Minor Update – 17w18

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Well this update is not about what I originally wanted it to be but for various reasons I had to do this.
Anyway next week I will do another minor update probably.


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JRMCore release version 1.2.39
+ Changed – attribute upgrade tooltip info – now it tells if its maxed or if you don’t have enough TP or if you are fused.
+ Changed – config “Energy Attack Destruction Power” to “Energy Attack Explosion Intensity”
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Explosion Size” – can make explosions larger
+ ADDED – new config “Energy Attack Size Limit” – limiting the size of the attacks, where large attacks can cause lagg to an extend to crash.
+ FIXED – energy attacks crash issue caused by previous update

DBC release version 1.4.34
FIXED – a fusion issue where sometimes players weren’t able to upgrade attributes (I hope atleast this fixes the issue)
+ Changed – Ki attacks and ki explosions visual appearance. Note that I’m only experimenting with this for now

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Explosion with
– All attributes maxed
– Ki Power 1.8 mill using SSB configured to 1000%
– JRMC config Energy Attack Explosion Intensity 4
– JRMC config Energy Attack Explosion Size 10
– JRMC config Energy Attack Size Limit 10
– Custom Ki Attack – Large Blast with damage 100% and Effect Yes
– Release 100% and ki attack not overcharged

For me it took 2 second do create this hole and depending on computer this can get a lot bigger. Like changing the Explosion size for more since its a multiplier.

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119 Responses to Minor Update – 17w18

  1. Hirolka says:

    Glad to hear that this Ki disaster won’t take away from the next update.
    Thanks again for actually coming around the server and juryrigging it to not explode from the latest update, seriously, it was a real life saver being able to actually play.

  2. SSJ4X100 says:

    Thank you so much for the Ki Explosions back jin, Im so hyped. have a good one

  3. mreman says:

    This mod keeps getting even better week by week

  4. AWWWW YEEAAH!!! I always thought explosions were lackluster before, being able to configure the size is really a step in the right direction. Next update i hope to be able to rearrange the transformation orders.

  5. Lord Frieza says:

    Good update but it lacks something… Ah yes, Arcadian PP fix!

  6. hoping one day we can either raise the level cap, or being able to configure all aspects of custom ki attacks (such as cooldown,size, damage) in the config.

  7. davidmolo3 says:

    Hin pls make the stamina usage configure that we can use a low and a high stamina as we want

  8. I put the Maximum Attack Size Limit is a big blast!
    A World Size Explosion…

  9. Mitohan says:

    this might just be the update but ever since I got my laptop back and downloaded the latest updates, the colour of all the blasts are a solid now rather than see-through maybe just me

  10. Numcai says:

    Jin I think you could increase the flying Speed… it’s a bit… well… slow xD especially for long distance flying

  11. TheLeinhart says:

    I love the new look for the ki attacks. Only issue I’ve seen with them thus far is the hit box radius. I charged up a final flash and it hit dead on to a skeleton but hit the ground instead despite the fact he was in the blast zone. Other than that, loving it!

  12. Numcai says:

    Waves shouldn’t stop when it hits a target if they’re non explosive I my opinion

  13. Dragonmatic says:

    Hey Jin, can you make it so we can change the stat upgrades in the configs?So for the people that don’t like the change can fix it themselfs

  14. would it be wrong of me to ask for weightless (as in purely cosmetic) versions of the weighted items?

    i kinda like the cape weights looks, but i dislike the slowdown it gives.

  15. Dragonmatic says:

    Attacks like Spirit Bomb or Supernova crash servers

  16. jplion123 says:

    My main Ki Attack looks like a cheeto now XD

  17. Yoesph says:

    Pre-made attacks like Kamehameha cause fps to go to about 1 and even if you raise the destruction power and limit you’ll make about as large of an explosion at base as you will at ssb. Just a couple of “bugs” that I hope can be sorted out in the next release.

  18. TheLeinhart says:

    I have yet to experience this lag with the new ki update I see everyone talking about. Then again I am running with 5GB of RAM dedicated to my world so that’s probably why.

  19. using any ki attack crashes the game :/
    also spirit bomb and supernova are tiny as hell since this update.

  20. kev_spyro says:

    hey Jin i just found the Naruto C mod for me because i started to watch it from the beginning and i thought of an idea for the mod:
    When you Use the Byakugan you have like a number ontop of the enemy which shows his Chakra left and also how much health he has left (like the ki sense in the Dbc mod)

  21. kev_spyro says:

    oh and i found out about a tecnique with which you can release more strength like the potential unlock but even stronger like the super saiyan in naruto with those 8 gates and i thought of a way to make the taijutsu levels a use because i don’t see the current effect:
    From level 3 Taijutsu you can unlock each level a gate with g (maybe it’s gonna be able to be activated through the action system)

  22. kev_spyro says:

    if you know what i mean xD

  23. love the updates. first mod i have ever seen on minecraft that is update so fluidly. May i suggest tweaking the punches? the sound can be really annoying and it can be lackluster since there isnt a great knock back along with the sound. Is it possible to add a simple punch sound and for the louder punches can be a strong hit that knocks the opponent back?

    I feel it would make combat more fluid! thanks for the great mod!

  24. Mitohan says:

    is it me or is stamina really draining now for basic charging?

    • TheLeinhart says:

      Yeah, you can make it active charging in the configs, tweak the way meditation works a bit…and even then, ki charging isn’t what it was before all that was added in for the meditation skill. It was perfect before with being able to actually charge you ki….now it only charges when you’re less than 50% potential. Powering up has become a form of ” Flashy Antics ” rather than actually gaining energy.

  25. ….of fucking course broly gets a god form.
    people bitch about frieza coming back a third time.
    broly came back. and came back. and came back. and came back.
    with new bullshit legendary forms!
    what’s one more to the pile!

    • Skeptical says:

      Not to be rude, but I recall you saying I made some hateful comments…. But in my humble opinion, this is quite hateful and it has a bit of a trigger to it to the broly fans, not that I am one of them, I have nothing against broly. This comment quite took my attention.

      • i’m not perfect either, the difference is, i am not attacking his fans, just the stupidity of the fact that broly NOW has a godform.

        • Skeptical says:

          I never said you were, the only thing perfect about you is your profile picture, but let’s get back to Broly subject. I have not said that you have attacked his fans, I said that the way you were annoyed with Broly getting a god form and showed it in such a comment would trigger fans. Your emphasis on “NOW” gives me an idea that you were angry that he didn’t get it sooner, if it is true then I don’t see how you meant it like that in your first comment.

          I also recall you saying that people were “bitching” about frieza, but broly was coming back again and again. Now I am unsure how to answer this, but I’ll try. Broly never really came back after those three movies back in the early two thousands (I think). Frieza came back once and will -SPOILER- but broly is still kinda left. He’s only in the fan service games.

          • you’d be amazed at the treatment broly got in the video games.
            and now theres one MORE bullshit form in expanded media.
            i’m fine with other saiyans getting new forms in the games.
            but broly…. no… it just looks too weird and ridiculous.

            frieza has only gotten ONE new form. and it was in a movie.
            in all the appearences beforehand, frieza simply had his four forms.
            broly, on the other hand has been getting WAYYY more love than frieza ever had. and i don’t see why.

          • well, four and a half. if mecha frieza is to be counted.

    • Nu'Dist says:

      These sorts of comments though.. are completely spot on.

      I remember enjoying the first Broly movie until analyzing that Broly is only angry because Goku was crying as a baby, then he got turned into ‘Bio-Broly’ a literal pile of shit that gets destroyed by the children of the men who only just managed to defeat him with all of their lives on the line. Completely trashed the Rogue Saiyan potential. Such a cool opening for a kick ass character was destroyed. If Broly and Goku were from rivaling families that would at least add some sense of Saiyan pride to the fights.. but no.. it’s because Goku cried as a baby. Fml Akira Toriyama is bad at writing stories. Not even watching Dragon Ball Super anymore, The Zen little kid thing is OP and makes the entire ‘Fight for survival of the universes’ thing kind of like a joke… Rip the older audience of DBZ amirite.

  26. kev_spyro says:

    i would like if the ki charge would take less stamina

  27. Numcai says:

    I’d like it if when you power up into a transformation your Percentage doesn’t change… it gets annoying when I’m trying to Suppress my ki in fights so I don’t scare off other Players… also Can you not make flying speed so slow when in lower percentages (Just increase it or something for all races)

  28. hopefully we get a crash/freezing fix for ki attacks.

  29. Yoesph says:

    Spirit bomb isn’t effected by changing the config it stays the same and can crash servers

  30. Lord Frieza says:

    It’s kinda strange to not see simpleton comments :/

  31. kev_spyro says:

    as i already said i’m hyped about the Naruto C mod cause i started to watch the anime i found some bugs with the mod. exactly there are 2 things for those Shadow Clones:
    1. They attack you and don’t damage every enemie
    2. They also attack each other…

  32. Khalil says:

    When its week 19 and you go to the jingames home to see that theres only week 18’s post.

  33. Khalil says:

    ALL around me are familiar faces worn out places…

  34. Khalil says:

    HELLO darkness my old friend. I came here to speak with you again…..

  35. Numcai says:

    I just had a short idea on how people who love explosion damage but don’t wanna ruin their world… There could be a config called ‘explosion regeneration and it just regens your world after an explosion… It’d be cool if you could edit the regen time (I.e: 2 mins 3 mins 10 mins ect)

  36. Khalil says:

    I think that can be done with a plugin. fir a certain area.

  37. Happy Fappy says:

    uhm yeah there are plugins that regen terrain

  38. Lord Frieza says:

    I can’t see why Simpleton rage quited lol

  39. Khalil says:

    Day 3 of no update. Is jin ded confirmed?

      • Skeptical says:

        Jin’s new scedule shown at “Status Info 17w16”- , the updates will take time in following maner;
        week 17 – a fix and minor update (probably mainly DBC)
        week 18 – another fix and minor update (mainly NC)
        week 22 – somewhat big update with new stuffs, more on this in a later post
        It is week 20. By this post we must wait 16 days.

  40. Skeptical says:

    Jin, you have my deepest appreciation. Explosions is what I found most amazing about DBC, and was quite sad that you have tweaked them to be weaker, but now you have added them as an option and given a power scale option. Thank you.

  41. Lord Frieza says:

    Now that simpleton/God is back, this community is back to normal xD

  42. dude says:

    JIN YOU ARE A GENIUS keep it up like this or any other way youd like =) you’re amazing

  43. Avatar__Eddy says:

    Hmmm… we see to be in need of an update. C=

    • yeah. it is so BOOOOORRRIING to wait…
      maybe with the delay jin could be doing something big?

      • Skeptical says:

        Well. I guess it is quite boring to just sit here. I myself just do my everyday stuff and time passes by. Of course it is quite tiring to come here and see nothing but the same Status Info, would be fun to see a bit change, but that isn’t up to me to decide.

        As for something big, Jin said it was gonna be something big,and I am not expecting anything less as I’ve seen what job he has done.

  44. one thing i am highly curious about is how ssj4 will look?
    I mean. it would take more than a hairstyle change to depict the form.
    i mean. you would also have to take into account the fur growing on your chest and the pants you are wearing.
    ssj4 (with the exception of gogeta) are shirtless.
    so i am wondering will there be a change in player skin when transformed into ssj4?

  45. Lord Frieza says:

    I hope that on the BIG update Jin will make PP useful

    • Zero says:

      I see you talk a lot about PP for arco’s. I am wondering what you want jin to do with the PP system? I am waiting for the golden form to be recolored if we want it to. Some of us don’t want to be gold and purple lol

    • DaikoGdo says:

      I mean, as someone who’s mained arcos for a while, I don’t see wat you mean, sure it could last longer but the boost it gives is already pretty good.

  46. dude says:

    about the majin is it the race or the effect like babidi gives to vegeta ?

  47. DavidGamesBR says:

    I need a update please jin please im so curious about that update

  48. Numcai says:

    Ye… Like a progress update or smthin

  49. 3 weeks should be enough for jin to do the SSJ4 and pretty cool stuff…!!!!

  50. no no says:

    Man, I thought the comments were gonna stop coming at 50-60.

  51. 2 I do not like it in my comment it does not matter …
    You two do not like it?
    I laughed a lot
    Are You Bees? I just told the truth …
    Jin you can take as long as you want!

  52. mreman says:

    I bet the update will be in around at early of june

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