Minor Update – 17w32

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The content update will be later.

So about this site, I’m not sure how many would like this but soon I will try to install buddypress to make this website more community friendly, with groups, activity page, friendships, private messaging, notifications maybe even rewards and hopefully some more stuff.

About DBC, the Status Effect Legendary will be available for all the races eventually, but for the rest it is still under planing how it should work for them.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.47
+ ADDED – new Config for DBC – “Racial Skill Arcosian – Power Point multiplier”
+ ADDED – new Config – “Offline Server Protector” – to prevent some gui interactions for a limited time (Online servers should have no use for this unless they use a password plugin I guess)
+ ADDED – new Config – “Core System – Attribute Cost mulipier” – Attribute’s TP cost mulipier. The higher amount the higher will be the increase of the TP cost after each upgrade.
+ FIXED – crash with mission objective state in for saiyans having the status effect legendary
+ FIXED – config “Status Effect – Legendary – For every day a Lucky player” setting it to zero didn’t disable it
+ FIXED – for Naruto C – when doing char reset skill names are shown as error in the console


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Would you support JinRyuu by purchasing exclusive in game visuals for JBRA mod? (like low resolution icons or specific words above your minecraft name tag? or icons/symbols appearing on some outfits?)

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I would also like to know about what you would like to have as in game visual maybe that would be worth for you.

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92 Responses to Minor Update – 17w32

  1. Hirolka says:

    Well, it’s not like I wouldn’t buy something like that… After all, It’d be a neat way to support you and the only Minecraft mod I’ve been watching for years.

    But it does sound kind of… Really dumb.

    I guess if the benefits are just cosmetic and look nice, I wouldn’t mind dropping something your way.

  2. Juubi says:

    I’d love to, but I’m struggling to make ends meat as is.
    But If I ever could, it’s the first thing I would do.

  3. Doesn’t seem right. If you go down this path eventually you might want players to buy access before they can download any of your mods. I hope said day never arrives though.

  4. PyroXK10 says:

    I think the Legendary Status Effect should, at least, let you transform into the regular Super Saiyan forms, since Broly is able to do it in the movies.
    Maybe the Kaio-Ken too? to make it more fair versus higher forms, but no mystic or god forms. But thats just my opinion.

  5. CryoTheMayo says:

    I would be willing to support you by purchasing a visual mod, as long as that visual mod was kept separate from actual mechanics as a whole and was mainly used for graphical purposes. I feel something like 5.00 USD would be a fair price for such a mod as long as it has enough content involved. Some may say 0.99 USD would be a better price though.

  6. Configurable PP? Sign me up! All that’s left now is configuring the amount/second ratio, and golden form customization.

    • Jess says:

      I think golden form should stay golden, but customizing your base from with spikes and /or horns will be the best. Adding them like you would like with hair customization. Kind of looking at XV2 the way customization is done

    • CryoTheMayo says:

      Man Arcosians have so much untapped potential right now,

      *Still need an aura for Golden
      *Golden form colour customisation
      *More customisation options such as horns, eyes, bio armor design, bio gem placement and so on
      *The ability to remove and create suppression forms (Seriously I think we should start with no suppression forms and gain the ability to create them at our own leisure with Transformation skill)
      *True Golden
      *Maybe the ability to unlock Mastered 4th Form like Frieza (Probably make it so we always have the PP boost)
      *Config option to change how powerful 100% power is
      *Maybe make it so 100% power actually makes us bulky like 100% Frieza?

      And there is probably other content that I neglected to mention but I think that suffices.

      To compare, Saiyans basically have everything they need except for the G3 hair system to support SSJ3 and the Zenkai ability. Only form I think they really need right now is SSJ4 and maybe SS Rage.

  7. Jess says:

    @Lord Frieza
    Power point is here for you!

  8. mintrer says:

    Alright, power points are a step closer to being simmilar to a real transformation. Next thing i’d love to see is a toggle that lets you stay 100% without using PP.

    Pretty good update overall, i like the new configs.

  9. For visuals I don’t think I wanna pay for visuals. What you could do for cash flow however, is a patreon where you could show patrons what your working on every other day or so. Just a suggestion 🙂

  10. Attribute cost 😀 Oh and i believe the arcosians (im a true arcosian fan. not for transformation alone but they are more unique ) need some updating. base customization would be cool, a selection can be similar to hair selection. Oh and that punching sound, really irritating after a time, yea i can lower it but everything else is lowered.

    • Mitohan says:

      like king cold in final form?

      • mintrer says:

        Selecting which form is your strongest as an arcosian would be weird asf.

        I mean, there are 5 non-super forms. If you chose like your third form to be the strongest form, what would the sequence of your transformations be?
        Minimal – first – second – base – third?
        Idk. I’d rather have defense bug fixes and new training methods tbh.

        • since he said this mod is to work alongside survival i expected a more passive training. Such as mining giving you more strength or simple way more tp. I end up doing alot more mining and working than training when i play which makes me one of the weakest among my little trio.

  11. Ryal says:

    This is probably one of my favourite updates so far. Thanks a lot Jin for the configs. The extremely high default attribute cost was a pretty big problem of mine.

  12. mreman says:

    Jin if possible can you please add the biomedical id’s to the config so we can change them because I am having biome I’d conflicts with other mods.

  13. Corvo says:

    It would be great if you could add the possibility to go ssj4 after you turn into a golden great ape

    • mintrer says:

      Wouldn’t that be kind of OP tho?
      I mean, you just need the first level of transformations which costs like 100 TP in the default configs and a full moon.

      Or maybe… There will be another transformation level, but even if you level it up you can’t go SSJ4. You’d have to go golden great ape and then descent into SSJ4 by pressing H. After that you’d have the ability to go SSJ4 without turning into a giant gorilla.

      • Roka says:

        I imagine that, in order to become a Golden Great ape remains the same, just the first transformation level, but to be able to master it requires you to be maxed in your transformation or maybe even adding a seventh transformation level.

  14. Jess says:

    This was last year, look at what Jin delivered. He gave us most of what he said. Give him a break

    Some of what to expect this year (updated on Jan 12):
    – DBC: New attribute system, new ki attack system, wish system, new outfits, new revive system
    – DBC: New transformation power calculations, include nerfs and buffs
    – DBC: New transformations including: for saiyans god forms, configurable ssj4 and great ape, for namekians giant form, super namekian and namekian fusion, for humans buffed form and super human, for arcosians reverse forms (recoded), 5th form (I will call it super form) and “golden form” (will be called Ultimate form)
    – DBC: Mystic form will be more like a permanent/temporary buff then transformation. I write perma/temp cause it will depent on the user if he can keep it or not
    – DBC: Conversion to Android (also body parts change to robotic parts will also be features sometime, probably the same time when limbs will be damageable)
    – DBC: Choosable ki colors
    – DBC: Active skills: Ki sense, Instant transmission
    – DBC: Configurable sensu cooldown
    – DBC: new space dimension with some kind of a spaceship method
    – JBRA: new animations
    – JRMC(JBRA): Custom hair update to G2
    – JRMC(DBC,NC): New addition to melee fighting like stamina usage, blocking, fighting styles
    – JRMC(DBC,NC): Duel and tournament system
    – JRMC(DBC,NC): training methods like gravity, sparring npc and weight training with weight items and buildable gravity reactors
    – JRMC(DBC,NC): player sided saga difficulty settings
    – JRMC(DBC,NC): new system “need for training” configurable. the concept is if you don’t receive exp for a configured amount of time attribute points will randomly be reduced.

  15. Tyler Smith says:

    I’m curious about us getting more races later like maybe the kais race and other stuff like the bio-android and or majins and other races like that for fun

  16. Roka says:

    Can someone explain what Power Points are?

    • kev_spyro says:

      the arcosian race has them and are a little power reserve that makes you stronger as long as you have some left but you can’t charge them and have to be in the 1st form under 50 % to recharge them

  17. one of the things that a really want to see in the mod this year is a way to give your energy to another player like in the anime ,so they can have a temporary buff like fusion.

    it should be easy to make just using the same fusion system

  18. kev_spyro says:

    hey Jin there is something that bothers me a bit (but really just a little bit!) about the Legendary ssj. I think that the first Lssj form should not have that light green hair and should instead have turquois color

  19. frankmax12 says:

    Be cool if instead of getting godform from king Kai you get the skill after first transforming into SSGR for the first time

  20. kev_spyro says:

    That would make it in singleplayer too easy frankmax12
    because you can just go to goku and transform and instantly have it

  21. kev_spyro says:

    aaaahh!!! gawd dammit it happened again ;-;

  22. kev_spyro says:

    but hey jin i think i found a bug between the SAO and the DBC mod in which when i hit a mob and kill it (in another dimension) the game crashes. it may be a bug between these 2 mods or it is the modpack kombination xD

  23. Scorch says:

    Will Jin post tomorrow or next week ?

  24. Mitohan says:

    Idea referring to previous custom godform/ssj idea..

    The custom form should have colourable god auras, so black ssg aura and such

    Also it should only be for neutral players so they can have a quality that surpasses mystic and Majin

  25. Airswift101 says:

    It’s been two weeks for me since the last update which was just an informative update not a content update Of Course I understand i’d rather have it late with better/more features than a few features that are 100% Buggy and whom Jin will never fix since he never goes back in his features -_-

  26. Hopefully the update come out either tomorrow or in the next 3 days but thats my wishul thinking. Logically the Content update should be done between the 1st an 10th. Reason being is Jinryuu is not just adding DBC content but also Naruto C content he’s trying to keep these mods compatible to. This of course wont last long since Naruto jutsus are Extremely different from Ki Blasts thus should look nothing like them. That alone would require a different system for it to work. Fire should be optional to do either burning or burning and exploding. You can see where im going. These Mods at this point can be counted as a different Game. Your asking a Programmer to hurry up on the update that will essentially have updates for 2 different Games in like 1 week. Its not physically or mentally possible.

  27. Ken says:

    I completely agree with Affimojas, so Jin when you have the time can you add energy gathering particles to ki attacks for DBC and can you also change the textures of Naruto C jutsus and also add a way to summon more shadow clones when you want and can you also add in more to the story well… after you are done with the DBC story of course.

    • I have no doubt Jinryuu will add these things eventually. I wouldn’t expect to see it in this content update though. I may not be a programmer or Animator but I can tell something like showing energy gathering while you charge ki blasts is something that will take ALOT of time to make. So expect something like that near the end of this year or beginning of next year.

  28. Ren11 says:

    Add in the next update of naruto c mod bijuus and also new skills

  29. Ren11 says:

    Add zeno race, android race, beerus race and majin buu race, also add in command dbcspawn other characters like: Beerus, Vegetassj, Freeza7 (golden freeza), blackgoku, blackgoku2 (rose), vegetamajin, Vegetassj2, vegetassjgod, vegetassjblue, etc. Add also mobs to merge, besides putting new npcs and skills.

    • kev_spyro says:

      Hey could you let Jin have his time for fixing the mods and his life and maybe nicely ask him? and not like you said “add this and this and this……” because this type of people makes me sick, your type

      I mean, i like the ideas with new races (which are already a idea) and the new Story Characters but your just asking to much from Jin if you just say “add this NOW or I KILL YOU” because thats how it sounds for me what you wrote

      just wanted to say that because it kinda pisses me off

    • Airswift101 says:

      WTF!? Zeno Race?! Seriously As I recall there can only be 1 Zeno (1 Person only) But the show depicts more than one Zeno but only from different timelines and still the same person :/

  30. JesleyBRS says:

    Jin, you could leave a setting in the dragon block c to adjust the transformation speed. Example to become faster or even instanstánek the same as the anime understands? I think it would be fun a setup for those who want it, just put sim (true) and who does not want to just put no (false). I really wanted this option to turn me on to ssj instantly think it would be more fun, so could you please put this option?

    • kev_spyro says:

      I was thinking the same thing only like it would be this way:
      with each level you transform faster (like double as fast as before or so) and when you reach ssj 3 you transform VERY slow until you reach (the new) level 7 on which you transform a bit faster to ssj3 and would be then upgradable up to lvl 10 where you then only take maybe 2 sec’s

      Is that how you think of it? xD

  31. Ren11 says:

    SORRY GUYS I am Brazilian and i think this is so dificult

  32. Improving its current features are more important than adding more which end up damaging the current features or even damage the new features. Quality over quantity.

    • That may be how some people see it but most want more content especially for Naruto C. Considering these are things Jin already promised they will obviously come 1st. Also Jin seems like the person to always find new and better ways to improve the mods he’s working on. I mean look how far Ki blasts come. They use to be just iem activated but now were at the point where we can make are own Ki Blasts. This also makes me believe the reason this update taking so long is because Jin doing ALOT for Naruto C. Uchiha will probably have the Susanoo versions and Hyuuga will have Tenseigan which gives them access to Chakra Cloak. The other Tenseigan abilities such as Gravity Control, and Truth Seeking Orbs and Condensed Chakra may or may not appear. Once Jin adds these in he can worry about making more clans for DBC I would think the new G3 Hair that been talking alot will be released. We may also be looking at new ki shapes such as Ki Blade or Enhancing weapon with Ki like Trunks did. This update obviously wont add anything TO grand like new races. If so he would have at least hinted at it by now. Some people might think this is not enough but to that I say again. Programming is No Joke. Plus the Animations and Sounds and textures. So that being said I hope you dont expect TO much like a Majinn or Bio Android race. In the end let’s just be happy that he’s making progress. Might not be the progress speedd you like but progress none the less. ^_^

  33. Airswift101 says:

    Susanoo is just something that is on my Minecraft Bucket List it would at least give Naruto C Users stand a chance against SuperSaiyanGods and could spark a new era of servers that could be called “ANIME CROSSOVER OR ANIME WAR” Servers which would be a Crapton Cool

  34. DEEZNUTZ says:

    Jin you should add the ability to transform into ssj god and blue while you are in super saiyan 1,2, and 3 forms. And a way to go backwards in transformations like for example how vegeta went super saiyan God and then to super saiyan blue and then back to god in the manga when he was fighting with black. And it be cool to switch from ss 3 to ss 2, etc.

  35. mreman says:

    Minor Update – 17w32

  36. solarium says:

    As far as aesthetics go, it would be cool to add a terrain effect when powering up or transforming, basically maybe a change in sky color or when you transform you explode the ground beneath you, or when charging up a big blast tidal waves begin to form, that kind of stuff. I’m pretty sure people have suggested this before but it would be neet to see such as a terrain update to this amazing mod.

  37. Has he been working on a large update, taking a break, or some kind of personal life issue? wonder where he went. Jin come back :/

    • I’m sorry i’m lurking here.
      Yea it seems if people around me are on vacation or on break I tend to have personal life issues…
      I cant do much about it, but I try not to post and tell about my private life issues as it always gets negative opinion and it seems to be only an excuses for many.

      Firstly probably no update will be released next, regardless there will be soon a Status Info post about what will be up next and what happened the past 2 weeks.
      Maybe a screeny or 2

      Anyway please everybody don’t expect too much yet again, the past weeks weren’t solely mod development.

  38. Golden_Saber says:

    Don’t sweat it Jin! You put in so much work over the past few years into the mod, people have to realize you DO have a life too. Hope things get better for ya!

  39. Ken says:

    Hey Jin, I’m hoping the one month wait will be worth it. Well anyways good luck on the mod and if you need any help with anything just ask.

  40. Aw. I had feeling something like this might happen. If nothing else he may prioritize Sao C and NarutoC. Reason? DBC at the stage where theres not much more to add for now. Ki Blades, more character customization, and Races are things that are wanted but not really needed asap. So they will eventually be added. All though Ki Barrage would be nice to have 😛

    • mintrer says:

      Tbh that’s a dumb thing to say.
      There are so many systems that need to be reworked on. So many flaws on the dbc mobs, and a shit loada’ bugs.
      Like i could just name a few without even thinking:

      Defense problems
      DBC mob attack damage problems
      Crappy weight system
      Transformations need to be reworked
      .Json file customization like transformations, etc. need improvements
      God ki is not there
      Ki attacks are weird, and waves are OP. Also, you can beat each mob up to imperfect cell with starter stats if you use ki attacks, since, it’s not like they can hit you if they don’t teleport to you if you’re just hanging out far away from them.
      Base increases for each saiyan transformation aren’t configurable
      TP cost bugs
      And a lot more

      There’s really a ton of stuff that has to be perfected. So like… no.
      (Also ki blades would seem like wasted time to me)

  41. samuelDT says:

    jin I’m one of your biggest fans since the beginning of dbc thank you for the cool mod and I’m also br and here to many fans your

  42. Mitohan says:

    People that like their own comments are sad af no matter what platform.

  43. VulcaAn says:

    I hope we will have a good update because it’s been two weeks

  44. Hirolka says:

    Hey, these are some swanky new website features, Jin.

  45. NegativeBoom says:

    Private messages?! New forum rules? Oh my! And new buttons, and a somewhat updated layout? Yeah, I can dig this!

  46. mintrer says:

    Damn the new website changes be sexy

  47. aKuMaXDA says:

    Custom symbols on gi and armor pleaseeeeeee

  48. JinRyuu I Know This Is COMPLETELY Irrelevant To What You Make But Please Could You Make A Regeneration Mod (From Doctor Who)
    For Minecraft. The Reason I Have Asked You Is Because Your Good At Making The Hair For Other Mods Like Dragon Block C And Stuff.

  49. jin porque voce não adiciona as evoluções de sahringan o mangekyo,o mangekyo sharingan eterno,o tenseigan e o modo sennin?ficaria mais dahora o mod

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