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Mission system release – week 47

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Edited (Nov 30)
Okay a further fix has been released, with this the talk missions should work and the TimeChamber mission should work now.


Edited (Nov 29)
Released a fix update for jrmc for the server sided crashes, hopefully it will work.
And yea those specific crashes are fixed but there are a few new ones. It will crash at the go to TimeChamber mission and occosianally some talk to missions wont work either on servers.
I will try to upload a fix tomorrow and after fixes are finished i will start writing how this system works


I plan to move website hosts so next week there will be a downtime for a few hours.
Hopefully already tomorrow but I’m really not sure how long it will take.

First try of the new Mission system has been released!
So with this many crash possibilities come up, mainly when editing or creating new missions.
Now the current system might not be well polished but atleast it works XD
Anyway let me know what you think about it and how it could be made better.

There are a lot that this system still doesnt offer but when i get to it again it will get its features slowly but sure like most of the stuff.
Features you can expect later for the mission system are:
– for kill objectives skin url for the mobs
– settings that is not finished but added as placeholders
– change in gui to handle longer descriptions, more objectives and reward choices
– addig sound play for missions, I would use it for briefing or playing sound effect or musics
– and some more stuff that are not planned in detail yet to mention it

About tutorial on how it works I will do the vid next week, dont know yet when but i will do it as soon as possible.

About new Mission System I will write what it has soon.
But until my explanation you can explore the mission file in your world’s folders data folder.
You will see there a missions folder which contains at the moment 1 mission file the “mainDBC”.
Open it in your favourite text editor (my is notepad++) and look it through.
Edit it only to your own responsibility, because if not done right any mistake can make it result in a crash in game.
Also important that if you edit it always change the version number cause it will reset the whole mission for anyone who progressed in it.


click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore FIX release version 1.2.25
+ FIXED – server crash when reaching the TimeChamber mission
+ FIXED – objective type talk not working for servers


JRMCore FIX release version 1.2.24
+ FIXED – server sided crash when spawning some mobs with new mission system
+ FIXED – and some another random crash with mission system


JRMCore release version 1.2.23
+ ADDED – command to change mission progress. – jrmcm
+ ADDED – command to give premade techniques or jutsus – jrmctech
+ ADDED – config to change passive defense inbetween 0% and 50%
+ ADDED – mission system

DBC release version 1.4.20
+ Changed – dbc mobs work with new mission system
– Removed – old saga system
– Removed – command “/dbcsaga reset”
+ ADDED – Skill kiSense on high skill level received a current health number till further notice
+ FIXED – a bug where you don’t revert back to base form when you should be

Naruto C version 0.5.16
+ Compatibility – with new changes to an extend to not crash NC
and preparing NC for the new Mission system

click here to go to the Download site

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28 Responses to Mission system release – week 47

  1. Skeptical says:

    And of course the swoop is not fixed.




  3. JackFrost213 says:

    My server crashes when I try to do the story (before any modification to the server file) but my client doesn’t crash at all when i do the story.

  4. Skeptical says:

    piratefoodog1, excuse me for my rudeness, but are you blind? There are only 3 comments and each unrelatable to what you said “JIN THERES A BUG IN THIS BETA IM DISAPPOINTED”. Unless you are Vanga, you can’t judge or speak.

  5. Mitohan says:

    was wondering about the majin form, why don’t you have it so you get the power boost with the emblem but as a negative effect, you’re constantly in turbo mode and in ssj (If saiyan) and you’re also constantly going up to 100% no matter how hard you try to go down it will rise up again. if you don’t kill something in around 5 minutes your vision goes shaky to bother you, AKA babidi giving you orders which is messing with you. the only ways to expel the majin energy from you is by either dying or becoming good again by saga or killing evil people for “justice”

  6. mintrer says:

    Damn, i can change passive defense? I love this. You fuckin’ nailed it.

    Anyway, besides my defense fetish, the update seems pretty great. And it most likely is. I’m hyped to test this out.

    Tho that will probably happen later as i’m too busy atm >_>

  7. divin4000 says:

    so we can create saga mobs using player skins?

  8. CabooseX says:

    So in my server I had started the radditz mission right when he spawned my server crashes every time I try to do the mission. Also is there Naruto missions yet or will they be added in later

  9. Mitohan says:

    ^^^ at least you finally got what you wanted lol

  10. FranticEcho says:

    Can’t wait to try out the new update 😀

  11. I just learned that Ryuu means dragon spirit :OOO

  12. Bra says:

    Jin the HD skins upload page isn’t working, it just takes you to a blank white screen when you try to delete or upload a skin

  13. no me puedo colocar el ropaje pesado no nada similar ni tampoco el scouter alguien me podría decir la solución

  14. Bra says:

    Jin it looked like you tried to do something to fix the HD skins upload site but it still does the same thing as before, when I tried to upload or even delete a skin it goes to a blank white page still

  15. Burden. says:

    Quick question, i tryed editing these, but were is all the memory located? Like where do i find all the text and stuff, cause i want to make new saga’s and i cant becoue i dont know where the folder is located…

  16. mintrer says:

    i can’t seem to figure out how to change the dbc mob’s health and damage.

  17. JinRyuu says:

    I will do a video asap

  18. Mitohan says:

    another idea, how about a info display on how much ssj or kaioken will cost for you with your current build so you can make adjustments without placing blindly

  19. Skeptical says:

    ^ I didn’t get it..

  20. mintrer says:

    Just found the way to change the mobs attack damage and HP.

  21. Mitohan says:

    ^^ when you press v you get your stat sheet up right so where it shows us our race, form, level etc next to it we could have a ssj ki cost per tick being displayed to you can tell if you need any more of anything. kaioken will be next to it as well with a health taken per tick so you can see if you can sustain kaioken long. i’ve been tired for the past 2 days so my writing may seem a little odd

  22. mintrer says:

    …What? Moku i was talking about the saga mob’s attack damage and hp, not my attack damage and hp.
    By “Tired” Do you mean you didn’t sleep for 2 days? If so get some sleep dude, it’ll help.

  23. Mitohan says:

    ^ yeah finally slept now

  24. After you finish the mission system can you make ssj god achievable without using any saiyans as a ritual, so you use the ritual but you keep the god power like in the movie/show and you can then transform at will? thnx keep up the good work

  25. mintrer says:

    Okay, nice. That was akward tbh >_>

  26. Mitohan says:

    ^^ easy, just make ‘godform’ skill have 2 levels instead of 1

  27. Mitohan says:

    another idea…again, It would be cool if the z sword slows you down similarly to a gravity reactor with a ‘-30′ next to dexterity (not strength) so you have to train to fight with it or it will swipe slowly and you will be vulnerable to attacks. it should also bring up tp % chance. maybe it could give a +10% damage when wearing the full kaioshin outfit, I would also like to see some sword skills in the future as well similar to the sword skills mod but more like trunks’ burning slash

  28. Zuci says:

    Hey Jinn. Im willing to donate up to 20$ for Super saiyan rose to be added. I dont even care if its a re-skin of super saiyan blue. I just really want it and will donate and pay for it. Please reply if you would like to talk more about it my skype is “tizona67”.


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