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    Just an update on the situation we have found someone willing to donate if the server comes back as well as a few others who debate on donating. So I have messaged Jin to see if he will bring the server back still awaiting a response.
    To help interest you guys try help get this server back and to hopefully get possible donators this is the plan for Project Naruto. Or…… its new name.. Naruto C The Last? As it is the last naruto c server. Anyways I want Naruto C:The Last to be similar to Jingames Chaos. There aren’t any staff except for co owners and two builders who assist me in special builds for the server. Players make the “laws” Players make the server. Kind of like a roleplay server. Now how it’d work… There will first be the classic Village Hidden in The Leaves. The first one to join who wants to be hokage will get a faction that has the land claimed and will run the village. Also, there are no warps to any villages. This is faction based. meaning the only warps are to spawn (ruins of the Uzumaki Clan), Hyuga safezone, and Uchiha safezone. We may add a shop if there is it will be a player run shop. Now we will have custom npcs before anyone asks. As well as armors workshop. Other mods are unknown currently. Anyway the villages will be a distance away from each other. and there will eventually be small villages such as Sound or Waterfall. But before that we will be making custom villages. Such as the Village Hidden in The Lava and the Village Hidden in The Moon. Now players can also make their own organizations. Such as something similar to the Akatsuki or the Bakuga Gang. Now be careful with some villages. As some will be given custom ninjutsu…
    Now here is some info about villages. Once a village is made message me, Joel, BloodMuffin, or Flostyle. We will make armor specifically for the village. As well as special ninjutsu or weapons. Hidden Mist will get the closest thing we can make that replicates The Legendary Ninja Swords. Hidden Cloud Sage of Six Paths. Sand will get Gaara’s Gord. Leaf will get Yenma The Monkey King. As for Jutsu… well that will be a surprise

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