Sorry about not posting as much

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So last month I posted about my dog requiring surgery. Safe to say he is doing better now (here is sleeping at 5 in the morning).

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I hope to bring the devblog back to life but I honestly have no clue what to talk about! Rehashing ideas kind of bores me and I want to make sure it doesn’t end up boring you too. Tell me what you want to hear about. Anything!

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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34 Responses to Sorry about not posting as much

  1. Khalil says:

    Okay 😀

    *First Comment*

  2. Hirolka says:

    That’s a good pupper, hope he gets better.

  3. Nu'Dist says:

    Poor thing, glad to hear the good news!

    I’m just curious if fighting will be modified instead of repeatedly hitting someone with a normal punch, there maybe being a block feature + animation change or a upper kick or something similar, for example at maximum stamina (100%-75% or maximal range in this case) you could transition from a punch to kick almost instantly, although if your stamina dropped during a fight (from 75%-45% or into the sub-maximal range in this case), your transitions and executions of moves were slower, meaning they could be predicted and countered easier than at the maximal range. Just a random idea that just popped into my mind as I started typing this comment.

    Would be interesting to see your views on it all and what people actually find fun. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. take as long as you need, people here need to learn to be patient pickles.

  5. kev_spyro says:

    aww that’s nice to hear that your dog is feeling better ^^
    and if you want to say anything why don’t you show us a bit of some content that would come in future updates and how it would work 😀

  6. BlueNexus says:

    Glad to hear about your dogs recovery! I was hoping that you could talk about magic? Or any future plans involving it. Will it only be used for the materization skill? Or will there be more?

  7. TravelerSoul says:

    I’m glad that your dog is okay. Mine has had a few surgeries, so I can empathize. As for the devblog, I’m curious about the side quests. Of course we know about the movie ones, but what about the minor ones, like ones you’ll come across in space? Can you give us some specific examples? Also, for the winners of the one art contest, how are you going to implement their names in them? And if you can’t tell us that stuff for whatever reason, maybe explain how fighting styles will work, what they’ll do, etc.

  8. I was thinking of posting about how things such as SSJ4 and LSSJ will work since Jin says he will add those sometime this year. Also things such as Mystic.

  9. Oscurum says:

    It was not necessary to show your dog, if people decide to insult you and not believe you, it’s their business.
    I support Crimson, I hope you can come back soon.

  10. Oscurum says:

    I would like you to talk about the future plans for Naruto C and what new features plan to implement for fusion and how the fusion potala.

  11. CryoTheMayo says:

    Good to see Pupper is safe and sound!

    If you could convince Jin, how about making a ‘future updates’ post? You could detail some of the things he mentioned are coming like Legendary, Mystic, Majin, Martial Arts Schools, Androids, Magic System and so on.

    You could do these posts every week or two when the post is starting to come close to give people a heads up and hype everyone up for the upcoming updates, it would essentially act as a Newspaper of sorts for Jin’s mods, then when you get ideas you could do your usual posts like Community posts and ideas.

    If Jin is also willing you should also consider hosting posts asking for the community for ideas when Jin isn’t too sure where to go next with the mod and maybe we could come up with something Jin would be willing to go for next.

    tl:dr News on the Mods and upcoming updates and posts asking for ideas from the community when Jin is unsure on where to go in the next updates.

  12. Kiziro says:

    Btw. You were concerned about not many people reading the devBlog right? I think that a lot of ppl actually do but just dont comment or anything .3. I’m actually one of them but I just wanted to say it now 🙂

  13. That’s a good Pupper.

    Well, Mind and Weights are currently very useless as of now.
    It’d be pretty neat if they added a % TP boost to things.
    It’d be neat in that case if you had a second give tp command, of which gives tp that’s modified by any current multipliers.

    (I’m not sure how to counteract completing a saga mission and putting on maximum weights, besides calculating the tp to give upon completion of the saga mission, instead of when you accept it)

    Oh yeah, also, it’d be nice if Disabling swoop/dash would end any current swoops, just for a way to stop the stuck in swoop glitch without wasting a senzu (and swooping again and stopping)

  14. Skeptical says:

    You shouldn’t feel sorry or be sorry. It isn’t your fault and it isn’t your duty to give us posts. Of course, thank you for the posts you’ve already given, lots of writing and thought into it. Your dog seems to be fine and I am glad, as an owner myself I would find it quite terryfing if anything were to happen to my dog, so I can sympathise. Good luck.

    • who are you and what have you done with simpleton?

      • Skeptical says:

        I don’t know really..

      • Skeptical says:

        Although, don’t get the wrong idea please, but it seems quite odd that you would really care what happened to Simpleton, not implying anything on you though.

        • i’m joking. i just didnt expect you to disappear and come back being polite for a change. i’m sorry for my initial hostility.

          • Skeptical says:

            Absolutely no problem. Just gonna say this to you, when I was out, I was in sorta mental maturity, when I was thinking about this community and blaming IT rather than realizing my own flaws and problems, so as time went on I fixed them. Thanks for calling me polite by the way 🙂

          • Skeptical says:

            But as time went on I fixed my problems*

          • we all got flaws dood. i’m glad you are trying to improve yourself.
            you’d be amazed at how many people ignore their flaws and pretend nothing is wrong with ’em.
            i used to have anger management issues too. it ain’t fun.
            glad to see you are much friendlier c:
            this community would be SO much better if we all got along.

          • Skeptical says:

            Bro… Anger issues in my experience were AWFUL. Sorry if it looks like a rant, but just fee like sharing experiences.

            Basically when I seen something that triggers my anger, I couldn’t stop myself but answer to that trigger, and then be paranoid about the reply of that person if they were to trigger me even more which is the last thing I ever wanted. In my arguments sometimes I might seem somewhat calm, but in real life I was ripping my hair out with anger (damaging my only property was one of the things that happened with this anger) But it all seems to be fixed and when I see a trigger, I just go “heh okay” and ignore it or don’t take it seriously. The number of triggers has reduced heavily too.

          • mine was fixed when i was on some medicine.
            more specifically, the right combination was prescribed to help me remain in control of my temper while not making me become zombie-like.

  15. Honest Taida says:

    You were gone a week, brony… It’s not like you went to a Shaolin temple and meditated for years. Nothing has changed, you probably just got tired of everyone hating (rightfully so) on you.

  16. Honest Taida says:

    Glad you’re at least faking politeness, it’s much better for everyone.

  17. GAlex117 says:

    Dude I doubt he’s faking it, he could really make another account if he felt that way

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