MOD UPDATE: Small Mod Update 20w29

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Hello everyone!

Here is a new small mod update. I’ve decided to work on it for one more day to do at least a few more hours of bug testing.


BUILD 1.110

Dragon Block C Version 1.4.69:


  • Blocks:
    • Katchin Blocks
      • Normal, Smooth, Brick
      • As strong as obsidian
      • Crafted with :
        • Normal: 9 katchin shards
        • Smooth: 4 Normal Katchin Blocks
        • Brick :4 Smooth Katchin Blocks
    • Kachi Katchin Blocks
      • Has multiple colors
      • Creative/Command only
      • As strong as bedrock


  • Android/Cyborg 18 is not using ki blasts, and doesn’t fly

JRMCore Version 1.3.30:


  • Config:
    • Mystic Level Loss Timer Multiplier (0 = timer disabled)
    • Player Flying Speed Multiplier
  • Help Crafting Guides for:
    • Katchin Block, Smooth Katchin Block, Katchin Brick
  • Paste Custom HUD code button to Client settings
    • Only shows up if Custom HUD is enabled
    • Allows you to Paste a Custom HUD code from your clipboard
    • IF the player pastes an invalid code it will hide the HUD
      • Do NOT save your client settings if the HUD isn’t showing, it will create a bugged config which then needs to be manually fixed
  • Client Setting (User Interface):
    • Switch between “Enable/Disable” to “Off/On” in the action menu
    • Enable/Disable Colored text in the Action menu


  • Ki Shield and Ki Explosion skills will vanish if the user reaches 0 JRMCore Health
  • Colorable Long Boots crafting recipe, and changed it in the crafting guides too
  • Action menu option Texts
    • “Disable/Enable” is “Off/On” by default
    • Changed colors and received borders
      • White default text, Gold if highlighted
      • Black border
      • On/Off is Green/Red
  • Ki Blade and Ki Scythe text in the action menu to “Ki Weapon: Ki Blade/Ki Scythe/Off”
  • Spiritbomb Charge particles also spawn if the skill has “spirit bomb” in it’s name and Kamehameha Charge particles also spawn if the skill has “kame hame” in it’s name


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  • Crash if Naruto C Wall Jutsus got hit by newer Jutsus
  • If “Other particles” was disabled in client settings then the Ki Attack Charge effect would not vanish or move.
  • Ki Shield Technique upgrade button texts were all “Shield increased”

JBRA Version 1.6.43:


  • SSJ3 Doesn’t show eyebrows (and they received a unique empty texture file)


  • (Hopefully) A crash when using Naruto C Rasengan, and then exiting and re-entering a world

Have fun!

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