My pain

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Oof, it’s rough having a broken computer around the time Jin really needs you to code for him. Anyway this is a little news announcement saying that I got a new community event planned. It is going to be another art event, followed by a writing event. Both will just have a feature on either the front page or the devblog (or both).

Anyway! The mission system seems a bit confusing, but Jin will make a tutorial soon, and if that doesn’t help I will make one (with the addition of some writing tips). So until then, the devblog will be down, and all I am going to be doing is working on the missions systems. I have written ten missions so far (a few evil, a few good, mainly neutral). Soon, with a little patience, I will be putting them to the test. Just need to learn a new coding language, no big deal.

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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7 Responses to My pain

  1. FlamesWrath says:

    That luck though…..
    Sorry to hear that Crimson!
    But at least you’re still able to help.

  2. Merroch says:

    still better then my luck

  3. AkaSora says:

    Sorry to hear this Crimson, I really hope your pc gets fixed soon, so you can enjoy how Amazing XV2 is.

  4. MysticRamen says:

    Hope it gets fixed soon and i will keep enjoying the updates.

  5. TravelerSoul says:

    I’m excited for the community events! I’m curious how the writing event will go. Also, sorry about your computer, it really sounds like it’s been giving you problems as of late. I’m also looking forward to the new chapter in your book, whenever it comes out.

  6. Ryal says:

    I’m going to go ham on this writing event.

  7. Nox says:

    Jin doesn’t need you to code for him. But nice try, mate.

    -Nox out

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