Updates Released – 17w44

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
(finally these updates are released too)

I see the new mod announcement received cold and warm but more cold for obvious reasons.
The cold welcome wasn’t a surprise but I’m happy to see that many would like to give it a try 😀
If I wasn’t clear about it, it wont be like yugioh or any other existing card game, but it wont be unique either.
I’m making my own card game mechanism in it, and in the beginning I will use DB for the first cards but they will be more like example cards.

Anyway about the update
Probably unstable so I will do quick fixes asap if there are any grave issues.
There are again new friendly NPC added, but yet again they are more like place holder for the future stuff.
The new scrolling function is something I hope many will like and hopefully it will also work XD
About the stuff I didn’t explain, i will in a day or two… 😛

Test the mods and send some feedback on it, because I need em! O_O

Have fun ^^


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Dragon Block C release version 1.4.43

  • FIXED – players could upgrade skills while fused
  • Changed – friendly NPC – Vegeta received the better hair model
  • ADDED – new friendly NPC – Gohan
  • ADDED – new friendly NPC – Future Trunks
  • ADDED – new opponent NPC – Beerus
  • ADDED – new scrolling function – for wish screen
  • ADDED – new experimental saiyan form SS4 – an universal hair is used like for SS3 – the hair is borrowed from the HairSalon site, it is the top one. Dave Steel Thank You!
  • ADDED – new config DBGT – by default its true, and atm its only function is to disable SS4 
  • ADDED – new skill – defense penetration – the opponent’s defense will be ignored a percentage but the same percentage for the damage will always be dealt minimum. From 1% to a maximum of 10%  (mobs use this by default maxed, atm not configurable)

JRMCore release version 1.3.3

  • FIXED – Mind Requirement issue for DBC race or NC clan skills when they are still lvl 1 (hopefully it works now)
  • FIXED – passive defense issue when ki release was not on 100%
  • ADDED – new scrolling function – currently used by: News, Skills, (DBC’s wish screen) and Mission System (you can now have as much description and reward button as the minecraft can hadle)
  • ADDED – for Skills screen – confirmation need for deleting skills
  • ADDED – Experimental death message for players (atm it is not configurable so can’t be turned off, I need feedback on it if it works right or not)
  • ADDED – new config – Clan Skill Hyuuga – Energy Damage percentage

Naruto C release version 0.7.3

  • ADDED – Mind requirement info added to the Learn menu
  • ADDED – new experimental special jutsu selector on the right side,
    • it uses the bloodline limit activation key to activate the selected special jutsu, including the bloodline limit.
    • As for selecting it works the same way as the DBC one, but only shows 1 icon at a time.

JBRA release version 1.6.26

  • ADDED – Compatibility with new changes in build 1.81
click here to go to the Download site


Announcement & Status Info – 17w40-43

I know…

But let me explain, it was that I had this idea I couldn’t let go, since I was sure that its something that could have a future.
And then the weeks have gone for me like crazy XD

Don’t get angry but, I made a new mod…

there are some screenies at the end of this post ^-^

You might want to ask me:
“Okay Jin, but instead of working more on DBC or your already released mods, why would you want to make yet another one when the already ones need more update!”
I understand and I agree that all my mods need more update.
But hear me out XD
This new mod will be able to work on its own without DBC or any other of my mods, except JRMC for now, but even that might be removed at a point, since I plan this to be release it for the newer minecraft versions after a point.
Also I don’t want this new mod to need too many updates, because using it with my other mods this one would be more like a minigame then a game on its own. If i had to compare it to something then it would be like fishing in a MMORPG XD
Okay I will stop beating around the bush now 😛

The mod will be called “JinRyuu’s Trading Card C”, might be not that original, but it will do and goes to the point.
Yea in the beginning it might get a few updates, but only for minor additions, features and mainly for fixes.
Also I plan for this to have a way for people to support my work if they want to.

I don’t want to tell too much facts at this point cause it is still in very early development state and many features are still missing.
A teaser video will be made after a few weeks on how it will look in an example battle.
Just to name a few features it will have:
– Card battles with a “Hologram Generator”
– Find cards and trade cards with others
– Build a deck to battle with from your card collection
– Setup some aspects of the battles
– There are 4 card classes like Being and Action cards
– The cards are customizable by the server and servers will be able to make their own cards as well
– It will use the Dragon Ball Universe for example cards, but it wont be limited to DB

And now about the mod updates

Give me a bit more time on this, there wont be too much but there will be a few useful stuff.

For JRMC the News menu, the Skills and the Mission System receives a scrolling feature. It works both with mouse wheel and a side scroll bar for those without a mouse wheel. For Mission System it is very important cause now mission creators can include as long description and as much objectives, reward options (aka route options) as they want.

DBC receives a new skill called defense penetration, and all mobs will receive this feature by default.
Further more 2 new friendly NPCs and 1 opponent NPC.

NarutoC will receive a new jutsu selection option next to the hand seals, there are jutsus that do not require hand seals, and those will use that option.
Also more configs might be added.

The update should be either within a few days or in worst case it will be on Sunday night/Monday morning Monday night. (edited on Nov.6)


And now for some screenies from the new mod

At its current state, probably not much will look like this. W
hat matters is that it should work atm, not that how it looks 🙂


Update Finally YAY – 17w39

Edited Oct 2
Quick fix #2 has been released for JRMC, DBC and NC!


This updates main feature is the new Mind Requirement feature and that there are no actual slot limits from now on the player skill list.
The ki attacks might follow this plan but that could take a year for me to get to ki attacks again, or sooner who knows.
Anyway Mind has now a function and I think with this it Mind wont be a “placeholder” anymore to an extend.

Every Skill has now a Mind Requirement and can be configured to an extend in the JRMCconfig.
You can also specify different Mind Requirements for each Skill level if you want to do so.

About the new NPCs they dont do much as of now.
The new opponent NPCs will wait till they get to be added to the story, thou there will be still a lot more to come.
And friendly NPCs, well they don’t have their own place yet but they will be needed soon enough so I have to prepare them.



Quick fix updates (Oct 02)

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.3.2

  • FIXED – “no mind available” message even thou there is enough

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.42

  • FIXED – tracksuit issue for those who had it
  • ADDED – new command function – “dbcskill give all” and “dbcskill givelvl all [amount]” (this command will always give skill regardless Mind Requirement!)

Naruto C release version 0.7.1

  • FIXED – serverside crash when loading

Naruto C release version 0.7.2

  • FIXED – server crash for kaiten
  • FIXED – in multiplayer ribcage not appearing
click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.41

  • FIXED – Ogres missing names in language files
  • Changed – NPC Ki attacks wont hit other NPCs anymore
  • Changed – some NPCs have changed skill sets to teach
  • ADDED – new friend npc – Piccolo (at Lookout)
  • ADDED – new friend npc – Vegeta (at Lookout)
  • ADDED – new opponent npcs – Zarbon – 2nd form (spawn command: /dbcspawn zarbon2)
  • ADDED – new opponent npcs – Golden Freeza  (spawn command: /dbcspawn freezagolden)

JRMCore release version 1.3.0

  • FIXED – 3 crashes (OutOfBounds and an IllegalArg and a NullPointer)
  • FIXED – Ki attack explosion issue (that caused lag for some servers)
  • FIXED – Command jrmca issue – when using “jrmca add” it has still the “short” limit
  • ADDED – for Command jrmca – a new format, to add a specific amount for every attribute “/jrmca add all (amount)”
  • ADDED – new Mind Requirement System with new player skill list core change! Every skill is configurable (old skill list will be converted to the new one)
  • ADDED – new command configs – “jrmcm – Notify admins”

JRMCore release version 1.3.1 (Quick fix)

  • FIXED – Mind Requirements network issue

Naruto C release version 0.7.0

  • ADDED – new Jutsu for Uchiha – Susanoo ribcage (basically a defense buff as of now) with a personal random color
  • ADDED – new Jutsu for Hyuuga – Hakkeshou Kaiten (still needs seals to perform jutsus for them Hyuugas)
  • ADDED – new command nccol – susanoo’s Random color can be changed with it  – Usage: ‘/nccol (susanoo) (random or HEXcolor) [playerName]’
  • ADDED – new Status Icons – for byakugan, sharingan, eight gates and susanoo (which uses the Kaioken one)


A Long Story of my current state aka whining

This might not mean anything to most of the community but if you are interested in my story (whining) about why I have hard time to do updates regularly, please bear with me. And yea probably it wont be worth your time to read this. XD

I know it took a lot of time to release this update, but there were good reasons.
You see the fact that modpacks kill my site traffic haven’t changed and its only becoming worse.
And that means the site is getting less traffic then it had 2 or even 3 years ago, yet the community grew alot…
The downloads from the official site is the only support I ask for the mod, and even thou modpacks are not allowed many still do it.
There are a few servers which are in a “modpack permission” agreement with me but even those agreements cant fill the lost traffic they generate.
And most of the modpacks that take away most traffic are servers.
So I’m actually tired of hearing that, yea servers make my mods more popular or modpacks…
Which is relative and I just see that I was lied to about it.
If getting more popular means I have to work more for less and less support, then I’m not sure on how long I’m able to work.
There were more people visiting years ago when there were less servers.
I can tell that there were 5 times more traffic back then, then now.
Which is really sad to see that I try my best and its not enough to make people download it legally, yet there are 5 times more people demanding stuff they want then when the traffic was 5 times more then now.
Look I tried to bring updates regularly, I tried to make lot of complex stuff that are still not finished just the core (one example is fusion), I tried not to bug servers and modpacks about the support loss they cause to me and to not ask from then anything.
I really tried.
But I have to do something.
I could continue coding, working on mods because of the site traffic that the downloads generated at first.
I have to do something because next year the site traffic might drop even lower if it follows this tendency, and because of that I will have even less time to code.
Everyone! I love coding, I would love to do this as long as I can, I have so much plans, ideas, projects I want to work on.
So many things that I would like to work on.
And don’t tell me that I should get some help XD
Its not modding/coding/texturing help that I need help in, its site traffic.
Help in, that people download my mods from my sites and not from somewhere else and without adblockers.
Help in, that servers with modpacks without agreement with me, ask for one (to help me develop my mods, that they use for their income…).
Right now these would be what could help me alot.
I already do countless all-nighters without much sleep just to try to finish the mod and site updates in more or less in time.

But I want to continue!
That’s why I tried to get in contact with servers and try to have an agreement with them the past months.
That’s why I had to work on my Websites.
Like JinGames has now some social features like PM-ing or friendship system and such, it was added in the hope to get more site traffic, but many disliked it or find it unnecessary (yea I know).
I also tried to upgrade the serverlist site so the moderation became faster then it was half year ago.
And I tried to work on my donation site system. (that the JinGames main server uses and btw that donation site system is actually by it self free to use, just need to get in contact with me about it.)
These site upgrade took many weeks to be made, thus the mod updates didn’t had enough time to be made with enough content (I had to reorganize the priority list countless times because I had to think about my future of continuing modding).
And because my donation site system has reached a point where it actually works how I imagined it, I was finally able to announce in my last post about that I will give help for some people who would like to try to run a server with my support.
I want to give a helping hand to people with no chance to start a server, and in hoping that the investment I’m making wont be in vain.
Doing this will and actually already does increase the time i have to spend on communication, thus again less modding time.

I just want you to know that its not an easy task that I signed up for I know but mark this, I’m only interested in game development mainly Minecraft modding.
If i wouldn’t have to bother with servers, modpacks and sites, development would be so much faster.

Another proof is that 3 years ago I didn’t had complex website systems, just basic ones.
Even adfly and shortest seems to be a joke now days compared to when I started without website.
And probably I will stop adfly and shortest links if everything would go the right way.

Now I just tried to explain my current situation, and to make some people understand why updates getting more and more late and with not enough content these past years.

I’m sorry that you had to put up with me but Thank You for reading all this whining and don’t forget, Stay Cool.

(There might be a second part of this story for those who are interested in my life.)


Status Info – 17w38

Edited Sept 30
So the update is close, but it might not be released today, at least not in CET time zone.
Also it will probably have a lot of issues, so testing beforehand will be suggested.
JRMC will increase a minor version from 1.2 to 1.3
The new Mind requirement will be configurable to an extend, so fun servers that have stupidly high stats and attributes can still change it.


Well I’m doing my best but I’m held up with other matters a lot.
I’m not sure if I should talk about those matters, but in short they mainly revolve around servers.


The update should be done still in this month, at least I hope.
Progress is good thou and the new skill list seems to work too.
Yea I know, there will be configs for the Mind requirement, it just might not be available for this update.

Now more about servers.

I’m willing to give server to those who are at least 16 years old, have ambitions and plans to create or run one, but either don’t have the money to or simply just want a server.
Based on the plans there are a few agreement options which one can choose from, but we can discuss everything.

If you are interested, go to the contact page, select the “other” category and send us a message.
I need you to tell us a short summary of your plans and goals, and based on that we will decide who gets a chance to try luck with a server.



Hyuuga clan – Hakkeshou Kaiten

Friendly NPC: Vegeta

Friendly NPC: Piccolo

Enemy NPC: Zarbon’s 2nd form (the model is not done)

Enemy NPC: Golden Freeza



Status Info – 17w36-37

Since it came to this, I think the next update might be a bigger one in a way.

I might make updates monthly now rather then every 1 or 2 weeks.
But I still want to do minor updates for fixes and such when necessary.
This being said because of the things that happened the past weeks and the current plan, the next update will still be a bit later.
But I will post Status Info weekly again, even if I cant write much.

Next update still don’t know when will be released but I can tell some more info about the content now.

The Mind attribute will have now a new role! The change will effects my RPG system as a whole.
The skill slot system will change so the Mind will be a requirement to have more skills and skill upgrades, but the TP costs will stay!
This change is a very complex one and time consuming, but seeing the Mind has atm zero use, this should be a major change for the Mind and skill slots.
The racial skills will have Mind requirement too, so it will be more expensive to upgrade skills then it is now.
This change in JRMCore might increase the minor version from 1.2 to 1.3 because it might cause issues for the skills the players already have.

for JRMC:
– revamping Mind atr role and skill slot system
– a few fixes
– new configs to customize Naruto C too like DBC
– for mission system new objective type

for DBC:
– new friendly npc’s to spilt the learnable techs and skills among
– new opponent npcs for using with the mission system, also adding a few good characters as opponents as well.
– at least 1 new skill

for NC:
– uchiha’s will get susanoo but for now only the ribcage. Yes a random color will be asigned for players and it will be only changeable by a command.
– hyuuga will get a kaiten technique (not skill)
– hyuuga clan might get the biggest change because of their nature i guess, so they might loose the ability to use jutsus that require seals (123 key combinations) and receive exclusive jutsus in exchange. the Kaiten is one of them. But since there is not much they can use yet this change might not be present in the next update.

Status Info – 17w33-35

Yet again betraying the expectations, still no release…

Please don’t expect too much, the past weeks weren’t solely mod development!

The past weeks most time went on website backend development, sorry.
There were G3 hair experiments, but its still just experiment and wont be released anytime soon.

Website News!

We now use buddypress and JinGames can be tried to be used as a social site!
Well most of the features doesn’t matter much like private messaging and such but who knows.
So the new site features include:
Extended Profiles
– Notifications

– Account Settings (Users can modify their account and notification settings directly from within their profiles)
– Friend Connections (Users can make connections so they can track the activity of others and focus on the people they care about the most)
Private Messaging
– Activity Streams (Global, personal, and group activity streams with threaded commenting, direct posting, favoriting, and @mentions, with email notification support)
User Groups (Like Forums but groups allow users to organize themselves into specific public, private or hidden sections with separate activity streams and member listings)

Naruto C

Hyuugas will receive a new jutsu, Hakkeshō Kaiten.

And the uchihas will get a ribcage for start.
It will work similarly as skill ki protection.
Its still work in progress thou.

I might edit this post to write a few lines about DBC too.

Minor Update – 17w32

The content update will be later.

So about this site, I’m not sure how many would like this but soon I will try to install buddypress to make this website more community friendly, with groups, activity page, friendships, private messaging, notifications maybe even rewards and hopefully some more stuff.

About DBC, the Status Effect Legendary will be available for all the races eventually, but for the rest it is still under planing how it should work for them.


click here to go to the Download site


JRMCore release version 1.2.47
+ ADDED – new Config for DBC – “Racial Skill Arcosian – Power Point multiplier”
+ ADDED – new Config – “Offline Server Protector” – to prevent some gui interactions for a limited time (Online servers should have no use for this unless they use a password plugin I guess)
+ ADDED – new Config – “Core System – Attribute Cost mulipier” – Attribute’s TP cost mulipier. The higher amount the higher will be the increase of the TP cost after each upgrade.
+ FIXED – crash with mission objective state in for saiyans having the status effect legendary
+ FIXED – config “Status Effect – Legendary – For every day a Lucky player” setting it to zero didn’t disable it
+ FIXED – for Naruto C – when doing char reset skill names are shown as error in the console


click here to go to the Download site


Would you support JinRyuu by purchasing exclusive in game visuals for JBRA mod? (like low resolution icons or specific words above your minecraft name tag? or icons/symbols appearing on some outfits?)

View Results

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I would also like to know about what you would like to have as in game visual maybe that would be worth for you.

Fix Update – 17w31

Well this week was mostly fixing, there are still a lot to be done.
Anyway next update should have again some content for DBC and Naruto and maybe for SAO too.

Since the BP scaling change to make it better for the “in game power comparing” many didn’t like, I made Client Settings section in the training menu.
There you will find a Battle Power scale change where you can use either the Normal and a High with a higher scale that used to be.
In addition I made the numbers a lot easier to read!
The Client Settings will probably be moved to a better place, since the Training menu is not the best place for it.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.46
+ ADDED – for Char Creator – hovering over the face options will enlarge the model and turn off light!
+ ADDED – In game “Client Settings” have been added, and found in the Training menu atm
+ FIXED – After resetting or startnew pressing V right after, would bring up an empty sheet instead of the Char Creator
+ Changed – Some large numbers are more readable, so not everything. (Slowly every number shell be more readable)

DBC release version 1.4.40
+ ADDED – In Training menu in the “Client settings” – you can change your BP formula from Normal to High to have stupid amounts of BP. (since its only visual thing nothing more)
+ ADDED – Great Ape transformation sound!
+ FIXED – missing transformation auras
+ FIXED – wrong aura ring color when transformed
+ FIXED – auras being a little more up positioned when transformed
+ FIXED – legendary mode is not working if kaioken is enabled

JBRA release version 1.6.25
+ FIXED – the SS Green (the form as of now named in dbc) the pupils for the 2 states have been switched

click here to go to the Download site

Legendary – 17w30 (qickfix#1)

Okay so, the SAOC mod will also continue slowly, cause I really want to make an RPG mod too. But yea I have thought on making an original RPG mod, and no not like the DBC and NC one, but something similar to the D&D systems.

About DBC, I don’t know how can people tell me that no more new saiyan forms when saiyans have many forms and it keeps increasing… While other race rarely have a new form or never.

About Server list site, it has gone through some changes. Server application rules have been added and some more info.
Furthermore moderation become a lot faster now.

A new site will be added soon! Finally a place where the change logs can be checked, and I will try to implement a portion of it to JRMC so that at least 5 of the latest change logs can be viewed in game as well. Yay for progress… I wanted to make this site a very long time now. Well next to a lot of other things but hey, there is progress. XD

Also I know that the sites are down quite a lot, hopefully in a week it will be fixed.


EDITED on Aug. 2:

A quick fix has been release for JRMC!
For those who used the latest version even thou its unstable, it is essential!

JRMCore release version 1.2.45
+ FIXED – some random crash from previous update
+ FIXED – for NarutoC the action menu not appearing if DBC is not installed (while action menu has been started to be used for NC with the Eight Gates)
+ FIXED – manual attribute upgrades when reaching above 32767 go minus.
+ ADDED – New command – for character reset the JRMC’s Reincarnation => “/jrmcrei (playerName) [keepAttributePercentage] [keepSkillsBoolean] [keepTechsBoolean]”
+ ADDED – for Status Effect Legendary – Players can receive it now randomly. Every minecraft day there will be a roll based on the 2 new configs!
+ ADDED – New Config – “Status Effect – Legendary – Chance to get it” => The chance (in percentage) for a player to receive the Legendary Status Effect every 20-30 mins, regardless of race even thou only saiyans can use it atm.
+ ADDED – New Config – “Status Effect – Legendary – For every day a Lucky player” => Above this amount a player will be always selected to receive the Legendary status effect, regardless of race even thou only saiyans can use it atm.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.44
+ Changed – increased attribute limit to 50.000
+ ADDED – for Mission System – the unlock function now supports mission IDs within a mission/story file. Check for more in the Mission System page
+ Changed – Barber menu – player model position has been moved a few pixels downwards and left

DBC release version 1.4.39
+ Changed – old kai’s ritual is placed in the learn skills for king kai
+ ADDED – new Status Effect – Legendary! Only for saiyans, if they have this effect saiyans can use yet a new “powerful” form with some drawbacks. Till next update use the command: “/jrmcse set legendary 1”
+ Changed – BP calculations formula became flat simple! No more ridicules BP amounts without reason… and it never even scaled with the real in game power levels, only with the spent TP.
+ ADDED – new Outfit – Black Supreme Kai set

JBRA release version 1.6.24
+ Compatibility for new changes

Naruto C release version 0.6.4
+ ADDED – new skill – Eight gates (atm with no sounds and is a replica of DBC’s Kaioken, later functions will change)

SwordArtOnlineC release version 0.0.4
+ ADDED – 26 new weapons (only acquirable by mob drops)
+ ADDED – 2 new outfit but these don’t have stats yet (only acquirable by creative)
+ ADDED – animations for holding different type of weapons (currently, short swords and spears have animations and only for “Sword Art” power users)

HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.6 (only 256x)
+ FIXED – battle armor corrupted texture causing crash
+ FIXED – arcosian 3rd form missing horns

click here to go to the Download site


HD Resource Pack Addon version 0.6 
You can download it from here:


Legendary or Berserk? Meh…
The new Status Effect Legendary is only for saiyans as of now and if they have this effect saiyans can use a new “powerful” form with an additional buffed version for more power, in exchange for all other transformations and kaioken.
Death will result in loosing this effect and also it has configurable player limiter on maximum how many player may have this effect.
If a players manages to acquire this effect above the limit, the player will loose it soon right after. So even commands can not give it to more players then the configured limit.


Ridicules BP amounts are over?
Maybe, at least for now. The BP calculations formula became simple.
The main problem with the old BP formula was that it never scaled with the real in game power levels, only with the spent TP. So for players it was not easy to compare themselves to other players, but with this lower scaled formula it is not hard to guess if one really has a chance or not. Of course nothing is perfect, even this is just experimental and so the current one will change soon too but not as much as it has now.

Another reason for the change is the TP spending formula the old one used. Where if someone got stronger and stronger, mainly with attribute upgrades, it resulted sadly in fps drop on weaker PCs. So since the demand for higher Attributes has risen the BP formula had to be changed again, and it is now a lower number with a better comparability. (the BP probably will never be accurate to the series, and as we noticed it doesn’t need to be, this is DBC a fan made mod, and not even official games have accurate BP readings)


SAOC only
I know its not the best but with these arms and legs I think this is a miracle too XD


Status Info – 17w28-29

Sadly no update this week either, but around next weekend there will be.
(Next post about it will be around 31th of July on Monday, with either the update or another status info)

The G3 custom hair system will be harder to add then I thought.
If I have some images that I can show off, I will put up some polls about it to know if you like it or not.

Roughly what to expect for the next update:
– few fixes overall
– some minor stuff
– increase in attribute limit to 50.000
– LSS form that will be for now a temporary form that you can loose if you die and only a limited number of players may have it at a time.
– new experimental feature to make mod outfits
– BP calculations getting a new formula. The current one was based on TP. The amount on how much was spent on skills and attribute upgrades resulted in the BP. Since the demand for higher Attributes has risen the BP will change to a more practical one? oh well you’ll see… (but the BP probably never will be accurate to the series)

– new items

– a new skill