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      • Name: Scylla

      • Age: 8

      • Appearance:
      Contrasting his fission counterpart somewhat, Scylla appears somewhat shorter than Charybdis, with a generally lanky figure despite being a full-grown Namekian. His eyes are large and his pupils are small, leading to a beady glare. However, all physical differences are only apparent ones, and can be attributed to Scylla’s generally poor posture and slouch therefore. Scylla is almost never without a lopsided grin on his face, or some similarly exaggerated expression. He is an extremely eccentric and neurotic individual; he has a theatrical presence and frequently speaks with his body language as well as his words (which are often entirely too loud). He is generally scared of the world around him and the unexpected dangers that lurk around every corner.

      • Race: Namekian

      • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

      • Story: Despite an initial animosity between the two counterparts as a result Scylla’s existence as everything Charybdis deemed undesirable and inefficient, the two Namekians reached something of an agreement after a short period of infighting. With Charybdis’s life as empty as it is following the death of his father, and Scylla’s neurotic desire to prove to both himself and his better half that he could be just as good as him, the two halves joined forces and became whole.
      At least, in a strictly metaphorical sense.
      For the better part of eight years, the two Namekian counterparts showed a level of coexistence and cooperation that had never been seen before. Instead of being torn apart by their differences, they instead bonded over them. Instead of being split based on arbitrary good and evil, resulting in an inevitable conflict of interests, Charybdis had split based on his personality. Scylla is a creature born of perceived inefficiency, but his goals and ideologies remain identical to Charybdis’s own.
      It was inevitable that they would work together.
      While Charybdis worked to improve himself, Scylla worked to prove himself. To prove that he could be just as efficient as his other half, to prove that he wasn’t just a living tumor that Charybdis removed. Scylla’s desire above all other things is to be praised by his other half, and to make him acknowledge that he was wrong about his “inefficient” qualities.
      But that day has yet to come. Scylla mostly just loiters in Charybdis’s ship, makes a nuisance of himself, makes bad jokes, and kills people when told to.
      When Charybdis informed his brother that they were to stop at a relatively obscure planet, Scylla greatly looked forward for the opportunity to have a nice vacation. His mind was filled with mental imagery of saunas and hot springs, of harassing local indigenous species, and of swimming in the oceans. He needed to work on his tan, after all.

      • Abilities: Scylla is up-close and in-your-face. He is the fission counterpart of a powerful bounty hunter and knows everything he should to perform that job. Not only that, but Scylla fights dirty. Strikes to the neck, short-range Ki blasts kicking sand and dust in his opponent’s face, biting, scratching, and so on. His movements are so erratic, that, to the untrained eye, there’s no thoughtfulness or form to his fighting. Apparently wild and uncoordinated swings keep an opponent on their toes – or knock them right off of them. Scylla’s mastery of his own unique form of combat make him a unique opponent. With Charybdis supporting him in any given struggle, the two of them form a deadly pair, very literally two cooperative halves of one deadly whole.
      Also, stretchy arms. Be afraid.

      • Discord ID: Turbo Lover#8963

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