Quick Fix – 17w18

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This is a quick fix for the previous update.
Check the previous post for the update information for the previous release.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.38
+ FIXED – In previous update the race statistics bonuses were changed unintentionally, now its restored

DBC release version 1.4.33
FIXED – Skill KiSense – previous update’s lagg fix activator was not working, it should be good now
+ Changed – Ki attack visual and explosion sizes are now bigger
+ Changed – Ki attack’s explosion bubble now shrinks first instead of disappearing right away when its close to disappear

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30 Responses to Quick Fix – 17w18

  1. Now I Can Use Less Than 2GB Ram At Minecraft Ufaa Thanks Jin!

  2. mreman says:

    Finally Ki Attacks have actual explosions.

  3. TheLeinhart says:

    Haha, more explosions! lol

    • TheLeinhart says:

      I’m not sure if this has ever happened to you in your world or on a server, but, my largest blast attack is called Ragnarok. Blast size and dmg as high as I could get them (blast size being more important to me). A glitch happened where it did the ground explosion ball but it happened over and over and over for about 10 seconds. Next thing I know there’s a gigantic hole in my world lol. This glitch made the explosion 5xs the size it normally would be lol. Idc for this glitch because its awesome! Destruction!!!

  4. I Think I Made The Fatal Destruction In My World … This Explosion Update Is Very Great Care To Launch The Large Blast !!!

  5. mintrer says:

    lmao he called this update “Minor”, but this is so good.
    It changes many annoying things that make dbc crappy, so it’s one of my fav updates so far.

  6. Lord Frieza says:

    Ladies ,gentlemen and apaches!
    Arcosians are now officially useless!!!
    But seriously, balance all races God damnit!

    • Zero says:

      I feel you…..I wanted the update to be that arcos ultimate evolution could be recolored and now the saiyans are getting ssj4 o.o I mean come on…..ultimate evolution if I recall is a bit stronger then ssj3 on dbc, with that arcos could take on a saiyan. But now saiyans get another form…

      I mean come on…now depending on how strong ssj4 is not only arocos are screwed but all the other races are screwed as well. Unless majin or mystic can make all the races on par with ssj4 and ssj4’s cant use majin/mysitc then say good bye o.o

    • Happy Fappy says:

      How? I haven’t tested the update, please kindly explain to me

  7. i am only gonna assume with the lssj update there will be a master broly to teach evil players his moves.

  8. TheLeinhart says:

    I’m just wondering what kinda league Legendary Super Saiyan is gonna be in. Is it gonna be stronger than S.S.3 or even S.S.4? Perhaps even stronger than S.S.G. or equal to it maybe?

    • i’m guessing legendary super saiyans will be their own branch of saiyan transformations. with lssj being stronger than a normal super saiyan, lssj2 being stronger than ssj2,lssj3 being stronger than ssj3, and lssj4 being stronger than ssj4.
      i think to balance this, legendary saiyans should not access super saiyan god forms due to being basically mindless monsters, but each form the legendary saiyan takes is still stronger than what said forms respective normal super saiyan counterpart is.

      that isn’t to say they can’t get god ki, just saying they won’t access ssjg or ssjb.

      • now, there could also be a limiter crown headgear servers can force onto legendary saiyans (who will have to work to get it off) that restricts them to the bluish-green super saiyan form seen in the legendary super saiyan. with enough strength they can then remove the crown at will, allowing them to tap into their true power.

      • Zero says:

        Ummm when did jin say lssj2, lssj3 and lssj4 was being added o.o I mean ssj4 is being added and we have no idea how strong that will be lol

        • well i always use “legendary super saiyan” as a blanket term for all of brolys transformations.
          and before anyone asks, they aren’t canon in the slightest, but. they are in (official) expanded media. so there.

    • Mitohan says:

      Psst it’s not even stronger than ssj2 sorry to upset you

  9. FranticEcho says:

    I think there is a bug where after you die you can’t charge your ki. Even if you have the ki charging skill (I forget what it’s called. I think it’s concentration).

  10. FranticEcho says:

    Wait. I think I’m just dumb. There might not actually be a bug xD. It might just be me charging when I don’t have stamina lmao

  11. Happy Fappy says:

    Yay, I like the update…. but now other races are all useless
    Time to be a half/saiyan

  12. davidmolo3 says:

    The Planned Stuff is going to be in this year or in the next year?

  13. CryoTheMayo says:

    I figured I may as well post here a concept for LSSJ I wrote up several months ago just to add to the discussion about LSSJ.

    LSSJ would be something that you are with a random chance (Config) or unlock via a admin command, with it you get only get one form:

    that form is of course LSSJ, LSSJ is a form that is as strong as the typical Super Saiyan at first, but the longer you are in it the stronger it gets gradually over time,
    The power growth is configurable of course but by default, 5 minutes in LSSJ equals a SSJ2 in power but their dexterity peaks at FPSSJ-ASSJ levels while your Strength and Willpower hits SSJ3/SSJ4 levels and you in LSSJ you regenerate ki
    at absurd rates, making LSSJs have insane ki spamming abilities that they wage destruction with, they also have larger explosion sizes, With this LSSJ is the strongest form offensive wise outside of Super Saiyan God Blue and Ultimate,
    its main weak point is its rather low dexterity which makes a LSSJ a glass cannon, insane damage output and destruction in exchange for taking massive damage, LSSJ could also eventually start causing damage to your body ala Kaio-ken
    if you stay in it too long after it peaks at SSJ4 level Strength and Willpower.

  14. I seriously think we should also look into melee super moves.
    like the spirit sword and such.

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