Ultra Instinct Update – 18w32

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Okay I know, I know. But at least something is released right?
This release should be considered untested!
I tested the functions I added, and changed to an extend.
But that doesn’t mean I didn’t broke other functions, features.
Look at it as a public test release.
I will await the reports about the issues for the update.
At this points I don’t mind bug report comments, but the bug reports forum would be a better place.
Anyway after making this update stable, I will try to concentrate on going through fixing bugs mostly from the bug reports forum as well.

So there is now an experimental Ultra Instinct.
It has a few conditions, and as of now it shouldn’t be that hard to access it, but probably its not going to be very useful.
Conditions to access it: Body below 20%, no 0% release, no status effect Pain, not in Mystic, no Majin, skill godform (lvl2 for saiyans), only useable in base form.
Benefits: 80% chance to not receive any damage at all, and a configurable multiplier.
Conditions and benefits probably will change already in next update, but I can’t tell anything for sure just yet.

A Simple Knock Out System has been also added!
Enabling Friendly Fist from Action Menu wont kill the opponent when the body reaches null, instead the opponent will retain 1 body (HP) and receive a Status Effect KO. The KO-d player won’t be able to move or attack or be damaged by Friendly Fist attacks.
BUT npcs or disabled Friendly Fist Players will be able to damage a KO-d player regardless.
This might cause several abuse possibilities, but this probably should be controlled by servers how they let others abuse it.
For now the KO status effects stays for 30 seconds, later it will be configurable.

For server owners!
As I tried to put up a few warnings, if you intent to use this update for your server, please consider the consequences that in worst case your server might break. This version is like many other previous updates and mostly unconfirmed, unstable ones, they are not stress tested or might not even run at all neither in SP or MP and might require a quick fix update.
So please, stress test every update before putting it on your main server!

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For today I’m going to bed right after the release, and in the next days, as soon as I can I will make a review video and update this post with it.


Update needs public testing!
As long as the update is shown unstable, I advise not to use em!
NarutoC is not compatible with this JRMC update!

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.3.16

  • FIXED – Above Name Tag feature, it should work as it is supposed too! Sorry for the late fix 🙁
  • Compatibility with DBC v1.4.56

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.56

  • FIXED – Char Sheet – the transformation multiplier indicator
  • FIXED – Char Sheet – the incoming damage reduction indicator
  • FIXED – Death in difficulty Insane – stats in Insane mode won’t decrease beyond the minimum starting attributes anymore
  • ADDED – Status Effect Transformation icon – used only while you press the transformation button
  • ADDED – Status Effect Mystic icon – appears when in mystic form
  • ADDED – Status Effect Pain with icon – debuff, will result in slowed movement. Atm Senzu wont cure it and it is used to limit UI access.
  • ADDED – Status Effect Ultra Instinct state with icon
  • ADDED – Status Effect Knocked Out icon – when KOed you won’t be able to move or hit entities
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – similar way to activate it as for Mystic and Kaioken
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – very simple aura
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – conditions to access it – Body below 20%, no 0% release, no status effect Pain, not in Mystic, no Majin, skill godform (lvl2 for saiyans), only useable in base form
  • ADDED – Ultra Instinct state – benefits: 80% chance to not receive any damage at all, and a configurable multiplier
  • ADDED – Heat bar – used as a timer for UI. If full, the player will receive Status Effect Pain
  • ADDED – New Config – Skill Ultra Instinct – Attribute multiplier
  • ADDED – Simple KO System – attacked by Friendly Fist and instead being killed, the attacked player stays at 1 body point, and receives a KO status effect for 30 seconds as of now (later configurable)
  • ADDED – Action Menu – Ultra Instinct enabler as for Mystic and Kaioken
  • ADDED – Action Menu – Friendly Fist enabler – for KO System

JBRA release version 1.6.34

  • ADDED  – Ultra Instinct state  – silver eye color atm for every race until further changes.
click here to go to the Download site

Status Info – 18w31b

Hey guys!

Sadly I wont be able to create some features I wanted to for the next release.
Atm the UI is really simplified, and to access this state several conditions must be met.
Server’s will be able to set the damage multiplier for the UI.

Well I would explain more, but I think I will go back working on it so I can publish it asap when its done.
For now this is probably how the Ultra Instinct experimental v1 will look like and v2 should have the slightly standing hair hopefully.

There is a video how it looks for Patrons 😛

Status Info – 18w31a

It seems I wont be able to release the mod yet.
It seems the world is against me.

Since yesterday right after I published the patreon post there was a power outage, and no one knows yet why. but my neighbor has power… tomorrow afternoon should the landlord be able to look at it.

Before the power outage my gf’s pc stopped working, and I have no idea why, but my gf is on my neck that i should fix it. and so i tried, without success yet.
Then her monitor doesn’t work somehow either now :/
Which might be related to the power outage or pc, so I visited my parents and at least I got a replacement for that.
And still yesterday on the same day everything happened at once, her chair broke too XD
anyway, I got power from my neighbor at least, and borrowed temporary laptop for my gf. so since then I couldn’t work without power, and neither today, because I was running around to do something about these, I was able to sit down now at 10pm and I will do an all nighter in hope to post something specific about the mod in the morning.
And if everything goes well the UI, even if its experimental, will have some nice functions. 😀

I’m excited how it will be welcomed.
So atm a max 2 day delay probably is unavoidable.

Previous patreon post:
Tiny Status Info – 18w30a

It is possible that the update wont make it for even Tuesday, because this UI version that is being worked on might have a bit more functions then expected XD

That could be good and bad as well.

Anyway since something is needed to fill in the UI requests, I have to make it. And I want it to work then, and probably everyone else too. XDBut still this UI might not be something easy to access :/
I will try to add configs for servers to make it possible to be easier as well as harder, depending on server.

Large Status Info – 18w23-30

Covering the past weeks on what I should have written.

I’m not sure why is it so hard to write frequently. T_T
Anyway in summary this post atm will only tell roughly
-why I didn’t post until now,
-what happened in the past weeks,
-what are the next plans.
And I’m really sorry but probably there is not much in value for the community in this post.
Basically what I write here is what I should have written the past weeks, in tiny Status Infos, so you guys know whats going on. I know.

Now a little blabla about myself.
I don’t know if I already posted about, or anyone knows it but I have kinda social phobia and mostly prefer to be alone or to be with only persons close to me. But I actively fight against this behavior thus stress builds up and things happen like this. Either for short time or like as it happened now.
It’s like I can’t keep fighting myself, I need a break and behave how I want to, but honestly I don’t know.
I never really looked into this thou, but I might have too.
Why the hack can’t I get used to talking to people in general, mainly through internet, I don’t know.
I guess I don’t felt posting mainly because problems piled up since May and couldn’t concentrate on the things I wanted to do.

So what happened since last post in June.
I continued experimenting with a new aura type for the upcoming UI without much success. I thought maybe after a little time I will get some good idea on making what I imagined, so I continued working on other things I wanted to.

Website backend updates changes no one cares about, I’m trying to optimize my codes when I can. This took approx a week.
Website GDPR stupidity which automatization is still incomplete, I also tried talking to a new accountant and a lawyer. Dev for this took closely a week.

I decided to continue working on some site projects which has been around for a time I just put them aside, like
the changelog, resource pack sharer, mission system uploader and creation helper, new download site, hd skin site revamping.
These would be the priority site projects.
I worked around 2 weeks on site projects, and I wanted to concentrate on changelog and the RP sharing one first. I thought those would be fast to make. Well since I experimented with trying to use a new site framework without success that took quite a few days as well. In the end they are still not finished, so I still will need at least a week per site for these. But since modding was kinda neglected, I will put it for next time I guess.

Then I was looking into my android game project ,Dragon Artifact Arena. I last worked on it 2 years ago and well since then I haven’t touched it until now.
I also worked around a week on it and progressed a lot. I would say it needs a month plus a few weeks, and it could be in a playable state.
At least for a pre-alpha state that is. I want to try adding ads in it and thus hoping in fixing some financial issues.
I got some help from my brothers on this one, so after its done, it they could potentially update it regularly afterwards.
Probably I would get back some modding time with this too again.

I’ve started to actively work on a server network, which I might have mentioned already in a previous post. The main benefit of my server network will be obviously me making exclusive server and client sided mods.

After that there were a few days when me and my family were on the summer anime convention. This is mostly personal life so read this section further only if you are interested. I tried to make a cosplay for my gf but didn’t looked well so I resorted to only make a custom kimono for my gf. And in the end I didn’t have time for my own yet again 😛

Since the past week I’m mentoring my gf’s brother about modding and how he could help me in it. Luckily he can work on his own. I wonder when he will be able to actively help me out XD

And recently I’ve been looking into my trading card mod and creating an announcement vid?
Well it’s not in playable state just yet because it had to be postponed because of DBC dev and many other reasons.

Well in the end I couldn’t create the UI aura I wanted to. :/
So I will keep doing what I did with many “features for the first time”, creating a “temporary” version of the UI and its functions, and after some time (months or… years) I believe I will be able to create how I want it to be. But for now an over simplified version as usual will have to do it. Since I’m already being asked too often yet again. I would love to hear more about what I should fix or work on, rather then UI here, MUI there.

Also I received a big help in creating/converting DBC for a newer MC version not long ago, so I’m thinking on making a playable version for that too. Though it will have tons of missing features regardless, and will still take a couple of weeks to actually make it run, but it should work.

Now what is the active plan
DBC update should be on Monday or Tuesday and its main focus should be on:

  • experimental Ultra Instinct
  • simple KO system
  • some fixes

Then what?
Ah those plans that are just lying around waiting to be worked on… The problem is that even with having tons of work to do, I keep having ideas on how to make stuff differently, or what new things to even create.
And that still means, no end in sight for development, and I’m not just talking about DBC here. But yea DBC will probably still be my main focus for quite some time.

Eh I couldn’t create a freakin schedule plan again… I will still work on making one, but until then here is this pot.
Pot of DBC Plans (Shortened Future plans for mainly time consuming features, changes or minimods ATM)

  • Custom Transformations
  • Ultra Instinct
  • Majin race
  • Fusion V2
  • DBC Saga revamp
  • ki attack update
  • space
  • Androidification
  • G3 custom hair
  • master-disciple system
  • character slots 3
  • built in tutorial
  • new NPC mechanisms
  • Duel and tournament system
  • Player size changeable
  • player sided saga difficulty settings

Just to be clear this is not a priority list here ^
These are not just major/big features, but varied ones in size and time, that I want to work on.
Its just what I want to add, but I’m not sure when I will get to them.
Also there is a lot more, I just don’t want to put everything here just yet.
And I still want to decide on a place/page/site that I will dedicate only for plans.

So what about the Future of mod development.
And I couldn’t even write enough about the topic I originally wanted to.
I’m not even sure what I may reveal. But for now I will go what I already mentioned.

So a separate DBC version for a new MC version shall be created.
And depending on its popularity as time goes, the most popular shall prevail and the other be pushed to a minimal update interval.
Sounds good, and that also should open to new possibilities for me.
Mainly learning more about the new MC versions, because I know very little atm, and what I know I don’t like XD
So I want to make myself used to that.

Then there shall be my Trading Card C (TCC) mod which probably many didn’t understood how it will work.
Even though its main focus will be where servers will be able to create their own cards, with also removing the built in ones.
My TCC mod will feature its own Trading Card game with its own unique rulesets! That means you won’t be able to recreate any other Trading Card Games (TCG)!
About it being unique I actually mean, that I will try to make what I can to make a nice TCG game work in minecraft.
In the beginning it will be probably very unbalanced, but as experience tells, every start is harsh.
For me at least it is usually true :/

Aaand Naruto C… well I guess interest in my mod is probably gradually losing because the lack of updates.
I know. But there is really so much I want to work on and there is absolutely no time.
And as time goes, I noticed more and more things are there that I want to do or have to or I must.
Anyway, it’s not lost! I still like it and I will continue, also probably all of my mods!

Then again for some DBC.
As I talked about a few times what should be next and such.
Considering the votes, messages, opinions, I might follow a specific line.
I will now write a rough priority list, that I might change when I have a change in my mind though as usually 😛
These are major features, not minor ones.
So I decided to add the Majin race then. It shall be a simple like the other races. Obviously with the highest regen rate, more about it another time.
Ki revamp. It is inevitable. The current ki attack system is s**t even with using my nicest language. And there I have new one in experimenting already. It would be a shame not to finish it. 😛
Space update. Not sure how deep I will make it at first. But I have a some nice features planned for it, and if the important ones work, it shall be considered playable.
Androidification. New skills, new looks, new systems, new playstyles. Just don’t lose your limbs 😀
And then I will try to continue Fusion. Potara, hair fusion, maybe outfit mashup and such.

Some final words for this post
I hope I wrote enough to compensate at least a little for the loss of info in the past weeks.
And again I’m sorry. The lack of information is kinda 

Next week I will definitely post something, and it should be about the next update. If something comes up, I will let you know this time.

Tiny Status Info P – 18w28a

Okay it seems that I disappeared for quite some time. Sorry…
In a few days I’m going to publish a larger post about whats going on :/

I will try to explain a few things and the main topic will be of course about the future of mod development.
And since there are a lot to cover in this, I will also try to announce a milestone list on around when and what should be done.

Well not just for modding but for everything. But what most of you are interested in I shell try to highlight it more. Also I will try to make for this an actual vlog.

Basically a schedule plan in long run again. Of course it wont be fixed but only a rough plan, since as experience tells that things mostly never turn out as initially planned XD
This will be closely the same as I used to make the “term plans” but this time it should be more consistent? Or I don’t know how to say this 😛

And again sorry to all who also wait for a reply from me. I will contact everyone who waits for a reply as soon as I can.

(This is a Public Tiny Status Info that appeared at https://www.patreon.com/JinRyuu/posts as well)

SSB Shinka Update – 18w22

I know that this update took quite some while, and probably the next one will too.

I will now change how I do the update review videos.
I made a new series for the mod update reviews, and I will use the vlogs to just everything else I guess.

Sadly I was not home the past few days, if I would have been home then I would have released the update on Friday :/
I’m sorry about it. I wanted to release it.

Please accept YouTube cookies to play this video. By accepting you will be accessing content from YouTube, a service provided by an external third party.

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About the updates. I basically try to explain everything in the video.
But a short written version of it might help to those who can’t understand me 😛

I will call the expression Stamina now ActionTime to represent what i think fits it more but Im not sure yet about this.
I need more time to think about it but i will try to use this for the time being.
Attribute upgrades got now the long awaited attribute upgrade multipliers +10 +100 +1000 in the char sheet.

And there is a nice little visual, made with a number transition system. Basically when the BP changes, it looks awesome! XD
At least that’s how I feel about it 😛

The main feature of the update is the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.
I will call it SSB Shinka because its shorter and I like the Japanese version more.
I managed to tweak the aura, and it looks now a lot better I think 😀
Thou no particles yet, but those will come eventually.
Since the Ultra instinct will need it anyway.

Now to the actual way how you can get the SSB shinka.
In the end I didn’t add the GodKi skill, but with reason.
Since i was not home the past few days, and because I was not sure on some details, I couldn’t talk about it much 🙁
So no new skill called GodKi and GodForm skill stays as well. Sorry bout it.

There is Super Saiyan Rosé Shinka, but the Rosé form is acquired differently from now on.
The SSRosé for saiyans in evil alignment got removed. You will need the divine status effect to transform in to SSRosé

If you have it, it means you are divine beings or from divine origin for the time being.
This status effect as of now wont be acquirable in single player through normal means, one have to use the status effect command jrmcse to get it.
Similarly how legendary status effect is given.
It doesn’t have time limit, but might get one later.

Also Status Effect Divine allows one to sense “divine ki” basically you will be able to sense others true Battle power while they are in a god form. Because as you know, if you are not in god form or if you don’t have GodForm skill at least, you can’t sense others true Battle power while they are in a god form.

About the next update I shell post about it hopefully within a week.


Update needs public testing!
As long as the update is shown unconfirmed, I advise not to use em!
Write in comment if there are any issues.

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.3.15

  • ADDED – new “Above Name Tag” text, called -POWER- which if uses it will change the text to the transformation’s name the player is in
  • Updated – Translation – portuguese language for all mods – made by Grypper, contacts= Skype: Leh Grypper™  and discord: 𝓚𝓪𝓲𝓽𝓸#9531
  • ADDED – Translation – italian language for all mods – made by
  • ADDED – new DBC Config – “Fusion – Dance fusion – NoFuse Time” -> Time in minutes can be from 1 to 1000 (default: 10)
  • ADDED – new DBC Config – “Fusion – Dance fusion – Fuse Time” -> Time in minutes can be from 1 to 30 (default: 5)
  • Changed – YearsC mod – Age selection starts from Adult, not child
  • Changed – Stamina word is now called ActionTime to represent what actually is used for?
  • ADDED – Attribute upgrade +10 +100 +1000 to char sheet
  • ADDED – visual – a number transition system – when the BP changes now it looks awesome! XD

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.55

  • FIXED – Skill upgrade – if clicking too fast it could take more TP then needed.
  • FIXED – Dimension OtherWorld – the blackish background/blocks finally removed
  • FIXED – Dimension TimeChamber – the blackish background/blocks finally removed
  • FIXED – old issue, when in Single Player while aura anim, pressing ESC to access the in game main menu, caused problems
  • ADDED – Godform lvl 3 for Saiyans
  • Changed – Godform for races other than Saiyans, can’t be upgraded to lvl 2 and above
  • ADDED – SSB Shinka (unlocked with Godform lvl:3 and Racial skill Super Form lvl:5)
  • ADDED – new Status Effect – Divine – those who have it means they are divine beings or from divine origin. (Only command)
  • Removed – Saiyan transformation Super Saiyan Rosé for evil alignment Saiyans
  • Changed – Super Saiyan Rosé is now a visual change for the Super Saiyan Blue form that is only received if the ‘Status Effect Divine’ is active
  • ADDED – Super Saiyan Rosé Shinka
  • ADDED – new DBC Config – “Skill Kaioken – Name Changer” – it does basically what it says. You can change the kaioken forms name.
  • ADDED – Dinosaur Names were added

JBRA release version 1.6.33

  • ADDED – compatibility with the new updates

Family C release version 1.2.16

  • ADDED – compatibility with the new updates

Naruto C release version 0.7.8

  • ADDED – compatibility with the new updates
click here to go to the Download site


Status Info + vlog#13 – 18w20-21

Well the question now is, as I already put up a vote about it, should I release now, or not.
The next update will include SSB evolution and an SSRosé evolution too.
I’ve made a vlog about this!
So please for more information for the time being, please watch it.
I hope it’s not that bad XD

Let me try to summaries roughly the content of the video:

  • There is a new ANT(AboveNameTag) text, which shows your transformation’s name.
  • SSB Shinka
  • SSRosé Shinka
  • Minor SSB aura change?
  • New skill
  • New configs
  • And some minor visual changes.

Hmm well there might be something i forgot, but nothing special.
More specific things will only be released in the actual update post, or in a later status info post/vlog for next time.

Anyway here is the vlog, hope you like it.


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Do you want the update sooner, or would you wait for more stuff?

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Status Info – 18w19

Hey everyone!

Okay so I think its decided what should be worked on.
I wont release the current minor update because of lacking content, and also because the next priority has been decided.

And well I know this is something that it is a sensitive matter for a while now, but I think the best would be going with the flow and let it go.
I understand the frustrations some will feel, but I was convinced! missing forms are needed.
While there are fair points why forms should be left alone already, there are many arguments that supply the fact that they are actually needed.
Not to mention custom forms might still be a bit later.

I have been planning a lot lately as always, but sadly not extensively for my main mods.
Probably many are wondering wtf is going on. Well even if you have followed me for quite some time, you might still be a bit lost on what is going on.
And I’m not sure myself how to explain 🙁
like “Why the f**k Jin is not giving more major updates”
Its not like I don’t want to believe me.

Things have changed drastically compared to a few years ago.
There are serious issues at hand that must be bothered with, and can’t be ignored anymore.

My goal is to give again major content updates!
That is the what I’m working towards to, to accomplish it again.

Also we have a new Italian translator 😀
You can check translator progress to an extend at our “Mod Translator Site” at http://modtranslator.jingames.net

Future deciding Polls are going to start on patreon with this https://www.patreon.com/posts/18742046
Later also about how some new forms should actually work.

If you want to be part of JinGames, now you will have the chance.
Here is an application form and many positions can be applied to. Even to positions that doesn’t even exist yet XD
But at the moment its not the final version of it and I also need your help in pointing out the errors or wrong parts of it.
Just contact me about it somewhere 😛

JinGames Application Form v1.0




Are you okay with the decision in the post?

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Would you see my public patreon posts published at JinGames as well? or mentions about patron posts?

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What should be prioritized? can choose up to 3!

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New Update – 18w18

EDITED on May 1, 2018
Qucikfix #1 – for JRMC and DBC

Hi guys!
I guess this update can be looked as a mid-minor one?

There will be a quick fix if necessary in this post, and I will try to make a vlog this week.

For some more information refer to my previous post, where most of the blabla is present,
including that I managed to setup a Patreon page, you can find it around at JinGames. 😛

I believe in you guys!


 Updates were not tested properly!
As long as they are unconfirmed, I advise not to use em!
Write in comment if there is any issue.

click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.3.14

  • Changed – DBC –  If your release is 0% you will suffer fall damage all the time, If release is more than 0% there are other options. if you have skill fly then no fall damage. If you have skill jump then only fall damage if fallen more than 100 blocks. If no skill fly or jump then only fall damage if fallen more than 20 blocks (can change later)
  • Changed – NC –  If your release is 0% you will suffer fall damage all the time, If release is more than 0% there are other options. if you have skill chakra control then no fall damage. If you have skill taijutsu then only fall damage if fallen more than 100 blocks. If no skill chakra control or taijutsu then only fall damage if fallen more than 20 blocks (can change later)

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.54

  • ADDED – Master Gohan and Trunks – can teach now skill ki Infuse
  • FIXED – a skill ki fist glitch
  • Changed – description for skills jump, fly and dash

JRMCore release version 1.3.13

  • Changed – Action menu – now there is as middle box that is named “MORE”, clicking on it opens a new page where settings can appear.
  • FIXED – old bug finally fixed – if someone else blocks or right-clicks, in the FPS view the arm moves.

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.53

  • FIXED – ki attack type large blast for learnable ki attacks use wrong blast animation
  • Changed – fall damage is on when release is 0% if you have skill fly, if you don’t have skill fly then fall damage will be on all the time (1 block/damage)
  • Changed – another major change! Swoop (aka short speed burst) – no more double tap -> bout time ay? Sorry… -> “2nd Fn key (default Ctrl)” + a direction key will do the trick from now. Won’t stack.
  • ADDED – Block icon will now also appear in the middle of the screen when blocking
  • ADDED – new Skill Ki infuse -> ki infuse, that is 1% of willpower for projectiles damage increase. Now it works as its own skill, with a max of 5% increase.
  • ADDED – to Action menu – on the new 2nd page, Ki Fist can be disabled
  • ADDED – to Action menu – on the new 2nd page, Ki Protection can be disabled

JBRA release version 1.6.32

  • FIXED – Years C watch – showing 24 as hour instead of 00

Naruto C release version 0.7.7

  • Changed – fall damage is on when release is 0% if you have skills taijutsu and chakra control, if you don’t have the skills then fall damage will be on all the time (1 block/damage)
click here to go to the Download site



in Minecraft watches aren't that much useful that's for sure, but would you like to see more watch styles? analog, digital

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Well here is again the funny question that was already asked a few times... More new or more finishing of stuff?

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What should be prioritized? you may select up to 5 you would like!

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More Polls in the previous post! It was published just a day before this post so…


Status Info – 18w17

Please check out my patreon page and please consider a pledge.

Well It took sometime but it seems I managed to make my Patreon page!

Now I wont be told “why i didn’t make a patreon yet…”

I will also share this link on most of my website, and consider trying including it in my mods?

It seems this patreon page was inevitable as things are now.
Its not just that the traffic is decreasing now, but the ads themselves are not appearing because of google and I can’t do much about it.
So since this whole year, ads don’t work as they worked before.

Basically everything is against us. And patreon will be yet another desperate try to see if things could change to the better.
Well I don’t want to tell anything what I already talked about since things just go worse by time even since last time.

I will believe in Patreon’s potential for now and we will see what we can make of this.
Basically the past weeks were me going around and making sure how patreon could possibly work in my country.

Also I’ve started to get into discord at last, well at least I try to.
Its not easy because I never was the person that likes to talk to people and I don’t really want to spend more time on conversations then necessary :/
Every minute, hour I spend on talking, even posting like this could be spent on coding and since that would be my goal, it is really frustrating when i check back what I have done the recent year 🙁

But now to the Topic you are here for XD

About the next update

  • obviously fixing the last stupid crash issue
  • changing how swoop works -> no more double tap -> bout time ay? sorry…
  • ki fist and protection switchable
  • projectile ki infuse skill? maybe?
  • fall damage turn back on when on 0%?
    • might cause an uproar again? hmm I will listen to the arguments regarding this as well before the update.
  • and hopefully some action menu changes

Update will be release on Monday late night? like somewhat more then 24 hours counting from this post. (On April 30)

Well if patreon will be successful, then finally things could go a lot faster.
Or else i will have to consider switching my current position from modder to server network owner and developer Oo
And JinGames shell go towards a new future where JinGames server network will born, where i develop server sided mods exclusively for our server network :/

Well that wont mean the end of the mods since they will still get updates!
But there will be addon mods to the current ones and only available for our server network. Well basically what other servers do that are not really affiliated with JinGames directly.
Basically I will have to do the same.



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for Patreon would you pledge more for more benefits or rewards? if so let me know in the comments. I do have a few in plan, i will ask them in time if relevant.

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Do you think there is still a future for my patreon or JinGames?

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Want me making vlogs and videos using my webcam?

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Can you forgive me that I can't keep myself to post at least weekly? I really try, but I try to bring myself to atleast make one every 2 weeks

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