New Update – 18w15

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EDITED on April 13, 2018
Qucikfix! for JRMC and a minor change for DBC
Thou they weren’t crash tested, sorry

I think I’ve done a great job on making the group system compatible with the current mission system.
It was yet again not an easy task but I figured most of it out XD
That’s what I do all the time so yea nothing new about this fact, its just feels good to talk about it sometimes 😛

Then again since it was just finished, there are probably some holes in the system which can be misused, but eventually it will get better.
I already know a few things I want to fix for this.

And then there are a few other things that were added, more in the changlog section of this post’s.

Also I’ve prepared a few polls again, I will await your votes 🙂

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I try again continuing makin vlogs. 😛

Updates were not tested properly! Write in comment if there is any issue.

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JRMCore release version 1.3.12

  • FIXED – mission system – client sided multiplier mess
  • FIXED – group system – member kick
  • FIXED – group system – not visible or far away members didn’t appear in the list
  • ADDED – group system – not visible or far away members will show in a red color in the list
  • ADDED – at the Missions and group GUIs tabs, next to the Group a number appears, indicating the group member count

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.52

  • ADDED – Dragon Blocks appear 3D in hand

JRMCore release version 1.3.11

  • Changed – Character Sheet – the Passive Defense after the slash (“/”) moved below the Defense with the name “Passive”
  • ADDED – group system – compatibility with the new mission system finally
  • ADDED – group system – mission share feature – that is more deeper then it was in the previous mission system

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.51

  • FIXED – dbc swords on ground – not rendering correctly
  • FIXED – dbc swords in frame – not rendering correctly
  • Changed – Config – Mind Requirement – minimum percentage has been reduced to 0.005
  • ADDED – new Item – Power pole
  • ADDED – new Shenron model with animation (still can change again later when I get better in animations more)
  • ADDED – 2 new dinos – basically the same as the first dino, just with other model for now.
  • ADDED – npc spawn – the 2 new dinos spawn now in rocky biome and on namek, with different spawn rate?
  • ADDED – new Item – Janemba’s Dimension Sword (currently nothing special just a plain melee weapon)
  • ADDED – new Item – Darbura’s Evil Spear (currently nothing special just a plain melee weapon)
  • ADDED – new Item – Small Club – to craft the Dimension Sword
  • ADDED – new Item – Janemba Essence – to craft the Dimension Sword
  • ADDED – new wishes for Shenron – to ask for the items Power Pole, Janemba Essence, Small Club and Evil Spear
  • ADDED – new wishes for Porunga – to ask for the items Janemba Essence and Small Club
  • ADDED – new crafting recipe – Small Club in middle + around it 8 Janemba Essence => Dimension Sword

JBRA release version

  • FIXED – Family C – Female models not working without one of 3 mods (DBC, NC, SAOC)

SAOC release version

  • FIXED – weapons on ground – not rendering correctly
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37 Responses to New Update – 18w15

  1. Oscurum says:

    Awesome Jin, grat work! 🙂

    • Agreed, though the cost to learn special moves and to train is TOO DAMN HIGH! Meme aside, though, I really mean it. Starting out as a Saiyan gives you the power to one-shot most mobs like zombies, skellies, creepers, and others with 10 hearts or less, but costs absurd amounts to go any further or even get anywhere close to becoming Super Saiyan. Might want to balance that, Jin.

      • How easy do you want to be able to train? If you’d like(if you have discord) I can make you a config for it depending on how easy you want it

      • Kasai says:

        I use the SAO mod with DBC so that the mobs are stronger, and get stronger the further from x=0 and z=0 you get. Mobs start out quite dangerous then. The only downsides to that is that skeletons and creepers still do there normal damage I believe. Also the vast amount to weapons I get from them, only to throw them away afterwards is annoying. But its a great way to have the normal mobs dangerous again.

  2. S.T.O.N.E.M says:

    EI Jin, I would like to give you a suggestion .. since it will add new models of ki, why not add ki donation to players? would be cool because it is something that is being used a lot in the anime or even giving of energy to the Genki Dama, now I would also like to see a burst of ki spheres but not very strong, maybe you should add hakai and transformation of the toppo in hakaishin with the ki of a god of destruction
    I also want to take the opportunity to ask if the barrier of 17 is a force field of it or a skill of ki because if it is of ki you could try to add it, however if it is of androids, you could add future along with androidification

  3. Tripping out with janembas sword, so happy to have that😂

  4. Sam Noé says:

    Is there a way to extend the pole ?

  5. great update as always jin!
    personally, i wanted the power pole to extend as a long range attack by holding the 2nd function key and attacking. it’d be a good poking tool.
    also also… maybe it’s just me… but i kinda wanna block with the power pole and maybe sneak block for the placing of the pole. just me tbh.

    as for whether or not we’ll get more forms via g3… personally the only forms that really would be affected by g3 are ssj4 and ssj3. everything else uses ssj1 or base hairstyles. UI is just goku (or the player) with white hair and aura. personally, I wouldn’t mind if it were added into the mod before g3s. mainly due to how easy it would be to implement from an asthetic standpoint.

    as for what to be expanded upon… I don’t know about you guys, but i don’t go on servers at all. I like beating on zombies and skeletons like a boss. that said, this mod could do with some stronger mobs. like, as much as it’s fun to one shot the ender dragon, the overworld is kinda bare. the dinos are a good start, but we could really use mobs that scale to a players power. heck, I know this mod is supposed to be as faithful to the anime/manga as possible, but it’s still a game. and dragon ball games almost ALWAYS have their own liberties. and, in the case of an rpg-style such as this, that liberty should be enemies. get creative. borrow from the dragon ball games, add in red ribbon-branded, cybernetically enhanced versions of vanilla mobs, it makes no difference to me. yes this is a pvp oriented mod, but us single players could REALLY use some variety from a mod like this.

    • also also. one thing i have been seriously hoping for was maybe a way to access ssj4 at will after attaining it once. it’s a small thing, but, in the anime, goku never really turned into a great/golden ape after the first time, and just went straight to the form if needed be.
      i’m a patient guy, and i realize theres a lot to add yet, but im hoping one day this DOES get added in, as a quality of life feature for saiyans :p

    • Mitohan says:

      I disagree very slightly with the hairs thing, ssj1 and 2 could possibly have a “wavy” effect from when you are moving so if flying forward it should silt a little bit l

      Just my 2 cents

    • Great response. Jin should totally take inspiration for the Legacy of Goku trilogy as well as the Attack of the Saiyans game. Would make for a really interesting and challenging overworld experience

      • funny you should mention it.
        i named my goku save “legacy of goku”

        • and, yes. i was inspired by the legacy of goku series/ attack of the saiyans… possibly other rpgs in thinking this.
          the overworld is kind of bare. and i KNOW for a fact the dragon world as a whole has no shortage of mooks trying to kill you. i mean, sure, the log series took its liberties, but, if itll make the mod or the game more enjoyable, so be it.
          give us our tiger bandits, our ladybug robots, our vampires and death machines. i mean, my theory is, as you get stronger (your bp increases) more mobs are introduced and added to the overworld… stronger and stronger ones gradually blend in the weaker ones. it would really make single player worlds… and heck, multiplayer worlds too a lot more interesting. heck, why stop there? i already posted before the possibility of recolored, stronger versions of saga villains be introduced into the overworld as a rare spawn. you had to have beaten them in the saga storyline, but when they are encountered, they scale to your current power, and when defeated, can yield huge amounts of zenny, tp, or even rare items. they would be called “ghost warriors”

  6. dude says:

    am i the only on finding the fbp annoying as hell when it goes from real bp to false after you do the mind training ? if that could be fixed it be great

  7. Mitohan says:

    Odd thing I kind of want changed for a lore thing.

    Ki should not drain when you’re dead, don’t know why I want this but I really want it, you could possibly copy how when you’re in creative your ki immediately comes back

  8. AAA says:

    great stuff, and i’m happy it’s still on 1.7.10, so my potato can support it.

    but how are u gonna do ui’s dodge animation

  9. Yoesph says:

    Nice update really like how we can finally work together on missions again. Also really digging the new Shenron model!

  10. Mitohan says:

    Yes! now I can actually do the saga lol

  11. sans390 says:

    jin. I’m not ordering, it’s just suggestion.
    you could add a machine that multiplied the tp gain per workout.
    example x2 tp or x3 tp, to be used in the creative.

    I love your mod

  12. Finn says:

    Tokyo ghoul mod Jin Pls!!!!!!!!!!

  13. PyroXK10 says:

    Hey Jin, since you are implementing more weapons, can I suggest for you to implement a sheath?

  14. Mitohan says:

    A boku no hero mod would work so well with jins template (engine?) for DBC and Naruto C

    Just throwing stuff out since everyone has died

  15. Ren11 says:

    Jin, please make a tokyo ghoul mod and also add new things to DBC like:
    wearable clothes.
    new types of training npc (such as shadow dummy).
    the instant transmission technique that would work as a teleporter for all mod sites like masters, npcs and players.
    and the divine ki that could replace the godform skill and would remain the same thing, but all would still have different details like an extra slot for divine level ki techniques and skills like Ultra Instinct.
    also a last thing that would help would be to increase the saga and to add the saga Dragon Ball Classic, Dragon Ball Z (Super buu with absorbed gohan and kid buu), Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Films, Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Super.

  16. Skeptical says:

    Ah good old days… When my friend and I just got a form hair from hair salon and coloured it blue and set blue aura, and set our own stats with commands and roleplayed like that.. No ssjblue, no ssjgod, no ssj4, nothing. Nostalgia.

  17. Vulthunder says:

    I agreed with Mitohan

    Ki Shouldn’t be drained while dead
    Goku in buu saga says that he can use SSJ3 infinitly or REAAAALLLYYY long while dead because he has unlimited ki

    so it could be cool if you removed the ki drain while dead

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