New Forms Update – 17w04

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Okay so basically the God forms are temporary and there is a cosmetic switch in dbc config to turn off the red eye and flaming aura change all in one if not wanted.

The god form is a sensitive subject where many things are not clear and there are many misconceptions including the DB heroes game where many “facts” tend to come where that is not at all canon. It is a separate game with its own features, rules and play style that was balanced based on their own thoughts. Thus I wont base DBC on DB heroes cause to me many things don’t make sense in DB heroes, so DBC will go its own way.

Anyway I have been thinking for a long time now how god forms should be made for other races so they make sense and fit to DBC.
And well these god forms is not what I have came up with in the end.
I have found a better way to introduce the God ki BUT for that I would have to change the whole god form code and that friends is not something I can do in a short time.
For now I will use this and try to balance it over time and change their cosmetics if necessary, but when the time comes this whole god form system will change.
Also I’m aware that red eye and flaming aura is not good thing but I wanted to make something players know when someone uses the god form and i thought it would be a good cosmetic to start with till there are more reference.

I will talk about this in more detail on how they will work in the future but for now bear with this version of the god forms for the time being. Also any reference from the anime might result in sooner change to the plan anyway.

Be cool guys and have fun with the new update!


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JRMCore release version 1.2.30
+ Compatibility with new DBC changes

DBC release version 1.4.25
+ ADDED – new transformation – human buff form
+ ADDED – new transformation – human god form (learn skill GodForm from King Kai)
+ ADDED – new transformation – namekian giant form
+ ADDED – new transformation – namekian god form (learn skill GodForm from King Kai)
+ ADDED – new transformation – arcosian ultimate form
+ ADDED – new transformation – arcosian god form (learn skill GodForm from King Kai)
+ ADDED – new Config – “God Forms Cosmetics” can be true or false, by default its true and will result in red eye and flaming aura
+ FIXED – You can talk to any npc and it counts as talking to the mission specified npc
+ FixTry – Another try to fix swooping and dodging glitch

JBRA release version 1.6.14
+ Compatibility with new DBC changes

HD Skins release version 1.3.1
+ FIXED – an issues where uploaded hd skins wont appear for some users

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Status info & polls – 17w04

Okay so Crimson didn’t really like how I want to release this update.
That is why I will do this poll post before update.

A first appearance of the the new forms is ready for release, let me list the stuff.
Transformations will be choosable the same way saiyans change their transformation tree between SS grade forms to SS2 and God form.

Every race that doesn’t have god form will get a temporary god form till we have canon reference for them. The god forms for each will be basically the same, and I will use SSG as base reference for now.
So the God form will be basically the base form for every race with additional change in eye color to SSG’s red color and aura to SSG’s reddish flaming aura.

Additional Transformations:

  • Humans received buffed form that changes size and becomes bulkier like SS grade 3
  • Namekians received giant form that changes size like saiyan great ape
  • Arcosians received ultimate form that temporary is colored the same as the Golden form from Freiza. Changing ultimate form colors Will come in a later update

And now to the polls!
Note that based on these polls the update might not be released on late Sunday.
Also even if the update wont be released, without canon reference for the god forms, there wont be significant change in the forms other then customization options for eye and flaming aura colors for client side. Thus the colors would be not personal with this choice.

Do you want this update this weekend?

  • I like it release it! (81%, 939 Votes)
  • Add more before release (means no release this weekend) (16%, 191 Votes)
  • I don't really like it but release it! (3%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,165

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About the temporary God form for Humans

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About the temporary God form for Namekians

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About the temporary God form for Arcosians

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Status Info – 17w03

Hello everyone!

There will be no release this weekend, the stuff planned just couldn’t be finished in this short. Since I want to update some older back end code it takes more time. I also need to prepare some stuff for some new features that will be added after the next update.
Not to mention I have to create some new websites to make my job here easier.

Many things are not clear how the upcoming weeks and months will go and what features will be added since there is still so much to add and not to mention fixing and recoding the older features… deciding on what would be the best is not always the easiest thing.

Be cool guys

Update & Status Info – 17w02

Okay medical liquid is now something everyone can make. 😀
Check Namek for the new Medical Moss block and start growing your own.
Recipe and a screenie from the block can be find at the bottom of this post
The textures can change in the future cause they were hasted.

And the next 2-4 weeks will be about:
– god form for every other race,
– adding buffed form for humans,
– adding giant form for namekians,
– and finally the arcosians will get their ultimate form.

Also this year I want to concentrate on Naruto C more again cause it was very neglected.
All the new features the DBC received the past year will be very useful for the Naruto C updates.

Thou many stuff still needs recodeing, I will try to keep it minimal and only change stuff when there is no other way.
Also I will start checking the forums contributions section more and try to use what I can from there!


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JRMCore release version 1.2.29
+ FIXED – a crash for Naruto
+ FIXED – missing translated lines issue

DBC release version 1.4.24
+ ADDED – new Item – Medical Moss item to make medical liquid (texture by Crimson)
+ ADDED – new Block – Medical Moss plant block (textures by Crimson)
+ ADDED – new Recipe – 8 Medical Moss and an empty bucket in the middle to make a “Medical Liquid Bucket”
+ ADDED – To Namek Dimension – generating “Wild Medical Moss”
+ FIXED – shift clicking in gravity device gui
+ FIXED – gravity device won’t drop fuel inside it
+ Changed – DBC mob attack distance increased
+ Changed – power percentage and rage bar color to inverted color
+ Changed – Swoop now uses some ki too

Naruto C release version 0.5.17
+ FIXED – compatibility issues

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New Recipe

New Block
Medical Moss block (in wild on Namek)

Update & Status Info – 17w01

Ki Technique update Phase 2 part 2

So a simple custom technique teaching has been added, for more check below for the rest of the new stuff.
I’m not sure on what next time will be added just yet, but I will do a post sometime the week about future updates.

About posts, minor change in future post titles.
From this post on I will use the same week info format that minecraft snapshots use, like for this it is 17w01 which means 2017 week 1.


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JRMCore release version
+ FIXED – Energy explosions not dealing the right amount damage
+ FIXED – Ki Technique – Wave type exp gain
+ ADDED – Ki Technique – Teach button (will change later cause this is not the master system, that comes later)
+ ADDED – New Safezone feature – buckets cant be used anymore within safezones
– Removed – Naruto C jutsu unlearn TP return (for the time being)

DBC release version
+ ADDED – For Gravity Device – gui to change gravity and it needs now fuel like a furnace till custom energy sources are added
+ ADDED – New Item – Medical Liquid Bucket (Thank Matu for preparing the code for me to implement)
+ Changed – Config – “Energy cost modifier” default value changed from 100% to 50%

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Status Info – week 52

I’m sorry guys bad news, I don’t know why but my windows broke again…
So there wont be a week 52 release. I’m sorry but I’m still fixing stuff in the mods source that has been damaged and reinstalling apps.

More about this unfortunate event below

My windows broke on Thursday and of course a percent of my files got corrupted again.

Luckily this time my skype was intact and I had a backup of the mod source from last month but some other important files didn’t make it. For example my main plan file is gone so I need to rewrite that. And as for the mod, most of the stuff that was added the past month, well I’m workin on getting back what I can from where I can.

I honestly don’t get this. Even last time the reason is unclear why this happened. I was hoping that this time there was no corruption so I was not sure if I should post about this or not and hoped I could fix it without Windows reinstall, but I was wrong. Many random files got corrupt again, that’s why I do this post now to tell you that there wont be a week 52 release because of fall back in development again.

And for last at least you guys have a Happy New Year

Ki Technique update – week 51

Ki Technique update Phase 2 part 1

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ki attack teaching didn’t make it but it will be for the next update.
I didn’t had much time to enjoy the holiday so excuse me for this hasted release.

A known problem about this update is that Wave attacks wont gain exp yet.
For next update I will try to fix what i can including the swoop bug.

So basically the next update will be about mostly fixing and the ki technique teaching.

I hope its simple thought but I will try to summarize what we got and how to use:

  • Every custom ki attacks can gain exp if they hit a living entity and level up (except wave attack atm)
  • To gain exp just hit mobs with the attacks and you can check the exp in the ki technique screen
  • If a technique has leveled up you get an upgrade point and you can spend it to upgrade the technique
  • You can change DBC config to change the exp gain for ki attacks and also you can change now the ki attacks cost.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.27
+ FIXED – a tp give back bug

DBC release version 1.4.22
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki technique exp gain rate per living entity hit for ki techniques. The higher the more exp will be gained.
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki technique exp amount needed to upgrade to first level, the other levels will multiplied with this amount. The higher the more exp will be needed to upgrade.
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki attack cost modifier
+ ADDED – Ki Techniques – upgradeable stats for custom ki attacks: Speed, Damage, Ki cost, Cast time, Cooldown, Density, Size (density only reduces size atm)
+ ADDED – Ki Techniques – 3 new types: laser, spiral, large blast (pre-made ones are not changed yet)

JBRA version 1.6.13
+ Compatibility – with new changes
+ ADDED – New Animation – Rise both hands for Large Blast type ki attacks

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Status Info – week 50

Upgradable ki techniques should be done next weekend (around Sunday late night as usual ) and if I can finish it sooner then maybe the technique teaching as well.
You will be able to upgrade, speed, damage, cooldown, cast time, density and size for now.
There will be also new ki technique types, laser, spiral, large blast and barrage.
The idea of these upgrades are not only increasing some stats but if used without thinking they can reduce effectiveness for other stats as well.
Every ki technique is different in a way and the upgrade effectiveness will be too.
An example would be if someone would only increase damage, after a few upgrades the damage wont even increase but also some other stats would also start to reduce.
So finding the right combination will be key for a good ki attack.

About help. In Forums there is a contribution forum. If anyone posts there content and I like it I would add it. Also getting in contact with me through my contact page is another way to send me content. With content I mean models for mobs like dinos would be good to have some more or better and a new dragon as well 🙂
Sounds that are prepared for use or blocks, items and outfits are also welcomed.
If the content is stolen I wont use it. If the content turns out to be stolen later on after I use it, I will take it out immediately, replaced with an other or I make one fast myself.
For skins I would prefer them in my style.

Well I kinda guessed that i wont make it this weekend cause of what were happening the past weeks, more about that below.

Reason for slow progress:

Well the progress has become slower again because I got a sudden exam on next week and I have to go every day to classes since last week.
I didn’t expect that the past months become so thickly scheduled. I’m not good at these exams so only if I succeed will I be able to have more time on modding.

Small update and Status Info – week 49

Mission System Tutorial has been released.
View it here:
And there are he videos available too from the page and from my youtube channel.
This is the Part 1 of the tutorial:

Well it still needs more work, but I already had hours this week in these to make them and the mods were behind again.

But atleast I managed a small update.

The next update however will be a bigger one.
The next phase for ki attack update has been started.
Phase 2 of the ki attack update will be about leveling and upgrading them.
The max level of a ki attack will be level 10, like for a skill.
Ki attacks will have a few stats that can be upgraded to have a more customized ki attack.
There will also be back draws for them if for example only 1 stat is upgraded, thus finding what combination will work for you the best will be essential. (atleast thats the plan, we will see what I can get from this out)

Also depends on if i can finish it in time, then also players will be able to teach others their own ki attacks.
Players who want to learn will need to pay TP. (and even Zeni when the DBC currency will be added)
But being a teacher wont be as easy too. You will be able to teach your ki attacks to others and maybe even your skills, but others will need to pay more TP then what you did for those.
Unless your have a skill called Mentor. It wont be cheap but with this others can get what you teach them for a for a little less TP and even you will be able to earn a little TP from them this way.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.26
+ ADDED – “EntityList.txt” file generated in missions folder in data folder of a world
+ ADDED – Status effect icons (mostly made by Crimson)
+ FIXED – A crash with no DBC
+ FIXED – A Mission system bug (I forgot which one T_T)

DBC release version 1.4.21
+ ADDED – new Outfit – Black Goku gi
+ ADDED – Super Saiyan Rosé appearance for evil saiyans instead of Super Saiyan Blue
+ ADDED – New command – “/dbcreincarnate [playername]” to reincarnate player anywhere
+ FIXED – Ogre bug

JBRA version 1.6.12
+ Compatibility – with new changes

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Status Info – week 48

This weeks there was not much of a progress on mods, but that doesn’t mean that there were no progress at all.

I mainly had to work on the host change of the sites which was successful in the end.
But there were a lot of errors so there still might be some left, so if some features of some sites are not functioning as they should, just let me know. I hope it was worth, for me atleast the sites seem a little faster.

About the next update I will write in the next post which will also include the Tutorial for the mission system which might come in more parts to separate some of its points. (Mainly the already functional part from the not shown in example parts, but are included and hopefully working)