Minor update and Hair C v1.1 supports latest MC- 17w17

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Okay so, I have been experimenting with stuff thus time flies at these times.
Anyway I will try to list what are the plans in the May ends update and what after that might come, below the change log.
I’m not sure how much can be done thou, but I hope I can add most of it.
The stuff that wont make it of course will be added in a later update hopefully.

Also I have Update my Hair C mod with a fix for shaders, And releasing Hair C for MC 1.11 and 1.11.2 !
Making a mod for many Minecraft versions is not easy 😛

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click here to go to the Download site

JRMCore release version 1.2.37
+ FIXTRY – lag when jingames sites are down.
+ Changed – stats increase rate from attributes have been decreased except energy pool which has been increased a little. (preparations for more attribute limit increase)

Naruto C release version 0.6.1
+ Changed – max jump height drastically reduced

JBRA release version 1.6.20
+ FIXED – A rare crash with family c

DBC release version 1.4.32
+ ADDED – Skill KiSense – previous update’s lagg fixes are NOT active when there is not enough ram allocated to minecraft, atleast 2GB ram needed for the lag fix to activate!
+ FIXED – Command dbcskill – an issue with invalid skill name
+ Changed – max jump height drastically reduced
+ Changed – fly speed upwards was too fast compared to horizontal speed
+ ADDED – For Skill Kaioken – If at skill level 10 there is a 30% you won’t take damage when you initially transform or go up a level, additionally if Skill Endurance is present and you take kaioken damage then there is 50% chance for reduced damage based on Skill Endurance, and if it is at skill level 10 there is a maximum reduction of 50% damage from Kaioken.

click here to go to the Download site


Hair C release version 1.1 [MC 1.8-1.11.2]
+ FIXED – A visual glitch with shaders have been fixed hopefully

Download all versions at http://main.jingames.net/jinryuus-hair-c/



Planned stuff:

  • Either custom hairs will just get the SS3 hair growing or custom hair upgrade to G3 (more on G3 if this will be choosen)
  • with workin on custom hairs again means the missing peace for a long awaited transformation can be worked on, With this I announce that SS4 will be added if everything goes right. GT content however will be switchable and both saiyans and half saiyans will be supported,
  • Further more here comes the “M” mark! You will be able to receive the Majin seal from Babidi, and all race will be supported.
  • Potential Unleashed state aka Mystic form will also be added. Every race will be supported but the the power of this state will be heavily depending on the player’s race, stats and skills.
  • Experimental new male body
  • New skills, for various occasions
  • Skill God form will receive an upgrade making saiyans able to have access to SSG first then SSB. but this SSG will be not the same as the ritual SSG in function.
  • Extending Action menu with more functions

Now to the other bigger plans for this year.

  • Legendary state which wont be limited for saiyans, but saiyans can access LSS form with this. Further more this state will be very limited and probably one player at a time will be able to have it. Where the Legendary user dies or logs out will result in loss of status and someone else can try to get it. Acquirable with either a mission or from a specific event
  • new skill Magic Materialization – for now only namekian spiritualists will be able to use this skill and even then this will need
  • Introducing magic points! They are needed to for the Magic Materialization skill to work
  • Introducing Martial Art School system! Will be similar to a guild, but its main purpose is for masters taking in disciples.
  • Schools will also feature a simple symbol creator and the school founder will be able to create a symbol
  • Symbols wont be limited for the schools gui, but there will be outfits that support symbols too!
  • Also blocks with the school symbol will be available too for the founder to create.

More later or not

  • new Skill Engineering – will allow users to convert players to androids
  • Every race can become android thus receiving some pros and cons based on components and players actual state. (more on this when its getting added)
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37 Responses to Minor update and Hair C v1.1 supports latest MC- 17w17

  1. TheLeinhart says:

    Nice! Can’t wait to see more stuff added Jin! Keep up the good work as always.

  2. Glad to see the max jump height lowered, it kind of sucked that just tapping space made you jump above the clouds.

  3. Zero says:

    I was hoping for arcos golden form to be recolored but with ssj4 coming and majin and mystic….saiyans might be my new fav now lol

    • Happy Fappy says:

      Nice saiyans get some more custom stuff and hair, arcosians get nothing….. Was at least hoping for customization for my forms, that is what matters more to me. Saiyans hairs can look unique, but arcosians just have 3 skin choices that look the same and colours. Forms all look the same

  4. Lots of good ideas ! Keep going Jin !

  5. Hirolka says:

    I’m glad we got a nice little quality of life update, hopefully with the Jump nerf we’ll see a lot less people flying away and avoiding everything.

    Who knows, this might just kill some of the stigma people have towards flying in fights!

  6. ok. so ssj4 is coming sooner than expected. now will people stop asking for it?! XD

  7. Lord Frieza says:

    I think Jin forgot about arcosian PP (like almost every person) it’s literally useless and drains like crap! Plus you can’t even make it stronger like any other transformation in config! Welp… looks like I’ll have to be saiyan…
    P. S. May your future plans come true!

  8. AAA says:

    so no more dbc unless i have 2GB ram?

    • Nu'Dist says:

      Can pick up a 4-8 GB stick of ram for like $10-$30 depending on where you go and where you live. With 16-32-64-128 GB ram sticks out, 4-8-12 GB sticks are getting much cheaper which is nice.

  9. NeverSayNoob says:

    I want a majin race not a skills !

  10. AAA says:

    Oh. i have 6 gigs of ram.

    2 gigs ain’t gon hurt

  11. dude says:

    whooooooohooooooooo neat jin keep it up ;D ssj4 finaly have a good day jin and mod

  12. Elias says:

    I hope you dont do the same thing you did a year or so ago where you said these things would be added but they never did get added due something else needing to be fixed or something, Also Id add back some of the older moves you had removed like 10x Kamehameha, some of us want it back.

  13. Numcai says:

    HYPED AF Jin I kinda agree with that guy ^ but Ill be looking forward to what you have in store for us

  14. Avatar__Eddy says:

    Impressive update. Great to no longer have the lag issue.

    So SSJ4, usable SSJG, and LSSJ are to come? This shall be fun.

    It makes me wonder what the plan is for the Legendary Saiyan.

  15. with ssj4, you would also HAVE to include goku’s gt gi and vegeta’s gt clothes.

  16. Now I Can Use Less Than 2GB Ram At Minecraft Ufaa Thanks Jin!

  17. Can I ask why the stat values were decreased? What actual reason was there to do that? I don’t see how that makes the game more enjoyable for any players. If anything, it becomes more difficult since tp rewards were not increased in any aspects of the mod nor were the costs for increasing stats lowered. Why Jin, why…

  18. Oscurum says:

    It makes me feel great that my idea has been taken into account, (although maybe somebody has contributed before or Jin already thought), but seriously it is great to be able to access SSG without the ritual, although I would like to know what differences I would have with The ritual.

  19. Epsolon says:

    What will the aura of the potential unleashed state look like. Will it have White Aura with lightning?

  20. ItsSuperNova says:

    Jin, I hope that the androids have unlimited stamina. Or at least use less and less stamina until you are a complete robot.

  21. Can you please update DBC version please i like playing it then i deleted stuff and now i cant play and older versions also don’t work either

  22. WilliamBlaze says:

    this mod is so fantastic that i hope to see a 1.12.1 in the near future~! 😀

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