Past weeks – 18w09

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Finally I can tell some news.
I’m sorry the past weeks there were several issues with the website as well, and probably many also noticed.
Like some of our sites were not accessible randomly, or even the in game store feature on some of our servers.
Anyway hopefully that issue is now completely fixed.

Now to our other points.

There is now an official way to support us with our Supporters site at
Well I would provide donations without any reward aswell, but the thing is that,
I may not accept legally any donations without something to give in return, there are things I may not do because of my countries laws, I can try to bend stuff but only within the law’s limits. Thats why the supporters site was made.
You are now able to Purchase some “Vanity features” that will appear in game globally!
Now this feature is not finished but if it works, its content will grow too.
Right now there are very few content to this so, we accept suggestions on what would you like to pay for.
The “vanity features” you might purchase,  have a set duration on how long they are available to one.
Also it is explained on the site that only those should purchase who actually want to support JinGames.
We have a ban list/blacklist and so we won’t accept payments from these sources, neither for those mc names.
Furthermore there will be free vanity feature coupons available soon as well, from either JinGames directly or from servers affiliated with us.
You’ll be able to see a few screenies of the vanity features at the bottom of this post.


What more do we got here.

Well since the past week were mostly web development, sadly there is not much of a content in this update.
Mostly some fixes, new outfits (without recipe still but not for long, now really) and an increase in atr limit.



While I still couldn’t find a good Ultra Instinct aura animation, I did come up with a few aura animations for general use.
And since they are animations, I might consider some to be only available to supporters later on.
(I understand many wont like this ^ thou :P)


IF our new Supporters site works, the development time will increase!
This is fact. The point of it is obviously to get as much help as possible with a small timed rewards.
Depending its success,  JinGames’ and our Mods future can drastically change in a better way!
Not to mention if Modpacks encourage the use of this Supporters site, Modpacks might get allowed permanently.
But it is really a “depends on” if they encourage it.

Also Please try not to get on my throat because I made something like this.
I really try my best here.


Why no donation link or Patreon yet?

Well I would have provide donation options without any reward or something in return if I would be allowed to, but the thing is that the law revolving around “donations” is very messed up thing here…
I may not accept legally any donations without something to give in return, and if i do that then its not even donation anymore…
There are things I may or may not do because of my countries laws.
I can try to bend the rules to an extend but only within the law’s limits.
That’s why the supporters site was made.

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Updates were not tested properly! Write in comment if there is any issue.

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.50

  • ADDED – Outfits – 7 new outfits. (damaged parts were not added yet)

JRMCore release version 1.3.10

  • Changed – attribute limit increased to 100,000
  • Changed – (minor) – some config texts
  • ADDED – development supporting feature with a button to char sheet to go to

Naruto C release version 0.7.6

  • Compatibility
click here to go to the Download site



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134 Responses to Past weeks – 18w09

  1. Oscurum says:

    It’s great to know about you and your work!
    About the vanity options, you could add something like personalized auras.
    Thanks for the nice work!

    • It’s sad to say this but.. I agree with you fully. I kinda expected more for being gone for a solid month, only to receive a half-assed update with a big shoutout to a support page with temporary benefits. I’ve said it before when Jin has that poll but; It’s either something comestic thats 1 time purchas or a simple donate button for those who are willing without any benefits. Hell, even a paetron page that he at least commended on daily would’ve been nice. But, as I’m sure the comments will roll in ‘why don’t you make a mod’ I guess we can’t do much but give our two cents and stay disappointed. Now to wait for all the Jin-Fanboys to defend him :p Like I said before, I ain’t Attack Jin. Just giving my opinion on this Move of his. And if Jin ever decides to read this; My only message to him would be.. You can do better than this man.

      • Unwiseraura says:

        No one wants to donate (Or at least, not many people). So doing this might bring more attention and more people to donate, so he can keep affording to develop this fuckin’ mod. That, and he has a life.

    • Abry says:

      NBTEdit literally allows up till like some millions(even if STR and Will break super early) Lmao 100k is only useful for those who don’t have/use NBTEdit

      • Norbi says:

        True but, people have to be opped to use NBTEdit if they are on a server. Meaning a normal player would still just be at 50k (100k now). And most of the players here are playing multiplayer. :/

    • Ken says:

      1st. this is Jin’s mods we are talking about not nbtedit
      2nd If you don’t like how he runs things then don’t comment
      3rd hasnt your mother ever told you if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all
      4th This is his mod so fuck off and take some anger management classes
      5th he has the only dbc mod out there so you should be greatful
      6th Don’t even get on this site if all you will be doing is talking crap because you don’t know the definition of respect
      7th Jin I think chat should be banned so retarded waste of space human trash don’t disrespect and try to belittle others and sorry for my lang. but these guys need to learn

      • First off Ken.. What? I don’t know wether to call you a meme or a Jin Fanboy as I predicted. If you don’t got something nice to say it doesn’t mean don’t say it. This is a piece of work towards the public. It means it can and will be critiqued as not everyone will like it. While I agree some of the above comment (specially the top one) will seem and sound a tad aggressive, their intent with why they wrote it isn’t. They are still right in what they said; It was a month of wait that fans patiently waited hoping for something big given the sudden disappearance only to get slapped by a simple atr update which we ourselves can already do, clothing which has done by someone else most likely and a support feature which as shown is completely against what we hoped for when he first mentioned it. There is reason to disagree with the way the mod is going, and having comments is our way to show it to Jin. It lets him know that we the /fans/ who are the technical consumers of his content don’t enjoy what he’s doing. So while I can understand you telling the guy atop to tone it down, belittling what he’s saying which is truthful isn’t the way to go about it, and cursing won’t get you anywhere. “Hasn’t your mom ever taught you not to curse”? Lol.

        • Moderator says:

          And why do you think you or the second commenter represent all the “fans”?
          Just because you write a longer negative critic about something doesn’t mean you are right about everything.
          While you might have some point, but as you see there are clearly other fans who respect how Jin decided on things.
          And even support him.

          Also if someone did something doesnt mean that Jin may not add his own creations…
          As long as I know this supporters update is essential to make use of the modpacks that otherwise are a cancer to the mods’ development. Where most if not all of them violates several Terms of Use points…
          If you dont know there were several posts against the modpacks and how they make the development more and more difficult. While in the beginning there were no modpacks, and when the DBC got “popular” modpacks started to spread and the sites traffic never increased since 2 years.
          Where the ads should have been enough to cover the costs, the sites are growing in members and functions thus needs more and more expensive equipment to maintain a fluid site experience as well, while the costs grow the income doesnt.
          How do you expect for the development to run smoothly when it hard enough to pay all the costs…
          Jin also said that he will open his Patreon again, as soon as he is able to accept patreon income. Because in his country its not as easy as in the US or somewhere else.

      • Crystalgamer says:

        “If you don’t like how he runs things then don’t comment” dude.. are you kidding me? i hate cancer I can not comment on that now?

    • Moderator says:

      Chaotix… the forum rules apply here as well.
      Please also refer to one of my other longer comment.

      You sir, Chaotix, wrote a lot of nonsense, and clearly with no knowledge at all about how this site operates and how development may continue.

      Jin made this update clearly so that the modpack issue could be finally closed and move forward, and he did say that they might get allowed it this works as how he intends it.

      You make it seem like if things are going smoothly on the development side and you seem not to know anything about some previous posts with significantly important messages.
      And you talk like Jin never talked to the community about how some things are getting really out of hand.

      And I took the liberty to edit your disrespectful comment…

      • Aleem says:

        As a “moderator,” it is NOT your duty to express your opinion of the thoughts of members of the community, nor is it your duty to censor his expression. Outright editing his comment is something that is inherently immoral, as the original intent of his comment has now been lost, establishing not his, but YOUR subjected bias. There is no liberty in censorship, especially when done for an expression of opinion; in fact, that is the antithesis of liberty. You have no superior jurisdiction to express your opinion over his despite whether or not YOU found it disrespectful. Your actions have offended me deeply. If you’re going to act under the guise of a “moderator,” do it properly and professionally. There should be no reason for you to have the ability to edit comments to skew them towards YOUR thought process. Abusing your power is such an abhorrent way of getting your opinion across. Absolutely revolting.

        • Moderator says:

          You are right we will just make this legal and just use rules.
          As I see Jin has just finished the site rules and I will decide based around it.
          This is not about censoring anyone, its about counter productive opinions.
          You claim it was censorship, others think it was ranting.

          Either way a comment that is not tolerated will be removed without warning, so that the matter wont get out of hand, just like this.

          And since Chaotix clearly didn’t read any previous post, all his points were just plainly stupid, and just spoke out of anger.
          Where it was clearly told in the previous 2 posts what the hell can be expected.
          I know some people just have hard time to read, but thats no excuse. If something was explained before, why bring it up again and again.

          Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to say anything…

          • Aleem says:

            Freedom of speech means the freedom to say anything, despite who may be offended by it or how useful it is in your eyes. I’ve said it once, but now I’ll say it again; YOUR opinion is NOT held at a higher standard than anyone else’s. The ONLY difference between your opinion and my opinion is that I CAN NOT censor your opinion simply because I disagree.

            Allow me to reconstruct what you said into what you actually mean:
            “a comment that is not tolerated will be removed without warning”
            translates, by intention, into
            “a comment that I don’t like or agree with will be censored without warning”
            because, clearly, based on the fact that it was the highest-rated comment on the site (until the 30-account disliker came in), it was, indeed, tolerated–in fact, it was endorsed.

            This is all bypassing the fact that you’re not actually supposed to share an opinion under the guise of “moderator,” which you and I both know to be true. If you want to share your opinion on a controversial issue, the moral thing to do would be, not to obstruct someone else’s opinion, but to log into a non-moderator account and express a counter-opinion.

            As for your opinion in general, whether you found the comment to have an angry undertone or to be “plainly stupid” is meaningless. It does not work to provide reason to your immoral actions, as it only applies to you. You have to remember, bud, this is NOT YOUR COMMENT SECTION. These comments are not meant to be addressed to you, therefore should not be censored because you found them offensive. You can not do as you please simply because you have a weak psyche.

          • Zero says:

            “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to say anything…” Worng, freedom of speech does mean you can say anything.

            “free·dom of speech
            the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.”

          • Moderator says:

            Dudes then google, and you’ll know what I mean by it:
            Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to say anything

            Closely every link has a point.
            Its Jin’s site, and I have been given permission to do what must with the comment section withing the rules rules.
            We CAN do what we want because its OUR site.
            We WILL do what ever it takes to get those pests away.
            We WILL have a Zero Tolerance policy unless proves otherwise.

            And since Zero Tolerance was put in the rules, we will abide it.
            You can think if it as censoring if you want, we wont care what you want to say if you cant say it in a civilized manner.

            Think of it as censoring if you want to. This site is viewed by underage members that shouldn’t be allowed to see this kind of a behavior.
            The Comment section belongs to the site as well. And removing hurtful or unwanted opinions will be active from now.
            The past years there were a few unneccessary quarrels in the comment section which didnt even relate to the posts.

          • Everything can be said in civilized way. Everything.
            There is nothing that says that we must be allow garbage talk…
            I’m not tolerating offensive behavior against me or others forever. There is always a limit and the limit was reached after 4 years of tolerance.

            This is not a dumpster. “Rephrase your garbage language and i will listen to what you have to say”, why is this so hard? That is all to it.

            If you got a problem with zero tolerancy then sue us or something, its not against the law to follow a zero tolerancy policy…
            And many have a weak psyche, including me. And if something goes on my nervs, it goes to the expense of development and its quality.
            And I want to work on the mods rather then doing this kind of stupidity.
            So why should I tolerate every opinion that is the opposite of productive?
            Everyone who is a not a staff are visitors, and “this is my home, so behave your self”.

            Even facebook has filter and report possibilities to remove unwanted content.
            I absolutely dont understand why some people are so biased about freedom of speech anyway…

          • Zero says:

            “Dudes then google, and you’ll know what I mean by it:
            Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to say anything”

            Ummm…should I tell him? Ok….

            “free·dom of speech
            the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.” I mean….I did look it up on google and this is what I found…so…yeeeaaahhhh

          • You didnt look at all at what he said XD
            let me help you:
            And then google also for zero tolerance. Because that how things go now here.

            Of course you are free to say anything, but if it violates our rules it will be removed.

          • Zero says:

            There are a lot of contradictions here. On one hand there is the definition I already provided about freedom of speech and the other “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to say anything” where it says

            “What is not freedom of speech?
            Freedom of Speech means that someone’s right to say something is protected within certain limits. A person may have to suffer consequences for saying some things, but they still have the right to say them. For example, it is against the law to yell, “FIRE,” in a crowded place because someone may get injured.”

            So on one hand you can say what you want as the definition of freedom of speech clearly says but on the other hand you can’t… but you can as it says the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint, but you can’t because… know what…. this is a paradox situation right here lol

          • And thus allows us to decide whether we ignore it or not.
            There are rules everywhere. There is no place without rules.
            Where there are no rules there is still respect, and even that means to follow some basic ethical rules.

            I simply ask: speak politely, give a general respect, a civilized manner, that’s all I want to get at.

          • Zero says:

            “I simply ask: speak politely, give a general respect, a civilized manner, that’s all I want to get at.” rightfully so.

            This was an exciting debate about freedom of speech. It ended in a paradox but at the same time made me do more research in the matter expanding my horizons. I’m all giddy now lol

          • Unwiseraura says:

            Actually replying to Aleem, because I can’t seem to and you’re the closest commen. Freedom only applies to the government. Not a website based around a mod for minecraft. They have the right to silence you if they want.

      • i honestly don’t even think custom auras and forms will even be on the table for vanity features. especially since those were features jin teased us with for a long time.

        for all we know, they could just be small bonuses that don’t relate to any mod.
        but yeah. chaotix is acting quite childish when we don’t even know what jins plans *ARE*.

        if there are major features locked into “vanity”, then we can riot.
        chill. please.

      • Prim says:

        @moderator First of all, unlike what you assumed, Moderator, I did not come here just to spit out hate and attempt to further ruin the community. I came here because I Have been a part of the “silent majority” watching this mod progress for years now, and I’ve been slowly more and more disappointed with the mod’s progress, and this latest turn took it down what could very easily be a terrible path for the mod. Of course I expressed emotion in my comment, I was trying to get the point across that I wasn’t pleased with the direction the mod was heading, and although afterwards I did realize I should of toned it down, I still stand by my original intent in posting my comment, in which I did make several valid points that I feel you had no right in taking down, especially after editing my comment multiple times to “fit the rules”, only to remove it later so it could sit there and garner hateful comments and more dislikes with no one else getting the chance to read what I said, and therefore making me look even worse. I’m posting this to let you know that was rather displeasing that staff as blatantly immature as you are allowed here, especially considering the insults you threw out at me afterwards. Now, with that out of the way, I do want to point out that I’ve since read more on the subject and understand that the direction the mod is heading isn’t as severe as I originally thought (although the potential is still there… don’t let it slip to a total pay-for-content type of thing), @JinRyuu and in fact Jin’s reasoning by it is pretty understandable overall. I’d like to say I’m sorry Jin for jumping the gun and insulting you, but as a follower of your mod for years I hope you understand it was more of my intent to express my disappointment towards what I thought was happening and the direction the mod was taking than to blatantly insult you.

        • Moderator says:

          I understand that you are disappointed, but you could have conveyed your emotions in a more proper manner.
          But that doesn’t explain why you replied also with things that were told in previous posts.
          There was nothing less released then what was mentioned in a previous post.
          And you might have had valid points considering your point of view, but still watch how you phrase it.

          And as Jin also said in one of his comments here:
          “I simply ask: speak politely, give a general respect, a civilized manner, that’s all I want to get at.”

          Your case was merely the last drop, looking at some of the past years behaviors.
          If you rephrase that comment and send it to me, I would replace it with the removed one if you wish.
          Otherwise I would remove that post completely, and with it all its reply comments will also be removed.

          Also I might be immature yes, as I’m half as old as Jin and I also have my issues.
          And yea I’m aware that I might get kicked because how I do things, but at least I will have a bit more time playing on servers.

    • Zero says:

      “added “features” that can only be accessed by wasting your money on them to get them temporarily in game. No fix for the crash. On top of that, potential much needed player diversity in aura animations are going to be pay-to-get, what’s next?”

      I have found that most update’s have been small and it’s a bit disappointing but at the same time I can wait. But I will agree I am concerned about what I quoted above. Making money for your work is good but it can go down a dark path. I don’t want to see this as “hey you want this good looking aura? Buy it!” I buy cosmetics all the time in game’s but it’s from a company that has to abide by rules and regulations. If your buying from a guy on the internet you have to be very very careful as if that person screws you your out of luck.

      I think of dbc as a beta, I mean we the people do test out the update’s that come out. Now when ark survival evolved was in beta they made a payed dlc map called scorched-earth. Needless to say the community was furious as the game was not done yet but they made payed dlc. Now dbc is made by one person and that person is not part of a big company so it’s a different situation but a bit similar. What I am trying to say is when your game has a lot of bugs, unbalance issues and so on I can understand why people would be upset when the developer put’s in payed dlc.

      I agree with somethings you say chaotix as did quote some of what your saying. I’m just worried where this mod could be heading as I do like this mod and so does a dear friend of mine. I wish you all the best jin and will wait patiently for the bigger update’s but will say again I am a bit concerned of what I have read.

  2. Dragonmatic says:

    Could have just made a patreon with patreons getting a day early access to a newer update and bug test it before official release

  3. Ken says:

    See now you aren’t seeing the point it’s not jins fault that the guy didn’t get what he wanted Jin isn’t god he has other shit to deal with
    Like if your teacher was sick and a mean sub started well being mean that’s not the teachers fault so why are you guys blaming jin for creating his mods HIS way so the POINT is to be patient and if you can’t just get off of the site instead of ridiculing him and if I am a fanboy then you are a hater

  4. Crystalgamer says:

    Dude Why the Fck he dont Ask anyone for Help? Is he the onliest Dev on this planet or what?

  5. Braxton says:

    Jin, the update doubled mind costs in the config

  6. Hirolka says:

    I won’t lie, if the Supporter stuff is actually really interesting like, lets you use Jiren’s aura instead of the default, I probably will buy it just because DBC for me is what the server I’m on puts it.

    But come on, what do you really mean “JinGames’ and our Mods future can drastically change in a better way!” because it clearly doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be hiring anyone to help.

  7. mreman says:

    100,000 Max Attributes!? Wooooooohhhhh

  8. fat says:

    Friendly reminder (taken straight form Minecraft EULA):

    “Any Mods you create for the Game from scratch belong to you (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don’t sell them for money / *try to make money* from them[…]”

  9. Oscurum says:

    I understand that many may be upset and not agree with the way Jin does things, it is fine to express an opinion, but it should always be done with respect and education, because I see highly toxic, rude and uninformed comments of what is the Jin’s situation. They are also very exaggerated, at the moment there are only some icons and texts, which exists in many Minecraft servers that are also paid, I do not see people wanting to crucify the owners of these servers, they are simply aesthetic things not too relevant, in any He has said that he will add techniques or transformations for those who pay.
    Being a fan does not mean receiving everything without criticizing, but insulting because you do not agree is not only not being a fan, but being a bad person.

    Excuse my English from Google Translator XD

    • Oscurum says:


      He NOT has said that he will add techniques or transformations for those who pay.
      Being a fan does not mean receiving everything without criticizing, but insulting because you do not agree is not only not being a fan, but being a bad person.

      Excuse my English from Google Translator XD

      Disculpe mi inglés de Google Translator XD

  10. Nox says:

    Dear community. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I actually had faith in this cess pool of immaturity. I didn’t think I would ever feel the need to come back and voice some sense into you ungrateful fucks. However, here I am.

    A while ago, Jin finally gave up on getting after the little shits that used modpacks for his mods (making it to where he wouldn’t get any revenue for his work). His counter method was to instead tax the servers using his mod of a certain percentage of their income. This way, Jin could still be rightfully paid for his years of hard work.
    But now, these clueless fucks want to barrage Jin and call him greedy and money hungry. I’ve even heard some people voicing that they may just make like cunts and not pay Jin at all. It seems all respect for Jin is lost. Why? Well, I’ll tell you why. Because this community has grown. The larger the community -> the more toxic. And thinking back to how ungrateful you kids were to Jin even before this, that was actually good compared to now.

    Kids. Wake the fuck up. This mod is provided to you for free. Any money made by you on any server rightfully belongs to Jin as it was his years of programming that made your shitty server possible. If you don’t like it, use another fucking mod.

    All these ungrateful little shits are back. But unfortunately they are in the form of server owners and believe themselves untouchable by this community of sheep. Speak out against these corrupted fucks. Jin has a life, something I’m sure most of you can’t even relate to. However, he still updates his mods for this increasingly, disgustingly fucked up community. Think of all the free labor Jin has put into this mod. You server owners are leeching off of that hard work. So pay a little respect and some recompense, too.

    -Nox Out.

  11. Aleem says:

    Nice to see the effort of one guy with 20 different accounts (Yeah, he actually has 20 different alts) has gone through to shown just how much he disagrees with us. Normally I’d be annoyed, but I’m actually quite flattered that someone took time out of their life to create 20 different accounts one at a time, upvote each comment he agreed with and downvote each comment he didn’t, one at a time. Logging in, voting logging out, creating an account, and repeating this process 20 times. Congratulations, you successfully abused a pointless feature of the comment section. I’m not sure what exactly you were expecting, but I’ll give you props for wasting all that time.
    For the record, if you subtract each comment with a rating at, over, or around 20, by 20, you’ll get the unobstructed opinion of the masses. I personally don’t see the purpose of the rating system in general, but C’est la vie. It is what it is.

    • Aleem says:

      Sorry, I misspoke. This individual is currently STILL creating more accounts. I don’t know when he’ll stop, but it’s an interesting endeavor he’s pursuing. At this very moment, he’s arrived at over 30 different alternate accounts.

      • Zero says:

        I mean if he is doing what you say he is doing that’s pathetic. I am curious, how do you know he is making account just to down vote?

        • jjjccc19 says:

          With the sheer number of man babies on the internet, do you really doubt that?

          • Zero says:

            It is a possibility for someone to make multiple accounts to flag down things they don’t like, but i’m the kind of person that like’s to see proof. I mean you know how funny it would be to see it’s 100% true?

        • Aleem says:

          Taking into account the amount of people here who actually use the voting feature (5-10), it’s quite unreasonable for a handful of comments to break the 20 like/dislike bar in a timeframe of an hour or two. Taking into consideration the fact that a comment has NEVER before topped 20 likes legitimately, doing so in such a short amount of time could’ve only been done by a single individual, one who has way too much time on his hands. Not to mention the fact that only very specific comments were rated.

          • Zero says:

            Well after what I have seen the mod saying “Freedom of speech doesn’t mean the freedom to say anything…” and failing hard on that as the definition of freedom of speech is
            “free·dom of speech
            the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.” I have to take your word for it and at this point I see dark day’s for what is to come.

    • Ken says:

      No offense Aleem
      but can someone please hack aleems account and delete all of jins mods that he has on there then he’ll know how much dbc has impacted everyones lives.

  12. Mitohan says:

    Eyy the community is showing its true colours again,

    Planet of the apes is going to be a real thing if these people get any more teary lol

    • Mitohan says:

      Still love how people want him to share the mod between developers too saying “why doesn’t he get help” when donating money is more help than anyone can give.

      Kind of hypocritical but yeah sure.

  13. Antonioko says:

    I’m just glad that this little something came up, cheers everyone, I don’t feel like Jin is doing anything wrong, even if so I don’ want to say something like “let’s give him a chance” because for real i’m not a judge, I might stop playing the mod or jin will gave up, whatever comes first i will be happy, and Jin will be happy, maybe not right after, but you know what i mean :). I have been playing this mod since 2012-13 if i do recall properly, it has improved a lot and I myself find that it can go even better, let’s just help Jin, he even tried to excuse himself becausr his country doesn’t allow donations towards him or whatever, if i ever get the chance i will indeed help him, even if thst’s not a lot, and evwn if Jin doesn’t do anything, i just feel that’s fair, and he is not selling the mod, he just wants to have more time to manage everything and that includes the mod, so let’s be happy about it, Jin won’t work anymore if no one makes this easier for him, and i’m not talking about money

    • in all honesty, jin isnt doing anything wrong in asking for a little bit of donations in exchange for what looks to be titles and small effects.

      when jin starts locking major features to these, THEN we should start to get mad. but something small? please.

  14. my god, what is wrong with this forum?
    we alternate from praising jins work to wanting to put his head in a guillotine.
    we. are. owed. NOTHING. if jin wishes to, he can stop this mod
    hell, if i were him, i’d say i’d quit. entirely. it’s jins decision whether or not he wants help. he’s doing it so he can learn to code.

    as for “vanity features.” it isn’t like we’d be missing out on much. i mean, no big features (god i hope not) will be exclusive to this. we’ll still get all the outfits, forms, etc of the main mod. jin just wanted to add a little extra for those who want to support him.
    jins doing the best he can with what he’s able to do. so what if updates are a little slow?

    just… ugh… this community. why do i even bother coming here. it’s either morons who request the same things a hundred times or impatient cucks that think the second jin offers the possibility for an optional means of supporting him, we’re all up in arms that he’s a sellout.

    when he starts locking major features to these “vanity projects,” THEN we can start getting angry. but it looks like it is just going to be titles.

  15. Elias says:

    Jesus alot of you children are cancer, Its jin’s life so let the man do whatever he needs to, I’m sure you would be irritated too if you had a bunch of mindless idiots getting mad over you fixing things that needed to be fixed, I’m sure he has a list and these are one of the things that needs to be done so I’m sure you can wait.

  16. Mitohan says:

    See simpleton, this is what happens when you let them cultivate

  17. Aleem says:

    Funny how the highest legitimately-rated comment is the only one to be deleted by an insecure moderator. If you’re not going to allow us to share our honest opinions, disable the comments. It’s that simple. This has been one of the most horrendous acts of censorship I’ve seen in a while.
    Allow me to reiterate for you; if you cannot take both supportive and non-supportive comments alike, disable the comments altogether. What’s the point in investing all this time, money, and effort into a site where we can’t do or say what we want using the utilities you gave us? It’s either all okay, or none of it is okay.

    • Moderator says:

      read the rules

      And many can’t take non-supportive comments. Not to mention if they are counter-supportive. But the supportive ones can help the mods. (Living with your composition)

      As long as I know that’s why there is a comment section.
      Otherwise All the comments can be removed and disabled anytime.
      And I dont know what you talk about, everywhere you go there are rules and everyone must abide rules and regulations.

      And just because someone can say something because the system allows it is not an excuse for the behaivor.
      Everything can be told without offensive language you know.
      Just because someone feels like provoking only because they are able to or because anger, that is not an excuse for the behavior and language.
      I don’t care who it is. Disrespectful talk Is not acceptable.

      • Aleem says:

        TL;DR: “I only want to see people supporting Jin, even if what he’s doing is not something everyone supports. If I find someone not congratulating Jin for every step he makes, I will delete the comment. …Oh, and I don’t like ‘bad words'”

        If this is truly the end-goal you wish to pursue in this comment section, remove the comment section. Seriously. There is no point in having a comment section if people will be allowed only to post comments like “good job Jin,” “i love ur mod Jin,” or “thanks for the update, Jin” ‘lest they be deleted.

  18. Ronnie Talso says:

    After reading some of these comments all I have to say is.


  19. Sadly I see why, what do you suggest, you too think the Comment section should be disabled?

    But when people report issues with the updates, it is faster to write and check here first, so it is useful to an extend.

    And since I dislike many things. I prefer to be happy and go with a positive attitude. But if someone is basically holds a hater speech, ignoring it could cause even more drama, just like what happened now. Not to mention when I hoped to finally concentrate on coding alone, I’m receiving messages like “kill yourself” and such…

    Well I have a limit to what I can bear from these people. So if something is not helping me in anyway, and above all only makes me sad, thus it makes me even harder to concentrate on coding,
    I don’t think I should leave such an opinions in a places which I check regularly to see if someone wrote something interesting.
    Just to see a whole fight boiling up because they dislike what I already announced months ago, and even kept talking about it in the previous posts as well.

    I still consider my whole site as a part of my home where I wish to be comfortable.
    Negative critic is acceptable, critic it self is acceptable but I cant tolerate offensive behaviors towards me.

    I can do what ever I want, there will be always people who dislike my objectives. 🙁

    • Aleem says:

      I understand your mindset, but if you simply cannot take criticism, constructive or not, REMOVE THE COMMENT SECTION. There is no gain from seeing only positive comments, as the issue would be done away with if you don’t see comments at all. I cannot stand by a community wherein my opinion can be reduced to naught for no better reason than because it is not positive.

    • As a user of the website, I have observed a number of issues here in the comment section. I’ll try to explain them quick.

      1) Hate Speech: Definitely a problem. Some people are just say hateful things with no helpful criticism.

      2) Obsessed Fans: There are fans of your work that are such big fans, they wish to silence anyone who constructive;y criticism what you’re doing. They need to pointed out as well since they are counter-productive to development.

      Those are the 2 main problems that I see as a user. If I think of more I’ll let you know.

    • personally, i wont lose sleep if you did get rid of the comment section.
      it’s basically an echo chamber of angry children.

    • and you’re right. you have the right to shut down this whole mod and give us the middle finger with how the community has been treating you.

      not saying you should, i’m just saying i wouldn’t blame you.

      i mean, it is possible to make criticism that helps to improve the mod, heck, i’ve done it to you on facebook with suggesting infinite ki for creative mode users (which i don’t believe i thanked you on that, so uh… thanks dude.)

      i kinda wouldnt lose much sleep with the comment section. it’s a privelage that we have shown we arent mature enough to handle.

  20. I never said I dont take criticism. But that was not critic. and was not productive in any way.
    It was just a comment that was based on misinterpreted, invalid arguments that lead to nowhere just more anger.
    You say even then I should have just left it alone?

  21. It seems someone legit made 20+ quotes just to upvote/downvote people. That’s REALLY sad.

    (If you see 20+ downvotes on this comment then it’d only confirm my suspicion).

  22. Also the new rules that were made will be in effect until it proves to be wrong.

  23. Lord Frieza says:

    …. Now that’s a cancerfest.
    And here I thought that league of legends is toxic but this is madness!

    • jjjccc19 says:

      Dude, minecraft has been known to be toxic. Was just fucking about earlier, but yeah I wish more communites on the internet weren’t so fucking full of toxicity. And it’s due to the idea that, when you’re on the internet you have no reason to be nice to anyone. And in my opinion, the internet is a kind of wild west. You can try to be nice, and a good person. But there will always be someone who’s an asshole. Everyone has been like that once, and if you say you haven’t you’re lying. Anyway every community has toxcicty, but some have more than other. And it depends on how much accessibility you have to spew shit. Minecraft and league are very toxic, because it’s so easy to be a douchebag. Whether that be greifing someones house or feeding the other team. So toxicity is inherently apart of the internet. And depending on how easy it is to say something, or do something toxic, the more of it you will see.

      • IronTomato says:

        I haven’t actively played Minecraft in a really long time, but even still, I’m pretty sure that most of the community isn’t as bad as this. I’ve been reading the comments and posts on this website intermittently for a long time and it honestly has always come across as just being a huge cancerfest, although this particular thread of comments is definitely the worst I’ve seen from it.

    • is it as bad as youtube comments? i dunno. hard to tell. both are echo chambers of madness.

  24. Mitohan says:

    I still laugh to this day when people use free speech as an argument

    • Zero says:

      I mean it works. It hard to debunk it as if you try to then there is a storm brewing lol.

    • free speech comes with the responsibility to be civil. i mean, if you’re a jerk to me, and claim it’s free speech, i can be a jerk right back and mockingly throw the free speech arguement at you.

      respect is where i’m getting at. treat others how you wanna be treated.

      shame people are too immature to realize jin has the right to be a jerk if he wanted to with how he’s been treated.

      • Mitohan says:

        By commenting on this site means you are agreeing to the rules, implying that you are signing away your right to “free speech” yeah true, it boils down to if you’re a piece of shit and I attack back because of it, you can’t go around pulling up your magical shield of I can say what I want without consequences because I’m just blatantly stupid and use words without understanding them.

        And yeah it’s hard to debunk logical free speech arguments but let’s be real, almost everyone who uses that on the internet are just general pussies who doesn’t think every action has a reaction

  25. Skeptical says:

    Frieza’s race name is Daytona 500. Not Arcosian. Change it.

  26. Lord Frieza says:

    hey guys!!! I’m bac————-

    d-do I smell salt? I didn’t know salt had a smell

  27. Skeptical says:

    Hey Jin. I haven’t been here in a while. Surely a mess going on here huh? Thanks for following my deviantart! It’s a bit rusty but I am putting in the work to make it alive again. I’ve slacked too much.
    I feel sorry for what you have experienced in this comment section and community as a whole. You wanted praise for making hard work and showing off your achievements, but instead you got 95% pre-teens – mid-teens explicitly and non-explicitly disrespecting you and your mod.
    I can’t stress how stressed out I am and how sorry I feel just imagining the crap you go through. I bet you don’t even look into the comment section most of the time, afraid of the hurting disrespect that awaits.

    I am happy to see that you are doing something to support you in some way, because for a long time now I thought you needed some real credit for a mod that literally adds the ability to Train, turn super saiyan, go through the saga and just have fun. You are really a great guy no matter what people might say. Now I am not saying that every single person here is an absolute heartless monster, but I am speaking as of majority here that I’ve taken time to take a look at and investigate. Thanks for the mod , Jin. Might not seem like it but I have a soul bond with this mod as it started off a great adventure that I had when I was a little boy, and it continued as I slowly grown to be a teenager. All these years I played with my best friend , who is gone now from my life. I have played this mod with friends that arrived in my life and departed.
    I hate to sound like this overly-emotional drama king guy,
    but that’s how I truly feel. Sorry if it cringes some people out.
    Man, I thank you for making most of my childhood a dream. I never had any experience like this with a game that was popular right in its prime. Man, thinking about the history of this mod and my friends really releases a tear under my eye. You are too good for this community.

    I will draw a Special Piece for you, Jin, so if you want or can, keep track of my Deviantart page.

  28. “Maximum Attribute limit changed to 100,00″

    *puts on Goku’s Resurrection Gi”
    IT’S TIME TO BE OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I guess custom auras would be cool 🙂

  30. Kasai says:

    Good work Jin, I hope you get the support you deserve.

    Also, what are the limitations to the Vanity Features? Or perhaps, what do you want the Vanity Features limitations to be? As some people have commented, can special/custom auras become a vanity feature? Can special faces for the HD recourse pack?

    Personally, I hope that this is possible, hopefully if Vanity Features like that eventually become reality, it will inspire more people to buy some and in turn support you. This way people who support you get special aesthetics, meanwhile everyone still gets to use the mod for free.

    Even though I would like this to become possible in future, I myself with my extremely limited knowledge on programming, do not see how this would be possible, so I understand if features like this are not going to happen.

  31. Just a quick question, Now you all better not hate me because I’m JUST ASKING.

    Is the Custom Transformation Creator only available as a Vanity Feature? Or it will be added along with the Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue Evolution forms? (Yes, Vegeta’s new form is called SSB Evolution to the people who don’t know it yet)

  32. something silly and not at all related to this post, but does anyone know how i can change my profile name? I wanna re-name myself “Mr. Perfect Cell.”

  33. mreman says:

    Damn this is one hell of a salt storm.

  34. lickutung34 says:

    Like the contributor Idea, gives people the ability to help with mod development with out being directly involved. Good Ideas all around. I believe Pixlemon did the same thing but theres was a pokeball sash. either way as long as it doesn’t impact game play Im on bored

  35. FlamesWrath says:

    Alright time to give my personal opinion, Jin making an option to support him is fine and dandy, I don’t particularly care either way. My actual problem is that so far there’s been no reason for me to actually invest any money in. Jin’s spent the last few months pushing out minor updates that only change small things. The last “Big” update was in December and even that was only a fix for the legendary state. Jin gives us this stuff for free and that is true, but when he makes promises and doesn’t keep them, people are right to wonder where the bloody months went.

  36. Just a little visual suggestion for the Kaioken:

    (Before the suggestion: I know that every DBZ/DBS fan knows that the Kaioken makes the skin of the user slightly red when the technique is used, but I’ll post this anyway.)

    How’s about making the skin of a Kaioken user redden a little bit for every increase in power multiplier?

    Same goes with all the other transformations (Since there is an option that allows Kaioken to be sustainable in ANY transformation)

    It just makes it look more appealing when you use the technique.

  37. SMFH.. The Expletive brigade is back again. Both sides of the coin spamming ‘F u, KYS, Etc etc’

    It’s funny how some people can express a valid constructive criticism and get a million dislikes, while people legitimately come in and just call everyone kids, ungrateful ‘F-tards. C%^ts’ etc and there’s no problem.

    I’ve more or less given up hope on this mod, The community and White Knights have made this site almost pointless to even be on anymore, it’s just one big flamefest.

    I can care less if you dislike my opinion, call me a f’er etc, because unlike most people on here i can see a comment and move on, rather than make a big deal out of nothing.

    PS: to everyone saying he should earn money for a mod.. Does he have Akira Toriyama’s written consent to be earning money from his creation?

    No, and Pixelmon was shut down a few months back for the exact same reason when they came out of beta.

    While i can sit here and patiently wait for a decent update so i can go on a server and play for a while before the grind to fun ratio becomes a chore, I won’t go around like a 13 y/o White Knight/Keyboard Cowboy and act Self-Righteous, and go on a comment section just to get a reaction.

    ~Reign Out

  38. Ryal says:

    Strange how the freedom of speech argument is brought up when free speech is typically related to government legislature and human rights. Imagine that I walk into your house and call your mother a whore. I have every right to say it, but you also have every right to kick me off your property. This is the same deal. There is no law enforcement here. This is Jin’s site and he may regulate to his desire in accordance to the laws of his government. He may censor the comments on his site. I don’t personally endorse it, but I’m aware that it paints him a certain way and people can see that. In the event that someone else creates a DBZ mod for Minecraft, we know that Jin will have to go through many measures to keep up considering the state of the mod and its community.

    I will say that I’m not particularly fond of the regulations of the comment section, as well as the feedback given to Jin. It’s not particularly diplomatic. I only see a lack of backbone and a poor a future for this development of this mod and its developers. From what I am seeing, Jin continues developing the mod with no consideration of practicality and how the mod actually plays, and with little care on fine tuning but rather fishing out unfinished content spoonfed to the community which later results in a shared atmospheric impatience for the next update just hours later. Of course, the community is largely unhappy. It doesn’t help that the mod development is slow. It doesn’t help that the content is increasingly losing its quality relative to other mods. It doesn’t help that criticism is met with censor because it is “rude and unproductive”. Why I’ll be happy to share that in a more respectful tone. Its root answer is still the same. I’m going to hope that this is at least considered.

    Jin, I would hope that you focus more on developing more config options. For example, adjustable speed. Remove the hidden variables with ki drain on each transformation. (God forms are different from other transformations, even if it’s the same value). Adjustable options for individual stat increases. Adjustable multipliers for stats. (What if I wanted to make the body stat twice, or even thrice bigger? I feel as if the balance of damage, defense and constitution is horribly implemented) Adjustable ki gain on certain foods, etc.

    Transparency and customization in the config folder is your greatest strength here, Jin. I’m under the assumption that you don’t play your mod a lot in a community sense and probably have great reasons not to. That’s fine, but the cons show in your work. Please, focus on making the configs better and start customizing features.

    I’ll leave it at that for now. Thanks for considering this comment, if you have.

  39. Wilthos says:

    Can agree more configs would be appreciated

  40. jin i have no freinds to fuse with so can you make a way to fuse with npcs or patara earings plz

    Coming on Monday night (March 26th)
    New content for DBC will be told and probably some announcements? We will see. But some polls will be there for sure.
    I will try to limit content updates and concentrate more on fixing and continuing already added features mainly for DBC for now.
    And so I will actively check the Bugs forums more frequently.

  42. If a saiyan has no strength limit, do you think jin should put a limit? Why the saiyans always manage to outdo their strength more and more. What do you think?

    • If you have no limits, you’d be practically and literally blowing the entire world or server apart.

      Saiyans have LIMITLESS POTENTIAL. but their physical and mental limits are there. Why do you think Goku gets severely exhausted after using Super Saiyan 3 for a long period of time?

      And it’s important to have attribute limits, why? Because server owners would get bombarded with complaints on how “OP some players are” or “This server is glitched, blah blah blah, I hate this server because it is hacked”

      You know how some players go these days.

    • Besides, I think Jin would just increase the max stat limit when he wants to. But if he decides to just stay at 100,000 then that’s for him to decide.

  43. GamerKingX1 says:

    Well I feel like the only one actually interested in Ultra Insting just from skimming through the comments. Anyways maybe have the Ultra Instinct aura be much slower than all the others, as well as the hair animation be slower. Maybe even have Ultra Instinct be a status effect like Legendary or Majin? That could be insteresting.

  44. Unwiseraura says:

    tfw all these people talking about freedom of speech when that only applies to the government, and even then very few countries have it. Did you guys know Canada doesn’t have freedom of speech? Yeah. You can be jailed for speaking against, and let me repeat, the government (Or rather, the monarchy).

  45. Once I see ultra instinct with a badass aura ill be fine with whatever else he does

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