Our Goodbyes

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It’s been a while. I know most of you have heard of the news by now. The staff are going to give our goodbyes properly. Just a quick footnote before we begin, the mods made by JinRyuu, A.K.A. Tamas Nagy, they belong to his family. They seem to have no plans to continue the mods or pass them to someone else to be continued, at least for now. So don’t expect news of the mods continuation.


“I’d just like to say. Thank you. Thanks for being such a great person, taking your precious time with us. Thank you for allowing us to all meet each other, and make many friends because of you. Thank you for going till the very end with this project. Jin, I’m so grateful for you. For everything you did for us. I’m so sorry. Over how everyone treated you. Over my mistakes. But please do know we love you. And we’ll always remember you. Farewell Jin. Words can’t describe how jingames, our staff, and this beautiful community you’ve created because of passion thanks you and will miss you dearly.”


“Yesterday, alias on the 20th of October was Jin’s funeral. I have traveled to his hometown to attend it, not just as an individual but to say some words to him as a whole community. I told him, that we are thankful for him that he created a place where we can be happy. I knew Jin for 5 years IRL. He was always aspiring for something more, full of ideas, getting them without stop. He happily did what he did, and even when the worst came, even when people would turn against him, he would just push through, because he wanted to make something by his ideas. I spoke to him a lot, even 3 days before his sad departure… He was the happiest when he could talk about something he cared for, something he liked. When he talked I was always loss at words because I saw so much determination in his eyes when he spoke of the things he wants to do and how he want to do it. He was a great man, and an excellent friend… I will always miss him, and I hope everyone will remember him about his quirks and about his kindness. God bless him.”


A few days before it happened, I thought about getting a gift for Jin. We hadn’t talked much recently and I wanted to do something nice for him. I’ve hit a rough spot in life lately, and I got to really thinking how much I owed to Jin. The first time I met him was several years ago. Thanks to Ryuu, who knew I was a writer and brought me on to help with quests. Not going to lie, I fanboyed a bit. This is back when there was no devblog, and any news about the mod came from the updates themselves. After all, this was the guy who made the mod I came home every day to play with the friends I made because of it. At first it was mostly Jin working out plans and stuff with me. I helped him out, tried not to throw my suggestions in his face for a bit, and eventually we started taking breaks. We played games, talked about his plans, his life, and before I realized a year had passed and Jin was no longer a mystic figure to me. He was my friend. A good one, honestly.

Jin always joked about his life in Hungary sometimes, though he didn’t talk too much about it. He enjoyed voice calls with everyone he got the chance with, as it let him practice his English. He talked a bit about his family and friends back in Hungary. About two years after we met, he told me he sometimes wanted to just, pack up and move to America. He never got to telling me why he stopped. I can guess though, considering how often he talked about his girlfriend. The little glimpses I got into his life painted a stressful, but happy picture. Jin really would work days, serious days, without sleep. I would go to bed and wake up and he’d still be working on an update. I asked him why he never took a break, though I can’t remember his exact answer, I can paraphrase it a bit: “If I took a break the community would be not happy.” I knew it was true, but I still wish he had taken a break so I could have spent more time with him.

I have so much I want to say about my time with Jin, those wonderful times with someone who went from an idol to a very dear friend. However, I’m not the only one with goodbyes to say. I will just close my eulogy with this. Jin, whether you agree with him or not, whether you liked the direction he took his mods or not, cared about you guys. He really did. We all are thankful for you, Tamas. Thank you for bringing us together. Thank you for creating something that has introduced me to some of the best people I’ve ever known. People who I know I am still friends with, through the good and bad. Thank you, literally, for everything I have right now. I’ll miss you.


“About 6 years ago, I stumbled upon a Minecraft mod. A mod that was based on the show that has had a huge impact on my life and still does to this day as far as health and morality. But for the most part, was just awesome to watch. Within a few months of playing, I had a great chance to meet Thomas “Jin Ryuu” Nagy. He wasn’t like most others because he is someone who had found joy in the small things in life. He didn’t blame what he didn’t or couldn’t get on circumstance. He found joy in the small things. He pushed forward to make not only himself happy, but those surrounding him. He had bigger plans of creating a real company. He inspired not only me, but everyone around him with his actions. I pray that his soul has been kept safe for when I get to see him in the next life. He was a great developer and an even greater friend.”

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“I discovered the mod around Minecraft 1.4.7 when I was looking for a Dragon Ball Mod, at first, it didn’t catch my attention but I gave it a second try and it was awesome, soon I tried to contact Jin to help to translate the mods into Spanish and he introduced me to LoroyCF, the former Spanish translator. Then we started to work as a team until LoroyCF had to leave, we did him a Minecraft map for his 25th birthday. I remember talking to him about bugs, crashes… and even normal things like our countries, his driving license, his friends… Thanks to this mod I met most of my friends who I talk nowadays and I wouldn’t change that for anything in the world. Thank you Jin, thank you for everything you have done and be sure you won’t be forgotten.”

Thank you, Jin, for everything and everyone in this community – From The Jingames Staff & Friends

I may edit in other staffs eulogies, if you are on staff and didn’t make it, just message me on discord.

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Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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5 Responses to Our Goodbyes

  1. Xymgar says:

    All these kind words from the staff give amazing insight on how amazing Jin was. He has affected all of the people in this community in such a positive way. Although I have never been a very vocal part of this community, I have been a fan since the beginning. Jin’s work has not only given my friends and I literally thousands of hours of enjoyment, it has also inspired me to take on projects that I would have never dreamed of even starting. I only wish I could have thanked Jin in some meaningful way. Since I can’t express everything I want to in this message, all I have to say is watching Jin take this journey has been wonderful. He will be appreciated and missed.

    (Sorry for any errors in my writing or any seemingly insensitive remarks. I am very tired.)

  2. may god accept jin’s soul into heaven… amen…

    so i first learned of jins death when a friend dm-ed me on discord saying that jin died, i thought he was joking as i thought he was over exaggerating as when someone says someone is dead over the internet they probably mean they went missing or is just taking a hiatus. but when i looked i only cried… i had fun times playing the mod dragon block c, and its sad for me to know that jin is gone it tore my heart into pieces. back when i was younger i use to play the dragon block c mod day and night but now since i stopped playing i can only feel sadness. and to the ghost of jin in heaven reading this we wish you happiness in your eternal paradise. i did meet jin one time back when i was younger and still liked the mod in a server, the guy was awesome. jin may you rest in piece and live haply in paradise

  3. brian123ggg says:

    I am not English never in the very good I tend not the tiaia but haora that I understand is not very nice I know it is very strong and great words which gave all was a great stage
    in a few words Jinryuu thank you
    much and sorry for so little

  4. brian123ggg says:

    I do not know English never in the news very well but I hate that I understand it is not very nice I know it is very strong and great words which gave all was a great stage
    in a few words Jinryuu thank you very much and sorry for so little

  5. patrick says:

    I cant believe hes gone I am sorry I just found out, I wanted to be like him, a mod creator my age is 14 ive admired jin for years since I was 9 hearing this tragedy just made me sad, I literally just teared up a little he will be one of the people who I admire always and I just wanna say to you guys thank you for telling us this…I hope he’s happy wherever he is I just wish he didn’t die now right after my aunt please try to continue his legacy of mod making

    rip jinryuu we will miss him

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