)

      *I would also adjust stats. Something like this maybe?:
      Saiyans = Lower their health and ki and give them zenkai boosts
      in return.
      Arcosians = Average melee, nerfed speed, much higher ki, much
      stronger will, more health, forms above first always give damage
      reduction (configurable). This makes Arcosians more like Frieza
      and Cooler overall.
      Humans = Highest ki (scales with ki fist and such), lowest damage,
      average health, average stamina, highest speed (tied with
      Arcosians) Humans should be more oriented on ingame skills that
      bolster their abilities and options in battle.
      Namekians = 2nd highest ki, average health, highest stamina,
      highest willpower, average melee, average speed.

      • Divinz says:

        You forget about two more forms that need to Come ultra instinct and mui
        And for half saiyan two more forms ssj 5 and ssj 6 yellow ouzaru form which is well Canon of course but its forms for saiyan SO that is all forms and ssj Rage to Come im future update
        But for other Races idk but for Races it needs
        MAJIN RACE
        And thats all

        • KoolaidMan says:

          – If you actually read more than the first sentence you’d see that he included Omen and Ultra Instinct.
          – SS5 and SS6 aren’t canon, will never be canon, don’t ever ask for such a monstrosity again you degenerate.
          – SS Rage probably wont be in for awhile but I suspect that it will make it.
          – Hakaishin probably wont be a race, Hakaishin is just a title not a species.
          – Buu race is already planned and was in one of Jin’s more recent polls here on the sit.

      • Ive been asking for all of those arcos changes for so long

  16. KoolaidMan says:

    – Hakaishin probably wont be a race, Hakaishin is just a title not a species.

  17. Ren11 says:

    Jin please made some FullMetal Alchemist mod PLEASE!!!!!

  18. TheDJMuffin says:

    Hey jin, i would really like to have access to a custom transformation creator before Ultra Instinct. that way, we can have more possibilities of transformations and while we wait for new updates, we can experiment with that.

    Thank you.

    • dude says:

      of you mean for arcos im fine with that if you mean for all races no plz no its not dragon ball if you make that its not dragon ball its dragon ball evolution level on that so plz dont mean all races

  19. TheDJMuffin says:

    Okay, new post, how about custom forms for arcos and saiyans

  20. Divinz says:

    I Thing i got Something for Evil saiyans well its for god form lvl 1 i Thing its better that with that divine effect It can have devil ssj with blue Hair Base Hair like ssj god red form gokus Base Hair and ssj Blue for Evil its better to upgrade to ssj red form not rose form and for UI form its White Hair and MUI its Golden Hair for Evil saiyans

    • IAmRaptor says:

      Divine only means you’re from divine origin, that you are a divine being. Not that you re evil. Even if SSR can only be obtained by Divine +Evil algnement.
      And giving alternate forms to evil players is pointless since this is again just a visual twist (aka lost work time that could be used to actually relevant features)

  21. anthony_26 says:

    You should greatly consider a small feature that will reduce the energy cost of your race’s transformation based on your battle power. As we know, as the characters got more powerful their transformations also became more stable for them, as an example there would be a +5 (as config numbers go) to your transformations for every 400,000 BP increase you experience (just a sample number), this could also be configurable to account for different server power settings; some will be easier to increase power in then others etc. Overall just think this wouldn’t be difficult to implement and a good quality of life feature.

  22. Mr_SwagEnder says:

    This next update is taking so long. I hope Jin bring some great stuff for us.

  23. kevin_50 says:

    monthly is very long for a update for UI

  24. Mitohan says:

    It would be considered long if we have to wait more than 48 hours from now, anything else is routine

  25. Divinz says:

    just one question guys and thats is how to change kaioen red into kaioken blue i change name to KenKai but color dont know how so plz tell me just how to change color to blue or just me tutorial if someone of you guys record it and i’ll send my email so i can get that video that you recorded it to how to change kaioken to blue plz
    Thanks good NINGENS

    • IAmRaptor says:

      Hé bien Jamie ! … wait wrong language…
      Well, if you mean changing the red to blue without changing the color within the code of the mod, and simply by using the config, the answer is quite simple : that’s not possible. Not to my knowledge at least.

  26. Divinz says:

    look i saw it and watch this on youtube that is write this on YouTube

  27. FlamesWrath says:

    Honestly at this point Jin, I’d just make the custom transformation maker work in a way that allows you to factor in things like God Ki etc:
    So you start making your form, you can set the multiplier up to a configurable limit, or you can select a transformation level (I.E SSJ2) and just make it a cosmetic change. If you choose to make your own custom form, you can set it to be any of the following:
    -Kaio-Ken Stackable
    -Stamina drain based (By default it will drain Ki)
    -Full Power option (This allows the form to be masterable, which ups the multiplier and lowers drain.)
    -Auto Dodge

    Picking the divine option lowers ki drain or stamina drain for transformations, making forms Kaio-Ken stackable lowers the maximum multiplier by a fifth. (If the maximum multiplier is 25x, the maximum multiplier for Kaio-Ken Stackable transformations is 5x.)
    Making the form Legendary gives it the LSSJ effect.
    Picking Stamina based drained prevents a form from draining Ki and prevents a form from being Kaio-Ken Stackable. Stamina drain based forms have a naturally lower drain then Ki.

    You can alter the drain to a point, but making the form drain more (Ki or stamina) gives you more leeway with making a form stronger, this allows players to make their own mortal forms.

    Full Power option means that the form’s drain is naturally high, but can be mastered to make the form even lower. A full power option and setting your multiplier to the maximum allows the form to go 1.15x higher. (28.75x if using the 25x example I used before.)

    Auto-Dodge is the UI effect. This, in my mind, would work in a similar way to XV2. Melee attacks are easily dodged, but cost stamina. Ki attacks cannot be dodged unless the Auto-Dodge user’s dexterity is above the foe’s willpower.

    Obviously, you can still alter how the form looks, and give it a custom name. Now here’s a list of things that cannot work together:
    -Kaio-Ken Stackable and Stamina drain based. These two cannot mix together.
    -Auto Dodge and Stamina based drain.

  28. IAmRaptor says:

    Man, this must be the longest comment section on the site.

  29. farid422 says:

    I was wondering if we ever get body types (Small, tall, fat, skinny, muscular etc.) Also I am looking forward to the Buu race! 😀

  30. Mr_SwagEnder says:

    This is taking soooooooooooooooooooooo long…

  31. TheDJMuffin says:

    yeah but if its taking long that might mean this update is better than normal

    • either that, or something happened in jins personal life that might lead to a slight delay.
      not in too much of a rush.
      im hoping we can get some improved creative mode functionality (i wanna make an op custom move, but cant because i am restrained, even in creative mode…)

  32. Leroey78 says:

    Jin can you pleaaase update the Naruto Mod?
    I know you´re very busy but when you have the time please update
    the Naruto mod.

    Thank you for your time


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