Monday Madness – Tutorial Update and Story Work!

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Hey everyone! So a few devblogs ago I asked about what kind of Tutorial you would like? I was asked to put it off til the mod is closer to completion (so it doesn’t have to be remade every update, which makes sense). On top of this, I am finally putting the rewritten main story to work! It will take a while to code it all, but hopefully it will come out amazingly.

Here’s what you can expect:
3 Different story lines for each alignment
Slower alignment change in the main story
15+ new NPC’s for servers to use in CustomNPC’s, and for people to code new side missions with!
Almost all Enemies make comments on your race or your alignment.
Preparation for Movie Sagas! (Which will add up to 20+ new NPC’s)

What kind of new story NPC’s, you ask? Well, you will just have to find out! Trust me though, they will make sense when you see them!

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About Crimson

Hi, my name is Brandon! I am an 18 year old writer who works with Jin on Dragon Block C!
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11 Responses to Monday Madness – Tutorial Update and Story Work!

  1. Can’t wait, but take your time. I would rather have a nice long thought out storyline than a rushed one.

  2. mintrer says:

    I knew this was coming.
    “OmgIsGreen”, enough said.

  3. kev_spyro says:

    Honestly you and Jin are the best modders for me because you made a mod for my favourite game from my favourite anime and that with so much content and you still continue it in such speed with more and more content and now you start to change the story system completely… awesome… i know that it’s gonna be awesome but i want you to take your time for it, as much as you need and don’t rush it

    Okay it’s weird that this little speech is this late but i have to say it because i LOVE the Storyline of the mod (and the anime) but it got a bit boring with ending it with super buu so i hope that you soon have some update on it but just take your time for it i’ll wait for it ^^

  4. Hirolka says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re embracing the use of Custom NPCs and servers, it really does help lots of people out.

  5. Oh hell yeah!

    Right now, the worst part of the mod is (in my opinion) the repetitive TP grind of the story.
    You usually end up just trying to speed-run the saga so you can get your sweet dose of a few thousand points of TP to increase your stats by 3 points, and then grind another saga out.

    This isn’t very enjoyable to me, and makes the idea of “This person is stronger than me, I better train to beat ’em!” a not-fun process.

    Adding more content and variety to the saga will help this drastically- not fix it, but it’ll mean I can swap up the story if i get bored.

    Also, at a certain point, the Saga becomes a cakewalk, being able to 3-shot Super-Buu, making it more of a grind than a story.

    I would enjoy if weights were severely buffed to add reason to wear them.
    I like the idea of weights being something that severely weaken you, but give you a much larger amount of TP (To keep up with the rising cost of stats)

  6. Also, stats seem a bit unbalanced.
    Strength gives an increase in melee damage, at the cost of your Stamina draining faster.

    Constitution gives a Health increase, and a Stamina boost.

    Dexterity gives a Speed boost, along with a Defensive boost.
    These are both modified by transformations.
    Speed has a limit, meaning you only need so much Dexterity before its down to your learnt skills.

    1/3 of Defense is passive, and you have to block to get all of it to work for you.

    Dexterity sounds good, but the health boost of Constitution is passive, even if you’re not transformed.
    Also, you cannot block while attacking, so you have points of weakness if you get hit.

    Constitution also gives you Stamina, which widens the usefulness gap from dexterity.
    Constitution’s max health also allows you to use Kaioken much easier. Dexterity doesn’t help that.

    So, Dexterity is outshined (at least i think it is, personally)
    What about Ki?
    Well, first of all, Strength/Constitution support each other amazingly, Constitution gives the health and stamina to survive attacks, strength allows you to do much punch damage.

    Ki doesn’t tie into anything health increasing, which makes you a squishier build.
    Ki attacks can level, but they have a level cap at level 10, and each upgrade for ki attacks have diminishing returns.

    It currently takes a very long time to upgrade ki attacks, so I think it wouldn’t break game-balance if the level cap was removed.

    This would make the oldest attacks stronger, as they have more leveling to them.
    This would make the Teaching system very important.

    However, new Ki attacks would have an opportunity to form what type of attack they’ll be. Leveling to make something unique.

    Ki attack Types (Spiral, Laser) would be neat to have unique effects for.
    Spirals would make you unable to move, as you have to focus upon charging up your attack.
    What if though- you could move more and more with a ki attack as you willpower goes up? You can focus much better, meaning you can use a bit of your focus on moving.
    In the Saiyan saga, you see Piccolo charging up his special beam cannon, having to stay still.
    Later on, you see Piccolo firing his special beam cannon while jumping.
    It’d be very neat to have a sense of getting more focused and determined as you get stronger.

    Also, we currently have Explosive and None as our effect options, but what about “Controllable” or maybe a few others?
    Controllable Ki attacks, as many have wanted before, would be able to be piloted by looking around, they would go to wherever your crosshair is.

    Perhaps another effect could be “Surge” making you able to pour more energy into the attack, so you can fire a weaker attack, and pour all your energy into it if it’s on course to your target.

    These effects would have the downside of not allowing you to move, even with higher willpower.

  7. Noah says:

    i’m having a problem with firing ki blasts ill press right click and ill hold ctrl and nothing works a odd symbol that looks like a camera appears

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