Hollows are comin – 17w13 (april joke partially)

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Edited on April 2, 2017!

The updates will come probably every 2 weeks now. So no update this weekend.
Can’t help it, if something is not done I can’t release it.
Next update info will include whats coming up, so stay tuned.



Original post on April 1, 2017!

Its in long time in work now but finally its released!
Bleach C is out with a lot of features!
It is using my rpg systems!

Main features:

  • races
    • Human you must be to use Bleach C
  • world
    • soul society dimension
    • Hueco Mundo dimension
    • Soul balancing
  • class – choose your way or let your fate choose instead.
    • Plus aka ghost while dead in overworld but not passed to soul society. required to become hollow. but shinigami can perform Konso aka Soul Funeral on you. Also Hollows can hunt you down.
    • Fullbringer power user, you must be alive. Choose an item and use it as your main source of power.
    • Quincy power user, you must be alive. Find a teacher npc and ask to become a Quincy.
    • Shinigami power user, die and go to Soul Society if you were good. kill hollows and follow missions to increase power
    • Hollow power user, die as a bad guy and go to Hueco Mundo where you will become a low level hollow. kill and feed to increase power
    • Visored power user (subclass), as a Shinigami who obtained hollow powers you will be banished from soul society, but you’ll get stronger.
    • Arrancar power user (subclass), as a Hollow which has removed its mask you will gain Shinigami-like powers. Final possible evolution of a Hollow power user.
  •  outfits
    • Shinigami aka Soul Reaper (Im not sure who uses which)
    • Arrancar
    • Quincy
    • school uniforms
    • and some more
  • items
    • a bleach item to make yourself a bleached Shinigami outfit
    • zanpakuto with various looks
  • mobs
    • Shinigamis and their subclases
    • Hollows and their subclasses
    • Pluses running around
  • unique stuff
    • after making a zanpakuto, it will be bound to you, and you will be able to create your own
    • Gigai
    • Shinigami and Hollow rankings, so you can become Captain class and actual Captain for a squad on a server, having lieutenant and so on.
    • and a lot more to come soon
  • skills
    • all Shunpo (called different for each class)
    • Shikai (Shinigami)
    • Bankai (Shinigami)
    • Resurrección (Arrancar)
    • Reiatsu sensing
    • Cero (Hollow)
    • Kido (Shinigami)
    • Reishi (Quincy)
    • Spirit Weapon (Quincy)
    • and a lot more to come soon
  • stats
    • Reiryoku -> powered by spirit
    • Reiatsu -> powered by willpower
    • Spiritual Awareness -> powered by mind

Shinigami with zanpaktou

Everything can change anytime, so don’t take them as granted, but most of them should work quite well.

Or if there were any…

I hope you like it 😛
Don’t hate me for this XD



JRMCore is needed for Bleach C!
JBRA is needed for JRMCore’s rendering like custom hairs!

click here to download JRMCore version 1.2.35a
click here to download JRMCore version 1.2.35a Installer

click here to download JBRA version 1.6.18
click here to download JBRA version 1.6.18 Installer

click here to download Bleach version 0.0.1
click here to download Bleach version 0.0.1 Installer

By downloading these mods you will will support my works and the future of Bleach C.
Basically I will use it as a poll, the more downloads the more people want Bleach C to be developed.

I know I know, another mod. But I never said that would work on it alone.


JRMCore release version 1.2.35a
+ Changed – armor handlers

Bleach release version 0.0.1
+ New OvA2qvvsjLuxcpYB95N71I2OYxZAwd+N1+3aclgOsHrbSK4yXyN2BIWpUgeeAnLj9UIykHcobyXZgQvvsjLuxcpYB95N71I2OYx71I2OYclgOsH71I2OYN2BIWpUg71I2OYnLj9UIykHcob



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Update – 17w12

This update is mainly for fixing some issues but still adding a few new stuff.
Well I didn’t sleep much the past days so I couldn’t test them attentively.
And because I want to release it already, there might be bugs left. So I will await the bug reports you encounter, either new or old doesn’t matter.
Mainly NC, SAOC and Family C I’m not sure if they work right.

There is still much to fix but reminding me on some specific problems/issues will make me try to prioritize them more.

Be cool guys


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.35
+ FIXED – half saiyan black eye bug
+ FIXED – invulnerability of Natural power type
+ Changed – Speed formula and stat is now shown in percentage with 100% being minecraft speed (for DBC and NC)
+ ADDED – New Command – Ki technique exp giving – Usage: ‘/jrmctexp slot amount [playerName]’. ‘slot’ can go from 1-4, ‘amount’ is max 10 000

JBRA release version 1.6.18
+ Compatibility – to work with newer JRMC

DBC release version 1.4.30
+ ADDED – New outfit – Fusion Dance
+ ADDED – Fusion skill – can now fail if skill is not high enough. lvl 1 skill for both has 36% chance to succesful fusion. lvl 10 for both has 90% chance.
+ ADDED – New Config – “NPC Otherworld Ogre Disable”
+ Changed – Lock-on requires now Skill KiSense
+ FIXED – Minor ki cost issue
+ FIXED – Fusion name issue

NC release version 0.5.19
+ FIXED – attacking while blocking
+ FIXED – very old issue with ranged weapons like kunai and shurikens rendering. (new models are also in plan)

Family C release version 1.2.14
+ ADDED – New Config – Disable & Remove Children – does what it says, changing this to true will remove all children on server and disable further procreation

SAOC release version 0.0.3
+ Compatibility – to work with newer JRMC and JBRA


click here to go to the Download site

Status Info – 17w11

Nope, I can’t make it in time yet again. I will be late a few days.
But fear not! Progress is always there. More on it further below.
Damn life… if only I could sit all day and just do modding… (I’m not allowed to say more)

The website host had again some issues, we try to fix it a few days now but… yea issues still happen. Any website issue you find please use the contact page to let us know.
About the contact page, I know you might not get a reply or just late. That’s because I either forget to reply or simply I didn’t receive it. There are also times when the given email is not correct to reply to. But just try using it, we are watching.

Anyway about the mods.
Next update will have:

  • JRMC – changed speed code, hopefully it will be a lot better, but don’t expect to get faster, only relatively based on your attributes and skills.
  • NarutoC – fixing issues for ranged weapon and any crashes still present.
  • DBC – fixing some Fusion bugs, and adding a new outfit


Well there might be some more but these are for sure to be included (hopefully).
Just give me a few more days if you want at least the above stuff.

Be cool guys
and please don’t get upset

Status Info – 17w10

Unfortunately there has been not enough time to work on the mods, so no updates this weekend.
Thus I can’t really list atm what will be in the next update, but I can tell for sure that definitely some more stuff for fusion.

I also want to work on recoding finally the speed stuff, since awhile now there has been a new formula for that but I couldn’t get to it since. That will also benefit Naruto C.

I’m not sure on what more will there be for DBC for now, but I want to start on fixing up Naruto C a little and giving it a few new features.
Also there are plans for an official Naruto C server as well.

So I’m not sure what will make it to the next update. But website updates are needed as well not to mentions some other stuff that I already should have published.

Anyway about this website.
The post comments have now a like, dislike system and we have a new moderator.
There will be soon some small changes in the serverlist page as well.

Be cool guys!

Fusion update – 17w09

Edited on March 08:
If you can’t comment let me know through the contact page!

An experimental fusion feature has been added yaay!

Me and Crimson made a fast short vlog but I couldn’t use my video editing software so its actually a raw video. But I hope its still useful.


With sweat and blood fusion has finally come too.
This fusion will be the Dance fusion.
Potara fusion will come later if this is finished!
Since this is the first release of the Fusion feature it is very broken.
I can’t find all the glitches so I guess many will be fixed in long run like the rest…
Also many aspects/functions for fusion are not added yet, including the look.
Meaning both players will keep their looks.
I want to make sure all know that this version is only the barebone of the fusion feature and doesn’t have any fancy visuals!
I will await feedback on this!
Below the change log part, you can check the explanations for the Fusion.

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.34
ReADDED – Client sided Config – Hide Hair When Helmet On – if false you’ll see everyones hair regarless of helmet
+ ADDED – Compatibility with new experimental Fusion feature

DBC release version 1.4.29
+ ADDED – New skill – Fusion (1st version)
+ ADDED – Master NPC Goku – Teaches Fusion skill
+ ADDED – New Status Effect – NoFuse(Time) – means No Fusion till time is over
+ ADDED – New Sound – Fusion sounds
+ READDED – Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s drop out feature after a 24 mins and can’t go back for a time.

JBRA release version 1.6.17
+ ADDED – Compatibility with new experimental Fusion feature

click here to go to the Download site


How to fuse:
– server needs it to be enabled in jrmc config file
– learn fusion skill (it has levels but doesnt do anything atm)
– in action menu both players enable Fusion
– first who wants to be the “Spectator” player start releasing/charging
– then who will be the “Control” player start ascending

What Fusion can do for Control player:
– fusion will give the worst attributes from both players and double them (this is dance fusion after all)
– I think for control player thats it atm
– ascending while fused can reduce the fusion time

What Fusion can do for Spectator player:
– should be invincible
– can’t damage anyone
– can’t break blocks
– can’t move but can look around
– can’t use items
– will tp to control player if too far away
– anything attacking him will be redirected to Control player
– using JBRA, atm the “spectator” player can see their fused name

Known problems with Fusion:
– using fusion without JBRA will make both players visible and probably not good for a fight (well that is if DBC runs without JBRA)
– only “spectator” player can see their fused name
– in some cases the fusion wont be over for one player when the other is out of it. (I need to know in when it wont work!)

What Fusion doesn’t have at the moment but probably will have later:
– tp share
– ki attack fusion
– skill fusion
– aura fusion
– hair fusion
– fusion outfit
– DNS fusion
– fusion done effects
– stuff to do for “spectator” player
– going to a different dimension


Status Info – 17w08

About the global stat decrease.
There are at least 2 reasons why it would be good.
The further attribute limit increase that is planned.
And stats will be lower to start with, since there are complains about starting too strong.
But I’m still considering this till the attribute limit gets further increased.
With that update I will try to format the numbers to be prettier, with spaces, commas or other indicators.

Anyway about current status.
Fusion might make it in next update on 5th of March.
But it will be very simple as I might have stated in earlier posts? I’m not sure if I did or not.
So I have tested many variations how this feature could work for the first release, and I finally came to a result and its is more disappointing then I first thout, but for a start its something.
I know I am just beating around the bush, but I try to refrain form telling anything that I might not include.
I will post around the weeks end about specific details on this, but don’t expect much, having high hopes wont do any good.
Also I didn’t share anything yet about this cause as I said above I have tested many variations and I have dumped most of it. And there was no new textures either at the time.

I can tell one for sure about this matter, I’m working on making players fuse with each other first, then later npc options will be available too.

Be cool guys!

Fix release – 17w08

Usually the new stuff causing the most trouble I know.
Anyway with this it should be fine.
If not let me know asap, I know you will.

There might not be anymore release this week thou, but we will see.
The latest on Sunday a status info will be posted that’s for sure.

Also I started thinking on reducing the whole stat increase equally by dividing them with around 5.
Since the attribute limit has risen there can be very high numbers when there is no need to.
By dividing them with 5 would mean no one would get weaker neither stronger, its just apperance and only the numbers telling the stats would appear smaller where the results will be the same as before. Its just a little too much where we talk about 100 thousand or even millions of damage IN Minecraft.
So let me know what you think about this and on the poll below the release log.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.33
FIXED – Ki attack damage problem
+ FIXED – Arcosian one hit kill problem
+ FIXED – Config – Damage multipliers were resetting after a restart
+ FIXED – Mission system – Some players couldn’t login to server after editing missions
+ ADDED – Mission system – NPC kill protection – basically not any NPC will do to progress kill objectives (Check in Mission Systems page to know more)

DBC release version 1.4.28
Changed – Action menu – minor text change
+ FIXTRY – Swoop/dodge glitch – yet another try to fix this the double tap (not working as it should) issue, I’ll await feedback on it


click here to go to the Download site


Is it okay to divide stats by around 5 equally?

View Results

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Update news – 17w07

I didn’t have time to work on fusion cause of these new features but I will try to show something next week hopefully.
Till further notice I will only look more in to fusion next week, except for fixing.


Some more explanation about the new stuff:

For projectiles like arrows fired with a bow, they will receive 1% of the ki power as damage and will cost the same amount in ki energy as well. Basically ki will be infused automatically to projectiles.

NPCs received the kiai aura blast to make “cheaters” harder time to kill them. (who are actually just using the holes in the base Minecraft systems so i can hardly blame anyone)
So since its still hard to fight strong opponents if you are weak, but to get stronger you need to kill them to gain more TP, so its a hellish loop where “cheating” can help alot, even then its grinding, I know. But still minecraft it self has its flaws and in a way I try to fix them to give a more… competitive feeling? I think thats the closest word it comes to my mind.

With fly skill you can now change fly mode to “dynamic” when in that mode it will use the swoop functions. It is still not good with the speed but I will look in to it. Change fly mode in action menu. The “Simple” is the one that already was available.


click here to go to the Download site

Naruto C release version 0.5.18
+ FIXED – some crashes

JBRA release version 1.6.16
+ FIXED – issues with Naruto C

JRMCore release version 1.2.32
+ Changed – max attribute limit increased from 10,000 to 30,000
+ Changed – human and namekian racial skill – upgrade costs increased to match the other races costs
+ Changed – base constitution attribute increased from 20 to 25
+ Changed – base spirit attribute increased from 20 to 30
+ ADDED – change in transformation multiplier configs to include more details on which line is what transformation for. (older configs will be still there but not in use)
+ ADDED – mission system compatibility with Naruto C (still work in progress but should work to an extend)
+ ADDED – DBC: now ki is infused automatically to projectiles, like arrows fired with a bow. (later it will be a skill and switchable)
+ ADDED – DBC: for testing reasons players will receive reduced damage based on their transformations bonus power (on next release it probably will be configurable)

DBC release version 1.4.27
+ Changed – spacepod interface a little (background still needs change)
+ FIXED – current main missions that were supposed to be completed in overworld is now requirement
+ ADDED – for NPCs new technique – kiai aura blast technique (invisible force push) (this is a new type of ki attack that players will also receive later on)
+ ADDED – for skill fly – swoop-like animation for normal flying (switchable in action menu)


click here to go to the Download site


Status Info – 17w06

I’m sorry that I didn’t write sooner about this but there wont be new release this weekend either but I have good reasons why.
As you noticed I didn’t really say before what I worked on cause I was not sure what to tell, but now I can.

Anyway I experimented with the fusion and it took a while to produce some results, soon I might be able to show the progress.
Messing with fusion took quite some time away from stuff I wanted to do and additionally I’ve also been doing some backend updates to some sites (and still working) and trying to make a new “site” where change logs will be easier to check and hopefully already added features will be viewable too.

About next update, it will be probably on next weekend BUT I will try to haste it to release it before weekend.

The followings are planned to be released:

  • NC – fixing some issues with Naruto C
  • JRMC – mission system compatibility with Naruto C
  • JRMC – change in transformation multiplier configs to include more details on which line is what transformation for
  • DBC – swoop like animation for normal flying (switchable)
  • DBC – new spacepod interface
  • DBC – a change in mod NPCs attacking functions
  • DBC – new function for willpower
  • DBC – new skill to further powerup melee (switchable)
  • DBC – new skill to reduce incoming damage
  • DBC – new skill to bring more use for melee (there might be more then just one)

Some stuff are shortened and not public on what they actually mean yet and probably not everything will be released from the above, but we’ll see.


Be cool guys!

Fix release – 17w05

Hopefully this update will fix most of the current problems.

I’m sorry but I forgot to write that no release this weekend.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.31
+ Compatibility with new DBC changes
+ FIXED – energy release – old bug when release goes over the actual limit specified by skill potential unlock (for both DBC and Naruto C)

DBC release version 1.4.26
+ FIXED – race arcosian – attributes wont reduce in reverse forms
+ FIXED – race arcosian – crash when using power reserve in new forms
+ FIXED – kaioken – cost problems in new forms thus costs have been rebalanced
+ FIXED – namekian giant form – aura increased

JBRA release version 1.6.15
+ FIXED – arcosian ultimate form – first person hand didn’t change
+ FIXED – some minor color problems


click here to go to the Download site