Ki Technique update – week 51

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Ki Technique update Phase 2 part 1

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Ki attack teaching didn’t make it but it will be for the next update.
I didn’t had much time to enjoy the holiday so excuse me for this hasted release.

A known problem about this update is that Wave attacks wont gain exp yet.
For next update I will try to fix what i can including the swoop bug.

So basically the next update will be about mostly fixing and the ki technique teaching.

I hope its simple thought but I will try to summarize what we got and how to use:

  • Every custom ki attacks can gain exp if they hit a living entity and level up (except wave attack atm)
  • To gain exp just hit mobs with the attacks and you can check the exp in the ki technique screen
  • If a technique has leveled up you get an upgrade point and you can spend it to upgrade the technique
  • You can change DBC config to change the exp gain for ki attacks and also you can change now the ki attacks cost.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.27
+ FIXED – a tp give back bug

DBC release version 1.4.22
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki technique exp gain rate per living entity hit for ki techniques. The higher the more exp will be gained.
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki technique exp amount needed to upgrade to first level, the other levels will multiplied with this amount. The higher the more exp will be needed to upgrade.
+ ADDED – New Config – Ki attack cost modifier
+ ADDED – Ki Techniques – upgradeable stats for custom ki attacks: Speed, Damage, Ki cost, Cast time, Cooldown, Density, Size (density only reduces size atm)
+ ADDED – Ki Techniques – 3 new types: laser, spiral, large blast (pre-made ones are not changed yet)

JBRA version 1.6.13
+ Compatibility – with new changes
+ ADDED – New Animation – Rise both hands for Large Blast type ki attacks

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Status Info – week 50

Upgradable ki techniques should be done next weekend (around Sunday late night as usual ) and if I can finish it sooner then maybe the technique teaching as well.
You will be able to upgrade, speed, damage, cooldown, cast time, density and size for now.
There will be also new ki technique types, laser, spiral, large blast and barrage.
The idea of these upgrades are not only increasing some stats but if used without thinking they can reduce effectiveness for other stats as well.
Every ki technique is different in a way and the upgrade effectiveness will be too.
An example would be if someone would only increase damage, after a few upgrades the damage wont even increase but also some other stats would also start to reduce.
So finding the right combination will be key for a good ki attack.

About help. In Forums there is a contribution forum. If anyone posts there content and I like it I would add it. Also getting in contact with me through my contact page is another way to send me content. With content I mean models for mobs like dinos would be good to have some more or better and a new dragon as well 🙂
Sounds that are prepared for use or blocks, items and outfits are also welcomed.
If the content is stolen I wont use it. If the content turns out to be stolen later on after I use it, I will take it out immediately, replaced with an other or I make one fast myself.
For skins I would prefer them in my style.

Well I kinda guessed that i wont make it this weekend cause of what were happening the past weeks, more about that below.

Reason for slow progress:

Well the progress has become slower again because I got a sudden exam on next week and I have to go every day to classes since last week.
I didn’t expect that the past months become so thickly scheduled. I’m not good at these exams so only if I succeed will I be able to have more time on modding.

Small update and Status Info – week 49

Mission System Tutorial has been released.
View it here:
And there are he videos available too from the page and from my youtube channel.
This is the Part 1 of the tutorial:

Well it still needs more work, but I already had hours this week in these to make them and the mods were behind again.

But atleast I managed a small update.

The next update however will be a bigger one.
The next phase for ki attack update has been started.
Phase 2 of the ki attack update will be about leveling and upgrading them.
The max level of a ki attack will be level 10, like for a skill.
Ki attacks will have a few stats that can be upgraded to have a more customized ki attack.
There will also be back draws for them if for example only 1 stat is upgraded, thus finding what combination will work for you the best will be essential. (atleast thats the plan, we will see what I can get from this out)

Also depends on if i can finish it in time, then also players will be able to teach others their own ki attacks.
Players who want to learn will need to pay TP. (and even Zeni when the DBC currency will be added)
But being a teacher wont be as easy too. You will be able to teach your ki attacks to others and maybe even your skills, but others will need to pay more TP then what you did for those.
Unless your have a skill called Mentor. It wont be cheap but with this others can get what you teach them for a for a little less TP and even you will be able to earn a little TP from them this way.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.26
+ ADDED – “EntityList.txt” file generated in missions folder in data folder of a world
+ ADDED – Status effect icons (mostly made by Crimson)
+ FIXED – A crash with no DBC
+ FIXED – A Mission system bug (I forgot which one T_T)

DBC release version 1.4.21
+ ADDED – new Outfit – Black Goku gi
+ ADDED – Super Saiyan Rosé appearance for evil saiyans instead of Super Saiyan Blue
+ ADDED – New command – “/dbcreincarnate [playername]” to reincarnate player anywhere
+ FIXED – Ogre bug

JBRA version 1.6.12
+ Compatibility – with new changes

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Status Info – week 48

This weeks there was not much of a progress on mods, but that doesn’t mean that there were no progress at all.

I mainly had to work on the host change of the sites which was successful in the end.
But there were a lot of errors so there still might be some left, so if some features of some sites are not functioning as they should, just let me know. I hope it was worth, for me atleast the sites seem a little faster.

About the next update I will write in the next post which will also include the Tutorial for the mission system which might come in more parts to separate some of its points. (Mainly the already functional part from the not shown in example parts, but are included and hopefully working)


Mission system release – week 47

Edited (Nov 30)
Okay a further fix has been released, with this the talk missions should work and the TimeChamber mission should work now.


Edited (Nov 29)
Released a fix update for jrmc for the server sided crashes, hopefully it will work.
And yea those specific crashes are fixed but there are a few new ones. It will crash at the go to TimeChamber mission and occosianally some talk to missions wont work either on servers.
I will try to upload a fix tomorrow and after fixes are finished i will start writing how this system works


I plan to move website hosts so next week there will be a downtime for a few hours.
Hopefully already tomorrow but I’m really not sure how long it will take.

First try of the new Mission system has been released!
So with this many crash possibilities come up, mainly when editing or creating new missions.
Now the current system might not be well polished but atleast it works XD
Anyway let me know what you think about it and how it could be made better.

There are a lot that this system still doesnt offer but when i get to it again it will get its features slowly but sure like most of the stuff.
Features you can expect later for the mission system are:
– for kill objectives skin url for the mobs
– settings that is not finished but added as placeholders
– change in gui to handle longer descriptions, more objectives and reward choices
– addig sound play for missions, I would use it for briefing or playing sound effect or musics
– and some more stuff that are not planned in detail yet to mention it

About tutorial on how it works I will do the vid next week, dont know yet when but i will do it as soon as possible.

About new Mission System I will write what it has soon.
But until my explanation you can explore the mission file in your world’s folders data folder.
You will see there a missions folder which contains at the moment 1 mission file the “mainDBC”.
Open it in your favourite text editor (my is notepad++) and look it through.
Edit it only to your own responsibility, because if not done right any mistake can make it result in a crash in game.
Also important that if you edit it always change the version number cause it will reset the whole mission for anyone who progressed in it.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore FIX release version 1.2.25
+ FIXED – server crash when reaching the TimeChamber mission
+ FIXED – objective type talk not working for servers


JRMCore FIX release version 1.2.24
+ FIXED – server sided crash when spawning some mobs with new mission system
+ FIXED – and some another random crash with mission system


JRMCore release version 1.2.23
+ ADDED – command to change mission progress. – jrmcm
+ ADDED – command to give premade techniques or jutsus – jrmctech
+ ADDED – config to change passive defense inbetween 0% and 50%
+ ADDED – mission system

DBC release version 1.4.20
+ Changed – dbc mobs work with new mission system
– Removed – old saga system
– Removed – command “/dbcsaga reset”
+ ADDED – Skill kiSense on high skill level received a current health number till further notice
+ FIXED – a bug where you don’t revert back to base form when you should be

Naruto C version 0.5.16
+ Compatibility – with new changes to an extend to not crash NC
and preparing NC for the new Mission system

click here to go to the Download site

Status info – week 47

So the mission system is now in a stable form to an extend, but there are still missing stuff.
Those missing ones will be added later or fixed later.
At the moment it works and you can progress with it in a simple way.

Simple missions can be done with it and should work without any problem as well.
There will be missions where npc that needs to be killed can transform, but that is the feature that is not finished however it should work, just not some aspects of it like spawn and death messages.

Anyway there are a lot of stuff it can do and I will list everything I can tomorrow when I will release the update.
It should be as usually around late night.

Status info – week 46

Here is the preview of the new mission system, it is still unstable and has missing features.

I was not on top of my vocabulary late at night so yea.
Anyway this is a preview of the mission system showing some aspects of it and I go though the first few missions from the previous saga system.
So I tried to convert the static sagas for the new system and it seems good enough.
I know the NPC still suck and probably they will be like this for a while.
They are also unfinished and still need recoding to match the new mission system fully.

There are features yet to add like sound play triggered by the missions. basically you will be able to play sound files when you spawn mission mobs or when mobs die.
Thou this feature is not so easy to be used, but I will explain it in a tutorial video and cover everything.

If its released in a stable form I will do tutorial vid about it.

Npc will be still as stupid as before, but their power can now be changed.
For a later release even their abilities like, flying, shooting or teleporting will be settable with the mission system.

I’m not sure if it should release this thou since its quite unstable.
And I must say this is the only addition that I work on.
This too was made from nothing and took quite some time to make it this far XD
And this is probably my most complex system yet.

I think I will consider releasing after the next days, since with the missing features it might mess up stuff later for everyone now that I think about it.
But again there wont be  other features in this update, only the mission system. I had enough that people tell me that the dbc mobs are weak and stuff, yet I always tell that the mission system update will fix those, so I will probably take the time and rewrite the npcs to work with settable hp, attack and have some optimizations in code, cause it is an issue I get a lot even the past days.

And yea I might disable comments cause its mostly not used what its meant for sadly 🙁

(there is already a TP reward subcategory that increases tp gain based on char level)

Status Info – week 45

No release this weekend, sorry.

But you can check my latest vlog if you want to for the new things since my last vlog.


So the Mission system progressed a lot and next weekend a first version of it should already work.

By look, it wont be more different then the current static mission system, only that it will be completely editable on.
Its not 100% but if everything goes as planned then even the spawnable mob’s damage and health will be changeable for every mission too, and a lot more hopefully.

The missions will be in the data folder in the worlds folder, so it will be easy to access and it will be in json format.

The next week I will finally have time to actually work on stuff and after this system is finished I can continue with the content updates.

About me:
I have Xenoverse 2 but I didn’t have time yet for it, but I did try the character creator and I liked it.
Anyway what I want to say, vote if you want me to stream my gameplay on it when i get to that.
Since i streamed for the XV1 too, I thought continuing with XV2 could be good.
Also I’m even worse then a causal player (cause I rarely play anything except coding) and from my last stream of it, for those who watched them they already know.
Anyway don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining or anything I love coding/modding, I only want to play too sometimes. 🙂
The votes will only tell me how many would actually want to check on it. So if you don’t want me to stream then just ignore this part.
So this is not a do it or not vote, its a do it if its worth vote.

Do you want me to stream my Xenoverse 2 gameplay?

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Fix update – week 44

Nothing much added. Swoop is still not fixed, but I’m trying to think on a way to make double tap work as it should.

Here is a review on DBC from version 1.4.16 to 1.4.19 in one, explaining mostly the same things from the previous posts.


I know I’m starting to get out of time for this year but I will try to do something about it. Soon I should have some more time.

With the the mission system in development I progressed well and next week I should be able to show finally something, if I work on that only.
Thou that will probably mean that next week at best another fix update will be released.
But if things go well maybe I can release a revamped mission system core with the current missions editable in a json file.
I will think on it as a public test for mission sys.
So I can get more feedback on it.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.22
+ ADDED – Config – disabling specific notifications for admins (ops). Atm works for jrmcheal, jrmctp, jrmca, jrmcse. (Request for more in comments)
+ ADDED – Config – Safe Zone right-click block access list
+ FIXED – Command – jrmcse name tab auto finish not working

DBC release version 1.4.19
+ FIXED – Death System – separate inventory issue where if you die again in otherworld inventory changes and overwrites the original one
+ Changed – SSG – increased ritual radius from 2 to 3 blocks around the one who transforms to SSG

JBRA release version 1.6.11
+ Changed – some aspects of custom hair transformations also some issues should be fixed with this

click here to go to the Download site




Super Saiyan God & Power Ball Update

Happy Halloween Everyone!

So SSG is added and defense stat has some change too.
Read below more about the new stuff how they work.

It seems rough days wont end just yet for me. XD
Anyway I will write if anything happens to my time for modding. For now it seems next week will only be fix release at most.

Next I will try to finish the core of the mission system. This mission system is a complicated stuff to code so its not easy to make it work how i want it to.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.21
+ ADDED – passive defense indicator for defense stat in its tooltip
+ ADDED – new command – setting time in minutes for some status effects (Strain, GodPower, Fatigue) -> /jrmcse set (statusEffectName) (Minutes) [playerName]
+ Changed – defense stat – increased by 50%
+ Changed – defense stat passive – reduced from 30% to 20%

DBC release version 1.4.18
+ ADDED – new transformation for saiyans the SSG
+ ADDED – new status effect – fatigue for those who helped a saiyan to turn to SSG
+ ADDED – new status effect – GodPower for SSG, basically a temporary god power showing how long you can keep the form
+ ADDED – new aura for SSG
+ ADDED – new configs – SSG helpers needed and fatigue can be changed
+ ADDED – new ki technique – Power Ball (Fake Moon) allowing saiyans to transform to oozaru without full moon
+ ADDED – when lock on is used kisense bar will appear
+ FIXED – some issues with turbo ki consumption

click here to go to the Download site


SSG ritual:

Atm only needs at least 1 point in race skill. SSG is not permanent and needs ritual everytime someone wants to access it for now. Helper saiyans need to be in either super form or base form, releasing ki (charging) and not having status effect fatigue. Also players need to be in Good alignment.
The SSG GodPower time depends on the avarage level of the saiyan helpers. If the avarage level is higher then the player level it will result in more then 10 minutes but maximum 20 minutes GodPower, if avarage level is lower then the player’s level then it will result in less then 10 minutes but minimum 2 minutes GodPower. It can be configured to only need 1 saiyan to preform the ritual, and that 1 will be goku. Visiting Goku anytime and ascending next to him will result in SSG transformation, always having 10 minutes GodPower.

Status Effect Fatigue:

Having this means you can not participate in a SSG ritual.

Power Ball:

Costs 300 ki to cast it and can be learned from Cell atm. When fired it will go up and stay there for a time.

God power:

Without “GodPower status effect” or “GodForm skill” the true power can’t be measured with neither kisense or scouter. So this is needed for those who don’t have “GodForm skill” to measure the power of SSB or SSG users. Thou you can only have GodPower status effect if you do the SSG ritual and it is only temporary.