New Update – 18w05

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 A lot of things happening as always, and well things could go very bad in the next few months.
But lets hope the best and not care about about it unless its happening.

Now to the update.
I’m experimenting with various things lately and I think there are some really cool stuff I can make now.
Damn time, it’s never enough.
The Years C mod will soon have some new content as well, it’ll be mostly visual content.
Tooltip description will be more added later and there will be a special wiki for them.
And I looked into biomes again because it needs to work when I get to the space update, that’s why the 2 new biomes for Otherworld.

The next update will be next week, and it will be a small one that will revolve around a visual feature that I talked about last year.
It will be an optional way to support my mods and me.
If it will work how I expect it then there wont be modpack agreements, thou modpacks wont be allowed just with this, but I wont hunt down modpacks without an agreement. XD
Because its still troublesome and time consuming…
And if it really works out then the development might get faster again finally.

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The download site has changed. It runs now on sessions, but I hope it still works.
Let me know if you experience anything on the download site as well.
Also every link should work like before, they only wont stay in the address bar anymore.
So Every download build also has now a link which can be shared instead copying it from the address bar.

We have now a site for Memes at where you can submit your own memes.
There is barely anything there yet, but please if you have any memes you want to see there, just submit them.
This site is just another try for me to survive and keep modding, coding..


click here to go to the Download site

Dragon Block C release version 1.4.48

  • ADDED – 2 new biomes for Otherworld dimension – experimental

JRMCore release version 1.3.8

  • ADDED – Tooltip description for most skills – this will still change!
  • ADDED – New Config – Lock On – servers can turn off the lock on feature if they want

Naruto C release version 0.7.4

  • ADDED – Tooltip description for premade Jutsus – mainly the usage of Susanoo and Kaiten

JBRA release version 1.6.30

  • ADDED – Compatibility with new changes in build 1.86

Years C release version 1.2.5

  • Changed – Hand Watch now shows minutes too
  • ADDED – Hand Watch now appears on hand in multiplayer too if worn
click here to go to the Download site


So if there is any grave issue new with this update, let me know asap and I will try to fix it within a few days and release a quick fix.

With the new biome experiment in DBC other world, there might be a new issue.
There might be crash happening “java.lang.RuntimeException: Already decorating!!
I’m not sure if I fixed it, well it happened a lot of time in the past, but now days it doesn’t happen often.
Anyway now it might be happening again. Let me know if it happens to you too please.
Maybe send the crash log if you are able to.
Thank You!


Some Screenies about the new look of the hand watch

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33 Responses to New Update – 18w05

  1. kurt0623 says:

    Yeah, lets make everything configurable and ruin the entire mod.
    Ever since 10k stats, I felt this was dying, but 50k ruined it. It isn’t fun anymore.

    • I understand how you feel, good to know that I’m not alone with this.

      • I fully agree. To be honest Jin I know the only reason you probably havent just tooken out Configs all together is because alot of people might stop playing Dragon Block C. On the Good side though your getting closer to completing the Mod. So eventually you can put Dragon Block C behind you. Some people might not see it but they have to realize everything has limits that includes how much a mod can truly be like Dragon Ball Z or Super or Gt.

    • Hirolka says:

      I don’t see an issue with making things configurable, it gives players and servers the freedom to set up DBC as much as they want.

      Granted it leads to problems where servers hand players everything on an overpowered plate and then leaves them nothing to work towards, leading to them wanting newer things that they’ll be given right away on their server.

      But when I was a Single Player player, managing the configs helped make DBC more fun than the Dino punching grindfest that it is by default.

      I didn’t make it game where I punched once and got enough TP for SSB, but I didn’t make it a game where I had to grind hours for a single stat increase that doesn’t help when Cell lands on my ass and breaks it in one shot.

      But I’m very glad that DBC is being expanded beyond just mechanics now, hopefully it will reach the point where Custom NPCs isn’t a mandatory addition to spice things up, and it can stand on it’s own legs.

      • TheLeinhart says:

        I agree. Whenever I play with my brothers we have tons of fun with how we’re able to configure things. Especially using the NPC mod to set up our own missions to give a little side flavor. Only thing I could even think to wish for is a more finely tuned bp system that’s interlocking with transformations ( I.e. being use to the american bp system having S.S. available once you reached a bp of 300k and so on with the others. )

        • Hirolka says:

          I think this is the exact problem, DBC didn’t have enough content like exploring, mining, and fights other than the Saga and Dinosaurs.

          But you can go any server on the list and nearly every problem that DBC had was solved by other people.

          And so people went to servers, where using Custom NPCs, they were able to solve the issue of DBC not having enough content, meaning that players now needed more mechanics and forms to keep them busy.

          In that way, DBC became a self-fulfilling prophecy where there wasn’t enough to do, so people relied on each other and just needed Jin to do things they couldn’t, meaning he put more focus on that stuff and kept the cycle going.

    • Meliodas says:

      Then configure it to 10k stats. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. mreman says:

    I still feel like this mod is really great. It’s the only reason why I play minecraft!

  3. Aboodxnauthy says:

    maybe if you done the important updates I would like more animations for the punching,not a must have feature.

  4. CryoTheMayo says:

    I am personally very happy for the addition to turn Lock-On off since I find it to be an annoying tool for bad players to use and tooltips for skills are incredibly useful for new players. The new variety added to hell with a biome based on Frieza’s Hell and a Savannah biome is also incredibly welcome.

    Thanks for the update Jin! I find the new biomes, lock-on config and tool tips to be great additions!

  5. Meliodas says:

    Jin, could you make Fusion configurable? Like how long it lasts. I know that it’s not possible for Potara or better metamoran soon but at least if it were configurable, it’d be great.

  6. Ren11 says:

    please add in mod DBC new biomes and villages for planet vegeta, also ask to place a different npcs to merge (in the namekian race we just merge with namekians for example), and to complete the planet namek other villages specific with the spheres and of course the dragon balls could have their stars too. to finish I still ask for dragon balls such as: immortality, eternal youth (for C years), 64 diamond blocks, techniques and skills, change of race without changing the attributes and reset the saga if it is not possible to reset in some servers.

  7. mreman says:

    Also I was wondering if u could add the damage multipliers for the mystic form and the arcosian full power boost to the config?

  8. do you think of making others c and bleach c or nanatsu in taizai c?

  9. Kreeds says:

    Welp. If you make Lock On configurable. Then make mind system configurable. Like turn it on or turn it off. Lol

  10. Coloca o Instinto superior por favor

  11. put the upper instinct please

  12. in my personal opnion i think dbc is nearly completed just missing some things but its ok for me. Also i really wanted to see the shield ki tec, i got an idea on how it should work or atleast a prototype idea, it uses your wil so if you deal 250 damage with WIL when you fullcharge an attack when using the Shield attack you would gain a blue health bar and when fullcharged it would not give you only 250 extra health/shield, it would give you 5X that, also i think the skill should have a 1 min cooldown to use and consume a good amout of ki in my idea/prototype the extra health/shield dont has the defence boost from dex only its base health without defence.

    so if anyone liked my idea plz like this comment and you can say if you disliked something in this idea or add new things to my idea, thanks . And as always keep de good Work jin dont push yourself much and dont rush things . Bye 😀

  13. Crystalgamer says:

    Dude why cant you just give this project to another people who have Time and no Problem in their Reallife? I cant understand this ur not the only Dev on this Planet search fking Help because of you we have to wait years for a new Update i mean im rly Thanksful to you but the situation like this sucks hard

    • Zero says:

      Yeah I think he should get help but maybe its saiyan pride that he wont get help?

    • How about FUCK NO! You can’t tell a mod creator what to do when it comes to THERE mod. If he wants to do it himself let Jinryuu do it himself. Remember brat. Jinryuu didnt HAVE to do anything. So if you can’t wait go mak your own crappy version of a Dragon Ball Mod. Everybody else sorry for the language but pisses me off these bratty new comers come here demanding Jinryuu to do things.

    • Zero says:

      Not defending crystalgamer here even though I do agree jin would benefit from some help but you going off on a tangent/temper tantrum make you just as “bratty” kurieitaAltair….

      Only thing I agree with is yeah jin could benefit with some help but crystalgamer you did come off a bit harsh o.o

  14. Please make the LSSJ strong again, or at least your classic look, large and without pupils.

  15. But how do you configure it?

  16. This is my idea:Will points.Will not are used on servers,very persons not use ki attacks,only are used on role play.At the will points will be like limit:1 will =+10 of limit from all statistics.This will be cool,at the servers and single player not are use for will ;-;

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