MOD UPDATE: Small Mod Update 20w42

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Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since an update was released so let’s get straight into it! There are config name/description changes so they will generate a new config!


BUILD 1.112


Mod Updates:

  1. JBRA Version 1.6.44:
  2. Dragon Block C Version 1.4.71:
  3. JRMCore C Version 1.3.31:


JBRA Version 1.6.44:


  • Small changes to the Kaioken coloring.



  • Small bug fixes


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Dragon Block C Version 1.4.71:


  • Configs:
    • Enma Revive Dimension id, and Rotations (one for each alignment)
    • On Death Teleportation Location in the otherworld (one for each alignment)
      • If the player’s alignment changes in the otherworld then he will sadly still teleport to the location he first entered at
    • Planet Vegeta Saiyan 1 and Saiyan 2 Spawn rates
    • Healing Water/Pod:
      • Update Timer (Tick): Sets how often the player gets healed
      • Healing Rate (Health, Ki, Stamina): The amount the Water heals specific powers
      • Percentage (Health, Ki, Stamina): It converts the Healing Rate config to a Percentage amount, rather than using a fix number



  • Configs: (New configs will be generated for them!)
    • “Ki Defense Armor per level” to “Ki Protection Armor per level”
    • “Ki Defense Cost per level” to “Ki Protection Cost per level”
  • Mob Models:
    • New Models:
      • King Kai, King Yemma
    • Slight changes:
      • Beerus, Berryblue, Champa, Fat Buu, Evil Buu, Super Buu, Buu Fusion, Buu Piccolo, Ultimate Buu, Buff Buu, Kid Buu, Krillin, Roshi DBC, Shisami, Sorbet, Tagoma, Vados, Whis, Zamasu, Fused Zamasu, Unstable Fused Zamasu
  • Old Healing Water/Pod Config was removed
  • Teleport in and out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber will now always make you look forward.



  • Debugging Console text writing a few block IDs at the start of the servers was removed
  • Dbcspawn command could not be used with only health being set
  • Mobs on some servers have a negative number as their damage which creates a crash, now their damage is set to 0.


JRMCore C Version 1.3.31:


  • Commands:
    • JRMCRacialSkill:
      • Set or add to or take from the player’s racial skill’s level.
      • Usage: “/jrmcracialskill set/add Level [Player] [TPCostOn] [ConsiderMind]”
      • Example: “/jrmcracialskill add 1 @p true true”
      • Works with both DBC superforms and Naruto C Bloodline skills
  • Configs:
    • Racial Skills can be leveled up using TP on/off.
    • Player Update Timer (Tick): Sets how often the player will update itself when asking for missions, and when entering the teleporter for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • JRMCRacialSkill command received 3 Command configs to notify Self, console, or others.
    • For Ki attacks:
      • List of Entities EVERY Ki Attacks react to
        • Reactions: The Ki blast will…
          • 1 = Vanish from it
          • 2 = Destroy it
          • 3 = Destroy it IF “effect” is on for Ki attack
          • 4 = Damage it
          • 5 = Damage it IF “effect” is on for Ki attack
        • The default config will destroy Snowballs, Arrows, Small fireballs, Large fireballs
        • To add a specific Ki Attack Type to the config add for example “jinryuudragonblockc.EnergyAttack!2 1”.
          • 2 equals the type of the Ki attack, and 1 sets it to instantly vanish/die from it
          • Ki Attack type list:
            • Wave = 0, Ball = 1, Disk = 2, Laser = 3, Spiral = 4, Large Ball = 5, Barrage = 6, Shield = 7, Explosion = 8
        • NOTE:
          • Ki attacks still work the same way. Even if a living entity is not on the list it will still damage it like before.
          • Some entities don’t always get deleted. This might be caused by lag.
      • Separate “List of Entities Ki Attacks react to” for Each Ki attack type besides Shield and Explosion
        • This way you can configure special reactions to entities for specific Ki types, while having the option to only use the config above for the ones every type uses
      • Entity Hit by Ki Attack Console message
        • If a Ki Attack hits an entity which is compatible with the Config above it will type in the name of the Entity in the server console/log.
      • Spirals go through entities rather than explode (on off)
      • Final Explosion vanishes if the user dies
      • If a blast is x times weaker than the other Ki attack clashed with then it just instantly gets destroyed
      • Ki Attacks knockback on/off
      • Ki Shields and Explosions give Ki Tech Experience percentage
      • Disable Explosion/Effect for any specific Ki type
      • Final Explosion Self Harm Damage Percentage (from 0 to 100)



  • Commands:
    • JRMCTP:
      • You can now add an equation with Player NBT values to the TP value
      • Usage: “/jrmctp value [Player]” or “/jrmctp value [Player] [(nbt)]”
      • Compatible Math operations: (+, -, *, /, %)
      • The command will try to look for numbers in NBT values even if it’s a text, BUT it will only succeed in finding numbers if the last value is not a character, but a digit.
        • This means that it is compatible with Super form levels which are saved for Ki Types as “TRx” – x being the level.
        • If it fails to find a number then it will just ignore the formula and move to the next one.
      • NBT Options:
        • Method 1:
          • [ Math operation (NBT) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 1 @p [*(jrmcAlign)]”
          • TP Result: 1 * Player’s Alignment
        • Method 2:
          • [ Math operation (NBT | Number 1 | Math operation 2) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 15 @p [*(jrmcDiff|3|-)]”
          • TP Result: 15 * (3 – Player’s Difficulty ID)
        • Method 3:
          • [ Math operation (NBT | Number 1 | Math operation 2 | Math operation 3 | number 2) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 15 @p [*(jrmcDiff|3|-|+|1)]”
          • TP Result: 15 * (3 – (Player’s Difficulty ID + 1))
        • Using Multiple Methods:
          • [ Math operation (NBT) Math operation 2 (NBT 2) ]
          • Example: “/jrmctp 15 @p [*(jrmcDiff|3|-|+|1)*(jrmcAlign)]”
          • TP Result: 15 * (3 – (Player’s Difficulty ID + 1)) * Player’s Alignment
  • Client Settings:
    • Enma’s Desk on/off
  • For Clients regarding Ki configs:
    • You can no longer charge disabled Ki Attack types
    • Ki Attack charge is now connected to the Ki Attack damage and cost configs
  • Arcosian 5th form mask On/Off switch in Action menu received colors, and changed text from “Mask” to “5th Form Mask”
  • Ki Attacks now go through certain entities by default instead of instantly vanishing (e.g.: projectiles)
  • Help Guide Crafting Page:
    • Items are generated items instead of a few fixed images making it Texture pack compatible
    • Hovering the mouse over an item will display its name.
    • Added most crafting recipes from the JinGames mods.
  • Config name description for Explosion Max Age Ticks multiplier removing “multiplier” from both (A new config will be generated for it!)



  • Oozaru transformation will turn you into an Oozaru in more cases even if another form is enabled.
  • Ki Blade/Scythe power didn’t scale with forms.
  • Custom HUD preview in the client settings would create a crash if DBC wasn’t installed.
  • A few Portuguese language file crashes.
  • On server update it will now check if a player is above the max Racial skill level to prevent crashes.
  • Ki Explosion Client Hack
  • Status effect Cooldown texts were invisible with Custom HUD turned off.
  • Jutsus:
    • Weak Jutsus (mainly 1% chakra ones) had 0 set as their size making them invisible.
    • Jutsus would often vanish instead of dealing damage to their target
  • Learnable Jutsus list’s next page button didn’t function properly.
  • Player reset while being Fused could cause issues so it was a bit tweaked to not always reset the players.
    • NOTE: It still can cause issues, so you should still avoid trying.
  • Other small fixes


Have fun!

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2 Responses to MOD UPDATE: Small Mod Update 20w42

  1. kev_spyro says:

    amazing update, i love it, still have to figure out the way i have to use that config for the ki attacks but i can propably adapt to that, or for those who don’t get the hang of it:
    how about you could do a introduction/explanation video? i mean its not necessary but i think lots of people playing the mod will appreciate it ^^

    keep up the good work and dont strain yourself, and don’t get sick with the current virus around!

  2. frankmax12 says:

    Great update, ki attacks are so much better these days thanks to your dedication good work! One thing I was wondering though is why no great ape vegeta in the story?

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