• Mhm, I guess so.

    But I thought of an Idea that if you shot a spirit bomb at yourself you may permanently get ultra instinct but they are a higher chance of getting it temp such as getting ultra instinct you may have like either < 1% to get it perm if not a 5% chance of getting it perm but if you got it temp is either a 10 – 15% of getting…[Read more]

  • Yea, I guess so.

    Soz that you have a headache hope you get better.

  • mhm is a good idea on when you say just for 2mins since yes u.i. is really strong and has a big boost in stats.


    But I think you can get it from Goku idk why since Goku is the only one in the DBS universe ( even if that exists ) that has ever reached that level and got that form.

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    not a bad idea I really like it a lot

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    I already know a lot of people already have talked/said about this but I want to tell you about my idea, and I also know that we know very little information about Ultra instinct and what it can or can’t do mostly but let me just get to the point.

    How to achieve/unlock Ultra instinct? ( 2 Ways )
    First Way:
    Is to learn it from Goku but to get it…[Read more]

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    First of all,

    I disagree with your idea, why you may ask is because.

    We know little about Ultra Instinct, the multiplier will be too high even though the tp amount to get the skill itself will be a lot but still, we know little about Ultra Instinct so is best that this idea should be kept away first instead of telling it out very fast.

  • Let me get started,
    so this has been going through my mind for a while and that is instant transmission,

    I had few ideas on how this will work so when you are using it there will be like black kind of place but you will be able to sense people’s ki, but in order for it to work you must also have ki sense, why ki sense? So you can lock onto that…[Read more]

  • So, I thought of another idea that I wish can be added into the mod is Trunks armor and his sword.

    Sorry for the short idea 😛

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    I know, but I’m just saying this with the players who have ki sense

  • Vxrr started the topic Ki sense idea in the forum Suggestions and Ideas 1 year ago

    So, I was thinking about this for ki sense and some of you may disagree but I don’t really care.

    Let me get started, so I was thinking that instead of just being able to see the players health and ki and other stuff I want it to be able to also the players bp so you won’t always have to use a scouter and scouters break easily so it will be a…[Read more]

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