Sword Art Online C

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Small Description:

SAOC first version released, it took a while to get this new level up system to work and the guis.
There might not be much yet but there are many plans to make this a SAO like experience.
I plan to make the weapons in 3D models but Im not completly sure if i should continue making 3D models for swords cause that would mean that most of the Items for all of my mods might get a revamp, like Naruto C shurikens, DBC swords etc.


Download and Installation

Needs JRMCore and JBRA mods to work correctly!
Can be downloaded at http://dl.jingames.net



Sword Art Online C release version 0.0.1
+ ADDED – Custom statistics
+ ADDED – new experience based leveling
+ ADDED – SAO like health bar in first-person view
+ ADDED – SAO like health bar for some mobs
+ ADDED – 3 new weapons with custom stats (for now only the mod weapons will have custom stats)
+ ADDED – new weapons can only be gained from drop. There is 10% chance that a mob with health bar will drop one of the 3 new swords with random stats
+ ADDED – mobs with health bar have increased health and damage, the further from spawn the stronger these mobs



  • First create a Character using the jrmcore char creator by pressing the Char Sheet key (default “V”) and selecting Sword Art on second page as “Power type”
  • After char creation check the area level by pressinc Char Sheet key, in the Guis top right you will find an Area Level indicator
  • Area Leve indicator will tell you what level the mobs are probably in that area
  • Getting some basic mc stuff to prepare for the powered up mobs
  • Killing powered up mobs till they drop a new weapon
  • Killing these mobs will get you experience, which needs to be gathered to Level up and to receive AP (attribute points) that can be used to increase attributes
  • New weapons SAO like damage can only be used when the “Required” value on the weapon is equal or less then the players STR attribute in Char Sheet, without the weapons bonus attributes!
  • When good weapon drops were received proceed to higher level areas to get more experience and better weapons
  • The further from the middle of the map basicly the further from 0, 0 coord the area level will increase



stat gui item creeper with saoc health bar

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