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    Name: Izuka
    Race: Saiyan
    Age: 14
    BackStory: When he was only 4 years old he had lost his whole family. When he became 6 years of age he was adopted by humans and they didn’t know what he was. His foster father trained him and fought with him. He lived in a small village caring for his family and everyone there. He became a martial artist at the age of 8. Izuka was starting to become stronger and stronger. His family thought he was an earthling and so did Izuka. Izuka had to fight against multiple people to keep his family safe. When he became 10 years old, he had entered into the Martial Art Tournament. He won against most people then lost against the champion. He had continued training for the next 4 years and here he is now. Izuka wants to become stronger and stronger to win the tournament and get the prize money for his family.
    How he acts: He is a brave person, he fights for his families safety and gets mad sometimes.
    Alignment: Hero/Good
    What he wears: Orange Gi

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