Naruto C now with Jutsu system and sounds!

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Current Update News (28th of March 2013):
An early Jutsu system has been added and Sounds!
And fixed some Multiplayer issues.
Hope you’ll like it ^^

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6 Responses to Naruto C now with Jutsu system and sounds!

  1. Dachende says:

    i’m pretty sure you’re already going to do this but, add more jutsu, i like both this one and your DBZ based mod, they both have good graphics and anims, but as an idea try to add in advanced jutsu like shadowclone or lightning blade. it’ll be difficult i know, but if you can it’ll be all the more awsome :3 if i sound rude, sorry, that always happens to me when i type comments…but i dont mean to sound rude ūüôā

  2. Dachende says:

    oh, and random question, from your mod videos for dragon block c, you sound russian.

  3. genius says:

    hello, i was just wondering when you will be posting an update. Don’t mean to be rude. This is THE best mod i have EVER played. I just want to know. I’m not saying quickly rush your mod, I’m saying can you give an estimated date. I can’t wait until you are finished. Also I have a few ideas on weapons and jutsu if you want to know them.

  4. genius says:

    i think you should keep this jutsu system. i dont like the idea of carrying your jutsu in your inventory. It would frustrate my because i wouldnt have enough room for other stuff.

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